Club Level Cocktails

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Another month on the road. This was getting really old. When I took this job I figured I’d be gone a week, maybe two each month. But I find myself on the edge of another 3-4 week assignment. To make matters worse, I’ve got to do this one with one two-week stint. As I sit back in my seat as we take off I remind myself that the money is good. And, given my relationship lately with my wife, being gone right now isn’t all bad. And San Francisco in June is really very nice.

I report to the client the next day only to find that I’m not working alone. They’ve hired another consultant from a competing firm. Hedging their bets, I guess. I actually don’t mind, although it drives the partners crazy. I kind of like getting to know new people. However, I’m not too crazy about sitting for 20 minutes in the conference room waiting for him to show up. Finally, the door opens as I’m pouring my third cup of coffee and in walks the client with my new “partner.” I am dumbfounded as in walks one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. She must be 5-10, with very firm breasts. I’d guess about a full c-cup.

Her mini-skirt doesn’t hide her very long, tanned legs and my eyes run to her tight ass. Right about then I notice I’m pouring coffee all over the table. “Shit,” I exclaim loudly. She laughs, as she strides over to shake my hand. “Careful,” she says with a low, sultry voice, “it’s hot.” The way she says “hot,” I can’t keep my cock from starting to grow. I mumble an apology and try to regain what little dignity I have. Our client laughs and introduces us. “Jon, this is Robbie, Robbie, Jon. I guess you two will be spending a lot of time together in the next month, so at least we’ve got the first gaffe out of the way!” We all laugh, and I’m glad that the tension has been relieved. Most of the tension, that is!

We fall in to the normal routine. In the office at eight, leave at eight, back at eight. Normal life on the road. On Thursday, making small talk I ask Robbie what she’s got planned for the evening. We never have met for dinner, or done anything socially. “Oh, nothing much” she replies, how about you?” My mind reels with the possibilities, but I quickly dismiss them. “I thought I’d take in a movie” I reply. “Thought it’d be nice to get out of that hotel room for a bit.”

“What a good idea” Robbie said, “mind if I join you? What are you seeing?” I hadn’t thought that far ahead. Well, in reality I’d thought of going to a racy movie and then jacking off when I got back. That, of course, was out of the question to say now! “I don’t even know what’s out, so I figured I’d just go to the theatre and see what’s playing. Hopefully one of them looks interesting. I’d love to have the company, but we better get going or we won’t have any to choose from!” We quickly gathered our things, and headed out.

I was sorely disappointed when we got back to the hotel that night that our evening offered not the slightest hope of anything sexual. However, I didn’t let that deter me and I masturbated anyway. I lay back and stroked my cock and balls and imagined Robbie was there. I came so hard, my cum landed past my feet and on the bed. I guess that’s what you get when it’s been so long!

Friday morning, I got an e-mail from my wife. She said she’d been invited to a friends cabin for the weekend, and wondered if I’d mind. Well, I thought, that does it. I’ve been pretending she was faithful to me and I could pretend no further. What the hell I thought, I may as well stay here and do some site seeing. I replied that I hoped she’d have a good time, and I’d see her in what would now be three weeks. I got back a terse “thanks” and I knew our days were numbered.

This story, of course isn’t about that so I digress! Robbie and I weren’t together at all on Friday, and I knew she’d be flying home altıparmak escort that night. I left the office early, around four and headed to the hotel. When I entered the lobby, I was very surprised to see her getting on the elevator. “Still here?” I asked. “Yes, I’m not going back until the assignment is over. What are you doing here?” she replied in her sultry voice. I briefly made up an excuse and she was kind enough to let it go. “Why don’t you come up to my floor, we’ll have a drink and pretend we have normal lives,” she asked with a laugh. Before I knew it “OK” was out of my mouth.

Robbie’s company put her up on the Club-level floor. Every evening they had a complimentary happy hour in their lounge. I’d never been up there before, and found it quite nice with a full bar at our disposal. After a few gin & tonics, our agreed upon ‘drink of summer,’ we began to feel pleasantly buzzed. Robbie quietly probed into my private life, and I found myself spilling my guts to her. When I was finished, she took my hand in hers and told me everything would work out for the best. “It always does,” she said with a slight smile. My cock began to grow and what I imagined that could mean!

A few more drinks later and we were both getting quite drunk. The next thing I know, we’re talking about how it might be fun to drive up the coast on Saturday and Sunday. As I lay in bed later, I barely remembered agreeing to meet her in the lobby at 10am the next morning.

