Classroom Sex

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All characters in this story are at least 18 years old.

Joe was walking towards his least favorite class of the day, biology. He despised biology not only because it is so boring, but also because he has the laziest lab partner. Joe’s lab partner’s name was Eric Stitz, an obnoxious, gross, annoying, idiot. Nonetheless, everyday Joe walked into Biology and had to sit next to Eric.

As Joe walked into Biology today he knew it was going to be a very bad day because he had been very horny all day and without a girlfriend he found it hard to deal with. To make matters worse, Joe’s biology class also had some very sexy girls in it, one of them being Alicia Silvers. Alicia was the sexiest senior in the entire school and every guy drooled after her. Of course neither she nor any other girl in his class even acknowledged his existence. Joe sat down in his biology seat just as the bell rang for the last class of the day. This is when he experienced his first good news of the day. Eric Stitz was absent. ‘Yes!’ thought Joe. Then Joe got some very interesting news, Alicia’s partner was also out today so he and her were partners for this class. Alicia smiled at him as she walked in his direction, her big D tits bouncing as she took each step so he knew that there was no way she was wearing a bra. ‘As if I wasn’t horny enough already!’

Joe realized today’s lab was basically a joke. Mr. Magrew, his teacher, explained the lab was just to get everyone ready for the important lab coming up later in the week. Today’s lab didn’t count for anything. ‘There is some good news.’

As the lab started Joe got a very good look at Alicia. Her large tits were the perfect shape, almost urging him to just grab and squeeze them. Her ass was excellently curved into a beautiful round shape with her tight pants hugging her cheeks so tightly he could practically see her crack. Her flawless face was equipped with a set of incredible blue sparkling eyes and some nicely shaped lips and her golden blond hair was flowing down to her shoulders. Perfection. While Joe was writing down some important info for the lab she was absently looking into space. Suddenly she turned around and accidently smacked him in the gut.

“Oof,” Joe exclaimed as her hand made contact with his stomach.

“Oh I’m sor-” Alicia began, but didn’t finish. She was staring into Joe eyes and then she smiled. ataköy escort “Hey you’re kinda cute,” she said with a seductive smile on her face.

“Thanks… I guess,” Joe stammered out, noticingly confused.

Alicia looked around quickly to make sure nobody was looking then said, “Let’s have some fun!” Her hand then slowly made its way down to the button of Joe’s jeans, which she undid followed by unzipping his zipper.

“What are you doing!” Joe whispered excitably.

“Exactly what I know you want,” Alicia replied. She then reached into his boxers and pulled out his fully erect cock. The area where everybody works in this specific biology classroom is unique because it has a large black barrier preventing anybody in front of you to turn around and see what you are doing. However, the same can not be said for whoever sits to the sides of you. Luckily, neither of the two groups on either side of Joe and Alicia was paying attention to them. Alicia leaned down and put her mouth around his dick and started sucking.

“PLEASE STOP! Alicia I’m begging you, NOT IN CLASS,” Joe said, barely able to stop himself from yelling. He couldn’t believe what was happening to him. He never even fathomed such a thing being possible of happening in class in a high school, even among two 18 year old seniors. Joe knew they were going to get caught and he tried to tell her to stop again, but he found himself speechless. Joe had to admit that Alicia was very good at blowjobs. She knew exactly how to move her tongues and where exactly her lips should be to provide the most pleasure. Her head was just bobbing back and forth on Joe’s cock. Alicia then let Joe’s cock fall out of her mouth and she turned around and pulled down her pants to reveal a very skimpy thong.

“Oh my god,” Joe muttered, practically incapable of speaking.

“Hehe I know exactly what you want Joey boy,” Alicia said and removed her thong, crumpled it up and stuffed it in Joe’s pocket. Alicia then guided Joe cock into her wet pussy.

“Oooh!” Joe moaned in pleasure at the incredible nice, warm feeling he now felt. Now, Alicia started pushing her ass back to make Joe cock slide in farther and then brought it forward so it would come out more. She continued doing this over and over because no matter how much Joe secretly wanted to, he couldn’t bring himself to willingly hump her. Also, Joe could not bakırköy escort simply remove his cock, pull up his pants and be done with it. No, his cock was in her and she had him trapped. Without missing a step, Alicia looked to the group to their right where to of Alicia’s very hot friends were working on the lab together. Joe wasn’t sure, but he believed their names were Pauline and Rachel.

