Cockland Island Pt. 07

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I let Travis do just that.

Fuck me really hard and fast and fill my ass full of his cum and I put my butt plug back in and lazy tanned all afternoon.

Just tanning naked, warm… the tanning area has great wind breaks and I just enjoyed it.

I like being Nikki.

I’m fuckable, wanted, desired right now like this.

Which was night and day from my old life just a short while ago.

But it’s true, these guys can pick girls, sissies objectively hotter than me.

And the chose me.

And I like the sex, love the sex.

I know the brainwashing might say this but I cum harder, better with more feeling through me having a sissygasm than my spurting little dick.

So really I don’t care about it.

So what do I care about?

Honestly I didn’t even have to think about it.

I wanted to be like Star and Avery and the other lead girls here that are staggeringly beautiful and more than that they’re happy, sexy, confident, effortless.

What I do think about it is my place here, getting better, advancing, and looking around and watching and taking about a week of going through the motions before I go and see the boss.

I like it’s never much of a wait to go see her.

I got escorted in when she’s ready and she looks me over.

“Your hormones are starting up, you’re getting puffy in the chest.”

“Really! Awesome!”

She laughs. “You’re into that?”

“Hell yeah, I’m in this fully.”

“I’ve seen, like I said a natural some boys are far better as girls.”

“Exactly, that’s me and I wanna be better.”

“Better how?”

“Real deep immersion brainwashing.”

“You’re pretty into that already.”

I shrug. “I want more, literally more and I want to film it.”

“Film it?”

“Conversion camming, a live feed big for pay conversion sissy bimbo cam. I want fans to watch me change and train and get used everything.”

“Really? No girl has offered this or even thought of it?”

“Good, put that in my file. I want the credit for it. I want implants too and surgery for like Kartal Anal Escort my voice and face and getting lasered and my titties and we can use the camming to pay for it.”

“You thought this through?”

“The post surgical stuff we can reveal like a soap with concealing bandages, off camera shots so they are in suspense until I’m healed up and the numbers will be through the roof.”

“You sure?”

“I’m sure, let me explain the opening hook.”


The boss agreed and we wrote a disclaimer and I read it off for the camera once everything was started.

I had a new room, a new cabin, new clothes and my “nurses” to help me.

We set up links to the hypnos I was watching and listening to so those watching at home knew what was being piped into my head.

We introduced our shakes and drinks we were going to use and then the drugs.

Each session starts with me tranquilizer out with sleeping pills and with my butt plug, cage, dildo soother and headphones.

Then it was a shake for my breakfast and then taking ecstasy and my hormones at a double dose and these are shown to the camera first and then once I’m high I’m strapped in on all fours to one of those piston pumping fucking machines, a mask for oxygen and for nitrous oxide for laughing gas and then I’m off.

High, really high, my mouth free to giggle, moan, swear and chant along with the hypnos and videos and it all hits me like a hammer to my psyche.

It took no time for the fact that I had no choice but have it fuck me until I sissied entered my brain and pushed me over the edge.

Small, darling, impotent, sissy cocklette.

Tiny dicked sissies are darlings.

Tiny dicked sissies are the cutest.

Sissies get fucked until they cum and nothing else.

Sissies get fucked until they cum and nothing else.

Sissies get fucked until they cum and nothing else.

Your ass is made for cock, you are made for cock.

Your ass is made for cock, you are made for cock.

Your ass is made for cock, you are made for cock.

Stoned, Kartal Yaşlı Escort hyper, transfixed and fucked your brain latches to it and to the pleasure and the voices just seep in without any fighting them.

The Molly, the E makes me horny, wanting to be touched, move, fuck, bop to the music.

The laughing gas makes me lose focus and giggle all the time, and everytime I sissygasmed.

Which had me mentally drowning in the machine fucking me and to not lose myself I mentally latch to the hypnos to focus on.

Until I can’t.

I fail.

Everyone fails before a cock machine, it’s relentless, I’m just human.

And the hypnos keep going, keep talking, training me soothing in my head.

Oh, oh fuck after a while they become a mental liferaft to focus on.

Love cock, worship cock, cum is tasty, cum is yummy, sucking cock is all you think of, thick cock, juicy cock, spurting cock, cum makes your sissy brain melt a little, you’re a sissy, you’re a bimbo, brains are for boys, brains are for real men, sucking cock is fun, love cock, love cock, worship cock, cum is addictive.

Big thick veiny realistic dildo stretching my ass so, so wide and fucking in in relentless strokes that feels great makes you cum, makes you sissygasm.

Over and over until it’s stops being kinking fun and just fucking.

Just fucking dominance.

And sex, and hurt and pain.

And then it becomes traumatic like rape as you can’t stand being fucked anymore.

And it keeps fucking pounding away at your sissy pussy.

And you can’t escape it, can’t fight it, you’re locked in with it.

And you’re higher than fuck and on laughing gas so.

Laughing, screaming, giggling you get fucked until you’re mind breaks on you and you become this cock zombie for a while until your brain latches to all the training and you level out into this new plateau.

I lose track of time.

The machine, getting pulled off of it for rest and recovery. There’s guys there waiting and I literally am sat up and held there until I’m Kartal Zenci Escort recoveringing but even as I’m recovering I’m sucking cocks and like some instinctual sissy animal and then they fuck me too and fill me with hot cum and I drink a shake they give me and then I crash.

I’m up a few hours later and it’s getting cleaned up, going to work out and more femmy training then some supper then back to my room and talk in the camera about how all this feels.

Then more Molly, another joint a drink and getting back on the machine for hours going through all of that all over again before bed and my cock soother and more hypnos.

I get Sundays off just to rest and heal and be on camera and online.

It’s really freaky how after a week I have all these select fans paying good cash to login and watch.

The boss says we’re making really good money off of this.

She’s happy, I’m happy.

I’m exhausted though and scared of the next day.

But it becomes easier…? No, there’s no easy in getting broken but there is this getting addicted to it.

Getting to where I’m in love with my waiting guys that are there to fuck me and me to suck them.

Horny, programmed, ravenous… happy as fuck with my lips wrapped around a cock, drinking cum.

Then falling deeper as the hormones really start to kick in.

My titties getting bigger, fatter, my nipples growing aching.

Loving my titties bouncing as the machine fucks me.

Softer skin, getting that layer of girl fat, dropping muscle for girl fat, but still working out… cardio, cardio, cardio, and thousands of steps and working that ass and lifting weights all for my chest and hundreds of sit ups.

You ever watch good sissy porn, see that ass… that’s steps, work, that’s fucking all the time.

Loads of fans.

Then comes the surgeries.

We’re shutting down for a rest in the late fall and we’re getting surgeries done.

We as in a bunch of us.

It’s all voluntary but I go for the full deal.

Feminizing facial surgery, lip and cheek implants, hair/scalp line, breast implants… and an oridectomy taking my little cage shrunken dicklette and cutting my balls off.

The boss helped me send out presents and things to my family over Christmas as I went under the knife.

Nick, literally is gone and Nikki is set in stone now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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