Come On Over

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Big Dick

“Stupid keys,” Kelly muttered. She cradled her sack of groceries in one arm while she fumbled with the key to her apartment. Abruptly, the door swung open, and she stumbled in.

“Hey what the-” she exclaimed, awkwardly regaining her balance.

“Finally! I’ve been waiting, like, hours!” a voice chimed. Kelly turned to see Danielle grinning as she leaned against the open door.

“Oh, Dani!” Kelly greeted, brightening. “Let me put this stuff away, and I’ll make us some coffee.”

“What, coffee? Kisses first please.”

Dani shut the door and comfortably slung her arm around Kelly’s waist. Pulling her close, she pressed their lips together, the tips of their tongues meeting. Kelly broke the kiss reluctantly.

“Okay, okay, seriously, let me put this in the fridge. Then we can get down to business.”

Kelly hid her smile, turning away coquettishly.

“All right, I’ll go freshen up,” Dani called after her.

Good thing I didn’t drop the apples, she thought, sorting through the produce. Danielle had really surprised her by opening the door like that. She frowned, thinking, I could have tripped and really hurt myself! She shook her head, shaking away the silly thoughts. No use worrying about things like that, she told herself.

She idly wondered how Danielle would explain coming over. It was probably some other obviously fake excuse. Last time she came, she was complaining about the kid next door’s cello practice keeping her up . Seriously, who plays the cello that late! she thought. The time before it was an amateur opera singer, and before that, a tap dancer on the floor above her. At this rate, it wouldn’t be long before she would run out of musician types.

Oh well, thought Kelly, I wouldn’t mind some cuddling tonight. That was the only real reason for Dani to come. Or at least, the best one, Kelly decided, smiling to herself. Even just kissing Dani always aroused her more than any of her old partners ever had. She wouldn’t mind just spending an hour or two doing nothing but making out on the couch. Well, almost wouldn’t mind, she amended with a grin.

“Dani, are you ready or what?” Kelly called, strolling back into the living room. When she didn’t answer, Kelly scratched her head confusedly and headed to the guest bathroom. It was eerily quiet, and Kelly didn’t hear the sound of Danielle fidgeting or the sink running. She shivered a little as she passed the dark guest room. The shadows thrown by the hallway light looked like they were hiding vicious monsters. No more horror movies for you, she said to herself firmly.

Suddenly, she felt someone behind her, pinning her arms to her sides with a tight bear hug.

“Gotcha now, girlie!” her captor growled into her ear.

Kelly shrieked and pulled free, spinning around to face her attacker. She flushed red with embarrassment as she turned to see Danielle, leaning against the wall with one arm, face red with laughter.

“Oh. My. God. You jumped like a mile! That was-” she broke off, trying hard to speak. “That was hilarious!”

“Damn it, Dani, you scared the shit out of me!” Kelly exclaimed, her heart still thudding furiously.

“C’mon, nothing wrong with a good scare. Gets your heart goin’.” Dani moved behind her, pressing her breasts into her back, and put one hand under Kelly’s shirt to rest on her stomach. She brought it slowly up her torso, trailing her fingertips along her skin, and stopped when her hand was over her heart. Kelly sighed breathily in pleasure as Dani played with a breast, rubbing and squeezing over her bra.

“You’re terrible. Scaring the wits out of innocent girls so you can seduce them. I guess it’s the only way you’ll get any action,” Kelly teased mischievously. Dani giggled quietly, but her only response was to tweak Kelly’s nipple. Kelly gasped, startled at the sensation. Her heart was still pounding, but she didn’t think it was from the fear anymore.

Dani beylikdüzü escort unclasped Kelly’s bra, letting it fall out of her shirt to the floor. Her hand continued pinching and teasing the nipple. While keeping Kelly’s nipple erect and sensitive, Dani reached up with her other hand to fondle the other breast over her shirt. Kelly whimpered, feeling her knees go weak at the assault on her sensitive breasts. She reached awkwardly backwards, trying to give Dani some pleasure, but she couldn’t reach any useful area. Kelly twisted to face her, but Dani crushed against her even more tightly, pressing her crotch into her ass.

“Hey, c’mon, I wanna do something too!” Kelly complained playfully.

“Why? Just let me do all the work,” Dani breathed, tingling Kelly’s earlobe. She nibbled and licked it delicately, making Kelly’s heart race even faster with excitement. Her hand massaged Kelly’s breast over her shirt, each squeeze tightening the fabric over her nipple roughly. Under her shirt, Dani pulled Kelly’s breast outwards, tugging it away from her chest while one finger circled the areola. Kelly felt her panties starting to reach an uncomfortable level of wetness at the continued arousal.

She scolded herself for letting Dani distract her so easily. I can’t let her always pamper me like this, Kelly thought. Letting the strength leave her legs, Kelly fell backwards, making Dani stumble clumsily.

