College Swingers Ch. 03

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“So, what would you like to do for lunch?” Ann asked.

“Well,” I said, trying to play it cool, “there are a couple of burger joints, a good Chinese place, or we could go back to my place…”

Ann gave me that contemptuous look a woman gives you when she knows you’re just trying to get into her pants. “Let’s get Chinese,” she said.

I smiled and led the way.

Frankly, she was right. I did just want to get into her pants. After all, the first time we’d met was at a party, the highlight of which had been my hands down her pants. That evening had actually ended quite a bit later, with my wife and I taking Ann and her boyfriend home with us, to everyone’s mutual enjoyment. Unfortunately, owing to a regrettable lack of condoms, we still hadn’t actually hadn’t met Ann’s rather narrow definition of sex. I had been hoping to correct that today, but what the heck. Enjoying a good meal with a pretty coed wasn’t sex, but I’ll take what I can get.

So, we went to nice little Chinese place I knew, ordered lunch, sat down and talked.

Now ladies, you’ve always suspected it and I’ll tell you the truth: there are indeed times when we guys have trouble listening to what you are saying. Especially when we are trying to remember what your naked breasts look like, or the sight of our cum on your face. However, men can occasionally get our minds out of our dicks and actually have a conversation with a woman.

After not listening to whatever Ann had been saying, the conversation took an interesting turn. I’d asked her how she ended up at the party the other night.

“Oh, I met this guy John at the Sci-Fi club on campus and he invited me,” Ann said. “Do you know him?

“Yeah, I do,” I smiled. Yeah, I knew John. We had some mutual friends and the same taste in women, as evidenced by the fact that a few of my ex-girlfriends had gone on to become his ex-girlfriends. Actually, I suspected a couple of them had cheated on me with him, but I didn’t really mind. I couldn’t really, with John. It was just the sort of thing he did. John also had a habit of hanging around the campus Sci-Fi club and picking up whatever hot young coed caught his eye. Then my inner geek made another connection. “So, you go to the Sci-Fi club?”

Suddenly, we had something I could be interested in talking about other than sex. Not to say I wouldn’t have preferred sex, but like I said, I’ll take what I can get. Turns out we liked a lot of the same movies. We spent the next half hour or so discussing the relative merits of Peter Jackson’s version of King Kong and bashing the new Star Wars movies. (OK, so I’m a geek. What’s your point?) All in all, it was a pleasant enough way to spend my lunch hour.

As we finished with our food, and still debating aspects of ataköy escort the Dark Side of the Force (Ann turned out to be much more knowledgeable than I in the wider world of the Extended Universe), we walked together toward the parking garage where my car was. Glancing at my watch, I offered to give Ann a ride up to campus.

“No,” she laughed, “It’s not far. I’ll just walk.”

“OK,” I said. “Hey, this has been fun. We’ll have to get together like this again.”

“Yeah,” she answered with a funny smile. She leaned toward me, I leaned toward her and our lips met for a quick kiss. The whole sex thing flashed back into my mind, but I was determined to be a gentleman. It had been a nice friendly lunch and it could end with a brief, friendly kiss, I said to myself. Yeah, right.

Ann and I looked at each other for a long moment, our bodies inches apart. Then we practically lunged at each other. Her mouth met mine with bruising intensity. I noted abstractly that I could taste the spicy sauce of her lunch on her lips. Our bodies melted against each other. Her hands tangled in my hair and mine grabbed her back. She moaned against my mouth and pressed herself tightly against me. So much for the whole brief, friendly kiss thing.

Suddenly, she pulled back. “Don’t you have to get to work?” she asked.

“I’ll be a little late,” I grinned, leaning in to kiss her again.

After a while, she pulled away again. “I have class.”

“Blow it off,” I smiled, leaning toward her again.

This time she grabbed my hair, pulling my head back. Her smile became sultry. “I’ll ‘blow it’ alright, but we can meet tonight to do that.”

“If you like,” I smiled, “or…” I slipped a hand into my pocket and a moment later brought it back up to show her the condom I’d been carrying, “I’ve got some of these now.”

I was actually rather startled when Ann lunged at me again. Her skin felt hot and soft as she pushed her mouth against mine. Barely breaking the kiss, she muttered against my mouth, “Where’s your car?”

I really don’t recall how we made it into the parking garage or found my car, but I know it was done quickly and with a lot of laughing.

When we got to the car, Ann clearly wasn’t in the mood to waste time. She tossed open the back door and pushed me down to sit on the seat, my legs still sticking out the door. She knelt down outside, unfastened my jeans and, while I struggled to pull them lower, reached into my underwear and pulled out my stiffening dick. I froze as her long fingers wrapped around my thick shaft. She leaned forward and brushed her lips across the tip of my dick.

