Cleaning House

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Edward was through the threshold before Lee even had a chance to say “Welcome” and was talking a mile a minute on his cell phone. He put up a finger to “Shush” her, but she’d learned long before not to interrupt him when he was talking on the thing. She closed the door and followed behind him into the main living room. When he snapped it shut, he quickly looked around and said, “Well, Lee, it’s good you could have everyone reconvene here. It’s not in your job description to play hostess, but with the office being painted, it’s illegal or inhumane or something to require that people stay within its walls. This way, we can have our team meeting, and since you live the closest, it’s very convenient.”

“Yes, but I don’t know…”

“OK, let’s just move these couches out of the way and bring over those kitchen chairs you have,” Edward was already on the move. He picked up a giant stuffed cat pillow Lee had. Behind him, she clenched her hands and cursed herself for leaving it out. But how could she have known he was coming over? How could she have planned he would be in her own house, right here, and have thought to put away her silly girly stuff? “What. The. Fuck, Lee?” Edward said that more to himself than anything, and tossed the pillow behind a chair and covered it with some blankets.

Lee hurried over with two chairs strung onto her arms. “Good. What else do we need? Where is the…”

Lee held her breath as he cut himself short. He was staring at the carpet. “How long have you lived here, Lee?”

“Um, four years. Four years in March is my anniversary.”

“Your anniversary,” he said nasally, mocking her. “And how often do you clean this place?”

Lee felt herself flush. “I clean all the time! Like once a week! On weekends! So, I guess it’s been a few days. Um… why?”

“This carpet is filthy. It’s disgusting.”

“I don’t think it’s… it’s not so bad… maybe a few cat hairs…”

Edward grabbed Lee’s shoulder and forced her down eye-level with the floor. She refused to give herself the pleasure of thinking about the position their bodies were in. If they were naked, and if she moved back an inch or two, he could slip inside of her and wrap his arms around her front to play with her breasts. “Lee?”

“Edward, no, I don’t, I don’t know. Maybe it’s the light or something. I didn’t notice.”

“We can’t have company personnel coming into this pigsty and what, sitting in a pile of cat hair, candle wax, and whatever else you thought you could store on the floor here? Don’t you care what people think?”

Lee was close to tears. Why was Edward being so awful to her? Maybe he was just upset they had to relocate their planning meeting. She vowed to up her cleaning, but was doubtful he’d ever return to inspect it.

“Edward, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. What can I do? What can I do! Wait!” Lee pounded up the stairs and returned dragging a vacuum cleaner. As she bent to plug it in, Edward grasped her arm again. She couldn’t stop herself from staring down istanbul escort at his thick, strong fingers circling her flesh.

“You’ve already done enough. Thank goodness I got here early, before everyone else. It needs to be steam cleaned.”

Lee straightened up. “Is there time? I can drive over to the grocery store and get one.”

Edward was already rifling through his pockets. “You, Lee, are the luckiest girl in the world. You better understand that damn well. I was using one in my house yesterday, and it is in my truck for me to return on my way home from work this evening.” When an excited little gasp escaped from Lee’s throat, Edward silenced it with a glare. “Do you know how much trouble you could have been in otherwise?”

Lee shook her head. “What do I do? Should I go get it? Give me your keys, you sit, I’ll get it.”

“No, no, don’t be dumb. You’re going to do something else for me. As I said, I got here early, and our coworkers aren’t due for two hours. You’re going to entertain me till then, while I do this crap work you should have been doing already.”

“Sure, sure, Edward. Do you want some music? I have some that you like. Do you want me to bake up something yummy? Or get the crossword puzzle books?”

Edward just rolled his eyes. “Go stand in the center of the room.” He waited as she did. “When I get back in here, you’re going to be standing in your underwear. Just that. Remove everything else. If you…” He paused while she tried to interrupt him, but thought better of it. “When I get back, I will give you further instructions. You will comply, you will not speak, unless I ask you to. Do not fuck this up Lee. You’re already on thin ice.”

He turned and stormed out the door. Lee heard the secondary wind door slam behind him and immediately commenced panicking. “Oh my god! What the hell! What should I do? Go lock myself in my room? He won’t be able to get in. Well, he’s good with tools, I’m sure he could take a door off simple hinges. What kind of request is that? Can he do that? Am I ok? Am I ok with it? What should I do?” She then remembered the state of her underwear and flushed with a mix of embarrassment and excitement. For some reason (certainly not this one, this could never have been pre-supposed), Lee had on her best underwear today. It was her one splurge, the one matching set she could afford. A gorgeous silky floral, with a main color of lime green, the bra seemed to give her half an extra cup size, and hugged her two breasts together creating a sumptuous cleavage she had to touch to believe. The panties fit her like a second skin. They were actually sexier on, leaving the viewer to wonder what they were gently cupping beneath them.

“I could maybe do this. Why would he want me to?” She was bewildered. She heard his truck door slam and immediately jerked her jeans around her ankles. “I guess I am doing this.”

With a deep breath, she kicked off her shoes, jeans, and was just in the midst of pulling her sweater over escort bayan her head when Edward stepped through the door lugging the steam cleaner. He stopped to gaze at her as she settled into a shaky position, not knowing what to do with her arms, settling for crossing them behind her. “That’s what you wore to work today?” He asked her.

