College CFNM Society

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Chancellor Leo Nilsson of Athena University sat at his desk sifting through the records of funding for the Universities’ student Societies. Unlike most Chancellors who left the day to day running of the facility to their Vice-Chancellor, Leo was an interfering busy body who practically lived in his office since his divorce four years ago. Now, 52, slightly overweight and balding, Leo had nothing much in his dull life other than his Chancellorship, whose mandate he had expanded into every aspect of the Universities’ administration.

His Vice-Chancellor, the demure Ester Lindgren, sat bored before him, bored and irritated, tapping one of her louboutin high heels against the desk impatiently. She had divided the funding based on the usual parameters of popularity and the societies general worth to campus life. She didn’t need a Chancellor picking through her work like this.

“Wait a minute.” The sad excuse of a man said to her “What’s this society that has the largest funding? ‘The CFNM Society.’ It just says alternative lifestyle in the description?”

He peered over his glasses to her, expecting an explanation. Ester sighed and slowly got up from the chair, taking her time to straighten out her jacket and skirt. She leaned over the desk to him and gave him a mischievous grin.

“Surely you must know what that society is Leo?”

The ageing man could not help but gaze at her graceful demeanor with desire. She was tall, far than taller than him and had a habit of towering over him when she wanted to make a point. Even at 40 she had youthful features, though they were usually fixed in a frown for Leo. Her brown ringlets tumbled down past her shoulders. A tight, buttoned up jacket covered up small yet perky boobs and her skirt would have to be defined as ‘short.’ Underneath her skirt, stockings, and to complete her elegant persona, louboutin heels, always in heels to even further her height advantage over him. Snapping himself out of his daily perving of Ester, Leo responded:

“How am I supposed to know what it is from that description? What do these initials stand for? What exactly is CFNM?”

Speaking slowly with a not so subtle hint of condescension for his ignorance, Ester explained:

“CFNM stands for Clothed Female, Naked Male.”

Leo guffawed at her mention of nudity; “What! I don’t get it!?”

She rolled her eyes at his naivety and sat down again. Lifting up her legs, she rested her heeled feet on top of his desk and reclined, as she often did, without censure. Her skirt pulled high to give Leo the slightest view of the lacetop of her stockings.

“The girls are in charge, the guys of the Society go nude at their meetings.”

Leo could not believe what she was so calmly describing. “It’s clearly not that, it must be a joke right?”

Detecting the hint of fear in his voice, the Vice Chancellor replied:

“No Leo. No joke. I’ve been to many of their weekly meetings to check, I’m happy to say it’s all true. The guys are completely stripped bare and have to obey their female superiors.”

“-But why, what’s their motivation?”

“Well, from what I understand from my fact-finding visits to their group, it’s based on rejecting the outdated notion of male superiority. Young women like these students are becoming more independent, sexually liberated and with that they have discovered a taste for dominance over men.

Likewise, the men of the Society have accepted that the concept of male dominance is a lie. They’re not afraid to recognise their natural submissiveness to women and have yielded to the female dominant. They remove their clothes to display their vulnerability and inferiority, giving the women total power over their minds and bodies.”

Leo felt his cheeks burning as he listened to Ester destroying the patriarchal notions he had always assumed would rule forever. The suggestion that bright young men would willingly surrender to female authority? Absurd! Trying to appear non-pulsed, he tried to laugh it off;

“So let me guess, these meetings consist of half a dozen militant feminists sitting around desperately staring at the door in hope that a guy will be stupid enough to submit to them lol!”

Ester responded with a withering scowl:

“Actually no Leo. They are inundated with male applicants. There’s a lengthy waiting-list. They only allow twelve or so, they are very picky on the quality of men allowed in. Erik Forsberg was one of the latest guys to be accepted. As for the girls, there’s about twenty with an exec of three led by Katrina Nyberg.”

Leo could barely believe it. He wasn’t sure whether he wanted to believe it. Erik Forsberg? The star of the University soccer team? The kid highly tipped to go professional? He was the hero of campus, flawless to look at. To imagine him nude, at the command of his female classmates, unthinkable! And yet Leo could not help himself, he tried to picture the scene; that beautiful tall blonde boy, stripped of his clothes, toned muscles on display for all, his penis…all Nevşehir Escort those girls surrounding him, commanding him, robbing him of his clothes and modesty; a smiling Katrina Nyberg came into his mind’s eye.

