Coming Back Ch. 02

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Things were going quite well for me in my recovery. Even though I could do about whatever I wanted, the doctor had ordered me to take another six weeks off from work. He said that he wanted me to be a bit stronger before I took on the pressures of the job again. I continued to live in the mother-in-law apartment attached to the Cooper’s house and felt comfortable there. I was allowed to drive on a limited basis but had few places to go. Most of my friends were drinkers and their socializing usually involved sitting around in one of their homes or a tavern sipping suds. I still enjoyed a beer now and then but I no longer relished the group bingeing in which I had participated so many times.

I visited with Pam and Gary across the street once in a while. When Gary was there, he would drink heavily and at first, he would insist that that I join him. After a while he was content when I would sip a beer while he would guzzle several. His drinking did not bother me especially when I remembered fucking his beautiful wife while he was passed out on the bed just on the other side of the archway. It was going on three weeks since we had that evening on the sofa and we had not had an opportunity to repeat the performance. Gary was home at night and their young son, Farrell, was there during the day. The two weekends were taken up, first by his and then by her parents. We had managed a grope here and a kiss there and talked about how we could get together but it had not happened.

I was lying across my bed looking at Pam across the street. She was playing with her son and I was daydreaming about the wonderful sensations I had felt when my stiff dick was sliding in and our of her tight slick pussy, while her husband was sleeping just a few feet away. I was jarred from my reverie by a knock on the door that separated my apartment from the Cooper’s house. When I answered the door, Grace was standing there in a dressing gown.

“Good morning,” I said as I took in her radiant glow that she’d had since we went “shoe shopping” almost three weeks ago.

“Phil and I were wondering if you would like to have breakfast with us,” she said pointing at the breakfast nook where Phil was sitting. I guess that she was making sure that I saw him before I said anything.

“I’ve had breakfast but I would appreciate another cup of coffee and some good conversation,” I said as I took a seat on the opposite end of the breakfast table where Phil was sitting. “Good morning, Phil.”

“You had better be careful,” he said. “She’s not finished yet. She’s about to ensnarl you is a full blown shopping trip.”

“I don’t know if you need groceries or not but I’m going this morning and thought that you might like to join me,” she said. “I have to warn you though that I have some other shopping to do before I go to the grocery store.”

“That’s Okay,” I said laughingly. “I don’t get out much so I’ll just watch the women while you shop. You’ll just have to let me know where and when to meet you.”

I finished my coffee and returned to my apartment to get ready. I showered and shaved then went outside to wait for Grace. Pam and Farrell were still playing in their yard. They waved me over as soon as they saw me.

“Guess what we’re gonna do,” Farrell exclaimed without waiting for an answer. “We’re gonna go camping and sleep in a tent and you’re going with.”

“Farrell, you’re getting the cart before the horse,” Pam said. “We haven’t even asked him yet. You will come with up, won’t you?”

I could think of all the pitfalls and started making logistical excuses. I didn’t have a tent or any of the item commonly associated with camping. Pam countered all of which with basically the same argument and that was that they had everything that we would need. All I had to bring was my pillow. The long and short of it was that Gary had suggested asking me to go and Pam wanted me to go for the chance of being around me even though we would not be able to get together.

Grace came out of the house and I explained what was going on. Pam interrupted, “We have a tent big enough for all of us and you’ll have a lot of fun.”

Farrell excitedly echoed his mother, “Yeah, come over and we’ll have fun camping!”

I agreed to talk to Pam and Gary later in the day so that Grace and I could be on our way. Grace was quiet until we had turned North on US 1, heading for Titusville.

“What’s really going on between you and Pam?” she asked. “I see the way she looks at you and I don’t much like it.”

“Don’t start getting possessive or jealous with me,” I chided. “They’re just a couple of kids with a kid. I think that they like the fact that someone they consider an adult will spend time with them. Gary drinks too much beer and in doing so neglects his family. I was hoping to have a positive effect on him.”

Grace seemed satisfied with my answer and asked, “Are you trying to have a positive influence on me?”

“I don’t plan to have an influence of you, positive or negative,” I replied. “I’m just planning bonus veren siteler to fuck your brains out.”

