Concerning Suzi

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“Suzi, you overslept. Wake up.” I nudge her with my toe.

“Mm, too early. Go away” Suzi opens her eyes and realizes what she’s just said.

Doesn’t she look adorable? Lying there on her mattress on the floor at the foot of my bed? Her pink blankie still half over her. The satin sashes binding her little wrists together. One little boobie falling out of her blue nightie.

“Oh, sorry, sorry Mam. Good morning Mam, how may I serve you?”

I knew I could have her when I first saw her that night at the ‘Rainbow Penguin”. It was one of those nights all the kinks were there. Gays, lesbians, threes, doms and subs, even a couple leading a pony boy, complete with hooves and a bit. She was standing there looking at me. Whenever I looked at her she blushed and looked down. I gave her my business card and told her to be there tomorrow at five, “and wear a dress.” I finished my drink and went home.

“Stand and give me your hands.” I untied her wrists. “Now, what do we do when we don’t speak correctly?”

“We get the gag, Mam.”

“Yes Sweetie, go get the dog bone one.”

As I gag Suzi I remind her that I discipline her because I want her to be the best servant she can be. Otherwise, why would I keep her?

Before her, I had a beautiful little jet fighter pilot. He looked so good in his dress uniform, and being in the military he was predisposed to discipline. I had him so well trained, then he got transferred. Oh well, must be philosophical, he’ll be well broken in for his next mistress (or master).

She arrived at my studio right on time. Her hunter green long sleeve, calf length dress looked very nice with her auburn French braided hair trailing down to just below it’s collar. In her low heels she stood a bit over five feet tall. A cute little piece of fluff.

I took her into my office and sat at my desk. She looked around for a place to sit.

“I did not give you permission to sit. Stand straight, feet together, hands at your side, chin up.” I always think it’s best to start them off right, don’t you agree?

“You may call me ‘Mam’. What is your name, girl.”

“Suzi, Mam.”

“Why are you here, Suzi?”

“Er, because you gave me your card and told me to be, Mam.”

Good, I had her.

“Do you want to be mine, Suzi?”

“What do you mean, er, Mam?”

“Don’t play games with me. You know damn well what I mean. You will be mine, you will do as you are told, in return I will give you a home and teach you discipline. And quit saying ‘er’. Do you want to be mine?”

“Yes Mam.”

“OK then.” I handed her my doctor’s card. “Make an appointment here for a physical, he will know what to do, and will bill me. Give me your phone number. If I want you I will call. Good by Suzi.” I went back to work.

I got showered and dressed. Suzi had my breakfast ready and stood across from the table in the sun room as I ate.

With the gag in her mouth, drool is running down her chin, and a few tears are running down her cheek. Isn’t that so sexy?

She was actually quite well trained to start with. She was looking for a new master because her previous one didn’t want her any more and she couldn’t find a ‘straight’ job.

I’m ready to go to work, so I remove the gag, and tell her what house work I want done this morning then give her bus fare.

“Wear your pink bra and pantie set, your white turtle neck and maroon skirt. You may choose your shoes, but wear your brown jacket, it’s getting cold out. Be at the studio by noon and I’ll take you to lunch.”

“Yes Mam, thank you Mam.”

I kiss her cheek and leave.

She arrives at the studio right on time. I lock up and we go the the lunch counter down the block.

Afternoons she cleans my studio. She has the same high standards of cleanliness as I do.

I first realized I was a dom in high school. My older sister took me to a dance at her college sorority, where I met a handsome senior. His major seemed to be banging as many girl as possible. After the dance he took me to the apartment he shared with two other students. When I saw his room I told him he had to clean up the pig sty if he wanted to fuck me, and to pick Kadıköy Ukraynalı Escort me up the next night at eight, then went home. It turned out he wanted, no, craved discipline, and I was turned on by beating him with his belt. He was a great fuck after his discipline.

Just before he graduated he bought a diamond and asked me to marry him. Poor dear. I tried to be kind, explaining I thought he was a good little slave, but I didn’t love him, and besides I was just getting out of high school and wanted college and a career.

I always praise Suzie when she does a good job. Today I even let her ride in the front seat as I drove us home.

I chose her floor length sleeveless, backless white satin nightie with the plunging collar and sent her to shower and change while I cook supper. She returns looking so beautiful. Her long auburn hair brushed straight down her ivory back. Her nipples pushing at the sleek material, and she’s wearing the pink lip gloss I like so much.

After supper I say “just leave the dishes Sweetie Pie.” I take her hand and lead her to the parlor. “Pull back the drapes.”

She quietly sobs, but does as she’s told, of course. One wall of the room is covered with blue velvet drapes. It has no window, but behind the drapes are various restraints and discipline toys.

I push the shoulder straps off and her gown falls to the floor. I drape her long tresses over her left shoulder and down her breast.

I put a hand firmly on each of her shoulders from behind and guide her to the pegs. These are two big dowels about a foot long sticking out near the top of the wall a couple of feet apart. There is a two step folding stool below them.


