College Fund Ch. 01

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So I am standing before Billy’s boss near the swimming pool, my heart fluttering as I gaze into his clear blue eyes. He is complimenting me on my good looks and firm and trim body. I barely hear his words; I am concentrating on controlling my breathing and trembling hands.

I have never felt this awkward and nervous around a man, but then again, I have never met a man as rich, handsome and totally at ease with the power he has over others. I am hypnotized by his charm and personality, and most of all, his wide and beautiful smile.

Suddenly from behind, a pair of hands are on my hips, and before I can react my nylon gym shorts are quickly pulled down my legs and land on the concrete around my feet.

Oh my God, Billy just pantsed me in front of his boss. All I am wearing now are tiny red, string bikini briefs; I feel my face glow and imagine it’s almost as red as my briefs.

Tommy (yes, he said I could call him Tommy), chuckles softly and says, “There – that’s better – now you fit in.”

I must say when Billy and I arrived at the party and were escorted outside to the large pool area, I was surprised to see the attire of the party guests. Not so much the older men, they wore mainly the latest in manly swimming wear, but the younger guys were wearing skimpy briefs like mine, or jockstraps that exposed their bare butts to everyone…at least my butt was encased in cotton.

I never know what to say or how to act around people I respect and admire.

When I’m with ‘regular’ people like myself, I do just fine. I can easily keep up my end of a conversation. I am comfortable with people whom I have much in common, but now here with Tommy, I remain silent and listen intently to his every word.

“I saw you looking at the cabana’s a while ago, would you like to see the inside of one?” he asks me.

“Uh, yeah, sure…” I answer and immediately regret my inability to voice a complete sentence.

I am stunned when he takes my small hand in his but do not pull away. My heart begins pounding and I am afraid being so close to me Tommy can hear it.

We are standing on the opposite side of the pool where the men and boys are gathered; the cabana’s are behind and next to us, but curiously, instead of taking me to the nearest cabana, he slowly leads me around the pool and we silently parade by the party guests.

I feel the eyes of the men drink in my nearly naked flesh. I hear muffled grunts of what I perceive to be approval of what they are seeing.

I am so scared I unconsciously squeeze Tommy’s hand, and instantly relax when his hand squeezes mine back. I am proud to walk next to him.

I surreptitiously glance at a large man seated nearby, and see that his eyes are focused on the bulge in my briefs. I experience a twinge of self-satisfaction knowing these tight-fitting bikini briefs gives the illusion my ‘package’ is much larger than it actually is. The man’s eyes never looked away from my croch.

We next pass by a man seated with a caramel-colored boy sitting on his lap. I quickly look away but my head swivels back to see the man’s hand inside the boy’s jockstrap.

Is he fondling the boy’s genitals? I silently ask myself. What kind of party is this?

My question is answered when we next stride by an older man standing, his hands gripping a kneeling boy’s ears as he slowly maneuvers an impressive erection in and out of the boy’s mouth.

I notice an expression of joy and bliss on the kneeling boys face as he eagerly takes as much of the man’s hard cock as he can between his obscenely rounded lips.

Oh my goodness – all of these scantily clad young boys are here to provide sex to the older men!

We finally reach the far end of the pool and Tommy leads me to the other side and to the first of a series of six cabana’s.

“Go ahead, open the door,” he says to me.

The door looks made of light bamboo but when I pull on the knob it won’t open.

Tommy chuckles and says, “You’ll need both hands – the door is made of heavy oak.”

I still struggle as I wrest it open. The small room is illuminated in red as we walk inside. The huge bed in the middle of the room is the first thing I see. You can’t help but notice it.

Once my eyes become accustomed to the soft red glow, I see a toilet in the corner to my right and a wash basin next to it. Then I see on either side of the bed, small tables with bowls containing – what are those? Condoms? Bottles of lotion? Are those long, phallic-shaped objects really dildos?

Something in the corner of my eye causes my head to turn and I see objects hanging from the wall. A cold shiver races up my spine when I recognize various lengths and thicknesses of belts, chains and whips.

Tommy must have seen the expression on my face of what – Fear? Dread? Astonishment?

“These look like simple bamboo huts, but they were built with extreme discretion in mind…if a man prefers to have his boy screaming and crying – no one outside will be able to hear anything at all,” he says as though his explanation is normal and makes perfect sense.

I gaziantep escort am speechless. Should I run for the door and get out of here as fast as I can?

