College Admissions Ch. 04

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I was reluctant to go to the after-party. Anne was clearly not in a festive mood, although it was not my doing. Clearly, she did not know Alicia Claremont or Lisa Whitman as well as she thought. But I didn’t care. Everyone else appeared happy: the Liberty Girls, President Harper and certainly Alicia and Lisa.

After dessert ended, I excused myself, hoping to find a quiet moment in a toilet stall until most everyone left. But Alicia spotted me from her seat, got up and gave chase. “Leaving so soon?” she asked, looking at me doe-eyed. “You are so yummy.” She licked her lips and ran a hand against my arm. “Are you coming to the after-party?”

“I wasn’t planning on it,” I answered, oblivious to her touch. “It’s women-only.”

“It is what Lisa and I say it is.” Alicia answered, with an devilish grin. She fanned herself. “God, it’s so hot out here. Why don’t we find some place cooler to sit and talk.”

“But the girls, and Anne, they’re leaving for your party.”

“Our party, dear. And I’ll be glad to see them. But now I want to be alone with you.” First checking to see if no one was looking, she groped me softly. She worked her thumb and forefingers in such a way my balls tingled and my cock rose fast. “Quick,” she whispered, “the lady’s room is empty.”

Alicia literally pulled my hand at the same time she opened the door. After locking the door, she shoved me gently against the edge of the bathroom counter, undid my pants and applied her handiwork. “Ohhh, Rob, I want that cock,” she said, as she wrapped her free arm around my neck and kissed me hard. I’d never felt a woman’s yearning through their tongue in my life. “Ohhh, that’s a nice boy.” She had my cock so hard it was becoming impossible to hold back. “Slam that nice boy into me.”

Alicia undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Then she turned away, spread her arms on the counter and spread her legs. Her pussy lips were already dripping. I slid in hard, but slow, then explored her faster as she bit her lips. As my balls banged against her ass she moaned loudly, so loud I worried that someone who missed her would knock on the door.

“MMMMMMMMMMM, ohhh Rob, keep going..” she murmured as her pussy squeezed tight while I pumped her deeper and faster. I grabbed her tits, rubbed the nipples as I worked my hips to pound her harder. “Ohhhhhh yes, ” she purred. “Fill me baby.” She raised her hips, hoping to take more of me. And she did. I felt myself burst deep in a place I’d never cum before.

“Oh god, Robert. You are an amazing fuck. You know that?” Alicia fixed her blouse. But she had not fixed her skirt. “Now you’ve got to clean me up for our guests.”

She leaned her ass against the counter, spread her legs, and ordered me to lick. I dropped to my knees and tasted the blend from her pussy and her wet thighs as she ran her fingers through my hair and grinned. biting her lip as my tongue caught her clit. “Good boy,” she said, and smiled, patting my head like I was her prize puppy.

Alicia could not keep her eyes off me as we walked to our cars. She was nearly twice my age, but she was as insatiable as many college-age women. I was afraid that she’d overwhelm an Alden senior with her desires. Renee’ and Anne might have prepared the Liberty Girls for “life after college.” But I doubted that they had prepared them well enough, especially for rejection by a lover or short-term partner.

“Let’s go, babe,” Alicia said, grabbing my hand as we left the building, past the eyes of the restaurant staff and parking attendants. “We still have a night ahead of us.” We stopped at my car first. As I turned to open my door, Alicia squeezed my ass with one hand, and wrapped the other around my waist, between my legs. She leaned over, nibbled my ear. “Anne was so right. You make an old lady feel like a teenager in heat.” She spanked my ass and, with a jaunty step, headed to her car.

I got into my car, buckled up, ataköy escort thinking about heading home for the night. If Alicia didn’t wear me down, Lisa, Catherine or Anita would. But I had no choice. These were the largest financial backers Alden had. So I pointed the car towards the after party, nervous, almost ready to pee in my rented tux as I pulled into the Alden House parking lot. Thankfully, I didn’t pee. The hosts had paid Alden students to work as parking attendants and dressed them quite nicely in matching red blouses, black slacks and black shoes.

“Aren’t you invited?” I asked my attendant, Karyn Johnson, a sophomore who had just moved into Liberty House. Chubby and busty, Karyn’s blouse appeared to be struggling to cover her body though her slacks fit right.

“I’ll be there in about an hour, Mr. Willis,” she answered, winking.

“Tell me, have you been to anything like this?” I asked her.

“Umm, yes, Ms. Claremont and Ms. Whitman hosted us before we left campus last year. It was really fun. Then I came home and told my boyfriend what happened. He begged me to transfer to his school, but I said no.” She brushed some stray strands of her thick red hair aside. “I knew, right then, at that party, that Alden had been the right school for me.”

