Club Curious

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“Oh, migawd! You keep that up, I’m going to blow my nuts!”

I looked up at Bob’s face. His eyes were closed. His nostrils flared as he pinched his nipples. His cock filled my mouth. He was serious about blowing his nuts. His cockshaft seemed to become more rigid and swell in my mouth. I didn’t want him to cum yet. I clamped a thumb and forefinger tightly around the base of his shaft and took my mouth off of his cock.

“That’s what this is all about, Bob. Blowing your nuts. But it’s too soon for that. We got all evening ahead of us.”

Satisfied that he was not going to cum just yet, I released the finger clamp on his cock and got to my feet. Bob was sitting on the edge of the bed and I had been on my knees between his knees. He reached out and wrapped his hand around my hard cock.

“Man, Ross! Sucking dick really turns you on. Your dick feels like a steel rod..”

I looked down at his clinched hand, “That doesn’t feel bad either, but, you’re right, sucking your cock really makes me hard.” I reached down and took his hand. Bob released his grip and stood up.

He grinned at me, “I don’t feel like a cold shower, so let’s get a brew and soak in the spa before we eat those smoked baby backs that are on the grill.”

I followed him trough the house. It was Sunday afternoon and, as it had become our custom, Bob and I got together each Sunday for beer, barbecue and man to man sex. We got our beers and padded across the patio to the spa that I had helped Bob install earlier in the season. Two naked swinging dicks who were satisfying some urges and a curiosity that many people would have frowned upon. After settling comfortably into two of the recliner seats, we enjoyed the warm waters and sipped our brews.

“You know, Ross, I’ll bet there are a lot of guys like us out there.”

“How’s that?”

“You know. Married, divorced,” Bob paused, “Widowed, essentially straight, but curious about getting it on with another guy or guys.”

“You’re probably right, Bob. Too bad there isn’t a club where we could all meet and just do whatever comes up.”

“That’s a terrible pun, Ross,” Bob grinned, “But you’re right.”

We sipped our beer in a companionable silence.

“I was just thinking about a couple of guys over at the gym. They’re usually there a couple of times a week when I’m working out.”

“What about them?”

“Well, they work out together quite a bit and I’ve done a few reps with them. They use the sauna together and I swear I’m seen them sort of checking each other and me out when we’re in the shower together.”

I laughed, “That’s probably because they think you’re checking them out.”

Bob grinned, “That’s true. Kevin, the younger guy. . .”

“Younger guy?”

“Yeah, Kevin is in his mid fifties. Paul is about our age early or mid sixties. Anyway, Kevin is a little shorter that either of us, but he has a nice looking thick tool. Paul looks pretty well equipped too.”

“What makes you think they are curious?”

“I don’t know. The gym rules say you have to be nude in the sauna and the steam room. Everyone takes a towel, but these to guys don’t wear them around their waists. They sit on them and they usually have extra towels that they use to wipe the sweat.”

“So, that’s not unusual. Why do you think they might be curious?”

“Oh, I don’t know. They seem pretty comfortable around each other. More than workout buddies. Or even close friends. They seem have sort of a casual intimacy.”

“Casual intimacy?”

“Hell, Ross. I can’t explain it. But they seem to be really, really close friends. If you know what I mean.”

“I get the idea. Close friends. Like us.”

“Yes, but I’m not sure. Why don’t I invite then for a beer one afternoon. You can meet them and see for yourself.”

“How do you know they don’t work?”

“Paul is retired. We talked about getting out while the time was right. Kevin works in the city, but he gets home early enough to have dinner then workout in the evening like I do.”

A couple of days later, Bob called, “Hey, Ross. We’re going to cut our workout short tomorrow night and have a couple of brews. I told them that I had a friend, I’d like them to meet.”

“O.k. What time?”

“How’s eight thirty?”

“Sounds good. I’ll meet you there.”

When I walked in to Bob’s and my favorite bar, Jan, our favorite waitress, was delivering a pitcher to a booth where Bob and two other guys were seated.

She turned as I approached, “Hi Ross. I was afraid they were going to start without you and drink it all so I poured you a glass.”

“Thanks, Jan,” I smiled, “You’re the best.”

She blushed. But it was true. She was a great waitress. A good friend. And both Bob and I knew that she was a top notch sex partner.

Bob made the introductions as I was sitting down. I slid into the booth next to Paul. We talked in generalities until Paul mentioned that he had never seen me around the gym.

“Nah, I work out at the local recreation center. The gym doesn’t have pool and I like to swim.”

“Well, you look like you workout istanbul escort with weights too.”

“The rec center has free weights and an indoor track.”

