Classroom Cocksucker

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“Okay class, today we are watching a documentary on how nuclear fission works.” Droned our science teacher, Mr. Kilbridge. “You are all seniors now and graduating in less than a month so I expect you to all be attentive and take in the information I am providing you with. Remember, you are tomorrow’s future.”

With that, he turned off the lights and started the long and boring film. I sighed. This was going to be a stupid class. I sat in the back row in the corner of the room at the last of the two-person lab tables so not only could I not see the screen very well, but the darkness of the room and my tired brain soon came to the conclusion without me to fall asleep. In my half-sleep state, I dreamed I was having sex with some hot chick, I don’t know who just some faceless girl, so naturally, to my dismay, I woke up half-way through the film with a raging hard-on. I tried rubbing it a little through my jeans to make it go down, but it wasn’t working.

Just then I heard a muffled giggle. I turned to my right to see the other student at my table in the back, Kristina, attempting to hide a smile next to me and trying hard to look like she was watching the film. Kristina was a girl that had never really caught my attention before this year. She had never been really pretty or had big boobs or a big butt. She was a shy girl that had seemed to disappear in the crowd to me. That was before senior year. When I saw her the first day of school that year, I hadn’t recognized her. Over the summer from eleventh to twelfth grade, she had gone from an average teenage girl, to a gorgeous and curvaceous woman. Her dark brown hair had grown down past her shoulders and hung loosely in the middle of her back. Her breasts had grown full and firm, easily filling out her lace bras which always just peaked over the top of her semi-low cut t-shirts. Her large chest narrowed down to a slim waist before going out to form her wide hips and her incredible ass. And I don’t just mean incredible, I mean perfect. Like a one-thousand-squats-per-day-for-ten-years perfect. Her tight fitting jean cut-offs just accented her large butt and made it seem even better. Finally, her long, toned legs and beach tan completed the picture of her. She was a girl I had masturbated to several times before.

Despite her new-found looks, she was still shy and didn’t talk to any guys so I had never thought of pursuing her. Even though I was tall and muscular from wrestling and football, I knew she was way out of my league. So when she started laughing at me, my whole face turned beat red in the dark classroom.

“What’s so funny?” I whispered to her.

She smiled at me and pointed down at my crotch.

“It looks like you’ve got a little problem down there, or more accurately a BIG problem.” She whispered in reply.

“I can’t help it, this thing has a mind of its own sometimes and it can be pretty uncomfortable to wear jeans some days.” I whispered back.

I turned my eyes back to the video, trying to take my mind off my raging erection and the hot girl next to me when I heard something that almost made me choke.

“Need some help?” asked Kristina, smiling.

Before I could answer she reached into my lap and grabbed my penis through my jeans, running her small hands up and down the length.

“Oh my.” She whispered, “I’m impressed Sam.”

I couldn’t respond. I could barely breathe correctly. After a minute of stroking my shaft, she reached over and unzipped my jeans before reaching into my pants and pulling my rock hard cock through the opening. After giving it a few strokes, she giggled again and then leaned over and wrapped her full, red lips around the head. She began sucking on the head and first couple inches lightly as my mind melted with pleasure. I couldn’t believe it. Here was this gorgeous vixen sucking on my dick, during class! She wrapped her hand around the base of it and continued going deeper, getting another inch or so in her mouth before pulling off for a breath. She breathed a little heavy and grinned up at me.

“You should see your face right now.” She whispered, trying to hold in laughter.

Done resting, she slipped her mouth once again over my head and pushed more and more of my cock into her wet, warm mouth until she had to move her hand off the base to get more in. She managed to get six inches in her mouth, with about an inch or two popping the entrance of her throat open and making her gag slightly, but try as she might, she couldn’t get the last two inches in. Seeing her struggles, I looked around to make sure no one had noticed us before placing my hand on the gölcük escort back of her head. I began applying pressure to her head, forcing more and more of my cock into her tight, teen throat until finally, her nose pressed into my crotch and my entire eight inch length disappeared between her cute lips. I held her down a bit enjoying the sensation of her gagging, convulsing throat massaging my cock until she squeezed my leg lightly and I let her up. She quietly gasped in air while simultaneously smiling at me, obviously pleased with herself for being able to take so much in her mouth.

Confident she could get all of it into her mouth, I gently wrapped my fingers in her brown locks of hair and began pushing her down on my dick. I took her head with both hands and effectively using her mouth to send shivers of pleasure through my body. Luckily, the video covered up the slight gagging and slurping sounds. We got into a rhythm of me fucking her face, lightly so as not to get discovered. She allowed me to use her soft, velvety mouth and I let her up for air whenever she squeezed my thigh to signal she was out of breath. I could feel the familiar tingling in my balls that signaled I was going to cum soon. I pushed her head down one final time until my full length disappeared between her lips and held her there as I began to cum what seemed like gallons of cum straight down her throat and into her stomach. Her throat contracted and squeezed my dick, milking it of my cum She gagged quietly on my cock but I held kept her down as my orgasm flowed into her, the video’s audio masking all sounds of what was happening behind the two dozen other students and teacher. Finally, I finished unloading into her stomach and my cock started softening, slipping out of her throat to rest in her mouth. Kristina began licking and sucking my dick clean while panting hard as her abused throat recovered from its rough assault. Just as I tucked my limp cock into my jeans, the video stopped and the lights flew on.