We laughed and continued with lighthearted banter until we reached the Holiday Inn. I quickly went in to get the room and we drove around to the east side of the motel overlooking the Indian River. We were not there for the scenery so we went upstairs and into our room. Unlike our first time, Grace wasn’t nervous. In fact, she was quite self-assured. As soon as I closed the drapes, her arms were around my neck and we were kissing.

I pulled the zipper down the back of her dress. She dropped her arms and let it fall around her feet. I unsnapped her bra and watched as it joined her dress on the floor. I hooked my thumbs under the elastic of her half-slip and panties and pulled them down together. I sat her down on the edge and knelt between her knees. I ran my tongue around her large areola and over her almost flat nipples. Her nipples did not stick out much but I could tell by the way she moaned when I licked them that they worked just fine. I spent a lot of time worshiping her breast. I moved from one nipple to the other tonguing, licking, and nipping.

While I was working on her large breasts, I slipped my right hand between her legs and moved it up the inside of her creamy, white thigh until I felt the moist heat of her hot pussy. She was too upright for to gain easy access to her love canal so I gently pushed against her right shoulder with my left hand causing her to lie back across the bed. I pulled her butt closer to the edge of the bed and lifted her legs until her knees were resting on my shoulders. I plunged two fingers into her sopping sex and lowered my head until I tasted her sweet nectar. I licked the inside of her nether lips until they we spread enough for me to find her engorged clitoris. I sucked it into my mouth. My tongue dueled with it like a mini-french kiss while my fingers were pistoning in and out of her. Every time my fingers were all the way in, I pushed them in harder.

Grace was moaning as small orgasms were passing through her body. Then the Orgasm with the capital O hit her like a ton of bricks. I continued my clit licking and finger fucking for a few more minutes before I scooted her further on the bed before I crawled up over her. Resting my weight on my elbows and knees, my hard cock found the center of her sex and sank to the hilt in one plunge. The spasming of the muscles in the walls of her vagina was almost more than I could take but I maintain control and held back from the edge until she wrapped her legs around me and locked her feet behind my ass pulling me harder against her. My cock exploded and shot what felt like gallons of cum deep inside her already wet pussy. We stayed in the missionary position with my cock still inside her as we enjoyed the aftershocks of our sexual union until her pussy pushed my limp dick out of her. We rolled over onto our sides and held each other while we came back to reality.

We showered to get rid of the smell of sex that had permeated the room. Even though we had just shared our bodies with each other, Grace preferred to shower alone. I was lying on the bed watching her prepare to shower. She had an amazing body. My feasted on her flat stomach, her slender thighs, her rounded butt, and her large breasts that seemed to defy gravity. I felt that familiar in my groin but knowing that we had to leave, I put it out of my mind. I was dozing when Grace shook me to tell me that the shower was mine.

Grace really had a little shopping to do so we went to the Miracle City Mall then south to the Publix at Port St, John to get our groceries. We didn’t say much to each other while we were shopping. We just moved along doing what we had to do while enjoying our after-sex bliss. When we arrived back home, I helped her carry her groceries into her house before collecting mine. I was thankful that Phil was asleep. I wasn’t ready to talk with him today. I put my stuff away and went to bed to take a nap. I was about asleep when I heard the connecting door open. Grace came into my bedroom and sat on the side of my bed. She leaned forward and kissed me.

“Thanks for this morning,” she said. I was just thinking about you because my legs are still rubbery. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you are doing for me.”

“Grace, what we do together is mutual,” I replied surprised that she might think that the sex we shared was an act of charity. “I’m lucky that we got to know each other in the way that we have. You are a beautiful, vibrant woman and I take as much away from our rendezvous as you do.”

“Thanks,” she said. “I guess I needed to hear that. I also wanted to tell you that the results of what we do carries over into other parts of my life. Last Sunday, my pastor said that he had noticed a spring in my step that he had not seen in quite awhile. Even Phil has said that I am more enjoyable to have around lately. I thank them but I know that the way I feel comes from our sexual bedava bahis activity. I’m glad you enjoy it also.”

I was about to respond but she kissed and was quickly gone. I lay there on the bed thinking about the implications of what Grace had said and went to sleep doing so. I was comfortably resting in the arms of Morpheus dreaming vivid dreams that I don’t remember when I was pulled back into reality by a young voice.