She looked down at her body. “Well, yes. I mean, remember, I had clothes over it…”

“Why would you wear that if you didn’t plan on anyone seeing it?”

“I… I don’t know.”

Edward plugged the steam cleaner into the wall outlet. “Lee, turn around.” She did as he asked, feeling his eyes biting into her from behind. “Now, bend over and if you can touch the floor do it, keeping your back straight.”

Lee attempted what he asked, feeling worrisome about her stomach rolls and everything piling up around there. She heard Edward scuffling around with the machine settings, and when the loud noise whirred on, she straightened up. Edward immediately barked to her, “Did I say you could stand up? Get back down!” And she did.

Edward scooted the machine into the room’s corners, then came within a few feet of her. “Lee, stand straight.” She did. She didn’t manage eye contact with him. “Take off your bra.” He watched as she slowly did, then held his hand out for it. When she gave it to him, he ran his fingers over the silky cups and fingered the thin straps. He laughed as she fidgeted, not knowing how to pose. “I’m going to clean around you. Don’t worry, this thing won’t suck up your little feet. But you can keep your hands busy stroking yourself. That’s right, put your hands on your breasts. Do it, Lee!”

He continued to stand in front of her as she slowly placed her palms on each of her breasts, hiding the growing nipples. Then she cupped them- they fit perfectly inside her hands, Edward noticed. “Pull them out, squish them together,” he instructed her as he flipped on the machine and recommenced cleaning. He made sure to keep an eye on her the entire time. Lee tried to focus on his work and not what she was doing to herself.

When he had half the floor finished, he shut the machine off again, and Lee silently cursed herself, knowing something else was coming. “Take off your panties, Lee.”

“Edward, I…”

“Do it now, Lee! Do you not see what I’m doing? I’m your boss, cleaning your floor! Your dirty, filthy, disgusting floor. Is that in the employee handbook? I don’t think so! So do it this instant!” By the time he had finished, she was standing before him naked. Again, her hands fluttered around her body, but she found a place for them folding and smoothing the material of her tiny panties, but he snatched them away. He ran them under his nose and draped the fabric across his cheek.

“Stand with your back straight and breasts out. Now, take each of your hands, and pull open your pussy lips, pushing them wide open so I can see inside you while I clean. If you even hesitate for a minute, I’m going to make you Kartal escort eat all the crap that this thing has sucked up.” Lee’s eyes bulged, and Edward wondered if he’d gone too far. But she slowly did as he asked. He stared at the naked girl in front of him, posing like a statue and offering her insides up to him, just him. He abandoned the machine and took a seat on the futon, in front of which she stood. His face came level with her pussy.

Lee started to shake.. “I’m not done telling you what to do, Lee,” Edward said in a quieter voice. “Now that you’re spread open for me, put a finger inside yourself. With the other hand, rub your clit. Pull up on the skin there, show me, show me.” Lee shivered before him.


“Lee, if you stop doing what I ask…”

“No, Edward, it’s not that.”

“What is it?” He was transfixed by the pomegranate-colored skin inside her folds.

“The cleaning. The cleaning isn’t finished.”

He rose up, grabbing one nipple in his fingers and yanking it so hard she bend forward, gasping. “No, no, no Edward. I’m so sorry, not that. Not that. Not the carpet.”

He let her go, and was pleased to see her immediately reach back and dive her fingers back into her pussy. “What is it then?”

“It’s, it’s the vacuum. There’s something else it needs.”

“What are you talking about?” He reached up again, this time softly, and ran his palm over her still-hard nipples. She sighed.

“There’s, ah, um, another vacuum? That needs to do some work.”

“Can you please just speak like a human and not an alien?” He started playing with her public hair, lightly pulling the strands, pushing a finger close to where hers were still moving back and forth.

Lee removed her hands and sunk down to the floor, wrapping her long arms around Edward’s jean-clad legs. “Um, like… a Hoover. Suction. Sucking. I think…”

Edward wrapped his hand around the back of Lee’s neck. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

Lee’s entire face lit up. “Oh, God, yes yes yes yes yes yes. Please, Edward, let me suck you,” she moaned.

He patted the side of the futon and she scrambled up. Her naked body curled up a bit and her fingers wrestled with his belt. She batted away his hands (“Let me do it!”) and finally freed his erection. Edward gasped for air as she slammed her throat down upon him. For a moment he was content to watch her bob up and down on him, but then he remembered the rest of her was there too, and naked. He played with her breasts that were hanging down and bobbing back and forth as her body shook. He thrust his fingers inside of her, almost cumming immediately with the thought that he was filling her from both ends of her body, entirely consuming her with his ownership. He felt her pulse around his fingers, and felt himself growing huge to the point of no return.

“I’m going to cum,” he whispered to her, one hand in her dark hair, other fingers buried deep inside her pussy. She moaned as he exploded in her throat, then collapsed in a small ball half on top of him when he was done.

“You better have gotten it all,” he said, quietly laughing. “If we have any strange stains when the other employees arrive, you’re going to have a hell of a lot of explaining to do.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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