Kevin looked at me, “Sounds good. Do they have a sauna and steam room?”

“No, just a hot tub or two.”

Kevin continued, “How’d you and Bob meet?”

Bob picked up the pitcher and began to refill Kevin’s glass, “Ross and I worked together for years. I retired first. Then he followed me. We had some common interests other than the job so we continued to see each other after we retired.” I signaled for another pitcher.

“Common interests?”

“They sure do,” Jan laughed as she set the pitcher on the table. “They spend all of their time and money here drinking beer and trying to hit on the help.”

Paul raised his eyebrow. I wondered if that was because half the bar staff is male. Jan didn’t mention she was a ‘common interest’ whom Bob and I shared.

Bob grinned at them, “We both like barbecuing, photography and fly fishing.”

Kevin smiled, “I like photography and computers.”

“I enjoy photography too and barbecuing is o.k., and I’d rather change a flat tire than go fishing.”

I laughed, “Barbecuing is just o.k.?”

Bob cut in, I’ve an idea, why don’t you guys come over to my place this Saturday afternoon and Ross and I’ll show you barbecuing.”

Paul grinned, “That’d be great. My wife is going to a craft fair and, to be honest, I’d even go fishing to get out of going with her.”

Kevin laughed, “My wife and daughter want to go out to lunch and shopping. Girl stuff, you know, so that will work for me.”

“Good. About one o’clock Saturday. Bring your suit for the spa.”

“You wear a suit in the spa?” Kevin grinned.

“Just in case someone is bashful or modest.”

Paul looked around the table, “I don’t think anyone here can be described as bashful. And I suspect ‘modest’ is over kill.”

Bob laughed, “O.K. We’ll see when the chips are down.”

I got over to Bob’s early on Saturday. We made sure there were plenty of chilled brews. We spilt the cost of the beer. Bob was smoking a pork loin and I brought over my portable smoker so I could smoke a couple of chickens. Bob was going to do some ribs on the grill.

We got everything going and we figured we could eat around three or three thirty. That would give us a couple of hours for all of us to get better acquainted and, after we ate, we’d still have at least a couple of hours to see if anything developed among us.

Bob stripped down to his European style swimsuit and flip-flops and I stripped down to my to my onion skin running shorts and sandals. Kevin arrived first. Bob met him at the front door. He was grinning broadly when he walked out onto the patio. He pulled his polo shirt over his head and then lowered his shorts. He was wearing an European style suit that rivaled Bob’s for being brief. Paul was wearing cargo shorts and a sport shirt when he arrived.

“I certainly feel overdressed. I guess I’d better change into something more appropriate.”

When he returned to the patio, he was wearing a flesh colored thong that was lighter than his tanned skin.

Bob whistled, “Paul, you win the skimpy award.” He handed him a beer.

“Gee, thanks. Actually, this is more than I usually wear when I’m in my own backyard.”

Bob grinned, “You mean?”

“I’m a nudist at heart and I usually wear just sunscreen and sandals at home.”

I looked around. I was the one who was definitely over dressed and I was the only one who’s package wasn’t readily on display.

Bob set his brew down, “I’m like you, Paul, I like to be nude.” He pushed his suit down his legs. I knew he sunbathed nude, but his action took me by surprise. Bob looked around, “Feel free to get comfortable. And don’t be afraid the neighbors will see you. You’ll notice this yard is fenced and screened for maximum privacy.”

Paul had his thong off before Bob stopped speaking. Kevin followed quickly with his suit as he commented that he enjoyed being nude too, but that he didn’t have much opportunity to do it out of doors.

I was the odd man out, so as I dropped my onion skins, I commented, “When in Rome.”

Everyone laughed and we were soon relaxed in our common and communal nudity. And Bob was correct. Both Kevin and Paul had nice looking cocks and balls. It was interesting to me that they were both shaved. I don’t know if it was significant, but it was interesting to me.

Kevin was pretty pale. I handed him a bottle of sunscreen. “You might want to use this. It’s pretty shady on the patio, but we don’t want your wife to wonder what you’ve been up to if you come home with a full body sunburn.”

Kevin laughed, “You got that right!”

We all applied sunscreen and we helped by applying it to each others’ backs. Our comfort level with each other increased rapidly. Bob went inside and returned with an arm load of towels which we put over the lounges chairs and on the benches at the table.

We tended the smokers and barbecue and we had plenty of time to drink avrupa yakası escort beer and talk. I noticed Bob was subtlety steering the conversation in a way that would help us to learn if Kevin and Paul were as curious as we were and, as we also thought, they were.

“You know, I was just thinking. . .” Bob was idly making wet circles on the table top with the bottom of his beer bottle.