Suzi climbs up and grips the pegs. I take the stool away. She hangs by her hands.

I pick the two foot long whip. “Are you ready to count?”

“Yes Mam.” Sob.

Where to start? A nice angle from her left shoulder down across her back.

Smack. “Whimper. One.”

Another across the other way

Smack. “Sob. Two.”

Straight down the middle

Smack “Three.” crying.

I replace the stool and she climbs down.

“Thank you for correcting me, Mam.” She manages to choke out between sobs.

Tears streak her makeup. I hold her shoulders. Too soon to touch her back. I kiss her. She kisses back desperately. I run a finger over her pussy. It tells me what I already know. The anticipation all day has made her a randy little kitten.

I lift her gown over her head and smooth it down along her dainty body. “Go wait in the bedroom.”

After I’ve showered and brushed my hair I choose a powder blue nightie that reaches almost to my knees. It buttons down the front. I’m five foot eight, a bit on the fluffy side. With age I have to watch my weight. I keep my natural hair colour, blond going towards silver. It’s cut short, but not ‘bull dyke’ short. When I go to her she hops off the bed and stands at attention. So well trained!

I keep the bedroom on the cool side (60F). I fold back the faux fur bedspread and royal blue satin top sheet, and climb into my big soft bed.

“Come here darling.”

She smiles and hops in. I unbutton my nightie and gently push her head down. She kisses and licks my pussy lips. Her fingers, one, Two, then three push in. She’s talented in so many ways. Her fingers move just right as her tongue wiggles and slurps in my cunt. As I rumple and stroke her beautiful hair her fingers come out. She licks and kisses. As she finds my clit a finger lubed with my cunt juice slips into my back door. She kisses my clit and I’m away. Suzie knows how to do me.

When I’m completely satisfied I pull her up to me and kiss her. I spread her nightie open and kiss her little pink nips. I pull up the hem of her nightie and stroke my palm flat over her cunt. Her hips push up to meet my palm.

“Easy Sweetie Pie, you know I’ll look after you.”

I want to eat her as much as she needs relief.

I slide down and push my arms under her legs and lift them onto my shoulders then start licking her sweet cunt. I lap up her pussy juice. Her hands are stroking my hair. I feel her heels Kadıköy Üniversiteli Escort on my back. Her knees pin my ears and she makes that little high pitch squeaking sound she makes when she cums.

I move up and cuddle her. “Would you like to sleep with me tonight?”

“Please Mam.”

“Loose or bound?”

“Bound, please Mam.”

I reach for the satin sash. “Cross your arms, hands on elbows.” I wrap the sashes around and round her fore arms, fluff up her pillow then push her gently onto her side. As I spoon up behind her she says “I love you Mam.”

“I know Sweetie, I know.”

I was married for eight years. It was true love. He was a professional, response able for every decision in his company. My discipline helped him sleep at night. Then the sickness came. He died within six months. Luckily he was a great organizer so I was left with a house that was paid for and a comfortable investment portfolio. My design studio is doing quite well.

Weeks later

I’m turning into an old softie. It’s been a while since I’ve sent Suzie to her mattress when I was through with her. I still discipline her regularly of course. She expects it. Last night I didn’t even bind her wrists. It’s a Saturday, no need to rush this morning. Suzi is snuggled under my arm with her pretty little head under my chin. I stroke the hair away from her face.

“Mm, Good morning Dear, how may I serve you?”

When we’re alone I let her call me ‘dear’ or ‘darling’ now.

“Suzi, go pee then come back to bed, we don’t need to rush today.” Sometime when we were playing in bed last night her ‘baby doll’ came off. I hand it to her as she gets up.

As we cuddle (Suzi likes to stroke and feel my boobs) I tell her my college room mate Gail, who she’s never met is coming for a sleepover. I’ve told Gail about Suzie.

After breakfast I dress Suzie in a little angora tank top, lacy pink panties, a pink and white plaid micro skirt, and white stiletto sandals that have leather straps that lace up almost to her knees, then tell her to keep out of sight until Gail and I return from shopping.

Gail has been trying to go straight since she got married. I’m her bad habit. We have a pajama party when her hubby goes away on business.

She married well. Shes a statuesque raven haired beauty. She arrives wearing her full length black mink with silver fox trim. Her driver brings in her over night bag then holds the door as we get into the back of her car.

As we drove off she said “Where’s your Suzi, you’ve told me so much about?”

“Ah well, she’s been a naughty little slut. I caught her flirting with a delivery boy the other day, so she has to stay in her room until we get back from shopping.”

“That’s pretty mild discipline.”

“Of course I gave her a good thrashing with my riding crop last night too.”

Gail said “Mm” as she reached for my hand, no doubt remembering the thrill she felt in the ‘old days ‘ when we were college room mates.

We had a fine day. I always get a kick watching store clerks fawning over beautiful sophisticated Gail. If they knew what I know.”

When we get home she tells her driver to come for her at eleven tomorrow morning.