Tommy can feel my hand trembling in his. He pats the end of the bed and says, “Sit next to me.”

I try to distance myself from him but he won’t have it; he sits so close to me the heat from his thigh on my flesh becomes unnerving…my prick begins to twitch inside my briefs.

He puts his arm around me and I feel his strength as he pulls my upper body closer to him.

I become keenly aware that I am sitting in my undies next to a man wearing only gym shorts that bear the logo of his fitness centers. His hand tries to soothe me by gently stroking my shoulders and back.

“Billy has told me everything he knows about you,” he says. “I must say, he has piqued my interest in you.”

Really…why? I briefly wondered before I remembered what kind of a ‘hut’ I was now inside. I again consider running for the door but am unable to move – I sit frozen beside the muscular man.

“He tells me you are smart, fun to be with, and possess a good sense of humor…but best of all – you are a very agreeable young man, and you follow directions nicely,” he says with conviction.

Agreeable? Follow directions nicely? What does that mean?

“I understand you earn minimum wage at a job you do not care for – a very physical job, at that…perhaps you may want to make a career change and begin earning ‘real’ money? Would you be interested if I offered you a position in one of my fitness centers? Has Billy told you the kind of money he makes working for me?”

“Uh, well, yes – he says he makes great tips every night,” I answer.

Billy had told me he makes anywhere from $200 – $300 a night in tips. When I asked him what he did to earn that money he became vague, saying only the work was easy, and mostly fun.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when Tommy placed his hand high on my thigh and squeezed. When he began stroking my inner thigh my penis instantly stiffened inside my briefs.

I turned my head and closed my eyes hoping Tommy didn’t notice his hand had given me a hard-on.

I heard him chuckle then felt his hand close around my boner. Uh-oh…too late.

“Yes, Billy also said you respond very well to stimulation…” he said then softly chuckled again.

He squeezed my hard prick and gave it several strokes before he withdrew his hand.

My breathing had become labored. When his fingers found my nipple and pinched at it, I let out a surprised “OH”!!

When he pinched and tugged at the other nipple I tried to break away but another hand held me firm. I became overwhelmed with my powerlessness. My prick throbbed…for the first time in my life I realized the strength of a real man excites me.

In almost a whisper he said, “If you want to be successful in this business – NEVER pull away from a mans touch!”

My immediate response was “I’m sorry.”

Huh? What? Why did I say that? Here I am with a near stranger who is molesting and touching the most intimate parts of my body and I apologize???

His hand moves over my chest then down my legs.

“It’s nice you have very little body hair…it will make it that much easier when Billy removes all of it,” he casually says.

Then adds: “Only of course, if you choose to accept my offer.”

His hands have driven me crazy. My prick is getting ready to explode inside my briefs. I fight like heck to prevent that from happening. That would be my ultimate humiliation.

“Yes,” he said softly, “…you respond very well to a mans touch…by the way, we use the term ‘donations’ – not ‘tips’ to describe the extra money you may earn working for me…and quite frankly, you are so pretty with such a soft and firm body I can see you earning more in ‘donations’ than even Billy.”

What is going on here? I didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry. I thought Billy and I had become close friends. Now it seems, he was just recruiting me for his boss. It was time to stand my ground.

“M-Mister Marlowe, I–-“

“Tommy, call me Tommy,” he interrupted.

“Well, okay, uh, Tommy, I don’t know what to tell you…I mean your attention is, uh…well, kind of flattering, but to be honest with you I’m not even sure if I’m a – well, you know, gay,” I said. “I do like women…I’ve had sex with women…I’ve never been attracted to guys – I’ve never had sex with another guy!”

I heard him make ‘tsk’ noises then he said, “Johnny, please don’t insult me by lying to me…Billy told me you’ve been masturbating him since you two met…in fact, he tells me you get so excited playing with his cock he only has to give you a couple tugs before you squirt gallons of cum…so please don’t tell me you don’t like feeling men’s cocks and balls in your hands!”

My face burned the brightest red ever.

He added: “And by the way, didn’t you confess to Billy that you once picked up a man in some park in your hometown and when he tried to fuck you in the ass you got frightened – not because you thought there was something morally wrong with bending over and taking a man’s cock in your ass, no, you simply thought his cock was too big and it would hurt you – didn’t you end up masturbating him, too?”

Oh my goodness – I’d forgotten I told Billy that story one night when we were drinking.

