Coming Together

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You left to go get ice and when you came back in the room, I was kneeling on the floor near the door. I had my head down palms on my thighs awaiting your command. A smile crosses your face as you come near.

I am still wearing the sexy skirt, stockings and shirt I had worn out to the bar and in this position you have a clear view down my shirt. My breasts are spilling over the top. This causes you to think and you turn to search for the riding crop I brought with me. Sighting it, you walk over to retrieve it and come back to stand before me. Using the handle you tip my head back so you can see my eyes. Neatly you flip the crop in the air and catch it by the handle.

Next you graze the tops of my breast with it and ask, “You like showing off your breasts don’t you?”

“I guess,” I begin to say and you bring the crop down in a stinging slap across the top of my left breast.

“The truth, slave,” you growl.

I swallow hard and said, “Yes Master, I love for men to look at my breasts.”

You smile at me and caress my chest some more, dipping into my ample cleavage. Teasing you bring it up to caress my shoulders and neck, then finally my lips. I stick my tongue out to give the crop a small lick and I hear you suck in a sharp breath. You kneel and grab a handful of hair and bring my lips to meet yours in a kiss that leaves us both breathless.

You stand again and order, “Remove the shirt slave.”

I do as ordered and resume my position with my head down.

You slap me across the shoulders and say, “Did I say put your head down? Look at me?”

I do as ordered and await your next command. You continue to tease me with the crop for a moment longer until a thought invades your mind causing a small smile to twitch your lips.

“You, my slave, are a naughty little tease. It was not nice how you teased me tonight at the bar. Rubbing me at the table and while we danced. I think you need punished for that, what do you think?” You ask

Knowing it is pointless to argue, I answer back submissively, “Yes, Master as you wish”

“Well then,” You say, “Assume the position.”

Not totally sure which you would like since we hadn’t ever got this far before I choose to remain kneeling and lower my front to the floor, leaving my ass up high in the air. I could feel a breeze and knew that my skirt was up over the top of izmit otele gelen escort my ass leaving me totally exposed.

You grab the chair from the desk; pulling it up next to me you take a seat. You rub the crop up my thighs to my ass as you speak, “You tell me that you can take this so I hope you didn’t lie to me. I want you to count them off as I do this and I want you to say thank you after each one. Is this clear?”

“Yes Master,” I say as ready myself hoping you know how to hit with a crop.

SMACK. “One, thank you Master,” I gasp as the first one hits, so far so good I think to myself.

SMACK. “Two, thank you Master,” as the next one stings my ass.

SMACK. “Three, thank you Master.” I now know you know what you are doing.

Finally all ten have been delivered and we are both equally impressed.

“Well slave, I am impressed you took that well, but let’s see just how much you can take.” You tell me. “Do you have anything to say before I begin?” you add.

“Yes Master.” I answer you.

You stand again and say, “Kneel and tell me then. Also look at me.”

I kneel once again and look you in the eyes, “I wanted to say that I was glad to see that you knew how to use the crop. I was a little scared at first.”

You smile at and say, “Good, now did you bring the collar and leash as I asked?”

“Yes Master.”

You order me to go get it and I obey. I jump up and search my bag, finally producing a black leather collar and cloth leash. I bring these back to you. Once in front of you, I kneel once again and lift them in my hands as an offering.

You hang the leash over your shoulder and take the collar. You place it around my neck and buckle it into place. Next you take the leash and clip it to the collar. Finally you give a tug on it and order me to stand.

You start on the back of my neck and slowly kiss your way down my spine till you feel me squirm. When I try to turn around you hold me in place and give three and only three smacks on my ass just to watch me get weak in the knees.

When I ask for more you slowly move around me still at the lower regions and make you way around to the very sensitive areas surrounding my damp pussy and you tease the inner thigh. Just when I think you are about to let me sit or lay down you take one of my legs and izmit anal yapan escort rest it on your shoulder and then gently lick my inner thigh until you reach my now sopping wet pussy. Gently you part the lips with the use of your tongue and gently lick like you were tasting a new flavor of ice cream.

