Co-worker’s Man Ch. 13

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I awoke to the sound of snoring and it took me a moment to remember where I was. The last thing I remembered was taking Frank’s cock into my mouth as I was settling down to sleep after I had ridden him to a mind-boggling orgasm. I had been so exhausted that sleep had overtaken me almost immediately. I did remember though that Frank had fallen asleep even before I did.

While sleeping my mouth must have slipped off Frank’s dick as I found myself with my head on the bed next to his chest, the sheets pulled up to my shoulders. He was soundly snoring beside me, lying flat on his back with one arm thrown across his face.

I looked past him to the alarm clock, 4:42am. I had turned the light out after I had returned from cleaning up in the bathroom at about 11:15pm so I guess we had gotten about five and a half hours sleep so far.

Frank seemed to be sound asleep and hadn’t woken me up for a “midnight snack” like he did last night; not that I complained about it or anything!

With my eyes already accustomed to the gentle light seeping into the room, I could see the sheets tenting up over his midsection as he lay flat out on his back. In full erection, his massive cock was lifting the sheets as it bobbed slightly with each of his heartbeats.

I rolled on my side and slid my hand under the sheets and across his hip. I moved it gently across his flat stomach until my fingertips alighted on the surface of his erect cock. Amazing! How could something be so hard and yet so smooth and soft at the same time! It felt so warm and comforting under my hand. I wrapped my hand as far around it as it would go and shucked it up and down slowly. Thru the surface of the skin I could feel the heat of the blood pulsing within it.

So as not to wake Frank, I drew the sheet down slowly until his cock was exposed. In the dim light, I could see the silhouette of that angry weapon, projecting sensually upwards as it rose from his groin.

I quietly got to me knees beside him and slowly lifted his cock upwards from his body. I paused when I got it straight up and listened as his gentle snoring and consistent breathing continued. I leaned forward and rubbed the smooth head around my face. It felt amazingly warm and silky as I closed my eyes and used his huge cock to caress my face. I rubbed the hot head across my forehead, into my eye sockets and rolled it against my cheeks. I laid his heavy thick shaft across my neck and moved my head so his hardness slid across the soft skin under my chin. Again, I was purring like a kitten as I pleasured myself with his magnificent cock……and all the while….he continued sleeping.

I took my lips and pressed them gently against the smooth skin just below his flared ridge. I kissed and nibbled all the way down the full length of his shaft until I reached the base. I wrapped my lips on both sides of the large main vein protruding from the center of the underside of his thick shaft. I slowly slid my lips back up to mushroom head, softly kissing that pulsating vein all the way up. As I passed my hot breath over the taut membranes above the flared ridge, I listened intently to see if I had disturbed him. Frank’s snoring continued unabated and he remained in the same position with his arm thrown over his eyes.

I decided it was time to move forward. With a shudder of lust, I wetted my lips and then slid them slowly down over the enlarged crown. I let out a low sigh of pleasure as I felt that now familiar cock filling my mouth. I delicately bathed the captured head in saliva as I made love to it softly within my still mouth. His hardness filled my oral cavity and I wrapped both hands around the stalk of his upright shaft as he continued to sleep. As I gingerly milked both hands up and down, I started to force more of his turgid rod into my mouth. I had a first taste of his precum as my milking hands brought a large globule brimming to the surface. I quickly lapped it up and then curled my tongue around the sensitive tissues just below the V of his flared ridge.

A soft moan from Frank alerted me that I may have gone too far. I held my hands still for a moment but kept applying pressure with my lips and tongue to his cockhead captured within my mouth.

“What the fuck?” I heard Frank say with a surprised tone in his voice. I now kept totally still, my hands wrapped around his cock and my lips clamped about 5 ” down his rigid truncheon, saliva leaking from the corners of my mouth down his pulsating shaft.

“That’s a beautiful way to wake somebody up, kid. Fuck….how long have you been doin’ that? I feel like I’m almost ready to blow again. Fuck…yeah….get that mouth and those hands moving and you’ll get another mouthful real soon.”

