Client Confidential Ch. 04

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I lay Jane down on the king-sized bed before lying down beside her. I bent over to kiss her meaningfully on the lips as my right hand wandered to her still erect nipples.

However, Jane pulled away from my kiss. Through all my years, I have never experienced anything as sexy and as arousing and what Jane said to me next.

“I’ve had enough foreplay, darling. Right now I need you to fuck me. Oh fuck me long and hard! Please!” She told me. Her ‘please’ wasn’t out of manners, it was a command and it drove me wild with desire. However, it still paled in significance compared to how much I wanted to give her a good fucking. I reasoned that if she enjoyed this experience then our meetings at her home might become a more regular event.

I moved myself to a position where I now lay between Jane’s tanned and toned thighs and with one or two minor adjustments I could feel the tip of my rock-hard cock begin to push against her still-swollen pussy lips. Jane closed her eyes in anticipation of the pleasure that was soon to follow but they suddenly popped open as the tip and the first couple of inches of me slid gently inside her.

“Oh John, yes.” she moaned as she felt me inside her for the very first time.

“Fuck me! Yes John, fuck me!” she screamed as a little more of my cock slid into her wetness.

“You feel so fucking good,” I moaned into her ear, making her squirm against me.

I began a rhythm of withdrawing my cock before sliding it ever deeper within her. Jane’s passion knew no bounds. She raised her legs and wrapped them around my waist, locking her feet together. With each downward thrust Jane met me with an upward thrust of her own, forcing my cock ever deeper into her welcoming cunt. On every in-thrust she grasped me firmly with the tight muscles of her pussy till it felt that I would never be able to withdraw. With every thrust I could feel my balls slapping against Jane’s butt and she was clearly revelling in the experience, of having a cock buried deep inside her after so long.

Even though it had been some time since Jane had enjoyed the pleasures that only a man could provide she clearly had not allowed herself to go to seed and I suspected that somewhere within the confines of her bedroom would be hidden a selection of sex-toys that had obviously helped Jane maintain her interest in sex and her athletic ability to perform when the occasion called for it.

I hoped that in the months ahead Jane might feel comfortable enough to share her collection of toys with me. I could imagine lots of ways that they could be enjoyed so much more with the two of us around than they ever had been before. And now that we had become lovers there seemed no reason why we could not use them to give our secret trysts even more spice.

But my mind was running ahead of me and I needed to concentrate on the current situation. Or perhaps not concentrating was a better option as I felt my own orgasm begin to stir deep within me. I wanted to try and make this last as long as possible. Jane had gone without for far too long and I wanted this to be something special, something that would re-awaken bonus veren siteler all the passions she had probably been forced to hide up to now. I tried to think about balance sheets and control accounts in an attempt to delay the inevitable orgasm. However, it soon became impossible as Jane began a constant one-sided dialogue.

With each inward stroke Jane was telling me how good it felt, how big my cock felt and then started to tell me what she intended to do with me before I would be allowed to return home.

“I want to ride you like a stallion.” Jane stated in manner that indicated that this was not a matter open to discussion. I was enjoying being dominated by this beautiful, decisive lady and the thought of her being literally in a dominant position sounded even more appealing.

“Now?” I asked without breaking my rhythm.

“Yes! Right now!” Jane responded. “And then later I want you to take me from behind as I lean against the dressing table over there. I want to feel your big cock fucking me hard from behind John.”

I held tightly onto Jane and we rolled over so that she was on top of me. My cock seemed to slide even further inside her as she started to move herself in a circular motion around it. The re-positioning of my cock had clearly brought it into contact with one of Jane’s special places and as her circular motions continued her eyes closed and she returned to telling me how good it felt.

“Oh darling … that’s amazing! Just fucking amazing!” She screamed.

Jane’s taut boobs were also circling above me and my right hand started to caress her left boob whilst my lips found the erect nipple of her right one. As I sucked on the nipple that was clearly the final straw as Jane’s body started to pulsate and vibrate. Her circling stopped as her body became rigid and I felt the flow of her creamy juices pouring onto my cock. It was hard to tell which was hotter, my cock or Jane’s juices but as she sat there enjoying the experience I felt it my time to thrust upwards, gently but firmly, enjoying the lubrication that Jane had just generously supplied.

Each gentle thrust threw Jane into a new realm of pleasure as I pressed against her hard clit sending shock waves through her body.

For a moment I wondered how much more of this Jane could take. Her body belied the fact that she was nearly 60 years old and I was concerned that this may be too much too soon. But, as if sensing my concern, Jane sprang to life again and started to move up and down on my pole in a manner that a woman of half her age would have admired.

“How does that feel?” Jane enquired, probably wondering if my lack of response was an indication of displeasure. In truth I was conserving my energy in an attempt to keep up with Jane and speech had been minimal on my part. But now I sensed that Jane needed the re-assurance of my words.

“Fucking fantastic, Jane” I said. I saw from the reaction on Jane’s face how welcome my comments had been and this led me to make even greater attempts to boost her ego.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long, Jane. I have a confession to make bedava bahis later.”

