College Girls Ch. 20

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When my Behavioral Studies teacher, Miss Compton, found out that I’d slept with my Calculus teacher to raise my grade, she threatened to have me expelled from college. She also threatened to nullify my transcript unless I participated in her research project. The intent of the project is to study people’s reactions to public nudity. I was given the choice to either become the exhibitionist that would share my naked body in the name of science or get kicked out of college. As an alternative to expulsion, I opted to become Miss Compton’s blackmailed sex slave and I now must expose myself on her command.

It had been more than a week since Miss Compton forced me to publicly humiliate myself and I was hoping that she’d given up on her nude pet project. Then one day after class, she asked me to accompany her to the prison where she performs counseling, so I knew that she had something in mind. I was not aware that I was going to travel to a prison, so I was not dressed appropriately. I wore a short purple mini dress that wrapped around the front of me. A single tie above my left hip held the dress together. Underneath the dress, I wore a pair of silky white panties and a strapless bra.

On the drive over to the prison, Miss Compton said, “You have on your pretty purple dress again, but you also wore a bra.”

I said, “You know how this dress separates and gaps on top. Its too easy for someone to look down the front of my dress and see my breasts if I’m not wearing a bra.”

Miss Compton said, “Don’t forget what happened last time! You refused to remove your bra, so I cut it off with a scissors.”

I pleaded, “But last time we were just in your office. This time you’re taking me to a prison. It would be dangerous for me to parade around with my braless breasts hanging out. There will be all those prisoners looking at me, not to mention all the guards.”

Miss Compton said sternly, “I’ll cut the bra off again if I have to!”

I said, “Well I can’t afford to lose another bra, so I guess you win.”

I reached inside the top of my dress and unhooked the bra. I pulled it off and tossed it in the back seat of the big SUV. Now my natural, medium sized breasts bounced in rhythm with the motion of the truck as we headed down the highway.

I looked over at Miss Compton and noticed that she was dressed rather provocatively for a prison trip. She was wearing a thin white blouse with a flimsy bra underneath. Even with a bra, I could see the shadows of her nipples showing through her blouse. Miss Compton also had on a relatively short skirt and she wasn’t wearing pantyhose.

I innocently asked, “Are you wearing anything under your skirt?”

Miss Compton replied by raising the hem of the skirt high enough to expose a pair of white see-through panties. Her beautiful brunette bush was clearly visible under the thin material.

I said, “I would think that there are rules against what you’re doing. If you’re not allowed to date your patients, then it surely must be against the rules to flash them.”

She said, “Who said anything about flashing? I’ve got panties on.”

I said, “Barely!”

She said, “Look, if the men want to peek up my skirt, then that’s their business. Besides, these aren’t the type of guys that would complain to the review board.”

Miss Compton continued, “And I need a little fun in my life. My fiancé ran off with a nineteen-year-old girl, followed by you telling me that you have no interest in me. Then my best girlfriend, who I didn’t even know was interested in having sex with other girls, makes a play for you and you spread your legs faster than a speeding bullet!”

I said, “You shouldn’t be jealous of Jodi. It just sort of happened between us. And you shouldn’t feel bad about yourself, either. You have a beautiful face with long dark hair and you’ve got those big tits. Your body is firm and well proportioned, and you have long shapely legs. You have a nice smile and for thirty-five years old, you’re really quite attractive.”

Miss Compton said, “Quit bringing up my age. You were really inflating my ego until you said that, you twenty-year-old brat!”

I said, “Sorry,” but Miss Compton still had a smile on her face, so I think I finally made her happy.

When Miss Compton and I arrived at the prison, a guard opened an electric door and then another guard met us on the other side. He said that he was going to lead us to a secured area, but to get there we had to travel across a walkway that was suspended above the prisoners’ rec. room. The walkway was constructed of a steel grate and a railing. The guard looked at the wire mesh openings in the floor of the walkway, then he looked at our short skirts and smiled.

The prisoners all stopped what they were doing and strolled over so that they were directly below us. Through the wire meshed steel grate that we were walking across, the prisoners could look right up at us. Since Miss Compton was wearing a short skirt and I was wearing a mini dress, the men could see görükle escort our panties!

I said, “All the men are looking up my dress. Why didn’t you let me wear pants?”

Miss Compton said, “I guess I forgot about it.”