Ann let out a soft sigh, which I felt against my hard shaft, and enveloped me in her warm wet mouth. I groaned as she slowly lowered her head bakırköy escort down onto me. She paused, holding me deep in her mouth for a moment, then started to bob her head up and down slowly. I groaned louder and pushed my hips up to meet her. She lifted her head up farther and my dick popped out of her lips. After her hot mouth, the air of the parking garage was shockingly cold on my shaft.

“Where’s that condom?” Ann asked with a sultry grin. “I want this dick inside me, right now.”

I fumbled in my pocket and pulled out the condom. As I hastily unwrapped it, Ann stood up in front of me. Right there, standing next to my car in the parking garage, she unbuttoned her jeans, pulled them down and stepped out of them. She wasn’t wearing panties. I was beginning to think she never did. For a moment, I just stared at her as she stood in front of me, wearing only a tank top. My eyes traveled up her long shapely legs to the neatly trimmed landing strip above her pussy. She smiled at me.

“Are you going to put that on?” she asked.

I had almost forgotten the condom I was holding. Without waiting for a reply, she leaned forward and took the latex sheath out of my hand. As she bent over and started to unroll the condom over my dick, I found myself looking at her shapely ass. As her warm fingers forced the tight latex over my tip and down my shaft, I imagined someone coming into the garage and seeing this gorgeous long legged coed with her naked ass in the air as she leaned into the back door of a car. I grinned.

Then Ann was pushing my legs into the car and climbing in after me. With some difficulty, she managed to get herself in, facing me and straddling my lap. Her breathing was already deep and heavy. Her sultry grin had given way to something more primal. She shifted her hips and I could feel the wet heat of her pussy, muted by the latex covering my dick.

Ann started to arch and roll her hips. I felt the wet folds of her pussy sliding along the length of my shaft, lubricating the condom with her juices. I shifted my hips. The tip of my shaft slipped between those folds and I felt myself pressing against her tight opening.

Ann gasped and froze. She looked into my eyes, her breath coming in quick, almost panicked gasps. I suddenly wondered if she was ready for this, if she was suddenly remembering that she had a boyfriend and I had a wife, neither of whom were here. I knew that my wife, Julie, wouldn’t mind at all. I wasn’t sure about her boyfriend. In my experience watching your lady fucking another man was different than having her doing it on her own.

I was just about to suggest that maybe we should stop, when Ann shifted again, pushing her hips down. We were both panting, our bodies shaking. Her eyes stayed locked on mine, but all my attention was focused on the tip of my dick. I could feel it pushing against the tight opening of her pussy. I felt her part slightly and the very tip of my shaft entered her. She was so tight, we both gasped. Moaning, Ann rocked her hips as she tried to work my thick dick into her tight pussy. Slowly, I pushed deeper and deeper into her. I looked into Ann’s eyes, still wondering if we should stop, wondering if I really could. With a loud groan, she pushed down hard, finally taking me completely inside her.

We sat like that for a moment, in the cramped space of my car’s back seat, both adjusting to the presence of my thick, hard dick deep inside her. Even dulled by the condom, the feeling of her soft walls flexing around my shaft was incredible. Then Ann started to lift herself slowly upward. I wondered briefly if we were done, but just as I was about to fall out of her, she lowered herself back down. She started to move, up until only my tip was in her, and then slowly down, until I filled her completely. My hips began to move with her rhythm. She let out a loud moan and started to move faster. Hesitation faded and Ann started to ride me hard, crying out as I filled her with each thrust.

As our frantic passion returned, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her tank top up, revealing her perky little cone-shaped breasts. (I don’t think this woman ever wore underwear of any kind). I buried my face in her tits, sucking first one puffy little nipple and then the other into my mouth. She moaned, tangling her fingers in my hair, and pounding her hips against mine with almost bruising force.

Suddenly, Ann’s whole body tensed. Thrusting deep into her, I bit down on her nipple. She cried out, her body quivering as her orgasm overtook her. It was enough to set me off and I moaned against her breast as my tight balls filled the condom with cum.

We sat there for a minute, tangled together in the back seat of the car, trying to catch our breath.

Finally Ann panted, “I really need to go.”

“Yeah,” I agreed breathlessly, “I really should get back to work.”

Ann pulled herself off my shaft. As I fell out, we both groaned at the sudden shock of our bodies’ separation. Ann gave me a strange, almost puzzled, look.

“Can I call you?” I asked. “Maybe we can get together this weekend?”

“I’ll email you,” she said, her sultry grin reappearing, “and we can all get together.”

With that, she clambered out of the open door of the car. She spent a minute looking around for her jeans, found them and hastily pulled them up over her naked hips. With a final grin in my direction, she raced off. I watched her go. Then pausing only to smile and shrug at the old fellow standing next to his nearby car, who had clearly gotten a good look at Ann’s naked bottom half when she’d hopped out, I pulled off the condom and looked around for something to clean myself up with.

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