Coffee Shop Syrup

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Summary: After seeing her boyfriend/employee break regulations, she decides to take his training into her own hands, and remind his of who’s boss.


It was difficult being a female business owner. Agatha’s small business, a coffee shop at the outskirts of a large metropolitan area, had to compete with the larger franchises. Despite being taller than average, men looked down at her all the time, and she could never tolerate that. But she was smart, and knew how to manipulate their reptilian impulses. Her shop had cute, young, and beautiful waitresses with short pencil skirts and button down blouses with cleavage bursting out over tight bodices. They’d serve the scoundrel’s and connoisseur’s alike. Reviews of both her shops employees, and quality of goods, was high. One or the other might not have been enough to compete, but both allowed her to be quite successful. She wore a professional coat and skirt as she reviewed the security footage from the previous day and clicked her tongue in knowing disappointment and mild disgust Her mouth did curve to a small smile knowing what she had to do however. Every failure was an opportunity for improvement, after all.

There was only one kind of man she’d ever considered dating, and it was those who knew their place. She had found him online after much searching. Most men were scared off after the first date, and for good reason. She had many suitors, she had long, thin legs, blond hair and clear blue eyes, and a young face that gave a sense of innocence and charm. She looked like a good, submissive little girl. However, she didn’t want any miscommunications. She was going to be the one in charge, no exceptions, and most men sadly wanted no part in that. She made her intent known quickly, and then moved to the next boy in her search. Finally, she had found a good candidate. Jay Tennyson, or as his name tag stated, Jane. She also wanted a man who was smaller, cuter, and for all intents and purposes, the “woman” in the relationship, both physically and psychologically.

Her first test to anyone who wanted her was to test their dedication and capacity to obey. Jane was exceptional so far and Agatha had rewarded him nicely. To remove any illusions of pride or power she had asked him to work at her business as a pretty, beautiful young server. He played the part well. Some would say not to mix business with pleasure, but her pleasure was her business and business was her pleasure. He was, of course flat chested, but in all other ways he fit the roll. In fact, he satisfied some niche customers who preferred that kind of build. He had a big butt for a boy though and the bodice curved him just right, so there had been no awkward questions so far. He had been a failed actor beforehand, and still had some lingering dreams of it, so he had experience playing parts like this, and a face for the roll as well. Unless you were looking for it, Jane was a perfect waitress.

But Jane had been misbehaving recently. Agatha had been busy with other matters and had neglected him so it was to be expected. She had refused his advances last week and he was obviously pent up and going into one of his bitchy moods.

There was a knock at the door. “Come in.” She ordered.

Her boyfriend entered in uniform. He sighed and said, “Agatha-“

“Rules.” She interrupted with military efficiency.

He coughed and pitched his voice higher and more peppy, “I mean, yes Ma’am!” He bounced. His brown hair was long, his jawline was subtle, round, and curved. His hair fell loose across his shoulders.

“I need you to see something Jane.” She sighed, “Close the door.”

He did so, and sat down obediently. He started, “Um, now that we are alone, can we talk about the rules? I was thinking, maybe-“

“Not here. You know that.” She glared at him. He gulped and nodded. There was a part of her that felt guilty for this. This was her fault after all, for not keeping him on a tighter leash. But now it was inevitable. “Watch this.” She turned the computer and played the footage. Jane blinked, but in time, his eyes grew wide and terrified. Just as she had thought. He had no idea çekmeköy escort about half the cameras in place. Jane began trembling. Agatha was torn between lust and pity. This was going to be a shameful experience for him.

On the screen a platinum blond with a scowl shouted to Jane, “This isn’t what I ordered!”

“I’m sorry,” Jane was as complacent as he could be. “We are a bit understaffed, but your receipt does say-“

“Let me talk to your manager!” She puffed up her ample chest. Jane’s eyes were glued to the woman in a perverse way. Agatha knew exactly what Jane was thinking. Jane, in real life, refused to meet his girlfriends eyes. “What are you doing!”

Jane on the screen shook his head, “Oh! I’m sorry, um, let me just get you another one.”

“Make it snappy!” She crossed her arms. Jane left the counter and went to the back room with the equipment. The shop was very compartmentalized, and everything was done outside of the customers vision.

“Can we stop?” The real Jane asked.

“No.” Agatha said. It felt like forcing a dogs face into it’s own piss, but it was necessary.

The Jane on the screen was upset. Agatha could tell. Jane was alone in the back room. She could see him talking to himself in an upset tone, but there was no audio here. Then, after he had finished making the drink he looked around suspiciously. They were very understaffed on that day, and only Jane was in the kitchen working.

