Collaring kittenlove

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The words and language of submission had run through her head for many years. The rhythmic cadence of them haunting her waking hours and invading her mind at night. The fantasies had been with her for so many years that they were a comforting old friend. Created from the darkest desires of her heart and from the vivid images from her online research and the endless stories she read. The words were important to her. The way they had connected with her soul and aroused her for so long made her long to belong to him body, mind and soul. She’d found him, the Master she’d dreamt of for so long. The one to whom she could belong and serve.

She loved the sound of the diminutives from his lips, calling her his pet, his little one, his kitten. The words caressed her mind and provoked an intense physical reaction in her, raising goose flesh on her body and causing her to shake with desire. She closed her eyes and imagined the planes of his face and savored the emotions brought about by the bond between them. The intimate connection that came from her submission…lying bare before him in body and soul. His property to do with as he wished.

She hastened to prepare herself for his arrival; fastening her garters to the seamed silk stockings he liked so much. The next step was always the hardest but she knew that she would be punished should she fail to follow any of his explicit instructions. She reached into the drawer where they kept their toys and extracted the nipple clips held together by the sparkling silver chain. Taking a deep breath and gathering her courage she fastened them to her nipples, gasping at the tightness of them and the pain they brought. A few more deep breaths and the pain lessened enough for her to don the short skirt he’d requested. She admired the way the way it hugged her ass and wondered at the impeccable taste in which he chose to dress her for their outings. She automatically reached for her lingerie drawer and then retracted her hand. He’d been very stern when he’d commanded her to wear neither panties nor a bra. She slipped on the cream silk shirt and fastened the buttons. Glancing in the mirror she could see that it was not only obvious she was not wearing a bra but also the lightness of the fabric showed the clamps that adorned her now aching nipples.

Rushing to finish preparing herself she brushed her long red hair to a glowing sheen and carefully applied her make up to please him. The thought of pleasing him sent a shiver through her body and she could feel the innermost folds of her sex dampen even further. She applied perfume lightly to her throat and the insides of her wrists. Rubbing her wrists together she lifted her skirt and applied the fragrance to the insides of her thighs. Her head went to the images of the combination of pain and pleasure that she had experienced at Master’s hands and she felt another rush of moisture flood forth from her. She had to restrain herself from touching what was his, knowing that He would be most displeased if she took the pleasure for herself that was his to give or deny as He saw fit.

Her body prepared she then commenced preparing the house for him. She uncorked a bottle of luscious red wine, know that Master rarely drank but wanting to prepare it for him just in case. The house was immaculate as it was at all his visits not wanting to give him any reason to find fault with her. She found the CD she had created for him and slipped it into the stereo adjusting the volume so to be heard but not so as to be intrusive. Master was so soft spoken that she did not want him to have to strain to make himself heard. The gentle authoritative whispers in her ear made her jump to do his bidding. There was no need for Him to have to raise his voice, she was his to command and the slightest gesture or intimation could make her frantic with desire to please him. She lit a multitude of candles and left but one dim lamp burning through out the entire house. Looking around she hoped that he would be satisfied with her preparations. She sunk to her knees in front of the fire she’d lit earlier to warm the main room to compose herself and still her fluttering heart. Master had subtly been dominating her since he’d discovered her natural submissive core, that part of her soul that longed to be completely helpless and relinquish all power over her being to another and find peace within that submission. They had been separated for so long by circumstance that tonight had been a long time in coming. She had a whirl of emotions running through her mind and she knew she needed time to calm herself before this next step in their journey together. Inhaling deeply she moved into a trance like state waiting for him trying to find the calm that thoughts of him invariably brought, the bottomless comfort of belonging and submitting.

