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Colin and me used to end up naked together. Although we never touched each other. I felt that the chemistry was there, and I felt that we would end up fucking one day.

We had found a good few quiet places where we could strip off, and dare each other to do some silly stunts.

In the end I would get Colin to get some distance away from me so I could bring myself off at the sight of him running along and his hard cock bobbing away as he ran. I really wanted to hold his cock, and to have him in my mouth.

The closest that we got was when we rubbed our cocks together, and accidently touched each others hand. The feeling of his cock against the end of mine was the trigger for me to start wanking myself.

But time marched on and we drifted apart. We moved away from where we grew up, and never even met for years.

I was out with friends in the town centre. My friends were drinking. I was the driver for the night.

Near last orders (at last). We ended up in another bar, and I was given yet another glass of pop. I was starting to get fed up with the idea of being the driver. My mates were getting more and more pissed. I was still stone cold sober.

Then I felt a tap on my shoulder. There was Colin. We had not seen each other for ages. We hugged, just as long lost friends, and found somewhere quieter to have a catch up.

We swapped numbers before the bar closed, and I had to take my mates home.

I had only just dropped one friend off when I got a text from Colin. I had to wait until I had got rid of the last one before I could read it. ‘So happy to have met up with you after all these years. Problem is that I am stuck for a lift. Was hoping that you could pick me up…. please.’

I rang him back to see if he was still in need of a lift, and where he was.

Colin answered straight away, and he did need a lift.

I was so looking to getting home and having a drink. That would have to wait a little longer.

He was where he said he would be, and he thanked me when he got into my car.

As we drove on to his place, Colin was a lot quieter than he had been in the bar. Eventually he spoke. “Remember what we used to do when we were younger?”

“Oh yes. That was fun.”

“Have you done anything like it with anyone else?”

“The wife used to like being fucked outdoors. Not so much since we have had the kids.”

“I meant with another man.”

“No never really wanted to after doing it with you. Have you?”

“No I only done it with you too. I never found anyone else that I could trust to do it with.”

“A few men have tried to chat me up over the years, but I never really wanted to try doing that with them.”

“Would you have gone further with me?”

“When I used to dare you to run around and you were far enough away I used to play with myself thinking about you.”

“And I was there?”

“You weren’t beside me. But yes.”

“I used to wait until I got home, then I would play with myself thinking about you and your hard cock.”

“I don’t know how I never took a hold of yours when we rubbed ours together that time.”

By then I was hard. I could see that Colin was trying to adjust himself too.

Then he went on. “What would happen if I got mine out now?”

“Not much, seeing as I’m driving. What would you have liked me to say?”

“I would have wanted you to get yours out too. Then maybe we could touch each other.”

“Not sat in the car. I would prefer to be indoors, where it’s safer and more comfortable and relaxed.”

“We could do that tomorrow night. It’s her turn to go out, and the kids are at her mothers too. I would have to meet up with her for the last orders though.”

“I could get out tomorrow night. Perhaps Julie could get her mates round for drinks. Or after the night that I’m going to tell her that I have had she wouldn’t mind me going out.”

I found out exactly where Colin was directing me. I took a little diversion to a layby near his.

“What have you stopped here for?”

“I wanted to have a look at you and what you have got there.” Nodding to Colin’s crotch.

“But your going to see it tomorrow night. I hope.”

“We might be touching each others tomorrow. I just wanted to see if my memory of it is close to reality.”

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

“Ok then on three.”

We both managed to release our hard dicks at the same time. Colin’s was almost as I had remembered it. (and still had the occasional wank thinking of it.) About seven inches with a nice girth to it. Like years ago his bell end swelled out from his foreskin. I felt my cock become harder at the sight of his.

I wanted to take a hold of it, and to stroke his magnificent member, but held myself back from doing so. That would wait until tomorrow. I hoped.

“Right. I think that we should put them away. In case one of us got too carried away. There’s tomorrow.”

“Yours is bigger than I remembered. It’s going to be fun tomorrow when we dare each other after all this time.”

I managed the struggle Sakarya Escort of sorting out myself. Then I turned to Colin. “I hope that you are not going to walk into yours with that still as hard.”