“Suzi, you may come out. I’m home now.”

She comes clicking down the hall in her heels. She’s used a bit of imagination to add to the effect. She’s put on the white fur collar and cuff set, with a short chain hobbling her between the ankle cuffs, and best of all, the purple ball gag.

“Oh, there’s my Suzi. Are you going to be a good girl now?”

She nodds vigorously ‘yes’.

I unclip her wrist cuffs from each other and send her for a bottle of Chardonnay a bucket of ice and three short stem wine glasses.

We sit in the parlor, the drapes are pulled back. I remove Suzi’s gag as Gail pours the wine. We toast and sip. When Suzi finishes hers I send her to make supper. Steak and salad, easy and good.

As Suzi left the room I stroked my hand up the back of my lover, Gail’s, long elegant neck. I rumpled her raven hair, and kissed her. Then I gripped a handful of that beautiful hair and yanked her down to the Kadıköy Vip Escort floor. I dropped my thong.

“Eat me Bitch!”

She gets right to it. Like old times, Gail in my service. I often daydream about asking Edward, her husband, if she sucks cock as well as she eats pussy. Wonder if he’d be up for a threesome?

Suzi’s timing was perfect. I’d just sent Gail to fix her face when Suzi came to say supper was ready.

After supper we sat on the couch. I took the fur cuffs and collar off Suzi and had her put them on Gail.

I never have to tell Gail what to wear. She knows how to dress for my pleasure.

“Stand up Bitch and strip.”

She takes off her dress and some very expensive, sexy under garments. I stroke Suzi’s thigh as she sits beside me. “I’m going to show you how to beat the Bitch tonight Suzi. So,first get the number two butt plug and the lube. Bitch, bend over, hands on your knees.”

“Yes Mistress.”

That done I order her to her knees and send Suzi to pick a gag.

She must like Gail because she picked her favourite, the one shaped like a short fat cock.

“Get the straps tight, but not too tight honey.”

I pat the couch beside me and Suzi sits. We kiss.

“Stand up Bitch…Don’t look down, look at Suzi, she’s your mistress tonight.

“Now, you’ve been an arrogant , stuck up cunt since your last visit haven’t you?”

Nods and tears

“And stuck up arrogant Bitches need to be whipped, don’t they?”

More nods and tears. Suzi got the gag just right, there’s a little dribble from the corners of Gail’s red lipsticked mouth.

I turn to Suzi and kiss her warmly. “Think about how you want to restrain the bitch, Pet.”

” The rope fall?”

“If that’s what you want, lower it down and hook her up.”

The rope fall is a set of pulleys hanging from the ceiling near the wall. The bottom one has a shackle attached. Suzi leads Gail to it and attaches her wrist cuffs with the shackle then pulls the bitter end of the rope until Gail is standing on tip toes.

“Very good. Now go get the wide strap. This is your first time, and we don’t want to cut Bitch’s skin.”

I stand behind Suzi. Her little tush pushes back. My right hand enfolds her right hand that grips the strap. My left arm is around Suzi’s middle. I nuzzle her hair, then guide her through several dry swings. A little love squeeze of her angora wrapped tits and I step back. “Now give Bitch a real good smack. Big swing.”

Smack. “Mgh”

“Good, but try to carry through, Bitch has to KNOW she’s being punished. Now try again.”

Two more smacks. This time very good. I pat the seat .

“Here Sweetie Pie, lets admire your work.”

We have a glass of wine and kiss.

“I made those red stripes!”

” Yes, you sure did, now, let her down, remove her gag so she can thank you, then give her her after discipline kiss, go get both of you ready for bed and wait in my room.”

After they showered and changed, I put on my floor length silk robe and went to my room. They sprung to attention. Suzi in a pink peignoir and Gail in a red fur trimmed baby doll.

“Suzi, you may have Gail tonight , if you want the Bitch.”

She stood on tip toes and whispered in my ear “can I have her all to myself Mam?”

“Of course. Here or in the guest bedroom?”

“Oh, Here, Mam, Dear, oh thank you, thank you.”

I gave each of them a tongue full good night kiss, took my book and favourite vibrator and went to the guest bed room.

In the morning Suzi was curled up under the fur bed spread in my bed, and Gail was restrained and on Suzi’s mattress. How cute was that?

I dressed them both in stilettos, butt plugs and bras.

I wore my wrap around silk skirt and a silk shawl.

We had breakfast, then I had Gail sit on a chair in the corner as Suzi and I sat together on the couch and read.

“Gail, it’s almost time for your driver to come for you, better go get dressed.”

When the car came she asked permission to go. So nice to have her remembering her manners.

We spent the rest of the day lounging around. I tell her how Gail needs her discipline but is afraid to ask her hubby for fear he’ll think it’s too kinky. I like to treat myself to a topless day now and then. My Suzi looks so yummy in her bra, butt plug and heels.

At bedtime, after we showered together, I put Suzi over my knees and gave her a good spanking, just to reassure her I love her.

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