The doorbell rang thirty minutes later and she gracefully rose to greet Him. Opening the door she became almost shy with Him as his presence shattered all the calm she’d fought so hard for. He stepped on Kadıköy Öğrenci Escort and closed the door and placed his parcels on the floor. Without a word he entwined his fingers through her hair, grasping the back of her neck and forcing her to her knees. He then collected his things and strode into the main body of her home with the confident arrogance of ownership leaving her at the door confused and wanting. She sat completely still with her hands resting palms up on her knees. She was the picture of elegant submission, too afraid to move for fear of his wrath in displeasure. She tried to discern what he was doing as she heard him moving around her living room. She started to quiver as the minutes drew out like the blade of a knife over her taunt flesh. Just when the tears started to well in her eyes with the fear that she had unwittingly done something to displease him she heard him approach her and then felt the gentle stroking of her hair and she sagged into his leg with grateful relief. He allowed her the comfort of his warmth for a few seconds longer and then pulled away to grasp her with His strong hand about her throat and pull her to her feet. He gently lifted her chin and gazed into her eyes. He leaned in and whispered “You are my pet, my kitten, my toy.” With these words she almost melted against him but quickly pulled herself back, remembering her place. Master moved his hand to the back of her neck once again and propelled her before him into the main part of the house. Before the fireplace he commanded her to kneel and once again left her to her own thoughts as he moved about behind her. She could hear him unzipping the bag he’d brought and placing the things he extracted on the coffee table behind her. Each item placed made her start like a shot going off with her mind racing at the possibilities. He then heard the crumpling of paper and was puzzled until he laid the bouquet of a dozen blood red roses in her upturned hands. The tears that flooded her eyes fell on their beauty watering the velvet petals. She looked at Master and saw the smile that she so adored. She inhaled the heady scent of his gift and reveled in it. He moved to take the flowers from her hands and placed them in the vase he’d prepared. While she watched his back she smiled and when he turned she saw the face was the same but the gentle emotion that had been there moments before was replaced with one of malevolence and lust.

“Strip” he commanded harshly.

She shakily stood and tried to remove her blouse with out too much fumbling but he was not about to wait for her fingers to negotiate the buttons. Once she managed the first one her reached forward and tore it open sending buttons flying throughout the room. He smiled a wicked smile at the chain that hung between her breasts and the nipples so tightly clamped. He pulled on the chain and she gasped with the intense pain but her sex could not deny her arousal as it was dripping with the lust she felt.

“See if you can do a better job with the skirt, slut” he said as he turned her towards the table where his toys lay. She gasped to see the assortment of paddles and floggers, crops and restraints that were now spread before her. Her eyes rushed over them and she became wetter at the thought of what he could do to her with them. She was so lost in her reverie she’d forgotten his command and was jerked back to earth with his hand about her throat and his voice in her ear,

Oh My little slut likes the toys does she? So much so that she forgot that Master asked her to do something. I will remedy that…”

Her eyes widened as her produced a knife from behind her and brought it towards the inside of her knee. She could feel the cold steel through the stockings as he inched his way up her leg. Tears started to form in the corners of her eyes as he moved ever closed to her sex. She was starting to panic and flail when he swiftly and skillfully sliced the skirt from her body and let the ruined garment slide to the floor.

“Don’t move.” He walked around her assessing her and admiring the tight ass and clamp adorned breasts. He stopped when had made a full circle and a half and looked at her. The corners of her eyes still bore the traces of her tears and the body he so desired quivered in anticipation and he could see there was an undercurrent of fear running through her as well.

“There will be consequences for not obeying, My pet,” He growled in her ear and roughly pushed her to the floor.

“All fours, slut”

She brought herself to the position he’d requested with her head hanging in shame. How could she have been so disrespectful and insolent she berated herself. Lost in her self recriminations she’d missed him choosing the flogger that he now trailed across her bare ass making her jump and moan unconsciously.

“Now my kitten…ask for it…and don’t forget to thank me afterwards or I’ll be forced to start over.”

“Yes Master. Master, may I please have number one Sir?”

He brought Kadıköy Çıtır Escort the flogger harshly across her bared ass making her gasp with the sudden pain and then moan as her arousal heightened.