Kevin drained his bottle and set it on the table, “Anyone like another?”

“Sure.” Paul drained his bottle and set it next to Kevin’s “And what were you thinking, Bob?”

Kevin placed four cold brews on the table. “I’ll bet he was thinking that if someone walked in on us, they’d think it sort of odd that four guys are sitting together around in the nude and just drinking beer.”

“Why would they think that odd?” I grinned.

“Oh, I don’t know Ross, but , somehow four naked guys might give the wrong impression.”

Bob laughed, “Like we’re gay or something?”

Kevin grinned, “Yeah, something like that. I mean there isn’t a swimming pool so we can’t say we are skinny dipping.”

“That’s an interesting thought, but it wasn’t what I was thinking. It’s close but, anyway, I think the meat is ready so we can eat.”

I checked the half chickens on my smoker, then I went inside and got a salad out of the refrigerator, picked up a loaf of Italian bread and some butter and returned to the table. Earlier, Bob had put plates, silverware and lots of paper towels out on a sidebar. Kevin and Paul moved everything to the table just as Bob placed two platters loaded with the ribs and loin on the table.

We loaded our plates and sat down to eat. The conversation seemed sort of desultory until everyone was ready for seconds. I brought the smoked chickens to the table and Kevin again replenished our beers.

“Going back to the earlier conversation,” Paul looked around the table then at Bob, “You said that Kevin’s comment about four nude guys together was close to what you were thinking. What did you mean?”

Bob set his bottle down, “I’ve taken some photography classes that used life models and only once was the model a man. I was thinking that I might volunteer as a model for some future class.”

Paul grinned, “I’ve sort of modeled for myself.”

“How’s that?”

“Oh, I’ve taken some self pics.”

Bob smiled broadly, “Me too. Bea, my late wife, and I used to model for each other all of the time. But now it’s self pics. Do you ever trade any?”

I noticed an exchange of significant glances between Paul and Kevin.

“Er, yes,” Paul continued, “I’ve swapped a few. I guess I’m a collector. I enjoy being nude and I enjoy looking at pictures of nude women and men.”

“I’m sort of a collector too. I’d like to see your collection sometime, if I may.”

“Sure, Bob. We’ll have to set up a date to do that.”

“Good, Paul.” Bob looked around the table, “Let’s clean this up and adjourn to the spa.”

Bob had installed a shower near the spa. We all showered and rinsed off the sunscreen before slipping into the warm water. Kevin slipped into one of the recliner seats and I slipped into the other. I thought it was interesting that Bob sat on a bench seat on the same side of the spa as Paul. The conversation continued.

“How large is your collection, Paul?”

“Oh, probably a couple of thousand images. Actually, I collect erotica, not just pictures and photos.”

“Collect erotica?”

“Yes. Books, a few sculptures, some movies, videos, DVDs, photo CDs, sketches, paintings, photography. Just about anything erotic.”

I looked at Paul, “Sounds like a pretty large collection.”

“It’s pretty big, but not huge.”

“Is it general or do you specialize?”

Paul smiled, “I guess you can say some of it is specialized. I’m interested in oral sex, cunnilingus and fellatio. So some of the collection deals extensively with the practice.”

Bob pushed himself up and sat on the edge of the spa. “How about you, Kevin. Are you a collector like Paul and I?”

“No, actually, I fool around a little with a webcam. You know, there are some real exhibitionists out there.”

I looked at Kevin, “Oh, really?”

“Yes, really. Both men and women. Watching them is fascinating.”

Paul pushed himself up so he was seated next to Bob, “Does watching webcammers make you feel like you want to get it on with them?”

“Some of them are pretty explicit and hot,” Kevin grinned, “So, yeah, I’ve seen a few that I’d like to get it on with. But, mostly, I like to watch.”

Bob leaned back on his hands, “You know, have any of you ever wondered about what it would be like to get it on with another guy?”

I figured I’d better get into the conversation. “I’ve thought about it. And I gather you have too, Bob.”

“Oh, sure. I think every man, whether or not he admits it, has thought about it. Right, guys?”

Kevin nodded. Paul looked thoughtful.

“Way back in college I had a roommate. We got it on regularly for most of two semesters until he graduated.”

“What bahçelievler escort happened then?”

“Well, it was a phase. I graduated, married, divorced, worked, remarried, retired, and so on. And I haven’t forgotten the experience. May I?”

“May you what?”

Paul looked Bob in the eyes. “May I give you a blowjob?”

Before Bob could answer, Paul leaned over and Kevin and I watched Bob’s soft cock disappear into Paul’s mouth. Bob seemed somewhat taken aback with Paul’s action, but he spread his knees apart and he leaned back.

