Claire Gets Punished Ch. 07

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They ordered their dessert after they were done eating and Mark ordered a scotch to go with it. “I’ll take a glass of Chardonay” requested Claire.

The waitress began to walk away when Mark intervened. “Actually she is fine with water, thank you though.”

“What the he** was that?” barked Claire.

“Babies don’t drink alcohol, and toddlers get disciplined for bad language.” Mark scolded.

“This is just stupid, I am not a baby, you can’t diaper me or punish me like this,” she protested, still keeping an undertone voice.

“You wait until we get home, you have made this so much worse for yourself,” he quietly scolded. The waitress came back to bring Mark’s drink and he smiled and said thank you. Claire had her arms crossed, still visibly angry. “You will fix your attitude if you do not want to be spanked in your diaper bent over the table,” he threatened.

The two sat there in silence for a few minutes until their dessert arrived. They ate without much conversation and Mark paid the check. When they got out of the car Mark opened the back seat and Claire got in, not wanting any more trouble. Claire was tired, thinking back on the day she has had made her angry, upset, but a little guilty she had behaved so badly. Before she knew it they were home. Once they got in the house Mark told her to go to the nursery and wait for him. Mark filled her sippy cup with water, his plan was to see if she needed to pee in her diaper, give her a bedtime spanking, put her in her pajamas then tuck her in. They both had had a very long day. Claire was sitting on her bed, still thinking about what had happened that day. How she was violated by two random men and about if she should think about leaving Mark.

Mark opened the door of her bedroom and put her sippy cup on the nightstand. “Do you need to go potty?” he asked.

Claire blushed, “yes.”

“Well bursa escort bayan then use your diaper, I will change you, give you your bedtime spanking then dress you for bed. If you cooperate like a good girl I will not put the crib wall up tonight. But if I sense any resistance you will be sleeping in full knowledge you are in a crib.” Mark walked over to her and took her clothes off, leaving her in a bra and diaper. “Diaper. Now.” He ordered. Claire was too tired to argue, closing her eyes she released her bladder into her diaper.

“Good girl” he said firmly,” lay down so I can give you a change.” He took her diaper off and smirked at her bare pussy. “Actually, you are going to get a bedtime spanking on your bare little bottom, then I will diaper you. ” Without warning he removed her bra causing her to gasp, commanding her to stay right there where she was. Mark retrieved a nightgown and put it over her head. “Your night gown is very pretty, too bad I have to spank the naughty little bottom under it.”

Mark adjusted the nightgown and pulled her in close. “Every night you will get a bedtime spanking, no paddles or implements, just my hand on your little bottom, now over my knee,” he motioned. He spanked her hard enough for her to feel it and squirm, when he decided she had enough he instructed her to lie down on the bed. “I am going to diaper you now, then it’ll be time for bed, baby has had a long day.”

“Yeah especially since you let two random men abuse me,” Claire slipped.

“I am sorry if you thought that wasn’t fair. I didn’t know how else to control your behavior,” he admitted.

“It doesn’t matter, that was totally out of line,” she said sitting up using her dress to cover her pubic area for modesty since this was a serious matter.

“I will remind you, you are still being punished and I can spank you,” bursa anal yapan escort Mark scolded.

“I’m your wife. We are supposed to be equal,” Claire was about to cry, she was so frustrated.

“You acted like a naughty little girl this week, and this is how I am going to teach you how to act like a grown woman, by growing you down. When your punishment is over we will go back to being equal. I will not let anyone else touch you again, I am sorry about that. Now say another word and I will spank your bottom bright red. Also, I believe I told you to get in diaper position.”

Claire rolled her eyes and got in position. Mark took his time wiping her clean, powdering her and diapering her. He tucked her in bed and left the room. Day one of her punishment was long and he still had over a week to go.

The next morning Claire woke up to Mark fumbling around the room. “Good morning little princess,” he said sitting on her bed.

“Morning” she responded.

“Remember, tonight we are going to John and Corrine’s house for dinner,” he said. John and Mark were frat brothers back in the day.

“Can I please where panties,” she begged. She could not believe she was begging for something as simple as that.

“Do you want a paddling?” he asked firmly. She shook her head no. “Alright, have you used your diaper yet?” She shook her head again. He removed her blanket and pulled her night gown up over diaper, making it clearly viewable. “Use it, or I will use a suppository and put you in the corner until you fill your diaper. I will give you a few minutes to fill your diaper before I use a suppository. Let’s talk about what else we should do today.”

“We need to buy more hangers and pick out the new carpet for the basement,” said Claire trying to distract him so she didn’t have to use her bursa rus escort diaper.

“Let’s try the new Tuscan restaurant for lunch, it’s right by the department store anyway,” said Mark, fully aware of what Claire was doing.

They chatted a little more than Mark looked at his watch, stopping the conversation. “Let me check your diaper kitten, if you didn’t use it you’re getting a spanking and a suppository. He stuck his finger in her diaper and pulled back at the crotch. Standing her up, he eased her diaper down to bare her bottom and expose her shaved pussy, putting her over his knee. He started to spank and reprimand her, spank, spank, spank, “You will use your diapers,” spank, spank, spank “You will not disobey me,” spank, spank, spank, “You will be a good little girl or you will get a spanking”, spank, spank, spank.

“Ouch stop,” cried Claire. He was spanking her really hard.

“It’s a spanking, it’s supposed to hurt. That’s why spankings are used to punish naughty little girls,” he said, not letting up at all. He had Claire bawling her eyes out before he stopped. “Get in the corner,” he ordered, pulling her diaper up to trap in the heat from her spanking. She stood in the corner crying, her bottom really stung, she could tell he meant business. After a second she felt something wet and realized the pain from her spanking had distracted her and she was using her diaper.

“SiSir,” she said hesitantly.

“This better be an emergency or you’re getting a belting, there’s no talking in the shame corner,” said Mark sternly.

“May I be changed sir?” she asked looking at her feet.

“Lay down and let me check you,” he instructed. Unhooking her diaper he smiled, she had filled up her diaper. “What a good little girl,” said Mark. He cleaned her up slowly and then left her laying there with her bare pussy on display and still whimpering from her stinging bottom. Mark came back a few minutes later with a sippy cup full of water and handed it to Claire motioning her to stand up. She drank her water and calmed down the rest of the way.

“You may go to the shower to wash your hair, but then I am going to give you a bath,” instructed Mark…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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