“Really?” I raised an eyebrow.

Karyn smiled. “Alden has made me think about my needs as a women.”

I nodded. “No need to explain.”

Karyn took my hand. “You’re a cool guy, Mr. Willis. Renee’ really likes you. Ms. Satterfield, well, don’t worry about her.”

Now both eyebrows lifted. “What do you mean?”

“She comes over a lot. And she doesn’t just play only with Renee’. She’s sort of, our philanthropy. Ever notice that most of the tour guides come from Liberty House? These girls are her, like, consorts or something. She throws little parties, if they’re stuck with nothing to do.”

“Do you guys mind her company?” I asked, becoming more curious.

“Last year I didn’t care. I was still in the dorm. But I was always alone on Friday nights. My roommate and I didn’t get along. I was a lot less lonely after coming to the house. Anne made me feel better about myself.”

“Well, that’s a good thing. You found friends.”

Karyn rubbed her eyes. “Well, Ms. Satterfield likes to be more than friends. Unless you tell her ‘no’. I did. I just wasn’t interested.”

I held Karyn’s hand gently. “I don’t think you’ll see her tonight. She didn’t look too happy.”

Karyn’s hand shook in mine. She didn’t want to let go. “Please, can you just stay here and talk to me?”

“Sure.” I welcomed the opportunity to do anything but go to the after party for a little while longer. “Your hour will be up soon.” I smiled.

Karyn smiled, but started crying. No cars were coming. The other attendants were chatting with each other. I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a fatherly hug.

“I’m so sorry,” she whispered. “I didn’t mean to take up so much of your time.”

“It’s ok,” I whispered back.

“Rob, I like girls. But I still like guys. And you’re the only good guy around for miles.”

“Karyn, I can’t. I’m sorry,” though I didn’t let go of her as her tears rolled down to my shoulder.

“Can you just, like, hug me, a little longer?” Karyn was shaking but it was not exactly cold outside.

I hugged her as long as I would hug an adult woman friend. “You ok?” I asked as I released her. “I’ll come inside with you, if you like.”

Karyn brushed away tears and nodded. I offered her my arm and she took it. We walked into the Alden House lobby as if we were father and daughter. Two girls, their names I didn’t know, waved happily to Karyn, who rushed over to join them by the elevator.

After the trio boarded I went into the men’s room and fixed my suit and tie. Cum stains from my adventure with Alicia had formed spots on my shoes. But there was no shoeshine kit to be found, although bakırköy escort this was the only hotel with luxuries in Aldenburg. Maybe the mens room attendants were given the night off, since women were the only guests expected upstairs.

I got into the elevator alone, staring up as the numbers counted my ascent to the penthouse floor. As soon as the doors opened my eyes opened wider to the sights of students and alumni bonding I’d never seen before. The Whitmans and Claremonts had invited classmates from their years to come, Older women danced together. Some danced with younger women. Others had paired off and became familiar with each other’s bodies.

From a corner in the lounge Renee’ spotted me and waved, her bright smile a guiding light. She was talking to another African American woman, her dark hair sprinkled with red. She wore a red wrap dress that flattered a figure that was neither fat nor thin. As I walked closer I could see that the lady was fondling Renee’s tits as she talked and finished her drink. As soon as I stood beside them Renee’ took my hand. Her friend continued fondling after she put her glass down on a nearby table.

“Rob, this is Samantha,” Renee’ said, “we graduated from Alden together.”

Samantha didn’t offer her hand. Instead she smiled and looked into Renee’s eyes. “Yes, and we had some great times. Right babe?” Samantha brought her hand down to Renee’s ass, tracing its curves with her fingertips. Ignoring me, she brought herself closer and kissed Renee’s cheeks and neck.

Renee’ took Samantha’s hand and squeezed it gently. “Sammy please. Not now.”

“Then when?” Samantha asked, as she slid her tongue into Renee’s mouth. The tasting caught Renee’ by surprise. But she returned the kiss with equal fervor.

I stepped away so that the two of them could be alone and headed for the elevator door. But I saw Megan, Emily Scott’s lover, huddled in a corner shaking, holding a bottle of something I would not let a thin 21 year old woman drink. She held the half-empty bottle by the neck. Her eyes, half-closed, looked down at the bottle.

“Are you all right?” I asked, leaning down towards her. I looked into her eyes. Her makeup was running. As she started to take another drink, I took the bottle from her hands.

“Who the hell are you?” she protested, as she flailed her arms, trying to take the bottle from me.

“I can’t let you drink like that,” I answered.

“What are you, some fucking Eagle Scout? Go walk an old lady across a street. Get the fuck out of here.”