I started a constant churning motion with my two hands as I bobbed my head up and down on his swollen cockhead. My hands casino oyna became slickened with the saliva running down his shaft and I provided a steady supply as my tongue bathed the head and upper shaft. I moaned and purred with my lips stretched around his thick dick. I took my time pleasuring him as I continued to kneel beside him and bob my head for the next ten minutes. I constantly swirled my tongue about the hard spongy head of his fierce cock as I anticipated him delivering me a mouthful of his delicious cream.

“Oh…that’s it kid…..just a little more….” Frank encouraged. His low moans continued and I took my lower hand and dragged my nails downward along the underside of his gnarled shaft.

“Oh fuck yeah!” he exclaimed as I moaned into his cock as my nails scratched around the base of his thick turgid cock. “Get ready kid. You’re gonna get a mouthful,” Frank said as he started to twitch. His cock took on that extra level of hardness just before his orgasm as his balls started to draw up closer to his body. I drew my head back until only the huge cockhead was locked within my vacuuming mouth, my lips locked behind that pulsating crimson ridge. I swirled my tongue all around the surface of the engorged head as I kept one hand milking the thick shaft as the other scratched across the taut skin at the base of his cock.

“OH SHIT…..HERE IT COMES!” he bellowed as I kept my hands moving along his thick shaft but held my tongue still as I prepared for the onslaught of his heavenly cum. The first shot blasted forth with such force that I thought it was going to blow the top of my head off! It burst forth to plaster itself against the roof of my mouth as I knelt over him. I quickly recovered from the shock of the intensity of the first blast just as a second and third rope of his thick creamy semen spewed into my mouth. I quickly suctioned the first part of his load to the back of my mouth where I let it linger for a second at the base of my tongue before swallowing it.

“OH FUCK, GET IT ALL KID!” Frank exclaimed as he continued to spray his delicious semen into my waiting mouth. As soon as I swallowed the initial blasts, the next few shots of his cum filled my mouth again. I swallowed deeply as I kept milking the shaft of his pulsating cock with my gripping hands as I tried to coax as much cum out of him as I could. Frank kept twitching and bucking beneath me as his semen sped thru his thick 10 ½” cock into my waiting mouth. I kept swallowing and swallowing as he rode out his orgasm. My eyes were closed and I purred with lust as every thick creamy mouthful slid down my throat.

“Oh fuck……….that’s so good……,” he moaned and I felt his body start to relax as his spewing semen finally dwindled to a few pearly droplets. I delved my tongue into his pulsing piss-slit and captured those final precious morsels as they oozed forth. I milked firmly upwards with both hands and was rewarded as a final gob rolled forth to land securely on the back of my tongue. I swirled that final creamy nugget around within my mouth as I savored it one last time before I allowed it to join the rest in the warm pit of my stomach.

“Well kid, think that will hold you for a few hours?” Frank asked. I kept my head locked onto his softening cockhead but nodded in agreement. “That’s good. Because I’m gonna get some more sleep before I fill that tight ass of yours again.”

I started to pull my mouth off his cock but Frank interrupted me, “Hey, just keep that cock in your mouth now. It’s found a new home there. I’m sure you don’t mind.”

I eased myself down to lay at his side as I kept his deflating cock safe and warm within my mouth. I pulled the covers up around us as I lay with the side of my head on his stomach as I nursed at his leaking cockhead.

Within a minute I heard Frank’s gentle snoring and with a fresh bellyful of his warm cream, I soon drifted off to sleep as well……

Some form of sound outside woke me up. I realized it was a car horn somewhere off in the distance. My head was resting against Frank’s hip and he was still lying pretty much on his back but had turned slightly on his hips towards me. He had another “morning hard-on” and his turgid cock was pointed straight towards me, the engorged head inches from my face. His gentle snoring continued as his massive cocked bobbed with each of his heartbeats right in front of me.

I could see that morning light was seeping into the room. Looking past Frank’s broad chest, I could see the time, 9:08am. I’d sucked him off at about 5:00am and it looked like he had another load that he needed to get rid of. I was hoping he’d give me this one deep in my ass but I had to take care of a few things first.