As the prisoners started catcalling and whistling at us, I said, “Forgot? How can you forget something like this? All of the inmates can see our panties!”

When Miss Compton and the guard smiled at each other, I said, “You didn’t forget. You want them to look!”

From the look on the guard’s face, I figured that Miss Compton had pulled this stunt before. When we finally reached the other side of the walkway, we entered the secured area through a heavy door. Miss Compton and I were directed into a room with a table and a few chairs, but no windows. One of the chairs was bolted to the floor.

A prisoner was escorted into the room and each of his wrists were handcuffed to the arms of the bolted chair. The prisoner was around thirty and had sandy blonde hair. The guy was tall and even though he had a rough outer shell, he was still rather good-looking. It was hard to tell because of his orange prison suit, but he looked well built, too.

Miss Compton said, “This is Denny. He’s one of my favorite clients.”

I asked, “Why is he handcuffed?”

She said, “For our protection. My sessions must be kept confidential, so a guard can’t stay in the room with us and hear our conversation. However, Denny is perfectly harmless. He’s in jail for embezzlement, a white collar crime…and he still has a bundle of money hidden away!”

I guess there are women that are interested in a man with money, even if the man is in prison. Miss Compton was obviously interested in Denny and this evidently was not her first session with him. At the beginning of the session, Miss Compton and Denny were making small talk and it didn’t sound like it had anything to do with therapy.

Miss Compton said that she wanted to get started, but she intentionally dropped her pen on the floor and asked me to pick it up. When I bent over, the front of my dress fell away from my chest and Denny could look right down at my braless breasts. He had a clear view of my puffy pink nipples.

I was embarrassed because Denny and Miss Compton looked at each other and chuckled when I handed her the pen. Then Miss Compton dropped the pen, smiled at Denny and once again told me to pick it up. This time I had to bend over with my back to Denny and I could feel the hem of the short dress ride up in back, exposing my silky white panties to the man. I handed the pen to Miss Compton and sat down. Miss Compton was making me mad because she was treating me like a dog fetching a stick. I was also angry for having to bare my body to a convict.

Miss Compton looked at me and said, “Mindy, wipe that frown off your face. Denny is stuck in this place and he never gets to see any women.”

I sternly said, “Well then, let me show him one” and then I leaned over and lifted up Miss Compton’s skirt.

Miss Compton said, “Mindy, this is totally uncalled for,” but she made no attempt to push me away.

Miss Compton seemed to enjoy showing Denny her see-through panties and Denny appeared to enjoy looking at them. Then I noticed that Denny was squirming around in the chair. With his wrists handcuffed to the armrests, I could tell that it was very frustrating for Denny to have a couple of girls flashing him. I’m sure he hadn’t been with a woman in quite a while, so revealing Miss Compton’s panties to the poor guy was probably killing him inside. Since I despised criminals and I was getting pleasure from exposing Miss Compton, I decided to really torture the poor man.

I lifted the front of my mini dress and said, “See Denny, her panties are skimpier than mine. My little undies may be silky, but her panties are see-through!”

Miss Compton said, “Okay Mindy, that’s enough,” but she still allowed me to resume holding up her skirt.”

I continued, “Her panties don’t hide much more than if she wasn’t wearing anything at all,” and then I slipped my finger inside the waistband of her panties and began to slowly pull them down.

Denny’s eyes opened wide as I inched Miss Compton’s panties down in front. Her dark pussy hair was slowly revealed as I continued pulling on the see-through undies. When Miss Compton’s skimpy panties reached mid-thigh, her brunette bush was completely exposed to Denny. Miss Compton appeared to be a little embarrassed, but I received absolutely no resistance from her whatsoever, so I pushed her petite pair of underpants all the way to the floor. I then moved my hand up between her legs and began gently raking my fingernails through Miss Compton’s pleasure patch, much to the delight of everyone in the room.

I looked at Denny and said, “See what a pretty pussy Miss Compton has? It’s too bad you’re in handcuffs. Otherwise, you’d be able to touch it, but I guess you didn’t think of that when you were stealing someone else’s money!”

I bursa escort bayan detest delinquents that take advantage of innocent people and I knew that this little performance must have been driving Denny crazy. However, Miss Compton took offence to my statement.

She said, “That wasn’t necessary, Mindy. We’re here to help Denny, not judge him.”

I said, “Help him huh? Here, does this help?”