“Don’t disrespect me by professing your love of women…Billy told me you had sex with one girl and before you even finished the condom fell off your small dick and stuck inside her cunt…what did she make you do?”

I looked at the floor. I forgot I’d told Billy that story the same night as the other story – darn alcohol!

“Well – tell me what she had you do?” he said loudly.

Can I say this out loud to a man I just met?

“Well, I’m waiting…” he said.

“I…uh, she made me get it out of her pussy with my tongue…” I said, feeling as low as I ever have.

“…and didn’t you tell Billy you hated having your lips and tongue ‘down there’?”

“Well, uh…yes, I didn’t much like it,” I reluctantly admitted to him.

“Johnny,” he said lowering his voice, “…Billy only wants to help you – he really-really likes you…personally, I think he has a crush on you…anyway, I believe the three of us know what kind of boy you are, Johnny, and we only want the best for you.”

His hands were back on my thighs and chest. Squeezing, kneading flesh, pinching nipples.

My prick, which went limp from his stinging words, began to respond and was soon poking out the cotton fabric of my briefs.

Tommy leaned in close and I felt his hot breath in my ear. I leapt straight up when his tongue dived inside my ear.

“Billy tells me you’re a wonderful kisser,” his hot breath whispered in my ear, “…kiss me, Johnny – I know you want to kiss me…”

He turned my face to his, our noses touching. I finally managed to get up the courage to look into his eyes. I saw nothing but tenderness, and what else – Lust? Desire?

He cradled my head in his hands and pressed his lips to mine. The heat from his lips caused me to moan into his open mouth. Stars danced before my eyes; our tongues melded into one.

“Unnnggghhhhhh…” I groaned when his hand squeezed and stroked my hard prick thru my briefs.

“Oh-oh-oh-oh…YES-YES-YES-YES-YES-YES…” I shouted as spasm-after-spasm wracked my body and I filled my briefs with semen and sperm.

When I came to rest he presented his cum-glistened hand to my face and said, “I want you to taste yourself – lick my hand clean!”

I moaned, hesitated, then licked my fluids from his hand until he pulled it away.

He whispered, “What about me, Johnny – ‘are you going to offer me a helping hand’?”

Those were the same words Billy said to me every night for the past two weeks.

I groaned and simply responded, “Ohhh, yesssssss…”

Tommy lifted his hips and pushed down his shorts exposing the most beautiful penis I’d ever seen.

It had to be seven-inches long and when I took it in my hand my fingers barely made it all the way around.

“More pressure…” he said; and when I gripped it harder he said, “That’s perfect!”

Okay, I thought to myself, Tommy likes his squeezed harder than Billy does.

He had me go slowly at first.

“Your hand feels so good I want it to last a long, long time,” he said then kissed me with his hot and full lips again.

I couldn’t get enough of the heat from his manly cockflesh in my hand. I squeezed and stroked-and-stroked-and-stroked-and-stroked-and-stroked-and-stroked…

I suddenly remembered what Billy likes me to do, so with my other hand, I found his scrotum and cradled it in my hand and gently rolled his heavy balls with my fingers.

“Faster…make me cum,” he finally said and I obeyed him.

When I felt his balls slowly rising in their sac my hand became a blur on his manly cock.

He suddenly blurted out, “Take it in your mouth, Johnny – I want you to taste my cum – MAKE ME CUM IN YOUR MOUTH, JOHNNY – DO IT NOW, BOY!”

His words so startled me I automatically did what I was told without even thinking about the ramifications of taking a man’s hard cock in my mouth for the very first time.

Easier said than done. His cockhead was so big I struggled to get the whole glans inside my mouth. I took deep gulps of air thru my nostrils then used my tongue the best I knew how.

I lathered his cockhead with saliva and when he began to groan I stroked his hot shaft as fast as I could and sucked on his glans.

The first volley of sperm and semen surprised me, and I almost choked, but I was able to swallow most of it and readied myself for what was to come (cum), hahaha…

I had no clue a man’s balls could hold that much liquid.

I could vaguely hear him shouting “SWALLOW IT, JOHNNY – SWALLOW IT – SWALLOW IT – SWALLOW IT…”

I swallowed as much as I could but it wasn’t nearly enough. Huge gobs of cum escaped my lips and dribbled down his cock and gathered at the base to form a sizable pond.