“I hope so too!”

Colin gave me directions to his house. Once outside. “Thanks for the lift and for reminding me of the good times. I will send you a message when it’s clear. Or I could pick you up if you want to have a drink.”

“I might take you up on that.”

There was a pause as we looked at each other. I could have leant over and kissed him. “Goodnight.”

“Night thanks again and I will see you tomorrow.”

It wasn’t that far from my house, by the time I got home my mind was racing about the next night.

I had a few vodka’s in me before I calmed down. Julie had been in bed when I got home, she decided to join me for a drink. Which made her randy.

All she had on was a flimsy dressing gown, she let that fall open, then she started to touch herself. She knew what I liked to see and what to do, for me to fuck her.

I did want to save my cum for the next night with Colin. But Julie had done enough to change my mind. Especially when she started sucking me.

As Julie sucked me, my mind wandered to the following night, and would I be sucking off Colin, what would his cum taste like? Would he suck me, will we fuck?

A great urge to start to cum brought me back, to Julie sucking me. I got her to stop that, bend over and I took her from behind.

As I fucked her I asked. “When I first put it up your bum did it hurt?”

“Not really. Why do you ask?”

“Nothing really, just one of the lads had said that him and his new girlfriend tried and it hurt her.”

“Not enough prep then.”

“He swore that he took his time and lubed her up so much.”

“She might have been nervous or not relaxed enough.”

“What do you like more. Me or your dildo up there?”

“You. It feels nicer. But I did like it when you used that big fat courgette.”

“We could buy something similar, or bigger if you wanted.”

“No not now. Just fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

Julie was bent right over as I pounded her pussy. I had to look at her arsehole, and wondered how different Colin’s cock would feel compared to Julie’s dildo in me, as well as sucking it and his cock.

Too much of thinking about trying my first cock. I started to cum in Julie.

Once we had calmed down, Julie was away to clean herself. I had yet another drink.

We lay in bed later. Julie fell asleep almost straight away, which was a shame. I wanted to give her the idea of having a few of her friends over the next night. I just would have to make sure that I was up the same time in the morning. I had a few things to sort. Like shave my balls, trim my pubes. Try to get some me time to practice sucking her dildo, and a surprise for Colin if we started daring each other.

When Julie got out of bed, I could have done with at least another hour. But I had plans for the day.

I needed not to worry about her friends coming over, she had invited them already. As she thought that I would be going out due to being sober the night before. And even better, she was going shopping for some nibbles. Did I want to come with her?

That was an obvious no.

Once Julie was away, I found her dildo in her knicker drawer, and began giving it a blow job. Then I decided that Colin’s hard cock would be better. I hid the toy in exactly the same place, grabbed my surprise, and for the rest of the day just killed time.

Colin sent me a text, to see if I was still going to his. If I wanted to be picked up, and if I liked beer or lager.

I replied that I was going to get Julie to drop me off in town and to meet me where I was parked the night before.

If I got dropped off earlier, then I could have a few pints of dutch courage.

Sat in the bar alone. I felt as though I was on a first date. I never stopped checking my phone and prayed that he had not changed his mind.

Colin sent a message that he was there. Where was I?

When I got in his car, I wanted to kiss him and to have a feel of his cock. It was hard to resist the temptation.

On the way to his house we never spoke of what we were going to be doing. Even when we were in his house it was never mentioned. It took us a few drinks to get round to it.

Colin said. “What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know. What did we used to do?”

“As far as I remember we picked wherever, and stripped off and then went through our dares.”

“Sounds good to me. What dares are we going to do? I think that cctv is around too much now.”

“We could just stay with the back yard. I don’t think that anyone can see in there.”

I started to undo my belt. Colin took the hint and started to get naked too.

Soon we were both naked. Cocks nice and hard. We gave each other the once over. I checked out all of his body. Nice and lean, pubes trimmed too, his cock pointing at the ceiling.

We made our way to the back door. Adapazarı Escort Colin leading the way. There I noticed that he had quite a cute bum for a bloke. Once it was open we stood really close to each other.

“Now what?”

Colin dared me to touch the gate at the end. In all a walk of about twenty feet.