Oh yes, he knew of her, how could he not. Nineteen years of age, she was the daughter of the Universities’ biggest financial backer, her millionaire heiress mother Claudia. In the confines of his office, Leo had spent many guilty moments with his trousers around his ankles, shamefully masturbating to the publicly available facebook pictures of this young goddess Katrina. She was undeniably beautiful, a pale winter queen, with a penchant for very short skirts that showed off her long legs. Her delicate blonde hair was so long that it nearly reached her waist. Truly, there was something enchanting and enticing about her that Leo could not resist.

Despite her beauty, Leo resented her. In those sordid moments, as he stared at her pictures, jerking his little unloved cock, he felt bitterness towards this little rich bitch. He had to dance to her mother’s tune for funding and here she was, this smug arrogant brat in her designer short skirts and silk blouses, seemingly enjoying all that life gifted her.

To compound his envy, her records showed outstandingly high marks from all her tutors despite the suggestion from her online profile that she was nothing more than a party girl with little time for studies. Whenever he confronted these male tutors about her consistently high marks, they talked with such reverence for her as if she was their own daughter.

And now this. The thought of Katrina and her smug friends, ordering fine young men like Erik Forsberg to unclothe and submit to them, to expose their innermost secrets to them? It was dizzying for Leo. But to his shame, he felt his penis press excitedly against his briefs, it was rock hard.

“I – I can’t believe Erik is part of this. He has his training to focus on!” Leo spluttered.

Ester smiled knowingly, “Oh yes he is. In fact he was my personal butler the last time I checked in on one of their meetings. A most obliging young man. A real credit to the Society.”

Leo stared at her in a daze. She seemed very pleased with herself to reveal this. He had to know;

“You mean, you saw Erik? Nude?”

Ester paused to make her point before leaning forward with a grin, “-Completely. He served me drinks all night, charming boy, and he never sought to cover up, not once. He knew it was my right, as a woman, to see him for what he truly is: A naked male that accepts female superiority as a way of life. If only all our male students were as enlightened as him…or even our male staff.”

Burning with embarrassment and the shame of picturing naked Erik having to serve Ester, Leo remained silent, trying to take in this secret world that he had stumbled upon. He bowed his head as he couldn’t bear to look at the smug sense of satisfaction in Ester’s smirk. After a brief moment of silence, Ester needled him further:

“You’re clearly intrigued Leo. You want to see what this reversal of power would look like don’t you? Why don’t you stop by there this Friday? If only to assure yourself that it’s worth the funding allocated?”

Still looking down at his desk he meekly nodded his head, he needed to see this. He wanted to see this.

“-Oh and don’t worry Leo. I’m sure they’ll make an exception and allow you to keep your kit on!”

Her mocking words and subsequent laughter awoke a once dormant desire in the shame-faced Leo. He wanted to see what female rule looked like, he just had to see the ever-entitled Katrina and her girlfriends in charge of naked men.


It was a sultry Friday evening. Leo blamed this rare autumn heat for his profuse sweating though deep down he knew it was trepidation of what he was about to witness. He was wearing a heavy woollen suit in an attempt to exude presence and authority. Escaping the humid climate he descended the stairs down to a function room he had been directed to in an email from Katrina Nyberg. She had sounded very enthusiastic in her reply when he had messaged her, meekly asking if he could possibly pop in to a meeting, just to check everything was in order. This tiny level of interaction with this beautiful young woman had been enough for Leo to drop his trousers, lock his office door and masturbate to her facebook pictures yet again.

And now he was just seconds away from entering her domain. Leo was panting slightly, as he entered a door which led to the designated function room. What he found should not have surprised him and yet he audibly gasped in shock. Guarding the closed door with two young male students. He recognised both of them from the varsity rugby team. And both were naked. Completely exposed to him. Standing obediently to guard the door without a shred of clothing to shield their modesty. Leo drank in the sight. Both were short, but very muscular. They looked more like body builders than athletes, real beefcakes. Nevşehir Escort Bayan

His eyes dropped to between their huge thighs to discover two very small sets of cocks and balls. He couldn’t help but stare at their small offerings, completely out of proportion with the rest of their godlike physiques. It was only later in the week Leo would realise this was the work of an overloaded steroids program but at the time it give him a slightly smug sense of satisfaction that these young studs couldn’t hide their obvious flaws to anybody here.