When his body finally came to rest he pulled his deflating penis from my mouth and pushed my head downward and said, “Lick it all up, Johnny…be a good boy and lick up all the cum you didn’t swallow!”

I simply groaned, “Yes, Tommy” and did what I was told to do.

I couldn’t believe I had another erection in such a short time…maybe I am queer – how else can I explain the excitement I felt of having a man’s hard penis in my mouth?

He smiled when I raised my head and saw my face shiny with his cum.

“That was pretty good for your first time – you’re going to get better and better with more and more practice,” he said with a wink.

His words made me blush. What made him think I wanted more and more practice?

I suddenly became aware of the aftertaste of his sperm and semen…it wasn’t too bad. For some reason I thought cum would be bitter and rather nasty – Tommy’s isn’t…and when I wondered what Billy tasted like I made myself blush for even thinking about it.

“Okay, Johnny, here is what I’m proposing…” he said all business-like. “I will hire you to work at center number four – your official title will be ‘Towel Boy’…like all of my boys, you’ll earn minimum wage and will get to keep all your donations…however, before you can start, you’ll have to ask Billy to teach you how to massage men – the better massage you give naturally means more in donations for you…”

Okay, that doesn’t sound so bad. It sure would beat unloading trucks for a living.

“Now you won’t earn nearly what Billy earns because, well, quite frankly you’ll only be offering a limited skill set…” he said; then added when he saw the puzzled expression on my face: “Johnny, in this business, the more you are willing to do for a man, the more generous he will be towards your charity.”

Charity? That’s an odd way of putting it!

A thought occurred to me that I wasn’t sure if I should mention…but it is serious so I decided to go ahead and ask: “Tommy, I don’t know how to say this but, uh, isn’t prostitution illegal here?”

By the expression on his face you would have thought I’d stuck him in the heart with a knife.

“Who said anything about that?” he asked sharply. “You’re simply giving men towels and an occasional massage – whatever else they may ask for is purely up to you!”

“Sorry, Tommy, I didn’t mean to–-“

He interrupted me. “Johnny, I can see why you are confused…you come here tonight and see all these pretty boys and older men and obviously sex is going on all around us, but this isn’t part of the fitness centers…no, all of these men belong to ‘The Inner Circle’ – it is a private club I started that caters to only the wealthiest people in the state – in the country, for that matter…now it’s true the boys here all have jobs at the fitness centers, but if they excel at what they do – they are invited to all ‘Inner Circle’ parties…frankly, the parties are where they get their biggest donations!”

“Oh, I understand,” I said, not understanding any of it at all.

“When you leave here with Billy tonight, ask him about working at the fitness centers, I will tell him it is okay for him to explain everything to you.”

“Oh, okay, I will ask him,” I said.

“Johnny, personally I think you’d have a very prosperous career if you choose to join us…it may take awhile for you to get established and develop your own client list, but once you do there is no limit on how much you can earn – hell, the sky’s the limit – have Billy teach you…like I said, he likes you an awful lot, and from what I can see, you like him, too.”

I blushed one more time – darn it!

“Will, uh, will I ever get to see you again?” I asked shyly.

He put his arm around me and hugged me close.

“Johnny, you’re the prettiest boy I’ve seen in a long time and I like you a lot too, but, uh, well, there’s one thing you should know about me…”

“What’s that?” I eagerly ask him.

He smiles and says, “Johnny, to put it bluntly, I prefer boys who are experienced – who have already mastered the art of pleasing men…I don’t like to train newbies…I like a boy who can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch and swallow every drop I give him…and I certainly don’t want to force my seven-incher into a bending boy only to have him whine and cry that I’m too big…see what I’m saying here?”

I averted my eyes and softly answered, “Oh, uh, yeah, sure, I know what you mean…”

He winked at me and said, “Believe me cutie, I’ll have you in my bed once you’re broken in…maybe you can – nah, I won’t say it.”

“Maybe I can what? Go ahead and say it,” I said with enthusiasm.

“All I was going to say is maybe you can ask Billy to teach you those things – better yet, seduce him – romance him – make him believe you really do want to suck his cock…he will be thrilled to teach you how to do it properly – that is…”

“What?” I ask.

“That is if you have the courage to admit you like men – this is a pivotal moment in your life…you can take charge of your own life and live life to it’s fullest, or live a life of denial, boredom and frustration…if you make the wrong choice, I guarantee you will hate yourself for the rest of your miserable little life!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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