“Why later?” Jane asked. “Tell me now”

“Do you remember a few years ago when you left me a key to your home when you were away on holiday in the Caribbean” I asked her, cautiously gauging her response.

“Yes, we were expecting a very large cheque from a customer and you offered to look out for it and bank it.” She recalled.

“Yes I did. But whilst I was here to collect the cheque I came up here into your bedroom.” I smiled guiltily. I was nervous to how she would react but at the same time I felt like a naughty schoolboy.

“So you have been here before?” Jane smiled “Oh you bad boy! And what did you get up to in my boudoir may I ask?”

“I looked around till I found your underwear drawer. I browsed through them until I found my favourite pair.”

“Then what did you do?” Jane seemed aroused by my revelation.

“I lay here on your bed and wanked with your panties wrapped around my cock. I was so aroused that I exploded all over them and covered them in my cum. I had to wash them in the sink and hope they dried out.” I giggled guiltily.

I wondered if my confession might offend Jane but the effect was exactly the opposite!

“Oh darling. I wish I had known which ones they were! It would have felt so good wearing them knowing that you had cum all over them and that your cum was right next to me.” She told me.

Jane started attacking my cock with renewed vigour and my story had clearly played with her emotions as almost instantaneously her next orgasm arrived. Her whole body shook as she arched backwards and screamed out my name.

I could never remember having seen a woman in such a state of ecstasy before and it felt so good to know that I had made her feel like this.

Jane’s sensations started to subside as I returned to my long slow thrusts deep within her. Gradually her eyes opened and we made eye contact.

“That was amazing, John. If I had known you were this good I would never have waited so long!” She exclaimed in mock outrage.

“But it had to be right, for both of us.” I told her. “And today it felt right, very right.”

Jane nodded in agreement. She had now come to a halt and looked pensive as she still sat astride my cock. I hoped that our conversation had not made Jane start to have second thoughts as she slowly eased herself off my cock. Her creamy juices dripped onto my thighs as she swung round and off the bed. I now thoroughly believe that I had upset her in some way as she slowly made her way across the room until she reached the dressing table.

She turned towards me and gave me a look still full of desire. “It must be over 15 years since I was fucked from behind. Do you think you are still up for it?” Her voice teased and challenged me.

“Just you watch me.” I told her with a grin.

“Well then, what are you waiting for?!” She exclaimed. “Give it to me hard, darling, like an animal, and don’t stop till you fill my cunt full of your cum!”

When I had vigorously nodded my head in agreement Jane turned from me and deneme bonus positioned herself for me. Her perk ass looked delectable in that position and it made my cock hard instantly. In an instant I was up from the bed and right behind her. It was my turn to be the dominant one as I took Jane’s hips in my hand and forced my erection deep within her.

Jane screamed with the excitement of this rough sex and without any build up I began to thrust hard and deep into her cunt. Jane met each thrust by pushing backwards towards me and pushing every bit of my cock inside her.

“Be rough with me John! I want you so much.” She screamed.

I did not bother to answer but just continued to pound my shaft deeper and deeper into the heaven that was her sweet pussy. I pushed her hard against the dressing table and took hold of her hair.

“Is that hard enough for you slut?” I shouted, taking on my role with relish.

“Oh yes baby!” Jane replied, ” I have been a very naughty girl but this will teach me the error of my ways. From now on I will try and behave more… unless you prefer me to be bad?” She teased.

“As long as I get to fuck you on a regular basis you can be as good or as bad as you like” I shouted.

“You can fuck me any time you want, darling, any time.” She told me, turning me on, if possible, even more.

My pounding of Jane’s pussy was having its effect on both of us and I knew that I could not last much longer. Jane, however, beat me to it as she started to arch her back and shake as the waves of pleasure engulfed her again.

“Oh baby, that feels so good. Yesssssssss.” She screamed. She bucked and writhed under my hands and shouted my name over and over as she came.

By now my thrusts were as hard as I had ever thrust and I could wait no longer. I started filling Jane’s cunt with my cum. She clearly loved the feeling as it ran down her thighs.

“Oh, darling. That’s just what I needed. To feel you cum inside me.” She purred.

By now we could both barely stand. The number of orgasms Jane had experienced was beginning to tell on her and I had given her all I had to give and more. I raised Jane up, turned her around and pulled her to me.

Our eyes met in a look that said that we were both satisfied and that neither of us would ever have any regrets about the day’s events.

I picked her up in my arms again and carried her back to the bed. I lay her down and got down beside her and took her in my arms. The sexual side of the day was at an end but we both had the need to reflect on how our relationship had changed forever and to share the intimacy that only wonderful sex can provide.

Jane snuggled up close to me and put her arms around me. It felt so good to hold her so near. The softness of her skin against mine, the smell of her perfume. The distinct aroma of the effect our bodies had had on one another.

“That was wonderful John. Thank you so much.” Jane whispered.

“The pleasure was all mine,” I answered. “But what about those figures you wanted to discuss?”

“Don’t be so naïve darling! Today I was in need of your body and not your mind.” She confessed.

I smiled at the thought of how close we now had become, and how this would be just the beginning.

I looked down to see that Jane had drifted off to sleep, safe in arms.

This had been a day neither of us would ever forget.

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