At 10am, the phone rang. I rolled over and answered it. “I knew you’d be sleeping” I heard Robbie say with a laugh. “Shit, I’m sorry,” I yelled as I tried to jump out of bed. Give me 15 minutes and I’ll be right down. “I’ll give you ten,” she said, still laughing. “Don’t forget an overnight bag,” she added as she hung up.

Overnight bag?! I immediately forgot my hangover in anticipation of what might be in-store for me! When I made it to the lobby she greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. “About time” she said, “I’d hate to have to leave you here all alone!” I mumbled an apology as she pulled me by the hand out the doors. My eyes widened as her “rental car” was waiting. I’ve always wanted to drive a Jaguar convertible! I knew at that instant I was working for the wrong firm! She slid behind the wheel, and my spirits damped. She must have seen my expression, as she laughed and told me not to worry, I’d be getting to drive later.

We had a great day, driving up into wine country, visiting vineyards, wine tasting, stopped in a small town for lunch, and continuing further up the coast. As day turned to evening, I wondered where we were heading. We found ourselves on a small dirt road running up into the hills. After what seemed like forever, we came to what appeared to be a large Victorian bed & breakfast. “Nice” I commented, as I reached in the trunk to take our bags out. “I hope you like it” she said as she brushed against me to take her bag. We lingered there for just a moment, until she laughed with a “last one in is a rotten egg!” and she sprinted to the door.

Once inside, she took my hand and led me to the stairs. I started to suggest we needed to check in first as I looked around for some front desk or a clerk. “Already taken care of” she replied with a mischievous grin. My mind reeled yet again as we climbed the stairs. We went to the end of the hall and she paused at the door. “I hope you like it,” she said opening the door as we entered an enormous room. Fireplace, bar, large screen television, and in the next room a very, very large bed.

“I think this’ll do nicely,” she said. “Drink before dinner?” She went to the bar and mixed us two G&T’s. I was surprised there was ice in the ice bucket. “I think you’ll like this as much as our club level cocktails,” she said bursa anal yapan escort with a smile. “Before the night is over, I’m sure we’ll have some cock tales of our own” she continued with a laugh. “Not before dinner,” she admonished me with mock sincerity as I tried to slide my hands up her thighs and into her shorts.

Properly rebuked, I asked, “where will we find to eat around here? “We’re miles from anywhere!” She smiled again, “not to worry, it’s all taken care of.” We enjoyed our drinks on the balcony, feeling the air turn cool. It must have been very cool, as her nipples were becoming clearly visible against her loose fitting blouse. Right about then I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra, and Hard Cock began to reappear. We were making small talk when a knock came on the door.

“That’ll be dinner,” she said as she jumped up and ran to the door. And she was right. I was a bit surprised to find that “Stephen” would be our waiter for the evening. However, the service was impeccable and the food couldn’t have been better. “Steve” kept our glasses full, and tended to our every need. He disappeared when we were finishing the main course, and our conversation turned to sex. Looking back, I realize now how Robbie asked many subtle questions, all of which seemed to center on how adventurous and open to new sexual experiences I might be.

We finished almost two bottles of wine with dinner, and as I poured the last into our glasses she stood up, took my hand and led me to the bedroom. “Let’s get to desert,” she said with a smile. We went into the bedroom and she continued leading me to the bath. I was shocked to find candles burning, and a very large hot tub filled and waiting. Robbie reached up and pulled my lips to hers. We kissed for what seemed like hours, until at last she stepped back with a smile. “Ummmm, I was hoping you’d be a good kisser!” she said as she started to unbutton my shirt. I began to answer but she pressed a finger to my lips, “shhhh, don’t say another word” as she removed my shirt and ran her fingers down my chest to my waist.

She unbuckled and unbuttoned, and lowered herself to her knees as she pulled my pants down. My cock was clearly straining at my shorts as she ran her fingernails up and down the bulge in my shorts. She slowly pulled them down, freeing my hard cock. “Oh!” she exclaimed as my cock sprang free and hit her chin. I couldn’t help myself and I laughed as she gave my cock a quick kiss and she stood up to face me. She slowly pulled her blouse off, exposing her very firm breasts. I over-estimated her size, but was intrigued by the hard nipples on her B-cup sized breasts. I reached out to touch them, but she admonished me to wait, and get in the tub. “Anything you want” I replied as I stepped in. “I was hoping you’d say that” she said as she stepped out of the room saying “I’ll be back in a minute, I think we need some more refreshments!”