“Thank You for punishing me Master. Please Sir, may I have number two?”

He brought the whip down on her other cheek harder and this time she shrieked with the pain. Her punishment continued for twenty lashes until her ass was rosy, tears were streaming down her face and the juices of her pussy coated her thighs. She was quivering with desire and her breath was coming in gasps as he gently ran his hands over her abused flesh and whispered in her ear of how proud he was for her accepting her punishment. As he leaned to whisper she could feel the hardness of his cock pressing against her throbbing ass and moaned with longing and pushed back into him.

“Patience kitten,” he said with a low chuckle. “All in good time. You may now pour me a glass of the wine you so thoughtfully opened my pet.” Rising from her knees she hurried to do his bidding pouring the succulent beverage into her best crystal wine goblet. She returned to his side and knelt, head bowed and offered him the delicate glass with both hands, eyes downcast out of respect for this man who was fulfilling all of the desires she’d secreted away for so long. He took the proffered glass and absentmindedly patted her head while he swirled the contents and peered at them pensively. He glanced at the woman at his feet with awe and admiration that he hid carefully from her sight. She’d come so far in her submission in such a short period of time. He felt very honored and incredibly lucky to have found such a natural sub that was so willing to learn and submit to any request. He sipped the wine in silence enjoying her presence and the music she had chosen. Occasionally he would reach and finger her Titian locks and revel in their texture. There was nothing about this woman that was hard or harsh. Her rounded breasts pleased him immensely and the fact that she never was in his presence with the nipple clamps was an added delight. The tiny waist and flaring hips drew attention wherever she went but she rarely noticed. Seeing her ass displayed in her provocative outfits or in nothing sent his mind reeling with lust and desire. A consummate lady in public on his arm but in private she was the most submissive and naughty slut he’d ever trained. The fantasies they’d discussed ranged from her soft feminine romantic ones to the ones that they’d both hidden deep in the darker recesses of their souls. The ones that both scared and excited her and had her mind whirling with the intriguing possibilities and the lingering questions that still plagued her. Questions of whether she could actually withstand the punishment and humiliation she craved, questions of how she’d become such a natural slave in such a brief period. The question of trust in her Master never entered her mind. She would do his bidding unreservedly not matter what that entailed. Body, mind and soul she belonged to him and there was peace and pride in having been the one he’d chosen to train.

“Very nice choice of vintage, kitten but the goblet lacks something.” He intoned lightly. “You may serve it to me, my pet.”

He handed her the delicate crystal and watched as a look of joy lit up her face. She carefully took a sip, being careful to not swallow a drop. Rising from her knees she climbed into his lap and placed her lips on his, parting them slightly to allow him to drink from her mouth. His tongue snaked into her mouth and he greedily took every drop from the warm wet mouth he so loved. When they parted she fought to avoid looking into his eyes as she’d been taught. He knew that this had been a hard lesson for her to learn and stroked her head in approval,

“Good girl. Again, kitten,”

The scene was repeated and their lips lingered together for a long moment afterwards with him taking pleasure from the restrained intensity of her kisses. His hand enclosed her throat and squeezed causing her body to shudder unconsciously. She bared her throat with a slight lift of her chin and he smiled with approval when she leaned into his hand to increase the pressure from his fingers. When their lips parted he left his hand around her throat and pulled her into his chest so he could whisper into her ear.

“Excellent, little one. Such behavior deserves a reward. Kneel up.”