You then slowly insert one finger in my pussy to check my hotness and to see how wet I really am. You eagerly use your tongue until I can’t stand it anymore then add another finger inside my wet pussy now making two. Once two fingers are in and moving to beat of their own, you notice I am rocking to the beat and you tell me to stand as still as I can.

You take your free hand and reach around and first gently rub my ass. Then you pat it, and then squeeze it, and then you spank just to get my attention.

Finally when I can’t stand the teasing from your tongue, you order me back to my knees. Once there, you unbutton your pants.

“Prove you as good as I remember,” you say as you pull your cock out of your pants.

I reach up and lay your cock flat against your stomach. Next I take my tongue and lick from your balls all the way up to the head of your cock. There I find precum which I greedily lick up. I give your balls a little more attention before taking your hard cock into my mouth. I take just the head at first, which I suck on like a pacifier before taking your whole shaft into my mouth and throat. I slowly increase till I am taking all I can. As I do this I use my free hand to squeeze and caress your balls. I use suction and my tongue to tease you and soon you are getting close. You decide you don’t want to cum in my mouth just now and push me back.

“Stop, I don’t want to cum like this. You can repeat this pleasure later and I’ll give you a treat. Right now I’m gonna fuck you. Get on your knees on the edge of the bed,” You order.

I obey and once there, you come up behind me. I feel you stroke my slit with your cock, teasing me yet again.

Finally a small whimper escapes me and you ask, “Do you want something slave?”

“Yes Master,” I pant.

“What?” You slap my ass with your hand.

I grown and say, “You, I want you to fuck me, hard, fast and deep. Please Master.”

You deliver a hard slap to my ass and then thrust into me. You have to grab my hips to sansürsüz escort bayan keep me from moving as I naturally press forward from your thrust. Instantly I feel my body tense for orgasm and you must too because you stop.

“Don’t cum yet,” You say in a cold tone.

I give a whine which earns me another slap on the ass. Then you began to thrust into me hard and fast. I try to think of other things and breathe deeply so I don’t cum. Finally all the months of teasing on the net, the teasing from your tongue and all the years come crashing down as I explode. You ride it out and once I am finished, you pull out of me and slap my ass once again.

“Did you have permission?”

“No Master,” I say.

“I guess you like to be punished, so this time I will just have to get your attention. Can you guess what I am going to do,” you ask me?

I turn and look at you only to find that cold look in your eyes, I swallow hard and ask, “No what?”

You turn and take something out of your bag. I can’t see it and you deliberately keep it out of my line of sight.

“Turn and look at the wall,” You order. “Well I’ve been thinking. You teased me with it back when we were first together and you’ve teased me with it over the web for the past few months. Now I think I will take it from you,” You tell me as something cold is smeared on my asshole.

I gasp and lean down a bit more, “Please Master, be careful. It is tight.”

I feel you slip a finger into me to help lubricate and loosen me up. When you finally feel I am ready you press the head of your cock against my asshole. As you do this I feel you reach your hand around and something touches my pussy. Then it begins to vibrate.

This relaxes me instantly and I loosen up. You slip a few inches into me. Slowly you press forward and by the time you are all the way in we are both panting.

“Are you okay,” You ask in a tight voice?

“Yes Master,” I hiss.

Slowly you start to thrust into my all the while keeping the vibrator on my pussy. You grab the leash and pull my head back into your thrusts. Soon you are moving at a rapid pace. You feel an orgasm build in your balls as I beg to cum.

“Yes,” you moan as your own orgasm takes over and you drop the leash and grab my hair in the same manner as you press deeply into me.

I explode also and press back against you.

Finally after what seems like forever you grab my waist and pull me forward onto the bed as you flop down beside me. As we lay there regaining our breath, you breath a wow. I give a yes in agreement. We doze off to rest for a while knowing there is more to come, much more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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