College Girl and Her Daddy

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(Please give me feedback, I want to know if you all like this work, that will let me know if I should or should not continue to make submissions…this is a fictional piece, and my incestuous activities are merely my own fantasies.)


My name is Lexi, I’m a very sexually aroused teenage girl that has been in college for only a few weeks. I am a little homesick, but I’m going to make it just fine. I’ve already made quite a few new friends here at school and we’re all planning to go out tonight. I was lucky enough to get a room to myself, my roommate backed out at the last minute and got an off-campus apartment and nobody else needed a room. I come from a European and Puerto Rican background, my father is White and my mother is Puerto Rican. Anyway…I am 18, approximately 5’6, 130lbs. Perky 34C tits and an ass that I inherited from my Latina mother. I have always been close to my parents (it helps that I am the only child) particularly my father. He was always the one I went to when my mother was angry. It was especially hard for the two of us to part ways when I moved away for school, but we keep in touch and I plan to go home for monthly visits. My father has always been a handsome man, very athletic and has a body all my friends want to jump on; however, I never looked at him in a sexual way….until now.

Walking around my room naked, getting ready to go out I’m standing in front of my make-shift closet that they provide for us throwing possible outfits onto the bed for me to sort through in a minute. With the music playing, I don’t hear my door open…still throwing clothes on the bed my dad chuckles to himself, knowing that I’m getting annoyed, complaining that I never have anything to wear. Still not noticing that he’s in the room, I stand naked in front of him, in all my glory, searching through my clothes, beginning to eliminate things I don’t want to wear. In the meantime my dad is standing there in shock, not realizing that I was naked and unable to say anything he just stares at my gorgeous naturally tanned body. Seeing something in the corner of my eye I scream not realizing it’s my dad…throwing a book his way.

Beginning to laugh at my attempt to scare him away, he calls out “Baby girl, it’s just me. I didn’t mean to startle you, but I did want to surprise you for a visit.”

Walking towards me he goes to give me a hug, me trying to cover my naked body I just give it up noticing that I will never be able to cover all of this body with these small hands. Giving him a hug I give him a playful punch for startling me.

“Daddy, what are you doing here? I was planning to come out there next weekend.”

“I couldn’t wait to see my baby girl.” He told me as he was walking to my bed, clearing a spot for him to sit down.

Not caring that I’m naked since he’s already seen everything, I don’t bother to put on any clothes while I start to look through my clothes again for something to wear tonight. “I wish I would’ve known you were coming daddy, I wouldn’t have made any plans to go out tonight.”

“Oh baby, don’t worry about that, I’ll just hang out here until you get back, and we can enjoy the rest of the Şişli Escort weekend together.”

“No daddy I don’t want to leave you here alone….hey I have an idea, why don’t you just come with me?”

My dad started laughing at me and said, “Yea, I can see it now, the old perverted man at the club dancing with all these young college girls….no thanks, I’ll pass.”

“Awww daddy, you’re just being silly now. You are only 39 years old with a body of a 29 year old. Nobody will even question your age, besides, girls now-a-days like older men. Just come, please” Batting my eyes, walking towards you to sit on your lap, still naked…knowing you will not be able to resist me.

“Don’t you think it’s about time you put some clothes on before someone else walks in here seeing you sitting your daddy’s lap naked?” Daddy said as he patted my thigh.

“Nobody’s going to come in, besides, nobody knows you’re my dad and I’m about to get dressed anyway.” Grabbing the short jean mini skirt and the white semi-sheer top that makes an X across my chest to put on. “What do you think of this outfit daddy?”

“Do you want my opinion as your dad or as a man?” he said to me as he begin to smile at the idea of his baby girl prancing around in that outfit.

Grinning at you in a sort of a seductive way I tell you, “As a man, daddy.”

“It’s fucking hot!” he said without hesitation.

Laughing at your choice of words, I get up to slip on a pair of white lace g-string panties followed by the skirt I picked out. “Well, it looks like I’ll be wearing this tonight.” Grabbing the top I wrap it around my tits and have you tie it in the back for me. “So you’ve decided to come, right daddy?”

“If you’re going to give me no choice, then I guess I’m coming, but I don’t have anything to wear.” He said looking down at his outfit.

“Oh, now you’re just using that as an excuse” Grabbing the bag you brought in with you, I look through it and pull out a nice lacoste polo and a pair of khaki shorts. “This will work just fine daddy.” Pulling out a pair of 3″ open toe shoes that strap up to the knee I take my time putting those on while you change into your clothes. Looking over at you in just your boxer briefs I take notice that you have a raging hard-on. Getting a little wet from the idea that I made my daddy hard I look away so you don’t notice me starring at you. Thinking to myself…’This will be a fun night.’

Standing up in front of the mirror, I straighten my hair and put on my make-up looking myself up and down. “God I’m hot daddy, don’t you think?”

Smiling at my confidence, “You are gorgeous sweetheart, and you know it.” He said as he looked over my body.

“Well, I’m ready to go.” I finish by putting on some jewelry that you’ve given me over the years. “Tara already knows that I’m meeting her there, so we should head out so we don’t miss out on any of the fun.”

“I’m right behind you baby.” He says to me as he let’s me lead the way.