I quietly slid out of bed and tiptoed to the washroom. I softly closed the door behind me then made my way to the toilet. I took a canlı casino good shit and then picked up the enema kit that I had used and cleaned yesterday. I filled the bag with hot soapy water and then inserted the nozzle into my ass and let the warm cleansing fluid flow into me. I sat on the toilet and waited as long as I could before discharging the soapy liquid. As Frank had instructed yesterday, I repeated the process a second time until the warm soapy water ran clear. I washed off the nozzle and returned the kit to the shelf where I had left it yesterday.

I turned on the shower and as I waited for the water to warm up, I grabbed my toothbrush and brushed my teeth to get rid of my “morning breath”. With steam starting to rise within the shower stall, I stepped in and let the reviving spray pound over my head and down my back. I grabbed a bar of soap and then ran my lathered hands down between my legs to thoroughly cleanse the area around my asshole.

As I was just finishing washing my ass, I heard the shower door opening. I looked up as Frank entered the shower, his tumescent manhood fully erect in his hand. I shuddered with lust as he made his way towards me.

“I heard you in here kid. I assume you used the enema kit?” he asked as he loomed over me. I nodded in agreement as I kept my eyes locked on the glistening eye of his rampant cock. “That’s a good boy, nice and clean. Now get this cleaned up for me,” he said as he dropped his massive cock onto my soapy hands.

I took my slick hands and wrapped them around his thick cock. I slid them back and forth until his shaft became a frothy spear. With his hands against the shower wall over my shoulders, Frank stepped forwards towards me. His hard cock pushed against my stomach and I was crowded back until my back was flat against the back wall of the stall. I looked up at Frank as he brought his mouth down to seek out mine. With my head against the wall, his full mouth pressed against my pouting lips in a searing kiss. His tongue probed deep within my mouth as I caught my breath and wrapped my lips tightly around his thick tongue as he pushed a wad of his saliva onto my waiting tongue. We used it as lubricant between our dueling tongues until he withdrew his tongue and looked down at me. I was gasping for air as he smiled down at me, my hands still busy on his full, hard cock.

“You like that boy?” he asked. I nodded quickly as my eyes locked onto his full lips just above me. He brought them down hard onto my mouth again as I ran my tongue all around the inside of his mouth, probing and teasing against the moist surfaces there.

As he continued to kiss me, I felt his hands slide down the wall and he reached under me to cup each cheek of my ass. The next thing I knew, I felt myself being lifted right off the ground! With a firm grip on my ass, he raised me and pulled apart on my ass cheeks until my puckered hole hovered over the head of his rampant cock.

“You know what to do kid,” he said as he pulled his mouth back from mine. With my hands still wrapped around his throbbing manhood, I moved the slippery head between my legs until I felt it resting flush against my pink hole. I raised my knees up and let them drape over his upper arms in order to open myself up as much as possible. With the soap the only lube we had, I knew I would need all the help I could get.

Once Frank saw my legs come up over his arms, he adjusted his stance and then flexed his hips and I felt my ass-lips begin to stretch as he started to enter me. The soap greased the way as the massive head slipped into me until my stretched ring snapped shut behind the thick ridge.

“Oh fuck….yeah…..that’s so good Frank…..” I babbled as I felt that wonderful feeling of his cock starting to fill me. I was amazed at the strength of this man as he kept his hands on my ass as he forced me against the shower wall. He pressed his lips down on mine again as he flexed his hips and I felt him drive his 10 ½” into me.

“Ummm…..ummmmm……ummmm….” I moaned into his mouth as he powered inch after thick inch into my clutching ass. He continued with one powerful thrust until I felt my clutching ring slap against his soapy groin.

“OH FUCK!” I shouted as I pulled my gasping mouth away from his. I bumped my head against the wall behind me as I whipped it from side to side as I gasped for breath. His brutal assault on my ass had me twitching like a rag doll as he had me totally impaled on his magnificent powerful cock.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as he once again brought his steaming mouth down onto mine. I sucked at his tongue as he withdrew his cock until only the head remained inside me and then slammed it viciously into me. His flared ridge tore across the sensitive tissues over my prostate as the girth of his tremendous cock stretched my guts. My own kaçak casino cock was rock-hard and standing up between us.

“Oh fuck Frank…….give it to me,” I pleaded as the stinging spray from the hot shower continued to rain down against us. With my bent knees up on either side of his chest, he withdrew his cock until I felt the mushroom head pressing against my tight ring.