Jane pulled up his skirt. The Jane in real life was blushing red as a cherry as the one on the screen shamelessly pulled out his cock and balls, pulling his panties down to his ankles. It was half erect already. Jane spanked the monkey over the drink. It didn’t take long for it to reach it’s full length. His balls bounced as he stroked and thrust with violent fever. If there was anything manly or strong about Jane, it would be the size of his cock. It was formidable at eight inches and a wide girth. Agatha looked at the real Jane. Jane shied away, trying not to look at the screen, or make direct eye contact with his girlfriend and boss.

“What are you doing on that footage Jane?” Agatha asked.

“I-I,” Jane stuttered. “I’m, um, Agatha, I mean, Ma’am-“

“Spit it out.” Agatha rushed him.

“M-Masturbating, ma’am.” He was on the verge of tears.

The Jane on the screen didn’t take long at all to finish, and came into the cup, and all over the counter. His butt and body shook as he squeezed out each shot he could into the hot drink. The cup was dribbling with semen as Jane panted and stroked the last drops out of his cock and into the coffee.

He quickly cleaned up, wiped down everything, and was back in less than two minutes. He gave the drink to the customer with a smile and an apology. She left in a huff.

“This is my fault.” Agatha sighed as she stopped the tape. Jane was surprised. “I neglected you, and then I trusted you to have any kind of agency. I should not have left you in charge. I will not make the same mistake again.”

“I’m so sorry!” Tears were forming in his eyes., “I, I just, I,”

“You were horny. And angry. It’s only natural for an animal like yourself. But I’m going to have to do something about this professionally. This is not tolerable behavior. I will have to report you to the police. This will probably amount to sexual assault, and prison time. Perhaps even a felony.”

“No! Please!” Jane begged. “I’ll do anything!”

“I thought you might say that.” Agatha nodded, “And I agree to those terms. A lot of men think I hate them. That’s not true. In fact, I think everyone is capable of change. Everyone is capable of being good. And I have hope that I can change you too. Better than the criminal justice system.”

“Okay.” Jane nodded. “I will do it. I’ll do whatever you want.”

“First.” Agatha held up a finger, “I will need to remedy our own relationship. I don’t fault you for being tempted by other women. I have neglected you. For that reason, I’m going to make sex with you on of my business imperatives. Even when I am not in the mood, I must help you with your natural desires. Perhaps even cevizli escort multiple times a day if necessary.”

Jane blinked and nodded. “Oh-Okay?” He wasn’t expecting such charity, she supposed.

“Secondly,” She held up another finger, “You need to be taught right from wrong. Many think that this is intrinsic to man. It isn’t. They need to learn. Sometimes our culture, or their families, don’t teach them well, and that is how these terrible things happen and good people become bad ones. They must be taught like dogs. Neglect does not make a good and happy dog. Control and training does. Only then will they have an understanding of their place. So, for this reason, I’m going to give you a choice to be a bad, or good person. You can leave me and quit at any time. But I hope you have the intelligence to stay during this training.”

He slowly nodded.

“Excellent. We have an understanding. From now on, even in our personal lives, you will be Jane, not Jay. Understand?” He gulped, but nodded. “And when we have sex, it will not just be personal, but also part of your duties to this company. You will not have sex like Jay, like you used to. You will have sex like Jane.” He blinked. He didn’t understand. He would soon. “Please bend over the desk” Agatha said as she stood.

Jane blinked. “Um, but-“

“Yes, that’s right, your butt. Stick it out.” Agatha stood tall over the smaller employee. “Like a dog.”

Jane’s face was becoming red again. “B-b-b-but I, but I-” She glared at him. Jane looked away and fidgeted.

“It’s simple.” She felt exasperated but tried to exercise patience. He was new to this after all. “Like this.” She gripped the back of his neck and pushed him over the desk herself. He gasped in surprise. His legs were almost too short to reach the ground. “Now stick it up and out.” With her other hand she slapped the ass tight against the skirt. “Higher!” He gasped again and his toes pointed, arching his back up as his neck was pinned. “Good. Like that.” She pulled the skirt up around the abnormally feminine hips and saw the panties she had forced him to wear underneath. She shook the healthy rear before pulling the delicate fabric over those cheeks.

“Agatha, h-here?” He exclaimed and wriggled his butt in that cute way that made her fall in love with him in the first place. “B-b-but someone might hear-” With panties just below his balls and skirt as the waist, Agatha kicked opened Jane’s legs wide enough to fit the chair under the sluts cock. From the desk she took her own half filled coffee cup, finished it with one gulp, and put it under Jane’s erect, pulsing cock. The trunk of the member was against the side of the desk and pushed the tip directly face down and into the vessel. “What are you doing?”

“What I should have done a long time ago.” She covered her hands with moisturizer from her desk. She could not hide a smirk developing on her face. Personal satisfaction was not what she was doing this for. But she’d be lying if she said she wouldn’t enjoy it.