“Thank you all for paying attention and have a good weekend. You are all dismissed.” Said Mr. Kilbridge as kids started gathering their binders and leaving class.

I turned to Kristina to say something but she just smiled at me teasingly and wiped a bit of cum off her chin before racing out of the classroom and disappearing into the sea of kids that was flooding the hall. I zipped my pants up and left the classroom in search of her, but she was long gone and I had no other classes with her the rest of the day. I searched for her in the hall after dismissal, but still had no luck in locating the gorgeous girl who had drained my balls during science. Still a bit skeptical about what had happened, I got in my truck and drove home. I had no plans this weekend so I went straight home and to my room to watch TV. At about seven o’clock, my mom ordered a pizza and I headed downstairs to get a few slices. Just as I was about to head back upstairs, my plate loaded with pizza, the doorbell rang.

“I hope I gave the pizza guy the right amount of money.” My mom said as she opened the door, digging through her purse. “How much was I… Oh I’m sorry. I thought you were the pizza boy” She stopped mid-sentence.

“Hi Mrs. Miller, Sam is taking me to a movie tonight.” Came a silky female voice from the front porch.

“Oh of course.” My mom replied. “Sam. Your girlfriend whom you never mentioned to me is here. You’re taking her to a movie?”

I stepped into view of the door to find Kristina standing in our doorway dressed in a pair of cut off jean shorts and a T-shirt, similar to what she had been wearing at school.

“Oh umm… yeah sorry mom we’re going to see a movie tonight. This is Kristina. She’s a girl in my grade. I don’t think you’ve met her.” I stammered still shocked

“Nice to meet you Mrs. Miller.” Kristina said sweetly. “I’ll wait for you in your car Sam.”

I slipped on some sneakers and grabbed my wallet and keys from the dish on the counter.

“She’s cute Sam. Nice job.” My mom said, smiling at me. “Just remember if anything does ever happen between you two, use protection.”

“Jesus mom you act like I’m 10. I’m 18 now I’ll be fine.” I sighed in response.

“Okay, Okay,” she said, holding her hands up in surrender but still smiling.

I left the house, my face red. I opened my truck door and climbed inside. Kristina was sitting in the passenger seat already buckled in so I turned on the car and pulled out of the driveway.

“So…I’m taking you to a movie.” I said, questioningly.

“Don’t worry I have tickets gebze escort but the movie doesn’t start until ten o’clock so let’s kill some time. My parents aren’t home, go to my place. Just take a left up here and it’s the third house in.”

I pulled in the driveway and she led me into the house.

“So about earlier today…” I began “What was that all about? You never show any interest in boys despite the fact that you’re stunning and then suddenly today, you’re sucking my dick during school?”

“Yeah it’s just that I’m eighteen now and I wanted to do something…adult. That and I saw you’re huge dick during science and I had to have it. I hope you’re not mad.” She explained as she got one of her dad’s beers from the fridge and set it on the counter.

Before she could open it, I walked up behind her and slapped her ass, hard. She yelped and turned to glare at me but I just pulled her body close to mine in a kiss, her big tits pressing against my chest. Her eyes widened at first, but she soon got into it and began kissing me back. I reached down behind and grabbed a handful of her voluminous butt and squeezed her firm cheeks. She moaned and broke the kiss.

“Shall we take this to somewhere more appropriate?” she asked.

Without responding, I picked her up over my shoulder and carried her to her bedroom and unceremoniously dumped her on the bed. She laughed and playfully kicked at me as I pulled her T-shirt and bra over her head before tossing them onto the floor in a pile, exposing her perfect 34D tits. I cupped them and squeezed them, sucking lightly on her nipples. She spun around face down on the bed so her head was facing my crotch and tugged on my shirt, indicating that I should remove it so I pulled it off while she unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans. She reached her small hand into my boxers and pulled my semi-erect penis out. She licked her lips hungrily and put my rapidly hardening cock in her mouth and started sucking lightly on it as I reached over her back and played with her full, round ass. After a few minutes of her sucking my dick, I pulled her head off my slick shaft and spun her body around so her head was away from me. I ripped off her shorts and panties, unable to wait any longer and rubbed the head of my cock along her slit before slowly pushing into her virgin pussy. She moaned and gasped as my thick cock filled her tiny, tight pussy to its max. She was so tight and warm, that I almost came right then but I got ahold of myself and began to thrust into her, slowly at first but picking up speed until I was pounding her tiny hole as she screamed with pleasure. She came quickly, her pussy squeezing my cock tightly as she orgasmed around my shaft. I continued pumping into her alternating between slow and sensual and then suddenly changing to full force pounding her. This alternating rhythm made her cum for the second time shortly after the first. She wrapped her legs around my back and screamed as she came, her walls clenching me tightly and almost making me cum.