I tiptoed my way there, touched the gate and went back as quick as I could, having a good look around.

“Your turn.”

Colin was more brazen. He strolled there, and stood at the gate. “Like that?”

“I like the view.” He looked good.

When he walked back. “Come inside. We can go upstairs and try something there.”

In their bedroom. “Stand by the window, and open the curtains. There is nobody in the house over the road, they’re on holiday.”

I pulled the curtain open, trying to hide behind it as it opened. “Not like that, you have to be in the open.”

“What like this?” As I stood right in the middle of the window, with nothing hiding me. Then I drew them closed again.

“Give me a second before you do it.”

I ran back downstairs and grabbed my surprise from my jeans.

Back in the bedroom I gave Colin a pair of Julies knickers. “Put them on first, then open the curtains.”

Colin slipped on the little pair of knickers, his hard cock poked out from them.

He walked to the window and pulled the curtains wide open, and turned to me and started stoking his cock.

“Ok you win. I can’t beat that.”

Colin walked back to me, still stroking himself. He stood right in front of me.


I took a hold of my cock and held it level just in front of his. My heart now pounding. We started to gently rub our cocks together. I slid my cock along his shaft, stopping just before his hand and took it all the way to the tip of his and then circled around his swollen end before looking into his eyes.

Colin smiled at me and then leant in and kissed me. I kissed him back, before pulling him to me where we kissed more passionately. Then our tongues met. They played with themselves as our bodies got as close together as possible. Both hard cocks pressing into the other.

Pausing the kisses. I said that I wanted to take him in my mouth, and to suck him. If he wanted me to.

He never said a word, so I took that as a yes and dropped to my knees, my face level with his solid cock.

I was so nervous as I took a hold of him and stroked his cock, pulling it down so I could take it in my mouth. I kissed the end at first, giving me more time to get my mouth as wet as I could get it, before closing my lips around the end of my first ever cock.

I felt that my saliva was disappearing with the nerves. Yet as I began to suck Colin for real, his cock slid up and down its length easily.

I sucked and wanked him as best as I could, trying to take as much of him in my mouth as I possibly could. Until I got it to the back of my mouth, I gagged there. But it never stopped me from giving it my best, while savouring the feeling of having a cock in my mouth.

It felt as if I had only been sucking for seconds when Colin got me to stop.

“I want to do that to you, before I cum. I didn’t know if I should stop you, cum in your mouth or cum into my hand.”

“I would have let you cum in my mouth. I used to cum in my own mouth, thinking it was you doing it to me when we were younger. Where do you want me?”

“On the bed. We can suck each other.” He slipped off his panties. I lay on their bed. Colin lay in front of me our hard cocks in each others face.

I took hold of his, and got comfortable. I needed to inspect all of it. After all I had not seen a cock so close, or even held another mans before.

I could feel Colin kissing mine, and then his tongue slithering all around my bell end.

I carried on stroking his. Getting his foreskin over the tip, and watched it peel back and revealing his lovely purple helmet. To help it along I licked away at the tip, making it slick with my saliva, to cover the end once more. Before sucking him once more. This time with the sole intention of making him cum in my mouth. Trying my best not to enjoy too much of what Colin was doing to me.

He would suck me further into his mouth than I could do to him, even though we had pretty equal sized dicks. Then he stopped sucking to wank me really fast and firm. That was a new experience to me, and he succeeded I began to cum in his mouth. As I cum I sucked away, getting as much of him in my mouth as I dared, then I had my first taste of someone else’s cum. He would spurt cum and I would swallow it, lots of it. That was worth the wait.

Once he had stopped, I lay there with his still quite firm cock in my hand, milking every last drop from him, licking the droplets of his sperm from the tip. I was hooked from then.

We lay on the bed like that for ages. I didn’t want to leave his beautiful cock alone. I felt that Colin had the same idea about mine too.

Until. “Fuck have you seen the time?”

It was getting on. Although Serdivan Escort there was no that much to tidy up. We had to make sure that everything was all neat and tidy, and Julies knickers were safe in my pocket.

Downstairs we dressed, double checked everything before cracking open some beers.

