Coming Home to My Honey

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It had been awhile since I had been home due to the overseas business trip that had come up at the last minute. I had not talked with my honey for over a week and I longed to be with her again, feeling her warm naked body next to me, knowing she was mine and knowing that I controlled every part of her body. Just the thought of smelling her, touching her, and hearing her voice was causing a nice bulge in my pants. The stewardess walking by asked if everything was OK as she glanced a smile at my nice erection.

The airport was crowded, but I finally retrieved my bags and was out of luggage claim and off to my car. It was late in the evening so I made good time getting home. As I pulled into the driveway I noticed the light was on in the bedroom and the rest of the house was in total darkness. Slowly I opened the front door wanting to surprise my honey. I crept down the hallway and as I approached the bedroom door I heard sounds familiar to my ears. The sounds were overpowering moans of pleasure and sounds of my matress being pounded. My dick started getting hard as I slowly pushed the door open.

As I gazed into the bedroom I saw my sweety totally naked grasping a large black dildo in her hand, holding it deep in her pussy, as she was slowly massaging her clit with her free hand. Her eyes were rolled back into her head, totally unaware of my presence as her pelvis thrusted upward trying to receive more of the huge black cock that was spreading her vagina wider and wider. I crept to the end of the bed and continued to watch in amazement as her moans grew louder and her thrusting more intense. Then like an erupting volcano, my sweety let out a scream as her entire body shook with the most intense orgasm I had ever witnessed.

She lay there silent for a few minutes with her eyes closed. Then I bumped the bed and she opened her eyes with fear, not knowing who was disturbing her latent orgasm. She looked up at me straining to see who had just witnessed her naked display of lust. Her eyes grew bigger as she realized it was me and I was home from Europe.

“Honey, it so good to see you”, she exclaimed while reaching up to grab me.

“It’s good to be home, but what a disappointment to come home and see you using a huge black cock in place of me. I thought we had an Kadıköy Grup Escort agreement that you were not to pleasure yourself during my overseas trip.”

“Oh my, I guess I got caught red handed, I mean black handed. Will you please forgive me dear, I promise I will make it up to you?”

“Yes, honey, you will make it up to me for sure. Get your ass out of bed and get the restraints from your dresser. It’s time that you learned that if you do not abide by our agreement, there will be hell to pay.”

As she brought the restraints back to bed I could not help seeing the wetness the black dildo had caused. She had cum so much that her entire thighs were totally soaked.

“Put the restraints on the bed and come over here and get on your knees.”

I pulled off my pants and let them slide to the floor.

“OK, honey, it’s time that you acted out the part of the slut you really are. Pull down my briefs and start sucking on a real cock. I know you like the black fake ones, but now you will have to satisfy a real man.”

As she pulled down my briefs, my cock sprang out hitting my belly it was so hard. I grabbed her hair and pulled her face closer.

“Start licking slut. Lick my balls too.”

As she started licking I glanced over on the bed and stared at the huge black cock that had just stretched her cute pussy. Noticing how huge it was compared to my cock, I began to get jealous and angry.

“You know my little slut, I don’t like another man’s cock in your sweet pussy without my permission. Even though that huge dildo is not attached to a real man, it is still another man’s cock. You are going to pay for not abiding by our agreement. You fucked yourself, pleasured yourself with another cock knowing that we had agreed to wait until I got home. So tell my little slut, how should punish you?”

Whimpering she started apologizing while still on her knees. I grabbed the back of her head with one hand and my cock with the other as I stuffed my stiff dick into her mouth. Some precum dribbled on her chin as she opened to take my entire girth deep into her throat. As she started to gag I pulled back a little and then shoved my cock deeper. Not wanting to cum just yet, I pulled away from her dripping mouth and ordered Kadıköy Manken Escort her onto the bed.

“Lie on your stomach on the bed you little slut”

She hurriedly got on the bed with her arms and legs spread so that they could be fastened to the bed frame with the restraints. We had done this many times so she knew what to do. After fastening the restraints I looked at her cute little ass and her thighs that were covered with her dried cum.

Listening to her whimper, I grabbed the big black dildo.

“So you like big black cocks now. Tell me my little slut, why could you not wait for me? Why did you have to use another man’s cock to pleasure yourself?

She did not answer but looked at me with a guilty sad face. I grabbed my belt off the floor and told her bad girls must be punished. As my belt landed across her white ass she let out a cry pleading for me not to hurt her. One, two, three, four times I precisely landed the belt on her ass, watching its color change from white to crimson red.

My little slut was begging me to stop. I reached down and rubbed her ass, feeling the heat from her punishment.

As I picked up the large black dildo again, I pushed it in her face.

“So this is what you are replacing my dick with. Where did you get this huge cock?”

She would not answer but kept sobbing, knowing that she had been a very bad girl. I reached over on the nightstand and got the KY Jelly she had used to help slide the huge dildo between her legs. Coating the dildo with a liberal amount of lubricant, I began pushing it between her ass cheeks, pushing it towards her cute little ass hole. As she looked up at me, fear had returned to her eyes. Anal sex had always hurt her tiny hole, even when I had fucked her.

“Please dear, don’t fuck my ass with that huge cock. My ass is too tight. It will hurt too much.”

I placed a pillow over her head so she could not watch. The pillow would also help muffle her screams as I started pushing the long, thick black cock in her tight little ass. Slowly I pushed harder and harder wondering if the passage would open. Then with a scream her ass tried to bury itself in the mattress, trying to escape the force being used on her. Slowly her sphinchter opened and began Kadıköy Masöz Escort to take the black cock up her ass. She began to move side to side trying to evade the monster cock that was intruding her most private part. I pushed harder and harder with every scream and then it happened. Her muscles began to relax and the huge cock slid in stretching her ass wider than it had ever been stretched. Four inches, five inches, slowly the dildo began going deeper and deeper.

She was screaming beneath the pillow, “Please pull it out. It hurts too much.”

“No, you little slut. You are going to take all of this man’s cock. You are going to fuck it with your ass and beg me to fuck you again.”

I pushed it all the way up to the fake rubber balls, all eight inches buried in her ass. Her whimpers began to ease and her ass began to push upward. She began to enjoy the feeling of a huge black cock up her ass and she started begging to be fucked.

“Fuck me, fuck me with that big huge cock. Rape my ass, fuck my ass. I am your slut that needs to be punished.”

I removed the pillow from her face and told her to turn her head and take my cock in her mouth. The black cock was sticking out of her ass and she began to feast on my cock. She was in another world, her ass being stretched and her mouth being filled with her lover’s cock. Seeing the huge black cock in her ass pushed me over the edge and I began to shoot load after load into her mouth. White cum began leaking out of her mouth and onto the pillow.

“Slut, you are losing some of my cum out of your mouth. Lick it up. I want you to swallow every drop.”

All of a sudden her body began to shake and she started moaning and screaming. I knew she was having another orgasm. She was licking up my cum off the pillow and pushing her ass towards the ceiling trying to take more of the black cock up her ass. As she shook with pleasure her orgasm flowed over her entire body. Slowly I pulled my cock away from her face and then pulled the black cock from her ass.

As she looked up at me with a smile on her face she told me how sorry she was for not abiding by our agreement. She promised me that she would wait next time even if being punished felt so good. I told her that if she ever betrayed my trust again that I might have to bring home a real black cock for her punishment.

Looking up at me she smiled. “Honey, being your slut is truly what I want to be. I hope I won’t disappoint you ever again. But if I do, I promise to be a big girl and take every inch of my punishment.”

I could only smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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