She quickly extracted herself from him and assumed the position he’d taught her. Her hands clasped behind her back at the level of the start of the rounding out of her ass, knees spread, feet together, not crouching but instead proudly extended from her knees, breasts thrust forward staring straight ahead with pride and the assuredness of her place as his treasured pet. He reached under a length of black silk that was among the toys he’d placed on the table earlier and extracted two collars and a key strung on a length of glistening silver. One was a heavy Kadıköy Elit Escort one of leather and studded, four D rings decorated it at the points of the compass its closure was a hasp through which a lock could be fastened. The second was a deceptively fragile piece of exquisite jewelry. It could be worn on their outings when he wanted a more subtle display of her submission. There were locks attached to both and the single key fit them both. Her eyes lit up when she realized that he’d deemed her worthy of wearing his collar and tears of pride and joy glistened in the corners of her eyes as he weight the merits of each of the collars and his plans for the evening to come. He placed the decorative one back on the table and lifted her hair with one hand while fastening the leather one around her pretty throat. He closed it and slipped the lock through the hasp and waited. She closed her eyes and reveled in the feeling of being collared. Her joy at this honor he’d bestowed on her caused her body to react as well. He nipples stiffened further under the clamps, becoming even purpler and the moisture that seeped from her flowed freely and copiously. Gooseflesh covered her body as she waited with anticipation.

“Now my pet, I know you have been waiting for this moment for a long time but it is now time for you to make your choice. I have placed my collar around your pretty little kitten throat; it is up to you whether or not it stays there. If you truly wish to belong to me and have a life of servitude you must fasten the lock. But caution my pet, in fastening it you choose to be mine in every way. The collar has a lock for a reason. Only I can remove it and it is my choice as to when you wear it. It is a symbol of your Master. You relinquish all power to me and in return you will get what you seek and desire on every level my pet. Think on it my kittenlove. I will return shortly to ascertain your choice. While you are deciding here is a letter detailing my expectations.”

He rose and left the letter in front of her and left the house. She heard his vehicle start and pull away before she broke position and pulled the letter with a trembling hand from the envelope. She curled up on the floor and fingered the collar he’d adorned her with and began to read.


Today is a monumentous day that could conceivably change you and your life forever, my pet. It is only fair that Master let you know of all that fastening the lock entails kitten.

Master has searched for a kitten such as you for a long time. An obedient loyal pet to share his world with on every level. And a pet that could understand Masters’ needs and understand that her Master has another world that requires attention as well. My expectations are that my collared pet will be that at all times but will also be a friend, a lover, a companion and my sexkitten.

There are rules my pet that you will be taught as we progress and the first of these you will know now. Memorize them kitten, you will be required to know them and in time you will live them. Others will follow as we progress. I do not want to overwhelm that pretty kitten head of yours at this time.

Rule Number One: I am the Master, you are the slave. I am the Master, you are the sub. I am the Master, you are the kitten.

I know that intellectually you know this but in time you will understand all that entails. (I am so proud of having such a smart kitten to play with.)

Rule Number Two: Master does nothing without a reason.

There will be times that the reasons will be unclear to you pet but know that there always is one kitten. All becomes clear with time kitten. You will be forced to cultivate patience.

Rule Number Three: Communication is the most important thing that W/we share.

You are free to speak to Master about anything kitten. There will be times when it will be put off for a more appropriate time but you will always be heard my pet.

Master expects your unquestioning obedience and loyalty my pet. In everything. These qualities will be rewarded and you will be punished should I find you lacking.

In fastening the lock you become my possession. Mine to do with as I please. Everything that you are becomes secondary to My needs and pleasures. In return you will be cared for and be my most cherished possession.

Fasten the lock little kitten and become Mine forever.


Tears blurred the words on the page as joy flooded her to her very core. She wiped her eyes and placed the letter before her and fingered the lock that remained open. She was scared of the requirements of servitude and unsure that she could be all he desired but she desperately wanted to be trained to be a good sub. Giving up all that she knew of self reliance and independence was a huge step to take and such a change from the life she’d lived to this point it made her hesitate with the uncertainty that she thought that she’d quelled. Her hands shook with indecision, focusing on the thoughts in her head instead of the cravings of her heart and her body. She became lost in her doubts until she heard the front door open and almost of their own volition her fingers snapped the lock closed and she assumed a kneeling position, presenting herself in the way she knew pleased him the most.

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