Pulling up to the club with you, everyone is starring at us…looking at us as if we are the new, hot couple. We walk in together and I don’t see Tara, thinking she hasn’t Şişli Escort Bayan made it yet we walk to the middle of the dance floor where all the energy is at. You lean in, whispering in my ear, asking me if I’d like for you to get us a couple of drinks. Nodding my head, you walk away, getting me what one of the girls at the bar had and you a Crown and Coke, bringing it to us, you take notice that I’ve already got the party started with one of the girls there, dancing with her sexually. I smile at you as you hand me my drink and start to dance as well. Deciding to tease you a little, I run my free hand along her body and tits, leaning in to kiss her….beginning to make-out with her, I hand you my drink to hold as I start to get into it. Peeking beyond her I see your hard dick straining at your khakis. Finishing up our kiss I wink at her and walk away towards you, grabbing my drink I smile at you and start to dance on you.

“Wow Lexi, when did you become such a sexy woman?” You lean in, talking directly into my ear so that I can hear you over the music.

You finishing your drink and just dropping the cup to the floor, you grab hold of my hips as I dance on you…I look deep into your eyes, my look changing from fun to plain lust. Wanting you, I drop my drink to the floor with only a little left in it and wrap my arms around your neck. Leaning in to whisper in your ear “Daddy, are you getting as hot as I am?” Already knowing the answer, I just want to hear you say it.

“Baby girl, you have me in this club with a hard-on the size of a bat…you know just what to do to make a man want you.” He said to me with lust in his eyes.

Smiling at your honesty I lean in for a kiss….slipping my tongue past your lips. “I know it’s not the alcohol talking either because we’ve only had one drink.” I say, smiling at you, grabbing between your legs, I gently rub on your dick. Nobody’s able to see anything because it’s dark and the club is crowded. Hearing you moan in my ear you run your hands along my ass, grabbing it, lifting up my skirt. “Oh daddy, I want you so bad.” I whisper in your ear, unzipping your pants I slip my hand in rubbing your dick through the boxer briefs you are wearing, making you even harder with my touch. Not being able to take it you lift me up and start dry humping me on the floor as if we were just ‘freak dancing.’

“Lexi, if you don’t stop, I’m going to end up fucking you right here on the dance floor.” You say to me, now with lust also in your voice.

Softly moaning in your ear, telling you how much I just might enjoy that, you carry me off the floor and out the door…Tara noticing me and calling out for me, but I just blow her off…all of my attention is on you. We barely make it off the floor without fucking, you take the keys to drive back to the dorm so that you can get us there faster…taking this as an opportunity, I pull your dick out of your pants and lean in to give you one of the best blow jobs I’ve ever given. Taking your fat, 8 inch dick in my hands I spit on it and start to jerk it off a little before wrapping my lips around that purple head of yours…that’s ready to cum from Escort Şişli the constant teasing all night. Wanting to get the first nut out of the way, I quickly start to suck your dick, the bumps in the road making my head bounce up and down it…deep throating it all the way back to the dorm. You, barely able to concentrate on driving have one hand on the wheel and the other on my head.

“Oh God Lexi, you’re going to make me cum in your mouth already.” You barely get out because of your inability to breathe properly.

Wanting you to, I relax my throat and let your dick slide deep down, sucking harder on your dick as I squeeze your balls gently, feeling your dick grow in my mouth, your seed pumps down my throat just as we’re pulling up to my dorm building. Getting up grinning I lick my lips and open my mouth wide showing you that your baby girl just swallowed all of your sticky cum. “It’s my turn to be pleasured now daddy.” I say as I climb out of the car.

Holding your arms out for me to jump in them after you fix your clothes, I wrap my legs around your back as you carry me inside…your right hand under my skirt, pushing past my panties to my wet pussy…starting to rub on my clean shaven pussy. “Mmmmm daddy, you see how horny you’ve made your little girl.”

Without saying anything you walk into my room and throw me on the bed. Stripping out of your clothes you climb on top of me, ripping off my panties underneath the skirt and with everything else still on, you grab me and with one hand, you old my lower back, with the other you grab my right leg and have it wrap behind you as you ram your dick right into my awaiting pussy.

Screaming out in pure pleasure I spread my legs wide and pull my tits out of my top, letting them bounce around with your royal fucking. “Daddy, your fat dick feels so good inside of my tight little pussy. Ahhh….fuck your baby girl daddy.”

Grabbing hold of my hips you hold my body still as you fuck my pussy raw. “Ahhhh yes Lexi, your pussy feels so good around my dick, why haven’t I fucked you sooner, God how can I be so fucking lucky?” You grunt out as you continue to fuck your baby girl.

Ignoring your question, I concentrate on my first orgasm…playing with my clit my body bouncing with your thrusts I feel my body shaking as I start to cum all over your dick.

“Ahhh…that’s it, cum for me, cum for your daddy baby girl. Ahhhhhhhhh yes!” After my orgasm is finished you flip me over onto my stomach and start to fuck me from behind, not slowing down you continue to slam fuck my pussy.

“Oh daddy you feel so good inside of me. I want you to cum for me daddy, fill me up with your hot seed.” Moaning into the pillow I feel another orgasm coming on already.

“Ahhhhhhhh you want me to cum inside baby?” You say with your hands wrapped around my tiny waist, holding onto me tightly.

“Yes daddy, fill me up, cum inside my pussy daddy.”

Turning you on to hear me beg for your cum you slam my pussy so hard and hold it there as your dick jerks inside of me, spurting your cum deep inside causing me to cum at the same time. “Ahhhhhh that was fucking awesome!” You say as you collapse on my back, your dick is still inside of me as we roll over onto our sides. Holding me you whisper in my ear that when I come over next weekend we’re going to have to go out to a club or something.

(Part II may be coming soon…just be sure to look for it)

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