She lay there exhausted and panting as I pulled my rock-hard dick from her dripping pussy. I looked around on the floor of her room and grabbed a random computer cord lying on the ground. She giggled and weakly struggled as I tied her hands behind her back. She glared cutely at me as she struggled to get my cock back in her pussy but without being able to use her hands, it was futile. I took her bra and placed it in her mouth between her teeth and tied it behind her head, gagging her and preventing her from talking. Leaving her tied up lying on her stomach in the middle of her bed, I left her room and went down the hallway to her parents’ room where I searched drawers until I found what I was searching for. I walked back into her room with my prize and held it up for her to see; a large bottle of lube.

I opened the top of the bottle and squeezed some on her tight little asshole and then put a little on my cock. As she realized what I was about to do, her eyes grew wide and she struggled to free her hands and talk, but I held her small frame down easily.

“Shhhh….” I whispered in her ear, “Just calm down. Trust me Kristina”

This stopped her struggling but she still shook her head ‘no’ at me and was trembling with nervousness. I pressed the thick head of my penis against her asshole and began pushing in until the head of my cock popped into her ass, sticking out of her butt like a pin stuck in a pincushion. She yelped in pain as the thick head of my dick forced its way into her ass, stretching out her tight little butt. She whimpered darıca escort bayan cutely as I pushed slowly into her ass, forcing more and more of me into her tight hole until all eight inches was ball deep in her tight ass. She cried out as I began fucking her slowly but her shrieks of pain soon morphed into moans of pleasure as her ass stretched out to accommodate my thick girth and length. She moaned and shivered as I fucked her, building a faster and faster rhythm. It wasn’t long until she came for the third time with a high pitched squeal of pleasure through the gag.

At this, I began fucking her, hard and fast, thrusting and shoving every inch of my cock into her ass and then pulling all but the head out only to thrust in again. She moaned and screamed, her body shaking with the intense pleasure she had never felt before. I could feel the tingling in my balls that signaled I was close to unleashing a load of cum so I thrust on last time deep in her tight ass and starting shooting buckets of cum into her ass, filling up her tight hole. Kristina’s eyes rolled up into her head as she had her fourth orgasm of the night while my balls continued to release wave after wave of cum into her ass. Finally finished, I pulled my softening cock from her gaping, cum filled ass to find out she had passed out from her last orgasm’s intense pleasure. I untied her hand and removed her gag before putting her clothes back on her and carrying her back down to living room. I let her sleep in my lap while I watched some TV, her soft, warm body pressed against me, only moving when she breathed in her sleep. About an hour later, she woke up and blinked, looking around.

“What happened?” she asked, yawning and rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

“Nothing major, you just passed out from your fourth orgasm.” I replied hugging her small form to my chest.

“That was incredible Sam. Thank you for helping me to experience that. I never would have thought I could cum four times in one night” she exclaimed in amazement.

“My pleasure. Literally” I replied, “Now if you want to make that movie, we can still see it but we have to leave now.”

“Oh yeah sure, I completely forgot. Let’s go” she said.

With that, we climbed into my truck and headed to the movie theater by the mall. We arrived at the theater just on time. The movie was Furious 7 in 3D and it was probably excellent, but I couldn’t focus very well because halfway through the film, Kristina reached into my lap and pulled out my now rapidly hardening cock from my jeans and started stroking up and down my shaft. Luckily the later showing time meant that there were very few people in the theater with us so no one was near us to notice the sexual activity going on a row or two behind or in front of them. “Oops,” she whispered as she dropped her 3D glasses by my feet. As she leaned down to retrieve them, she slipped her lips around my cock and pushed down, quickly gulping a good 5 or 6 inches of my penis and covering it in saliva before pulling off and returning to her sitting position while her soft, smooth hand continued its up and down motion on my shaft now with lubrication. She resumed watching the movie, seemingly unfazed while I was sweating in my seat and gripping the arm rests until my knuckles turned white. I tried to calm down and focus on the movie, but I had no luck in doing so. After a good half an hour of her running her hand along my penis, I began to feel my balls tighten.

“I’m gonna cum.” I whispered in Kristina’s ear.

She nodded and leaned down in my lap, engulfing my cock in her soft, warm mouth. That sent me over the edge and I began to spew ropes of cum into her warm, wet mouth. I filled her mouth to bursting, making her cheeks bulge with the amount of cum. She swallowed as much of it as she could, but some leaked out around her lips and got on her cheeks. When I was finally done, she licked my cock clean and wiped all the cum that had gotten on her face off and licked her fingers before giggling softly and turning back to watch the film. I returned my limp cock to my jeans once again and settled back in my seat, the movie almost finished. After the movie ended, I drove Kristina home. She fell asleep in the passenger seat and was still sleeping when we reached her house so I carried her in and lay her down on her bed. Making sure she was comfortable, I drove back to my house. It was nearly one in the morning so my parents were asleep and the lights were off. Tired from the sex and the late hour, I went up to my room and promptly passed out on my bed.

Thanks for reading! Please leave your comments and suggestions. Should this become a series or a stand-alone short story? Let me know what you think. Hope you enjoyed. Also if anyone has any requests for stories they want me to write, message me and I might write something for you. Thanks.

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