I pulled on the one tie holding my dress together and it separated in front. My medium sized natural breasts were out in the open for Denny to see, as well as my skimpy white panties. I sat down in the chair and let the dress fall to my sides, allowing Denny to examine my nearly naked body.

Denny licked his lips and said, “You have nice breasts!”

I leaned over in front of him and said, “Here, want to touch them?”

He started pulling hard against the handcuffs and then I said, “Oh I’m sorry. I forgot about the handcuffs. Too bad!”

Miss Compton said, “Stop it Mindy. That’s enough.”

I turned towards Miss Compton and she appeared to have that jealous look on her face.

I said, “You’re right. Why should I show him my tits when you’ve got such a nice rack to share.”

I leaned over and began unbuttoning Miss Compton’s blouse. I made sure to stand sideways so that Denny’s view of Miss Compton’s breasts would not be obstructed. One by one, I opened the buttons until I reached her waist.

Miss Compton said, “Mindy stop. You shouldn’t be doing this,” but we both knew that she didn’t want me to stop.

Miss Compton’s bra covered breasts were hanging out in the open for Denny to see. Then I reached behind Miss Compton’s back and unhooked her bra. Her big boobies spilled out right in front of Denny and Miss Compton’s round rosy nipples were now revealed to him. With Miss Compton’s panties on the floor and her legs spread apart, Denny could see her dark hairy triangle, too.

As I tickled Miss Compton’s nipples with my fingertips, I said, “She sure has some nice tits, doesn’t she Denny? And I’ll bet they taste good, too.”

Miss Compton said, “Mindy, look how flustered Denny is. You’ve got to stop taunting him like this. You’re driving him wild!”

I said, “Well, if he can’t taste your big titties, then I’ll have to do it for him,” and then I leaned over and began to lick Miss Compton’s nipples.

I said, “Mmm Denny, they taste real good!”

Denny was shifting around in his chair and trying to break free, but it was no use. He was trapped, so I pushed the torture even further.

I said, “Denny, let me show you something else that I think Miss Compton will like.”

I reached down between Miss Compton’s legs and slipped a finger inside of her pussy. Miss Compton was nice and wet as she spread her legs wide for me to work my magic. I began moving my finger all around and started sucking on her hard nipples at the same time.

Miss Compton said, “Please stop, Mindy. You’re taking this way too far.”

She told me to stop, but she had her hand on the back of my head, pushing my pouty lips against her hard nipples. She also continued to allow my finger to explore her wet pussy.

I asked, “Do you really want me to quit?”

Miss Compton moaned, “I think we should quit.”

I continued softly stroking Miss Compton’s pussy with my finger while I pressed my lips against her big tits. I was slightly bent over and since my dress was open in front, I was able to let the entire dress fall to my side, which completely exposed my silky white panties to Denny. The panties were low-cut and in my bent over position, some of my butt crack was showing above the waistband. I could also feel my underpants riding up a little, allowing my firm young butt checks to hang out below my skimpy undies. Miss Compton’s body felt as though it was tensing up and I could tell that she was thoroughly enjoying what I was doing.

Once again I asked, “Are you sure you want me to quit?”

She moaned, “I don’t know…I just don’t know” as she closed her eyes.

I moved my finger up Miss Compton’s wet slit and touched her little clitty. This made her body twitch, but then I returned to her love hole. When I moved up to Miss Compton’s clitty again, she tensed up and wiggled around in her chair, but again I returned to her pleasure place. I was having fun teasing Miss Compton and it really got her juices flowing.

My fingers continued to explore between Miss Compton’s long legs while I gently nibbling on her hard nipples. I could hear Denny’s handcuffs rattling against the metal chair, so I knew that this was having an affect on him, too. My intention was to torture and punish the criminal, and it appeared that I was succeeding.

I paused for a second and asked Miss Compton, “You don’t want me to quit, do you?”

Miss Compton whispered, “No, don’t quit. This feels wonderful!”

I looked over at Denny and said, “Yep Denny, she likes it. Her pussy is nice and wet, and listen to her soft moans. bursa escort I think she really likes it! Too bad you’re bolted down and handcuffed, or you could be doing this.”

Miss Compton moaned, “Please, quit tormenting Denny.”

I said, “You mean stop?”

She begged, “No, no…don’t stop. It feels so good. Just don’t make Denny feel bad because he can’t participate.”

