Close Neighbors

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My wife and I had just gotten married when we moved into a small second story apartment in a coastal New England town. Houses were close by on each side of us; one house was rented by a married couple with young kids, and the other was rented by two young, rather attractive women. The neighborhood was quiet and everyone pretty much kept to themselves.

My wife is a tall, naturally beautiful, curvaceous woman (36C-24-36). I am six feet tall and played competitive tennis during and after college, so I am very physically fit. I am also an exhibitionist. I don’t force it on people, but if they show a desire to look, I’m willing to oblige them.

As an example, our bedroom window was directly across the driveway, approximately thirty feet, from the upstairs window of our female neighbors. To see if they were interested in checking me out, when they were home at night, I would occasionally leave the shade up slightly, undress to “go take a shower”, and then check from a darkened window to see if they had been watching. As far as I could tell, they were not interested, so I continued to be very subtle about it, and see if a spark developed.

The first time I met them was when my wife was selling her old, rusted, Plymouth Scamp. It was amazing how many people wanted to buy that bucket of bolts. As a matter of fact, our two female neighbors came by to check it out, and ended up buying it. Come to find out, they were sisters, Betturkey one was 21, pretty, thin, had long blond hair and a decent figure with small breasts. The other was 24, less pretty than her younger sister, had dark hair, and an absolutely spectacular body… Zowie! During their car inspection we all became friendly and my wife invited them up for coffee, a tour of the apartment, and a prolonged chat. During the visit I could feel a mutual sexual attraction forming between the older sister and me.

From the time of our first meeting, I observed that the older sister started paying a lot of attention to our apartment and me. I frequently caught her peeping out her window at me when I left the shade up slightly. Little by little I started to give her more of a show. One time when I knew she was looking, I stood with a raging hard and let her get a long, slightly obstructed look. I even quickly walked past the window so she could get a brief, but up close viewing.

To my surprise and delight, she started to gradually reciprocate. First she gave me brief flashes as she darted past a window with her breasts exposed and a towel wrapped around her waist. Later, she occasionally towel dried her hair naked such that I got an unobstructed view of her fabulous body. She had large, firm, torpedo-shaped breasts with dark nipples, a thin waist, shapely hips, a solid ass, and a neatly shaved dark bush. Wow, what a body; Betturkey Giriş I still fantasize about her.

Eventually, my wife became aware of my voyeurism and I had to tell her the whole story. At first she didn’t believe me, but when she saw for herself that our neighbor was as interested in watching as exhibiting, she became fascinated with what was going on. She even began to participate. One night when our neighbor was watching, I got out of the shower and my wife caressed by balls and dick until I got an erection, and then got down on her knees and gave me a long, luxurious blow job in full view of our neighbor.

Apparently, feeling that she had to reciprocate, the next day our neighbor somehow coerced her sister into displaying herself fully to me after a shower. Her sister had the cutest, upturned breasts with swollen nipples and a bush that revealed that she was a natural blond. A week or so after that, when a college buddy was visiting me my neighbor let her dog out and stood in the doorway stark naked, in full view for five minutes while my friend, my wife and I huddled in the window above marveling at her spectacular body and nerve.

After a year and a half in the apartment my wife and I scraped together enough money to buy a house. Toward the end it become somewhat ridiculous pretending that we were not aware that we watching each other. About a week before we moved I decided to let Betturkey Güncel Giriş it all hang out, so to speak. That night my neighbor was home and my wife was at a friend’s house. I turned on the bedroom light, which was the usual signal to my neighbor that an exhibition was about to begin. I checked from the darkened window and waited for her to get in to position. I went back to the bedroom, and without pulling the shade down began to slowly undress with my back to the window. I was really turned on and had a tremendous hard on, which I revealed to my neighbor when I turned around. I started to slowly caress and stroke my swollen nine-inch cock. I moved in front of the window and continued to stroke my cock while looking directly at where I knew she was hiding. After a minute or so she pulled open the curtain to get a better view and to let me know she was watching. I could see her profile behind the darkened window. For awhile I gave her various viewing angles, but then concentrated fully on what I was doing and shot my load onto a towel positioned on the window sill.

After I finished it didn’t take long for her to turn on the light and reveal that she was naked and embroiled in the same activity. She raised one leg onto a chair and gave me an unobstructed view of her masturbating with a vibrating dildo. She was totally absorbed in her activities as she alternately rubbed the dildo across her clit and inserted it into her vagina. She was masterful. She worked herself into a frenzy and eventually reached the most spectacular climax I’ve ever witnessed a woman have. What an amazingly uninhibited performance! Needless to say, I look back on my days in that apartment with fond memories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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