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It wasn’t as though I didn’t have a normal childhood. College was the best, and between sports and classes, I made a lot of really, really close friends. I guess Brianna was my best girlfriend. She was kind of going steady with Joshua and I was hooking up with Allen pretty regularly for movies and Coke dates.

Allen’s folks were also the nicest people in taking the gang out to the lake in the summer. It was kind of an isolated swimming pond really, not a tourist attraction or anything. I guess it was the summer after I started college because I was still getting used to my body and going through the gossip and new social gambits of the mating ritual.

His dad had done up terrific barbecued ribs and we had made an extremely large sand castle when Allen said maybe we should take a walk. But it was more an unsaid invitation, a raised eye and a nod to the trail that led around the lake. We were still in our swim suits because it was so hot that summer, even at night with a breeze.

“I hooked some vodka,” he said when we were away from his folks’ house. “Want some?”

I said I could do that and took the bottle from him. Well, I’d had a few drinks at frat parties and holidays, but that raw whiskey really went down to my belly like a thunderbolt. Joshua took the next hit as we walked, and then Brianna grabbed the bottle, pulled a swig and ran off down the trail laughing. I could see her buns in her blue bikini disappear around the trail as we followed at a dead run.

We were all laughing when we caught up to her where she’d thrown herself down in a mossy, open area. She was laid out like a snow angel, or the summer equivalent, with her belly heaving and her long brown hair all spread out behind her head like a blanket.

I fell down with Joshua on top of me in a tangle, and felt his hand go up under my bikini top to grab video porno a nipple.

“Cut it out,” I said in mock horror, but I didn’t resist too much. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Allen was on top of Brianna, kissing her belly button and making her giggle.

“I need a drink!” Joshua announced loudly. “It’s been such a fucking hard day at the office, I need to get off! Honey, where’s the booze?”

That broke us all up and we passed the bottle around some more.

“You know,” Joshua said as we lay in a pile and looked up at the stars, “it’s good to be an American.”

“American man,” Allen countered.

“Yeah,” he said. “Too bad you’re girls.”

“What kind of remark is that, jerk?” Brianna asked.

“I mean,” Joshua explained, “men get to make the most money. And we get to be on top when we make love. And we decide what kind of car to buy — for me, a Mustang. Next year.”

I think we were all pretty drunk because Allen said, “And we can piss standing up.”

“What kind of asshole remark is that?” Brianna asked again.

“Girls have to squat over the pot. Men get that satisfying feeling pissing on a tree or a brick wall or wherever the moment takes them. I like pussy, but it’s not very functional for pissing.”

I thought of that song I’d heard. “Girls can wear jeans, And cut their hair short, Wear shirts and boots Cause it’s okay to be a boy. But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading, Cause you think that being a girl is degrading, But secretly you’d love to know what it’s like Wouldn’t you? What it feels like for a girl?”

Boys could be so mean and self-centered! I was mad.

Joshua laughed like crazy. “Whoever designed women wasn’t an engineer or he wouldn’t have located a recreation center right next to a septic system.”

Even Brianna sex izle laughed at that, and that made me madder. Women and men are equal. Just in different ways, so I burst out like a stupid freak, “Oh, yeah, well I can piss on a tree. Standing up. You want to get into a pissing contest?” They all looked at me like I was crazy. “C’mon, Mr. Wiseguy, let’s have a pissing contest! Allen? Josh?”

“You’re kidding,” Joshua said. I guess he never heard a girl talk like that.

“That tree. We’ll do it there,” I said, pointing. They both looked kind of funny, but I was already on my feet — kind of wobbly from the vodka, and had dropped my bikini bottom around my toes. I really did have to pee, and for some mysterious reason girls don’t have that hangup about peeing in front of an audience.

I used my fingers to pull my inner labia apart and slightly up. I’d practiced a lot in the shower and knew this action kept me from peeing down my leg or out in a big spray. It took practice, but I knew what I was doing. I felt the pee gathering in my bladder and I spread my hips and stuck my pussy out. That’s the secret to directing the stream. The second trick is to pee forcefully from beginning of the stream to the last drop. You can’t pull your labia to direct the stream either. You have to swing your hips.

I sensed Brianna, Joshua and Allen all staring at my white ass as the stream hit the shrubbery. “Smart guy, huh” I said, and swiveled around to pee in their direction. They all lay there with their mouths open as I finished and shook off the last drop with a wicked hip wiggle.

“That’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen,” Allen said. “I am really impressed. I take it back, what I said.” I think I loved Allen more at that moment than ever, although our love didn’t really run very deep.

Then I tripped bedava porno over my bikini bottom and fell into the leaves. “Oh, shit,” I said, “I am so embarrassed.”

The three of them clapped, and Brianna said, “Can you show me, Carrie? I want to learn.”

We had a few more hits from the half-empty bottle and then Allen invited me deeper into the woods. He was so respectful when he took off my bikini and lay down on top of me.

“Were you really impressed?” I asked. “Or did I make a fool of myself?”

“I am so impressed and so in love with you.” He found a condom and pulled it on, and then he whanged his dick a couple of times with his hand to make sure he was hard and plunged between my open legs.

I went ooof and pulled his cock into me as smoothly and thoroughly as I could. My vaginal muscles were tough since I also practiced holding things in the shower. Heavier and heavier things I found in the bathroom until my pussy could hold a full bottle of lotion for five minutes without dropping it. I used those muscles now to grip his cock and squeeze it rhythmically.

“Not only can I pee standing up, I have a snapping pussy,” I whispered. “Men don’t have all the talents in the world.” My fingers bit into his butt and urged him deeper inside me. “Now I want all ten inches of you inside me.”

“Ten…?” he asked, not knowing I was joking.

“Make it feel like ten and go all the way up to my heart. Fuck me like an animal.”

He did, grinding me down into the dirt and leaves and banging me like a pink drum. My heart beat faster and my breath began coming out in ragged gasps as he pumped his life into my vagina. I was going crazy with the fullness of him, immense with the expansion of his cock and my pride at winning the pissing contest. When he shot his wad into me, I swear he gained another inch and I could truly feel him rise up and take over my body.

Love as a young adult. It’s like no other feeling in the world.

But I found out the next day I had a small case of poison ivy on my ass. Shortly afterwards, Allen quit school and that was the last I saw of him.

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