“Better wake up if you’re going camping with up,” Farrell said excitedly. “Dad will be home soon and we’re ready to go so you had better get up.”

“Give me a couple of minutes to wake up and I’ll come out and talk with you.”

I went to the bathroom, splashed water on my face, and went outside but Farrell was nowhere to be found. I was about to go back inside when I saw Pam coming across the street. She was wearing the minimum excuse for a bikini. It covered all the legally necessary places but left little to the imagination.

“So you’re going with then?” It was a half statement and half-question.

“I don’t know,” I replied. It seems that it would be better if it were just the family since I don’t know anything about camping.”

“I don’t want to talk you in to anything but it would mean a lot to me if you went,” she said.

“I have always had trouble saying no to a beautiful woman especially one that was almost naked, I said. Want to come inside for a minute?” “Just a minute,” she replied as we stepped inside.

We melted into one another as our lips met and our tongues entwined. My hands went to her ass cheeks pulling her close to me and pressing my cock into her stomach. She snaked her hand between us and wrapped her fingers around my growing cock.

“I want this inside me,” she whispered.

“Not as much as I do,” I replied breathlessly.

We kissed passionately. As I was about to push up the bra of her bikini so that I had access to her gorgeous breasts, she said, “I gotta go.” She was out the door.

I went to the bathroom and masturbated into the sink. It relieved my hard on but was hardly satisfying. I shaved and showered in preparation for going camping. After dressing in shorts and tee shirt and putting a change of clothes in a gym bag, I knocked on the connecting door.

“Hi neighbor,” Grace said smiling widely.

“Hi yourself,” I replied. “You’re in a festive mood this afternoon.

“She’s been that way lately,” Phil said with a smile obviously enjoying her change in moods. “Does she look any different?”

“She looks happy,” I replied.

“I am happy,’ Grace said. “A couple of weeks ago our pastor said that a person could have almost any kind of day that they wanted so I decided to have good days. Instead of focusing on the negatives in my life, I am focusing on the positives. I have a great husband who loves me and friends who are about me. I even have a pretty good neighbor and tenant.”

“Thanks Grace,” I said smiling at her explanation. I”I came over to tell you that I am going to be an absent neighbor and tenant for a couple of days. Pam and Gary have talked me into going camping with them. I feel like a fifth wheel on what think should be a family outing but they insist they want me to go.”

“Well, maybe you can influence Gary not to drink too much,” Grace said. “According to Pam, he’s been drinking a lot lately.”

“That’s all I need,” I said.

“It doesn’t sound like much of a weekend,” Phil said. “Better you than me.”

“Now that’s an idea,” I said with a laugh. Phil will take my place and I will relax in my apartment. It will do you good since you don’t get out that much.”

We had a laugh and said our good byes. I grabbed my bag and a pillow and went across the street. Pam, Gary, and Farrell were about ready to go. We drove west on State Road 520 and parked in an area along side the St. Johns River where several other cars were parked. We loaded ourselves with the tent, two coolers, and other assorted paraphernalia and trudged through the underbrush to a clearing on the bank of the river about a mile and a half north of the highway.

The clearing was about twenty by thirty feet and was secluded except for the occasional airboat that roared by. Further north, the St. Johns is a regular river that is well-known because it is one of the few rivers in the world that flows toward the north. In the Cocoa area, the river is a collection of streams that are loosely connected into a river system. Unless a person knows the river, navigation in anything other than an airboat that can easily go over grassy land blockages is treacherous.

We set up the six by eight-foot tent and the other equipment. Even though we lugged a gas-fired stove to the clearing, Gary insisted that we build a fire because he said that food always tastes better when cooked over a campfire. By the time we had built a fire and cooked dinner, the sun was setting. We ate our hamburgers and hotdogs around the fire. It was an adventure for Farrell and I delighted in his enthusiasm. deneme bonus While sitting around the fire, Pam and I had a glass of wine while Gary downed several beers. Our conversation was mostly about the kind of work we did. With questions, I encouraged Gary to talk about his work. The conversation became a series of vignettes in which he was either the hero or showed his boss how much he knew.