“W-Wait!” Jane was starting to understand the role he played in this. “Are you-“

“Fucking you.” She nodded. “Like I said I would. Just not the way we have been doing it.” Jane looked back in terrible comprehension. “Don’t look at me like that Jane. You know this hurts me more than it hurts you.” That was a lie and they both knew it, but he was a good bitch not to question it.

“Wh-Why the cup-” He shivered and stopped speaking as she touched a finger against his taint.

“I’ll make you drink it. Like you made her drink it.” She replied before she drew her finger up and against his sphincter. She danced and pushed around it. She circled the sluts asshole and wriggled the first shallow knuckle into the animal.

“Oh!” His cock twitched.

“Do you want everyone to hear?” Agatha asked.


“Then quiet down.” Jane was never so loud before. This must feel even better than normal. Perhaps Jane was even more turned on. “You are so tight.” She complained as she twisted her finger into him like an drill. He wiggled and covered his mouth with both hands with erenköy escort a squeak. “Just calm down. You know this is good for you.” She dipped in even deeper. Jane’s toes curled as Agatha curved her finger and dug down into the roots of his pleasure.

“Hmph!” He groaned past his own tight fingers. His eyes were wide. His mascara was running. He was crying.

“What a sissy.” She mused. “Take it like a man.” She roughly thrust as deep as her finger could and then gripped him tight as she pulled back. Jane whined and grunted through his nose. Agatha fucked him hard from behind and slowly ran another finger down the shaft of his cock. Jane struggled and gasped and shook from the sensation. “Honestly. I thought you’d have a little self-control.” She mused as heard his moans rise in pitch. Her delicate touch of his cock turned into a strong, slick grip. “That was my fault. Men should be milked like animals.” She pumped his cock and squeezed his prostate.

His eyes were wide and wet. He was sobbing. “Stop being so childish and grow up.” His chest was heaving inside the bodice. He was gasping and gurgling inside his own hands. “Pathetic little cunt.” She shook her head. “Maybe you deserve to be in prison, getting bumfucked by all the real men.” Hot air raced through Jane’s lungs like steam. He was close now. “No. I think you like this better. You just haven’t accepted it yet. You will.”

Jane screeched past her fingers as the cock erupted. Agatha held the cock firmly to aim it and pumped the plump ass as wave after wave of guilty ecstasy rocked her slaves body. Agatha didn’t stop pumping and squeezing until the creature was shooting blanks. Only then did she let go and let Jane twitch and tremble from the terrible power Agatha had over his body. His cock shrunk down to it’s cute, controllable size as Agatha wiped her hands with a tissue and fished out something from her purse.

“This is also for you.” She walked behind Jane as he tried to catch his breath. He looked exhausted. “A present.” She clamped a tight fitting cage around his scrotum and cock. The wires pinned down his manhood and had a gap for him to relieve himself, but not to touch himself.

“W-What is this?” He was panting as he touched the cage. There was a small lock, and Agatha hid the key in her purse. Now his backside looked even more feminine. She didn’t even have to see his cock anymore, just a big useless clity in a cage.

“Your new chastity cage.” She explained. “If you are good, I may take it off one day. Until then, it will remind you of what role you play here, and keep you in control.”

“B-But what if I get, you know-” He was regaining his faculties slowly. She took the coffee cup from under him and pulled his bare ass back to the seat.

Jane groaned in discomfort, feeling up his backside as Agatha put the cup of semen before him. “Erections are against the rules now. Drink up.” Jane seemed surprised. “What, did you think I was joking? Open your mouth.” Jane gaped. Agatha quickly picked up the cup, held Jane’s chin and gripped his cheeks between his molars to keep his jaw open. Jane seemed too terrified to move as Agatha slowly poured Jane’s own goop into his mouth. Jane’s eyes widened even further. The slut’s tear stained face was in shock and disgust as the thick fluid flowed down the open gullet. She saw it dribble down his tongue. Jane gagged, some of it smeared on the bitches lips and flowed down his chin. Agatha tried to hold back a satisfied grin. His eyes showed complete submission now. “Now close, swish for a good taste, and swallow.” Jane hesitated before closing those lips and obeying. The swallow was a hard one.

“How does it taste?” Agatha asked.

“Bitter.” Jane responded. “Can I wash it out?”

“No. I want you tasting it all day. But do clean up your face and clothes. You look like a whore.” He stood up on shaky legs, panties still not up and skirt still hiked to his waist, “You are still on the clock. I expect you back at the register in five minutes.” Jane turned and Agatha embraced him from behind. She couldn’t resist.

“You did good Jane.” She gave him a kiss, her hips against his. She saw a small smile on Jane’s face. Agatha could never resist a little bit of aftercare. She always loved knowing Jane loved it too. After a single tender moment she slapped his ass hard enough to make him yelp. “Now Chop chop! You have work to do!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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