I wished I could have followed that order. But I could not leave Megan in that condition. I sat down on the floor beside her, my ass landing on a puddle of something, hopefully not whatever was in Megan’s bottle. She looked like she’d had more than enough.

She laughed as I touched my pants and gritted my teeth. “Should have warned you. But I’m in a really bitchy mood tonight.

“You don’t say.” I grinned. “Some party, huh?”

Normally most guys, probably many girls, would enjoy the sight of women of all body types twisting and turning to music as well as each other’s touch.

“Emily dumped me. That funking whore. Good riddance.” Megan reached for the bottle again. But I held it away.

“Megan, I’m sorry.” I touched her elbow as she made another sweep to try for the bottle.

I looked up through the crowd and saw Emily talking with Lisa and Anita Whitman. Mother and daughter had their arms around each other. Then they brought Emily into their circle, each hugging and kissing her. I didn’t know Emily’s last name. Never thought about it. Until now, as their kisses deepened, embraces tightened. The next generation? Mother, daughter, granddaughter?

“Fuck her royal highness, most high bitch,” Megan grumbled. She slapped my hand off her elbow. “Why don’t you just go home?”

I got up, making sure to take the bottle with me. I dumped the liquor into a nearby garbage can, then tossed the bottle in behind it. Renee’ was the only authority figure in the room. But she and Samantha were still preoccupied with exploring each other. So were Emily and the Whitmans. Alicia had that house mother look about her, smiling as women appeared to be enjoying themselves. So I went to her.

“My god, you look so serious,” she said, as soon as I approached.

I pointed over to Megan, still huddled into a corner. Fortunately, she had not gotten up in search of another bottle.

“Oh dear,” said Alicia. “We have to get her out of here. She might need help.”

Alicia and I came over to Megan. “What’s the matter, sweetheart?” she asked, touching her arm. Megan was not as quick to stop Alicia’s touch as she had been with mine.

“That fucking whore,” she said, no less grouchy than she’d been with me.

Alicia looked at me, puzzled. I pointed in the direction of Emily and the Whitmans. She nodded.

“Let’s get you to bed,” Alicia said, helping Megan to her feet. She wrapped one of Megan’s arms around her shoulder. I slipped my shoulder under the other arm. We carried Megan to the elevator, then to the back seat of Alicia’s car. As soon as she was laid down on the rich leather seat, Megan vomited all over the carpet.

I followed Alicia to Liberty House in my car. Once there, we put her to bed. The younger girls looked worried and confused as we settled Megan down and closed the bedroom door behind us. “I’ll stay here,” Alicia said, after we sat down in the main lounge. “Catherine can come get me.”

“Emily, is she..?”

“Yes, a Whitman. Lisa’s niece. I would have thought that Megan knew.”

I took a seat in a chair across from Alicia. “Is this all part of the Liberty tradition, or Alden’s?”

“It’s kept this college going for a long time,” Alicia replied. “Who would go to a girl’s school in the middle of nowhere, unless someone told the girls to come? It’s not just Liberty House. The other houses on campus that have their own stories. Their girls are no less guarded.”

“Alicia, I’ve never thought about..”

She reached over and touched my hand. “No one expected you to. But there’s no way this college will survive. The money we gave will help the freshmen to finish. But little more than that.”

“You actually want this college to close? Your legacy ends, too.”

“Alden does not have enough alumni to help. I’ve done all that I can do. So has Lisa. But this is not a school where men would thrive. Too many women here love women. Alumni who truly love men will never send their daughters here. Why would their sons ever come?” Alicia grabbed a pair of pillows. She kicked off her shoes, put the pillows behind her back and stretched out along the couch. “Rob, Anne never told you all of the history of this college. I’m really sorry. You were hired to fight a lost cause.”

“Alicia, how deep do these generational ties go?”

“Alden is one of the first women’s colleges in the Midwest, Rob,” Alicia answered turning to me. “It’s a little less than 150 years old. 20 years is a generation so…”

My mouth dropped. “And how many?” I braced for the answer.

“Within Liberty House, maybe three or four a year. They run through every other house, too. But enrollment has dropped. When Lisa and I were here Alden had about 800 girls. Some had daughters in adulthood. Others did not.”

“And there are about 500 today,” I said, with sorrow. The generational process had been dying a slow death for a long time.

Alicia fell asleep in the couch. I found a blanket and covered her before I left. I checked my watch. It was just past 1:00 AM. I had to leave before the seniors returned from their afterparty. I did not want to add more to the history of Liberty House.

I didn’t sleep well, worried that Megan might do something drastic a second time, especially after Emily came home, if she did. Lisa and Anita Whitman had been quite into each other when we first met. No doubt they might have initiated their niece in Alden, or Liberty, family ritual.

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