Finally it was bedtime and what I thought would be an awkward situation went fairly smoothly. Pam spread blankets over the plastic floor of the tent. In Florida, tents must be sealed to prevent snakes, bugs, and small animals from getting into bed with you. Gary decided that the sleeping arrangement would be himself, Pam, Farrell, and then myself. We crawled into the tent and got as comfortable as you can when sleeping on the ground. It took awhile for Farrell to quit fidgeting but finally I fell asleep.

Sometime later, I awakened in the blackness of the moonless night. It took me a couple of minutes to recover from the dream of having sex with Pam to realize that the good feeling was because she was slowly stroking my cock. Her lips were against my ear and in the faintest of whispers, she advised, “Be very quite. He has not had enough to drink to be passed out.”

Before I could reply, she bent down and took the head of my cock into her warm mouth. She worked her lips back and forth over my stiff cock until it was all I could do not to moan. She released my cock from her mouth and bathed my cock and balls with her talented tongue. She put my cock back into her mouth and I felt it hit the back of her throat. She swallowed me and I felt the muscles in her throat contract. That was all it took to put me over the edge. I shot spurt after spurt of white cum down her esophagus. She pulled her head back and continued to clean me with her mouth and tongue. After a while she straightened up and kissed me on the cheek. I tried kissing her lips but she resisted. I put my mouth to her ear and mimicking her earlier faint whispers, I said, “I want to do you.”

“Not tonight,” she said and turned onto her left side to go to sleep.

It is fortunate that I naturally sleep on my right side because that is the position Gary found us in the next morning, facing away from each other. When Gary woke us, I turned over and asked, “Where’s Farrell?”

“He crawled over so that he could sleep next to his daddy,” Gary bragged. “Isn’t that right, Sport?”

“Yeah,” Farrell agreed. “Daddy, can I have a Coke?”

“Sure, you have a Coke and I’ll have a Bud,” Gary said as the turned to leave the tent with Farrell following close behind.

As soon as they were out of earshot, Pam patted my crotch and said, “If he keeps that up, we might get to use this tonight.”

“You used it pretty good last night,” I quipped.

We started the day with a breakfast of sausage and eggs cook over the campfire. Not that I was counting but Gary had three Buds before we ate. He made a big show of teaching Farrell how to fish in fresh water as opposed to fishing in the brackish Indian and Banana Rivers or the Atlantic Ocean. Gary taught and taught but never caught. Along about one o’clock, Pam made sandwiches and we met to eat. By the time we finished lunch, Gary had finished one beer short of three six-packs. When he finished eating, he staggered toward and announced that he was going to take a nap. Farrell stood up imitating his father and said he was taking a nap, also.

Pam checked on them a little later and they were fast asleep. We shucked our shoes and waded along the river’s edge northward until we came to another small clearing around a slight bend in the river. We stepped on shore and within seconds we were kissing passionately. Watching Pam all morning wiggling around with nothing on but her tiny bikini made my hormones boil over. I don’t remember who did what but we shed our clothes in record time. We were buck-ass naked on the shore of the St. Johns River and neither of us cared.

I knelt and my mouth was almost at the level of her firm, round breasts. I sucked on the rock-hard eraser-sized nipple of her left breast. She placed her hands behind my head and pulled me t her. I moved from one breast to the other and back again. As I tortured her nipples with my mouth, lips, and teeth, I slid my right hand along the tender skin of her right thigh. Soon, I touched the wet entrance to her pussy with my thumb. I slid my thumb into her hot box and used the area between my wrist and thumb to massage her engorged clit. She was making moaning noises as she pushed my head away from her breast. She leaned back against a small tree and raised her right leg, placing the bottom of her foot on the lower limb of a neighboring tree. I lowered my head and smelled the sweet nectar coming from the aroused state of her pussy.

I slipped two fingers into her and began licking her slit until I found her big clit. I sucked on it and swiped it back and forth with my tongue as I worked my fingers in and out of her sopping wet vagina. Pam must have been horny also because it didn’t take long to build a fire inside her. She had her right foot resting on a nearby tree and her left knee spread as to give me full access to her sexual center. I ate her with abandon and she came and came.

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