Clover Plays with Her Cousin

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3D Babes

Oh I remember it very well. Very well. What I’m about to tell you is absolutely true in every way. i was sweet eighteen, and ready for sex, but I hadn’t had any yet. I’d been so noble. Apart from the masturbation, of course, which I did ALL THE TIME.

But the first person who showed me what my pussy could really do wasn’t Jed, and it wasn’t Henry Jones either.

It was my cousin Georgie. Our Mums were sisters. She was beautiful, with long blonde hair but not much on the tit front.

We were both subject to the same repressed no sex regime, and had both reached the age of eighteen without being touched by a boy. Or a girl, as it happens.

I knew she was interested in my titties. They were big and round, with beautiful pink areolas. Everyone at school was always trying to get a look at my tits. All the boys in town wanted to kiss Georgie. We were eighteen, but we were completely untouched so we didn’t kiss them. We were shy about our tits.

It started with a game. I don’t know whose idea it was. We were playing poker in my bedroom, and joking about strip poker, then we’d started to strip and were down to our bras and pants. It felt deliciously naughty.

We never said anything to each other about what we were about to do… and we have never discussed it since. We Bayan Eskort just sort of went with the flow…

We moved on a stage when I lost a hand and ran out of chocolate coins. And there was some sort of tension in the air. And she said, ‘I could always punish you…’

I felt this scary feeling in my stomach. And somewhere else. ‘What would you do?’

‘I’d tie you to the bed…,’ she said.

I said, ‘you wouldn’t!’ But my nipples perked up. I could feel them poking through my cotton bra. And she noticed. And oh God, I saw she noticed and I liked it. My pussy felt kind of hot like it sometimes did. I’d never even masturbated then.

Moments later I was bound, hands and feet to the posts of my bed. ‘I get ten seconds,’ she said, for one chocolate coin.’

I gulped. ‘Two coins please,’ I said.

And she pushed her hands up under my T shirt and took hold of my nipples.

That’s when it started, my nipple thing.

It was lovely.

She tweaked my nipple-ends and I moaned.

‘Be quiet,’ she said, ‘or I’ll do it again.’

I moaned again. ‘Twenty seconds are up…’

‘Huh,’ she said, climbing to sit astride my legs. ‘Two chocolate coins won’t last you long…’

I shook my head. ‘I think I need three more…’

‘Thirty seconds,’ she said, ‘but you have to lie still and I’m going to suck on them.’

And then she was suckling carefully on my tits and I was watching her beautiful blonde hair spread over me. She tried the areola and the whole breast but soon realised that suckling and biting on the little teat, and licking it hard were what really pleased her. And me.

Oh god it was good. Nobody had touched them like that, not ever.

She had no idea what to do but she suckled and chewed and tweaked, and I writhed and moaned, and after a while she bit me and I said ‘ow’ and she apologised and licked it better.

We looked at each other. We were breathing fast. She untied my hands and we played a few more hands. I lost comprehensively and intentionally.

‘I need sixty coins,’ I said.

‘I think you’d better lie back…’ she said, and my hands were tied again.

And this time… oh God this time… she pulled down my pants and looked at my moist young pussy. And slowly, very slowly, with her finger and thumb on each of my nipples, she put out her tongue and gently stroked my clit with it.

I shuddered.

She licked again. ‘Mmm, you naughty girl. You taste nice. How many minutes have I got?’

‘Ten,’ I said faintly.

She took her fingers off my nipples and pushed my legs further apart, then started to suckle on my clit. I moaned and she bit my labia.

‘Be quiet. Somebody will hear and then you’ll pay a penalty…’

She suckled some more. One of her fingers was playing with the entrance to my pussy. I couldn’t move.

And then something started to happen. My clit was swelling. I could feel it. there were these huge waves of feeling contracting in my stomach. I turned my face into the pillow, sideways, to dry to drown my moans. I was having my first real orgasm…

I moaned and clenched her head between my thighs as she suckled on my clit. She wouldn’t stop. She really liked it. I came, moaning and gripping and needed her to stop, I was so sensitive, but she just kept on suckling and after a minute or two I calmed down and as she suckled on I came again… and again. She just wouldn’t stop suckling. ten minutes were up and I was complete jelly on the bed but Georgie was feeding on my clitoris like it was her best friend. And at some time in the middle of it all her fingers slid into my pussy and churned the warm wet juices, and I shuddered with lust.

We went on like that all afternoon, only stopping when her mother called her to go home. And every time she came round, for a while. Even now if someone pinches my nipples I am just lost.

I’ve never told anyone, and we never talked about it again. Till now.

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