“Aw damn it, Kelly!” she cursed, exasperated. “Only you would complain about this. Why can’t you just enjoy yourself?”

“I’ve told you a million times why! I’ve had guys leave me totally hot and unsatisfied after they got off, and I don’t want anyone else to feel that way.”

“But, I don’t feel that way. I WANT to do it like this. Besides, we can take turns. It’s hard for me to do it properly when you’re distracting me.”

Dani winced as she realized what she had just said.

“Oh ‘distracting’? Is that what you call it?” Kelly teased. She wasn’t going to let that one slide. “Maybe I shouldn’t ‘distract’ you anymore then.”

Dani huffed with annoyance.

“You know exactly what I meant. Look, just let me go first, and then you can have your turn, ‘kay?”

“Nuh uh, not happening, Dani. Remember last Saturday when you came up with the ‘taking turns’ idea? You were like, ‘Let’s take turns!’ that time too! But then you were like, ‘You look so pretty when you come, I just want to see your face.’ and begged to keep going. And I gave in because I’m stupid and a sucker for compliments. I don’t know what came over me. I definitely shouldn’t have given in a second time. But I know your tricks now, so it’s not even gonna happen.”

“But…but you should see yourself. You look so hot when you’re horny. Let me finish you off, at least.”

“Please, Dani, I just said I wouldn’t fall for it.”

Danielle’s entreating expression transformed into a grin. “Oh well, it was worth a try. You gotta admit that you enjoyed it though.”

Kelly hid her smile. She wasn’t going to let Dani have the satisfaction of being right. Truthfully, she couldn’t even think about that night without flushing with excitement.

Dani continued, “One more thing! We ARE taking turns doing oral. I don’t want that sixty-nine disaster again.”

Kelly grimaced at the reminder. She had pushed for it because it seemed like the perfect position, and Dani had agreed to try it. But everything kept going wrong. The biggest problem was that whoever was on top had trouble keeping their crotch at the right height. Too high and it was hard to reach the sweet spots; too low and it was hard to breathe. That was one of their first fights, Kelly remembered. She brushed away the memory.

Dani smiled broadly at her discomfiture. “I’m glad you remember,” she gloated. “But enough talk, it feels like we’re making a contract instead of having hot…wet…sex.” She dragged out the last three words seductively.

As avcılar escort if to accentuate the “wet” remark, Dani licked her lips. They looked irresistible with the glisten from her lip gloss and saliva. Unable to stop herself, she seized Dani in a tight embrace and gave her a rough kiss. Pulling her towards the bed, Kelly sucked on Dani’s lower lip, stroking it with her tongue. Releasing her lip, she snaked her tongue into Dani’s mouth.

As soon as it entered, Dani trapped Kelly’s tongue under her own, breathed in deeply through her mouth, and drew it in further. The result was a lovely suction on her tongue that made Kelly shudder with pleasure. The juices from her pussy flowed furiously, soaking her already damp panties to the point of discomfort. Her breasts, smothered against her shirt, begged to be free.

Kelly reluctantly pulled away, quickly stripping her top off and peeling off her jeans and panties. When she was done, she noticed Dani had taken the hint and undressed just as quickly. They didn’t need to waste time admiring each other’s nakedness. Kelly knew Danielle’s every feature nude and clothed, and she was sure Dani knew her body just as intimately. They collapsed hastily onto the sheets. Dani lay on her back while Kelly nestled on top.

Their bodies fit together perfectly, as usual. Kelly easily slid her thigh to rest against Dani’s crotch and felt Dani do the same. Her breasts settled comfortably against Dani’s, growing deliciously warm with their shared body heat. She brought a hand down to Dani’s breast, maneuvering it so that their nipples flicked back and forth against each other. Knowing that Dani liked having her hair played with, she sank her fingers into Dani’s curls, pulling lightly through the knots.

Kelly felt Dani’s heart thumping against her chest, speeding up to signal her arousal. She tilted her head to get the right position for a deep kiss. Her tongue, invading Dani’s mouth, pulled back quickly, just letting its presence be felt.

Dani opened wider, sucking in Kelly’s upper lip and rubbing against it with her own. The tips of their tongues brushed together, sending an electric tingle along Kelly’s body. Concentrating on the sensation, she held her tongue there, trying to keep the delicate contact.

Dani had one hand on her back, caressing her lightly, following the curvature of her spine. The other hand groped Kelly’s ass, sometimes squeezing so hard it almost hurt and sometimes hovering over it, barely touching the skin.

While they kissed, Kelly clenched and flexed normally unused muscles to drive her thigh into Dani’s crotch, enjoying the way Dani shuddered against her in response. Dani followed her lead, pulling her foot in so that her knee rose and her thigh lifted Kelly up by the pussy. Kelly moaned appreciatively as her labia slid down the incline of Dani’s leg.