Painfully aware that the Chancellor of the University was staring hard at his penis, the boy on the left let out an embarrassed chuckle and placed a protective hand around his groin, easily covering up everything he had with just one palm. Leo snapped back to reality, straightening up, he apologised to the two men for staring.

They greeted him warmly enough, explaining that they had orders from the exec that he was allowed in ‘clothed.’ Leo felt a little foolish as he mumbled some words of thanks; that he should have to be grateful to the women for allowing him such basic dignity. They simply asked that he hand over his phone, the Society was a very private affair.

Handing over his phone in the safe knowledge that at least no-one could take a candid pic of him in there, Leo shook himself down and prepared to be allowed in. The boy on the left, still blushing from his exposure before Leo, opened the door and led him in. The music hit Leo first, a racy style of electronica. The lights were partially dimmed but the full vista was suddenly unveiled fully for Leo. His eyes raced across, trying to take in every astonishing detail.

Among the elegant dresses and shining jewelry, the high heels, the perfectly coiffured hairstyles, these cute feminine forms, were a dozen men – a dozen nude men. While these fabulous visions of female beauty sat on couches or huddled together talking in excited tones, the men were clearly there in servitude. Several young, fit, naked men walked slowly among the ladies, their exposed penises hanging low, holding silver trays filled with champagne flutes. Occasionally a girl would summon a butler over, take one without comment, and then shoo him away with a playful slap to his ass.

Leo tried to identify the role of each man. While most were relegated to butler duties, some seem to have other tasks. A handsome black man was kneeling on all fours next to one armchair. Upon his bare back rested the small feet of a very petite geeky looking white girl who couldn’t be older than a fresher. She seemed to have no interest in him and was busy reading a journal of some sort.

Leo was struck by this image of interracial servitude. He couldn’t resist bending down to look beneath the black boy, only to find a long, heavy stallion of a penis encased in some sort of metal jewellery case. Tapping the usher boy who let him in on the arm, he pointed to this and quietly asked what it was.

“Oh that’s a male chastity device. A cock cage. Yes that girl has exams coming up in two months and felt that while she revised hard the least he could do was go without his erections.”

Leo was puzzled by such an arrangement, “So he’s her boyfriend?”

“-Oh no.” Replied the usher casually, “She just wanted him to go without. Any girl here can make any request on a man. If the exec approve it, we have to obey.”

“But why?”

“Because girls rule.” Replied the boy in a very matter of fact tone, “We accept the need for male servitude. Our role is to assist and serve these ladies in any way they wish.”

Leo noticed another young man wearing one of these infernal metal devices around his penis, another had some sort of ring around his balls to which a leash was attached and being led by a very serious looking girl. The boy winced as she marched across the room, his balls being painfully dragged before him. One or two boys had bows tied around their dicks in pretty colours, another had what looked like elastic bands wrapped tightly around his scrotum, which had turned a terrifying blue. While he was eager to inspect the vixens that had made it to this elite society he could not take his eyes of inspecting the young naked men on offer.

There was certainly a mixture; most were very well toned and muscular but some of the younger ones were barely into their development. Their smooth skin and small floppy little cocks hidden away in emerging bushes of pubic hair contrasted starkly to the ripped athletes. Two of the group were black, both reduced to kneeling footstools for the young ladies.

Leo’s voyeurism was interrupted by the distinct male voice.

“Good evening sir. Champagne?”

Stood before him was Erik, holding a tray of flutes. On full display was his beautifully chiselled torso, ripped abs and powerful legs that stood wide apart. Dangling low between them, Leo was not surprised. The young stud had a thick, heavy penis with two large testicles. He was completely shaved. Escort Nevşehir Young, hung and full of cum for certain! Leo was jealous of the young man with such a bright future ahead of him before, but now he was positively sick with envy.

Two nubile young girls walked behind Erik, as they passed one teasingly scraped her nails along the back of his shoulder blades whilst the other seemed to take a shameless grab at his steel buns. Erik laughed and exchanged pleasantries with the girls, seemingly completely at ease with his exposed state.