“I’ll have this then I will ring for a taxi. That should be enough time for another drink.

We stood in the kitchen, close to each other. I had to kiss him, he had his tongue in my mouth, and a hand on my crotch. “Do you think that there’s enough time to do it again?”

I said that we better not. Just in case.

“Are we going to do it again though?”

“Oh yes. Perhaps even more than what we have done tonight.”

“And what would that be?”

“I might let you make love to me.”

“I could do that. But you would have to do it to me too.”


I got a text saying that my taxi was there. “Time to go. Thank you.”

“No thank you. It was great.” He gave me a little kiss.

“Two seconds.” I dropped back on my knees, took out his cock, and took it all in my mouth. As I stood up. “That will give me something to remember when I’m having my next wank. See you soon.”

Then I walked out to my taxi.

Colin said thanks and goodnight. I said the same to him.

When I arrived home, I felt no guilt when I saw Julie.

It felt as though time stood still waiting for the next time with Colin. I did manage some me time with one of Julies dildo’s when I was alone. Just to make sure that I would be able to accept Colin there.

It seemed that Julie had nothing planned for weeks, so that ruled out any chance of a meet in my house. We would have to wait for Kym, Colin’s wife to give us a chance.

It took three weeks since our last time that we could be alone. In Colin’s again. There was no need for any Dutch courage this time so I drove there. After I told Julie that he needed help on a diy project.

I got to his place and knocked on the door. When Colin opened the door he was naked, sporting a hard on already. We kissed soon as the door shut. I held on to his tool as our tongues played.

Colin took most of my clothes off, before we made it to his kitchen. I got him against a worktop and dropped down on my knees, to suck him. As I sucked, Colin held my head and started to fuck my mouth. As soon as he had enough and took away his cock, I got him to turn around, take a step back to me and bend over. Colin’s bum was really cute, and as I kissed it all over I realised that his bum was hairless, as well as his legs. The only hair on him was on his head and his neatly trimmed pubes. As I parted his cheeks I wondered if he was like that the last time we were naked. Kissing and licking my way around the crack of his bum I worked my way to his arsehole. As I kissed and licked his hole, Colin adjusted his stance to give me better access. I told him that I wanted him to fuck my hole first. He told me that I could have anything that I wanted if I just kept on licking him like that. I tried to have a play with his dick too, but he removed my hand. He might cum like that.

Eventually Colin said. “Upstairs, it’s your turn.”

At last, I was going to loose my anal virginity. Something that I had always wondered about. I had played with my hole for years and years. Julie would often use a dildo on me. But I always wanted to know what a real cock would feel like.

In the bedroom, I saw that Colin already had the lube, condoms and some wipes on a bedside table. “Where do you want me?”

“Get on your knees and bend over.”

I climbed onto the bed and had my arse exposed to him. Only Julie had ever seen me like this before. That took a few times with her before I felt really comfortable doing it.

I felt Colin get on the bed behind me, and a hand taking a hold of my cock. Then he started kissing my ass cheeks, while stroking my hard cock. Somehow he managed to get my cock to point backwards so he could suck it, while tracing a finger around my little hole.

Then he let go of my cock and began to lick me, his tongue fluttering over my ring at first before he started to really lick and kiss my bum hole.

“Fuck me please. I need you in me now.”

“Are you sure?”


I could feel him moving about on the bed.

“You want me to put my dick in here?” I felt a cold and wet finger touch my hole.

“Please.” His finger slid into me. I gasped as he began fingering me, then he added another finger, stretching me a little more.


“I’ve been waiting for this for years.”

Colin got into position, he rubbed his cock around my hole. Then paused just as he was about to enter me. I couldn’t wait. I began to push back onto him.

“Hold on there is no need to rush. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“It’s just the real thing that I haven’t had up me.”

“So you use toys there too.”

“Every bloke has probably tried it once. Some like it more than others. Are you going to take my virginity now?”

Colin eased himself up me. I felt the delight of my hole stretching ever more to take his cock. No dildo had ever felt as nice as this. I understood instantly what Julie meant when she said that she liked my cock in her rather than a dildo. Unless she was really drunk and wanted her arsehole really opened up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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