Kelly would have been satisfied if they did nothing but kiss and grind softly for the rest of the night, but she knew Dani always liked more intensity. Dani was digging her fingers into Kelly’s back with more urgency, no longer satisfied with soft touches. She also entered the cleft of her buttocks, leaving the cheeks to brush carefully over her anus. Those were the signs that Dani was impatient for harder stimulation, Kelly knew.

She left Dani’s mouth, letting her tongue trail against her skin as she licked her way to Dani’s neck. She dragged her tongue from the base of Dani’s neck to the back of her jaw. Her skin was salty with sweat and arousal. She really has a sensitive neck, Kelly remembered.

Keeping that thought in mind, she kissed and sucked forcefully at it, stabbing with her tongue, as she made her way to Dani’s breasts. Kelly paused at the hollow of her neck, letting her mouth rest there with just a hint of pressure. Dani inhaled sharply and tensed in anticipation. Kelly gave her tender neck a moist, luscious lick, inching sluggishly esenyurt escort over the small depression. Dani released her breath in a long, lustful sigh, gasping with desire, as Kelly went lower.

As Kelly’s ass slipped out of her reach, Dani’s fingers migrated to Kelly’s chest, stroking with frustrating lightness against the sides of her breasts and occasionally pinching a nipple. She could feel Dani’s pussy throbbing wetly against her thigh as Dani bucked her hips with need, urging her to move on. Regretfully, she gave each breast a quick suck before sliding her tongue between them, making a beeline for Dani’s pussy. She paused briefly at her belly button to give it a couple of licks, moving on almost hastily.

She pushed at Dani’s thighs, spreading her legs wider to get better positioning. Dani obliged by scooting into a sit, leaning against the headboard of the bed. Her tongue danced on her lower abdomen, right above, but not quite touching Dani’s clitoral hood.

Meanwhile, she grasped Dani’s leg, squeezing hard on her inner thigh. Kelly traced up and down each of Dani’s pussy lips with her other hand, until Dani’s breaths became short and rapid. Taking that as her cue, Kelly stuck two fingers into Dani’s vagina, pushing downwards rhythmically against her inner wall. Simultaneously, Kelly opened her mouth wide and devoured as much of Dani’s pussy as she could, clamping her lips tightly and sucking.

Dani squirmed wildly, her pussy twitching in Kelly’s mouth, at the combined sensations. Kelly didn’t try to make her come, enjoying Dani’s crotch pulsing against her face. Her jaw grew sore, so she decided it has been long enough. Kelly flicked her tongue expertly against her clitoris, driving Dani to her climax.

“Ohhh gawd, Kelly!” she cried, as the orgasm hit her.

Kelly kept her head in place, reveling in the feel of Dani’s pussy contracting sharply during the event. She watched Dani shuddering uncontrollably in the aftermath, getting incredibly aroused from vicarious pleasure. Acting on impulse, she embraced Dani tightly, feeling the last aftershocks against her body.

Kelly planted a sloppy kiss on her lips, her mouth still wet with Dani’s juices. Propelled by her rapidly growing desire, Kelly practically threw Dani onto her back, hungrily kissing her. Seeing and feeling Dani’s orgasm had driven her out of her mind with lust.

She was running on auto-pilot, giving in to every instinct. Her crotch ground furiously into Dani’s thigh like it had a mind of its own. She pressed tightly against Dani, wanting to be as close to her as possible. Almost as if she were telepathic, Dani wrapped her arms around Kelly, hugging their bodies together. Her mouth sucked at Kelly’s neck, nipping and biting lightly with her lips. Kelly arched her back involuntarily in pleasure, gasping with need. She felt herself reaching the brink.

“Oh, Dani. Oh!” she gasped.

One final grind along Dani’s leg brought her over the edge. She cried out in ecstasy as she convulsed in Dani’s arms, trying to transfer the sensations rolling through her body. Her toes were curling almost painfully as she twitched thrillingly against Dani. When her orgasm subsided, she let out a long sigh.

“I’m sorry for humping you like that. I just couldn’t stop myself,” Kelly murmured ashamedly into Dani’s ear.

“It’s okay, Kelly-Belly. Don’t apologize, silly. You were beautiful,” Dani said reassuringly. “I wish I could’ve been more help.”

“Don’t say that! Just having you hold me makes me so wet. I can feel how hot you are…”

Kelly trailed off, sighing again.

“Oh gawd, stop. I don’t have the energy for any more,” Dani pleaded.

They both lay there silently.

“I love you, Dani.”

“I love you too.”

“Now get out of my bed. I can’t stand your snoring!”


Author’s Note: Thanks to AsylumSeeker for taking time to do some thorough editing! And thanks for reading my story. Like most authors, I want you to leave your feedback, good or bad. Anything at all that comes to mind! Who knows what little thing might help?


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