“Maybe I should just take it out and save this for Lori,” he said as I felt him slowly start to pull the engorged head from my clutching ass.

I looked up at him with a look of panic in my eyes, “No, please Frank. Please let me have it?” I pleaded with him as I tried to grip his withdrawing cockhead with my sphincter.

“What exactly is it you want kid?” he said as he gave little teasing flexes in and out of my clutching ass with about an inch of his length.

“I want you to fuck me,” I said softly.

“That’s it? That’s all you’ve got to say?” he said as he continued to flex and tease me as the end of his cock almost totally slipped out of my yearning hole.

“I WANT IT…..I WANT ALL 10 ½” DEEP INSIDE ME…… I WANT YOU TO FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME……. I WANT TO FEEL YOU POUND IT INTO ME…….I WANT YOU TO FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!” I shouted as I tried to force myself down onto his pulsating rod.

“That’s better,” he said as he slammed it fully into me once more. My back slapped against the wall and the force of his penetration caused his balls to slap up against the cheeks of my ass. He started a rapid series of deep thrusts that had me twitching and writhing as he stretched my insides with his massive dick. I worked as best as I could to grip his thick cock with my inner muscles and clutching ass-lips but in this position, I was basically a receptacle for his lust as he kept pounding me against the wall as his rigid cock jack-hammered in and out of me.

“Oh shit……that’s so good…..more……deeper….ohhh……,” I moaned continuously as my head flopped from side to side against the shower wall. Frank’s strength was incredible as he kept me pinioned against the shower wall as he pounded his cock back and forth into me.

“Get ready kid,” he said as he gripped my ass tightly in his meaty paws and I felt his cock seem to get even harder. He withdrew until just the end of the mighty crown remained within me and then with a mighty thrust, he buried the full thick 10 ½” deep within me.

“AAAARRGGHH!” Frank bellowed and my eyes flew wide open as I felt his powerful thrust filling me. As his invading cock tore across my prostrate, I felt my own orgasm start as the semen sped up my rigid shaft and spewed out over both of us.

“OH FUCK…….YES!” I screamed as I felt the first powerful blast of his cum splash against the lining deep within my ass. My own un-touched cock continued to pulsate and shoot as he twitched and shook with his cock buried within my clutching inner membranes.

“YOU’RE GETTIN’ IT ALL KID!” he said as he held his cock deep within me as it continued to shoot. I was shaking and twitching as I rode out my own orgasm impaled on that magnificent shooting monster. I was gasping for air as I finally felt Frank start to relax and the last of his cum pulsed into my body.

“Oh man……that was good, kid,” he said as he leaned forward and kissed my gasping lips once more. I gripped his head with both of my hands and pulled his mouth hard against mine. I lovingly used my tongue and lips to caress and nibble at his full lips and tongue long after the initial kiss.

As I felt Frank’s hands start to ease their grip on my ass, I released his mouth and slowly lowered my drawn up knees. He eased his deflating cock out of my ass and I felt his heavy load slide down within me. I let my feet settle on the floor as I clutched my ass in an effort to keep his potent seed within me. Some had already snuck out and was sliding down the inside of my thigh. My legs were shaking and wobbly as I looked down at the milky streak on my thigh. I reached down with my hand and scooped it up on my index finger. I ran my finger up until I had caught all his semen that had seeped out. I brought my finger to my lips and purred as I pushed my finger deep into my mouth. I lapped my tongue around it to gather every tasty drop.

I looked down at Frank’s spent manhood hanging heavy and full in front of him. I quickly dropped to my knees and he took his hand and lifted his dripping cockhead to set it softly on my projecting tongue. I wrapped my lips round it and bathed the spongy end with my tongue, gathering up the final drops of his milky seed. On my knees before him, I could feel more of his load easing out of my splayed asshole and drop onto the shower floor.

“I think it’s time for some breakfast kid. Even you can’t live on cum alone,” he said as he turned fully into the shower and grabbed the bar of soap.

For a moment I remained on my knees, basking in the afterglow of our orgasms. I felt like I had been put thru the ringer this weekend….but I couldn’t have been happier…

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