I slide into the warm water and felt the jets against my back. I lay back and closed my eyes, eager for the night’s pleasures to get underway. I opened my eyes as I heard her return, and almost chocked as I saw Steve with her, also completely naked. My eyes were immediately drawn to his 9″ cock, which only seemed to be starting to grow. Robbie smiled “I hope you don’t mind that I asked Steve to join us” she said. I surprised myself by replying “the more the merrier” as they climbed in. It was then I realized that Robbie was still wearing her shorts.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” I laughed, pulling at them as she stepped into the water.

“No, we’ll take these off a bit later” she replied as she slides into the water next to me and pulled Steve in after her. She slide her hands down my chest and started to stroke my very, very bursa bayan escort hard cock as she pressed her mouth to mine. Steve seemed to be content to watch us and said nothing. I completely forgot about him as I got lost in Robbie’s touch and taste. In the midst of heaven, I was suddenly confused. I knew where Robbie was and where her hands were. But I couldn’t account for the hands on my nipples…

“What the!” I exclaimed loudly as I jumped up. Robbie giggled and told me not to worry, “Steve and I will take good care of you tonight.” He laughed as well, as his head disappeared under the water. It was then I felt my cock slide into his mouth as he began to suck me. I began to protest, when Robbie stood up, with her back to me and slowly pulled her shorts off. She was wearing a g-string, and her firm ass looked perfect in it. Just then Steve came up for air, and smiled. “It’s about time,” he said. I turned my face to him, and was surprised as he pulled my face to his and thrust his tongue deep into my mouth. I thought about resisting, but there was something strangely exciting about it all. I began to explore his mouth, reluctantly at first and then with more passion. I surprised myself as I reached down and began to stroke his very large cock. He moaned as my fingertips ran over his balls as out tongues continued to explore each other.

It was then that I felt Robbie’s breasts press against my back. She was kissing my ear and running her hands down my back and massaging my ass. Without thinking, I raised my ass up, almost out of the water to her as I continued to press my face to Steve as he sat back, enjoying my hand stroking his now very, very large and hard cock. Right then, I felt Robbie press her finger to my asshole. What the hell, I figured as I moved my ass a bit higher for her. She slowly pushed her finger in, and I was surprised to find that it was lubricated. This felt very good, as she was stroking my cock now as well. I was about to pull away from Steve to say something, when I felt something bigger press against my asshole. I groaned as I felt a long hard object slowly push its way into my virgin ass. “Shhhhh” Robbie whispered in my ear as she too began to moan. I didn’t know what to do, but right then Steve slide out and sat on the edge of the hot tub, and pulled my face to his waiting cock.

I never imagined this would happen to me, but I began to lick and suck him for all I was worth. I wondered where Robbie got the big dildo that she was fucking me with, but it felt surprisingly good. I began to lick and suck Steve faster and faster as my ass was being fucked faster and faster. I heard Robbie moan, and felt both her hands on my hips as something warm and wet began to fill my ass. At the same time, before I knew it, Steve pulled my head to his cock, his balls tightened and hot cum began to fill my mouth. I tried to swallow it all, but couldn’t. Licking, sucking, pressing my ass back against Robbie, I was in heaven. As Steve’s cock began to stop cumming, I reluctantly pulled my face from it as I felt Robbie pull the dildo out of my ass. I looked into Steve’s eyes and returned his smile. I turned to Robbie, and stared in shock as her cock began to soften before my eyes. It must have been 8″ long when hard, and looked beautiful as no hair was visible around her cock or on her balls. She stepped to me, and pressed her mouth to mine, tasting Steve’s cum on my tongue. I felt her cock press against me as she fucked my mouth with her tongue.

She pulled away, took my hand and led me out of the tub. My cock was still rock hard, harder than I think it’s ever been. “Let’s get you into bed, so we can take care of that cock together” she said. As we entered the bedroom, I was, strangely, not surprised to see two men in a 69 on the couch in the other room. I paused briefly at the door, admiring their long hard cocks. Did everyone here have 10″ cocks but me, I wondered? The thought quickly left my mind as I was pulled to the bed. Robbie and Steve’s cocks were softening; and mine growing harder than ever with anticipation.

The night, the weekend, the week and my new life had just begun!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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