“Yeah. That’s good. Real good.”

There was no question, Paul was definitely curious.

As I knew it would, Bob’s cock rapidly got long and hard and quickly became a delicious mouth filling cocksucker’s treat. I glanced over at Kevin. He was raptly watching Paul suck cock. His hands were in the water and I was certain he was stroking his own cock. We watched as Paul’s cock changed into a full grown hard-on.

Kevin was just as curious.

If Kevin liked to watch, he was going to see a show. I moved across to the other side. Paul stopped sucking Bob’s cock when I licked the length of his hard-on. He tasted faintly of chemicals, but that disappeared as my saliva wet his cockhead and his cockshaft as I took him deep into my mouth. I heard Paul say ‘Hello, Ross’ then I heard soft slurping noises as Paul resumed sucking Bob’s cock.

Paul’s thick cock filled my mouth nicely. It had a different feel when compared to Bob’s. Since it was only the second cock that I had ever sucked, I certainly was no connoisseur, but I decided part of it had to do with the fact Paul’s cock was shaved and part of it had to do with the size and shape and the texture of the skin. Licking and sucking Paul’s smooth shaved balls was certainly different than licking and sucking Bob’s hair y sac.

I stopped and looked over at Kevin. He was seated on the edge of the spa. He was rolling his balls in one hand and he slowly pumped an impressive looking hard-on with the other. Bob was evidently watching Kevin too.

“Let’s go inside where we can get comfortable and Kevin can join the action.”

Reluctantly, I freed Paul’s tasty cock from my mouth. Kevin and I dried our legs then we all headed into the house. Each of us was proceeded by a hard cock bobbing along in front. When we got into a bedroom, Bob wasted no time. He sat on the edge of the bed and immediately wrapped his lips around the head of Kevin’s cock.

He looked up at Kevin. “Man. That’s a mouthful. And I’m going to enjoy trying to get it all in.” Kevin smiled as Bob resumed sucking him. I notice Bob was stroking himself as he sucked.

I felt Paul’s cock brush my hip. He put his arm around my waist as he gripped my hard-on. “You want to sixty-nine, Ross?”

“That’d be great, Paul.”

We lay on the bed behind Bob. Paul licked my cockshaft several times then I felt his lips sliding down it. After nuzzling and sucking his balls for a minute, I resumed sucking him. It was hard to concentrate on blowing Paul because his tongue was fluttering all over my cock and his lips almost slithered up and down the shaft and around the tender head. I stopped sucking him and just enjoyed Paul’s sucking.

He may not have sucked cock for almost forty years, but he hadn’t forgotten anything that he had ever learned. I could feel my cum starting to boil. ‘You keep that up and I’m going to cum,” I warned him.

“That’s what it’s all about,” Paul grunted as he began to gently knead my nut sac. His sucking increased in intensity. My cock felt like it was being devoured in a miniature vacuum or blender. My cock seemed to grow in length and girth and I felt it grow more rigid as my nut sac began to tighten.

“I’m gonna’ blow!”

I expected Paul to pull my cock out of his mouth and hold it while I shot my wad onto my stomach, but he continued to suck me and knead my balls.

“Ahhhh!” Paul must have had my cockhead deep in his mouth. He didn’t gag or stop sucking as I unleashed a long stream that evidently went straight down his throat. He sucked and kneaded until I was dry.

He grinned at me when he was finished, “Gawd, that was great! You’ve got some delicious cum, man!”

I grinned back, “Yes, it was great. You’ve got some mouth!”

We looked over at Kevin and Bob. Bob was on his back and Kevin was feeding his cock into Bob’s eager mouth. Bob’s hard cock lay flat against his stomach. I watched as Paul moved over and swallowed Bob’s cock. I heard Bob groan around the cock filling his mouth as Paul began to service him. Bob wriggled around and he arched his back as he blew his cum into Paul’s mouth. Since Bob’s mouth was full of cock, he could only snort and groan as Paul’s sucking brought him off.

Kevin rolled off of Bob. I crawled over and licked my way up and down Kevin’s shiny wet cock. He grinned as I took him into my mouth. He was thicker than either Bob or Paul.

“You’re the biggest dick that I’ve ever sucked.” Kevin didn’t need to know his was only the third cock I’d ever sucked. Again, it felt different than either Bob’s or Paul’s. I glanced out of the corner of my eye. Both Bob and Paul were watching me suck Kevin’s cock. I could feel him becoming harder. I knew he was going to cum soon. Before I had to decide whether or not to swallow Kevin’s cum, Paul asked if he could suck off Kevin too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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