Catching the scent of their intoxicating perfume, Leo took the time to size up the young ladies privileged enough to be part of such a female-centric society. It was clearly considered something to dress up for as all were attired in party-style dresses, like they were going to a prom. This ageing man could not help but feel aroused by these confident young ladies, dressed to impress yet seemingly at ease with their authority over the subjugated nude men.

Leo spotted the ebony beauty of Tamika. Her famous large boobs were practically spilling out of a low-cut dark blue dress. To Leo’s delight these magnificent breasts jiggled about as Tamika roughly tied a pink bow around a young white boy’s small penis whilst verbally scolding him. Noticing the Chancellor’s fascination, Erik helpfully offered an explanation:

“All guys in their trial periods of membership must wear a pink bow, down there. Tamika is very much an enforcer of the rules.”

Leo said nothing as he watched with a certain degree of fear as the young black woman slapped the freshmen across the face before pulling him over her lap and unleashing a series of loud spanks to his ass. The boy whimpered but took his punishment, as a small group of girls formed around him, gleefully goading on Tamika as she beat his ass red with merciless rhythm.

Watching this admonishment, Leo suddenly recalled a similar spanking he once received as a teenager, by the hand of his aunt. He’d been blamed for something his cousin Stacey had done and was reduced to tears as his aunt dished out the unfair punishment, with Stacey watching on in glee. He couldn’t explain why, but seeing this humiliating form of punishment inflicted upon this naked freshmen, Leo felt excited and fully supportive, silently urging Tamika on as she brought down her powerful black hand down onto his terrified white ass, provoking a pathetic yelp and desperate pleas to stop.

“Enjoying the show are we?”

It was Katrina. Appearing next to him, looking like a true winter queen. She was wearing a pale silver dress that was so short it exposed most of her naked thighs. Her silver high heels sparkled with jewels, as did the extravagant diamond necklace around her slender neck. Her blonde hair fell loosely down her back all the way down to her waist. Leo could not tell if she wore makeup or not, her youthful features looked so natural and effortless to him. A plunging neckline beautifully complimented her pert, braless, apple-like breasts.

In a moment of mad lust, Leo guiltily thought about how he could reach out and grab either side of her neckline and rip it apart to expose her small pale breasts. In an instant he could forcibly drag down this delicate piece of fabric to strip her down to what? Perhaps a lacy thong, a g-string? What gorgeous lingerie did this rich young lady hide away under that dress? How vulnerable she would be, standing there naked before him, clutching her small breasts in embarrassment as he undressed her.

Regaining his composure, the sound of the spanking brought Leo back to earth. Instead of Katrina, it was manhood being stripped in such a humiliating fashion. As Leo looked on in a daze, Katrina toyed with Erik’s penis as she whispered suggestively into his ear. Her slender fingers expertly worked their way from tickling his large testicles to roaming their way along the mighty shaft. As she finished making her point, Leo noticed her hand suddenly cupped Erik’s balls sharply, eliciting a grunt and ready agreement from Erik on whatever this goddess had been whispering to him. With a final squeeze to his balls, she motioned for him to go away and leave her with a panting Leo. A semi-erect Erik dutifully walked away and offered his tray of drinks to the group of young ladies watching the spanking.

“Welcome to our little club sir!” Katrina beamed an enchanting smile at Leo whilst pushing her chest forward so her breasts were within touching distance for him, “We’re absolutely delighted to have you here. It’s too fabulous!” Handing him a glass of champagne from a passing naked butler, Katrina raised her glass in turn, flirtatiously suggesting a toast;

“To womanhood?”

Leo knew he’d happily agree to anything this enchantress had to say at this point. “Yes, to womanhood. And to you Katrina!”

“-Why thank you sir!” She responded, leaning forward to slowly place a kiss on his stubbly, weather-beaten cheek.

Leo stood paralysed as she pressed against him. His eyes then lowered to enjoy the full cleavage of Katrina’s flimsy dress. He lightly placed his hand on the small of her back as he clumsily returned the kiss and risked everything in a brief moment by lowering his hand to briefly touch her cute derriere as they separated.

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