“Pauline, Rachel!,” Alicia said just loud enough so only they could hear.

“ALICIA NO!” Joe whispered, but it was too late and Alicia pushed back far enough so her two friends could see what was going on.

“Oh my god you slut!” Pauline half whispered, half giggled. Pauline had long black silky hair and even bigger boobs than Alicia.

“Haha, you are my hero Alicia!” Rachel said, also half whispering and half giggling. Rachel had blond hair like Alicia, but her tits were smaller, but she made up for it by having the sexiest voice Joe had ever heard. Alicia smiled, obviously loving the attention, and worked Joe cock even harder. She looked at the clock, there was ten minutes left in class.

“I’ll bet I can make him shoot out the biggest load of cum any of you have ever seen by the end of class,” Alicia said to her friends as if Joe wasn’t even in ear shot.

“NO!” Joe exclaimed.

“YES!” Pauline and Rachel said in unison. Alicia giggled and moved so Joe’s cock came out of her pussy. Joe felt both a feeling of relief and disappointment. Alicia turned around and sat on Joe lap, making sure his cock slid into her clit, and started pumping even harder than before. Joe could hardly contain it, but he managed. Alicia leaned forward and began a steamy make out session with him. He felt her tongue darting all around his mouth. When she finally broke the kiss Joe looked at the clock. Five minutes left of class.

Alicia turned to her friends, who hadn’t broken eye contact with them since they found out what is going on and said,” Come one ladies! Help me!” Pauline and Rachel looked at each other, smiled, and looked at Joe. Pauline lifted her shirt and unhooked her bra letting her incredible tits hang out. They were so beautiful Joe couldn’t look away. Pauline then quickly checked to see if anyone was looking in their direction, and shot her big bra at Joe like and elastic band. They landed right on Joe’s face. He took a deep breath, they smelled wonderful. When Alicia took the bra off of Joe’s face he now saw Pauline holding up her tits to her mouth and slowly sucking on each one. Joe almost let it out and a little bit of cum came out, but not much.

Rachel then reached into her purse and took out a tape recorder. She turned it on and started whispering loud enough for Joe to hear,”Ooh that’s right baby, fuck her. Oh ya fuck her good. Suck her face and feel that ass!” Joe couldn’t handle her voice and soon enough was doing what she said. He actually grabbed Alicia’s hips and started thrusting with all his might. He was fucking her now, hard. Joe then looked up and started kissing her in the most incredibly sensual way even Joe didn’t know he was capable of it. While he was doing this he grabbed her ass, but it only took one squeeze for Joe to completely unload. He shot out the biggest load of cum he had ever seen, including internet porno movies.

“OOOH YA!” Alicia moaned in incredible pleasure as the cum filled her up and then some. Joe’s cum was now leaking onto the floor. Alicia then separated from Joe and sat in her seat panting. Joe was panting too. BBBBBBRRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGG! The bell rang. Everybody was gathering up their stuff and leaving.

Thankfully Joe was in the last row and the people to his left didn’t notice him sitting in his chair naked as they left. While Joe and Alicia hurriedly got dressed, Pauline pulled her shirt back down over her tits. And Rachel kept recording stuff on her tape. Joe realized she had never stopped even after Joe stopped paying attention. When Joe got completely dressed Rachel walked over to him and dropped the tape on his lap.

“Keep the presents,” Alicia said,” because we might see you again.” She gave him a wink and walked away giggling with Pauline and Rachel.

“Well girls you certainly are leaving late,” Mr. Magrew said as they walked by.

“I suppose we are,” Rachel said in the voice that can make guys faint,” but Joe is still here way in the back of the room.” And with that they left, leaving a shocked Joe in the back.

“Really?” Mr. Magrew said and started walking towards Joe. In lightning fast speed, Joe took the thong from his pocket, the bra from the floor, and the tape from his lap and stuffed it into his bag before Mr. Magrew came. “Joe, are you waiting for something?” Mr. Magrew asked.

“No sir. Goodbye,” Joe stated as he rushed past the teacher and out into the hallway where he took the closest exit out of the school. He had missed his bus so he just walked home alone, thinking.

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