I turned to Denny and asked, “Denny, am I making you feel bad?”

Then I pushed my white silky panties down to my thighs, revealing my neatly trimmed auburn bush and asked, “Does that make you feel bad? Does seeing a young girl’s pussy when you’re chained to a chair and can’t do anything about it make you feel bad?”

Denny said, “Oh man, bad is not the word I’d use, but you have no idea what you’re doing to me!”

I abruptly stopped stroking Miss Compton and said, “We have to stop because I have no idea what I’m doing to Denny.”

Miss Compton shrieked, “Oh please, don’t stop. You have no idea what you’re doing to me!”

I said, “Well, one thing at a time. Let’s find out what we’re doing to Denny.”

I reached down and with my tits practically touching Denny’s face, I unzipped his prison uniform and out popped his ridged manhood.

I said, “Wow, look how big it is!”

I looked over at Miss Compton and she was practically shaking because she was so close to ecstasy when I removed my finger from her wet pussy. I gently took Denny’s stiff rod in my soft hand and stroked it a little bit.

I said, “Miss Compton, I’ll bet you wish you had one of these inside of you right now.”

She replied, “You have no idea.”

Denny started moving around in his chair and demanded, “Harder, faster!”

I let go and said, “Nope, sorry. You’re a criminal and you have to pay for your crime.”

Denny said, “No, please no! I need this so badly!”

I just ignored Denny’s pleas and very slowly reached down to pull my panties up right in front of him. Then I closed my dress and tied it shut.

Denny pleaded, “Please don’t get dressed. You’re beautiful. I love your body!”

Miss Compton walked over and said, “Mindy, you’re just cruel. You got Denny and I both worked up and then you left us high and dry.”

I said, “Well then, why don’t you just take care of each other? Oh and by the way Miss Compton, you’re far from dry!”

She just gave me a smirk and moved towards Denny. Miss Compton leaned over and gave him a big kiss, and then she brushed her big tits against his face.

Miss Compton said to Denny, “You like ‘em don’t you!”

Denny began to suck on Miss Compton’s breasts and she moaned, “Mmm, that feels nice.”

Denny begged, “I need more. Please, I need you so bad.”

Miss Compton said, “You need me, you want me?”

Denny pleaded, “Yes…I want you bad, real bad!”

Miss Compton said, “Well, it’s so good to hear that a man wants me. I guess I can’t pass up this opportunity.”

Miss Compton turned around and lifted up her skirt. She bent over and showed her creamy white ass to Denny. Denny loved the view of Miss Compton’s beautiful butt right in front of him, but he was even happier when she backed up and guided his hard penis inside of her waiting pussy.

Miss Compton started moving up and down on Denny and appeared to be giving him a lap dance. However, she was giving him so much more! Soon Denny was deep inside of Miss Compton and she loved every second of it. With Miss Compton’s hands on the armrests of the chair for leverage, her unrestrained boobs moved around in front of her as she bounced up and down on Denny’s throbbing member.

They were both moaning and breathing heavy, so I said, “I guess my work here is done!”

I opened the metal door and walked out, securing the door behind me. I decided to wait in the hall until they were finished. There were two benches bolted down in the hallway facing each other with a few magazines laying on each of them. I took a seat on the bench and began paging through some auto magazine that had pictures of girls posing with cars. Then I started thinking about what I’d just done to Denny.

Teasing Denny was a lot of fun and I decided that I’d found my newest fetish. Being the one in control is much more enjoyable than being the one getting humiliated, like when Miss Compton forced me to flash my ass in the classroom. I suddenly realized that I got pleasure out of showing my body to guys in restraints that couldn’t do anything about it.

I especially enjoyed teasing these convicts because I despised them for the crimes that they’d committed. Somehow, I felt that flashing them while they were in handcuffs gave me the power to inflict more punishment on them for what they had done. Then a prisoner was escorted down the hallway and handcuffed to the bench across from me. The guard took a good look at me and then he told me how cute I was. I just blushed and thanked him.

He said, “The prisoner is secured, so he shouldn’t be any trouble, but I’ll be just down the hall if you need me. Let me know when you’ve finished your session.”

I said, “Okay, I will.”

Apparently, the guard thought I was the counselor. I was alone with a hardened felon and he was chained to a bench. I started thinking about all the possibilities!

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