Confessions of a Cuckold Ch. 03

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I mostly wrote this story to explore a new genre and to explore the subject of cuckolding.

This story is mostly fiction. Some of the story material came from my research on the subject, however I did get some parts of the story from my own personal experiences. I also got some of the story material from women who told me about their experiences when they cheated on their husbands.

If you are for any reason repulsed by the idea of a man letting his wife or girlfriend have sex with other men, or by interracial sex I strongly advise you to stop reading this and choose another story.

If you feel the urge to leave immature or racist comments, don’t bother because I will delete them.

Lastly I would like to thank the men and women who opened up to me and told me about some of the experiences in their cuckold relationships. They were a big help in my understanding of what real cuckold relationships are like.

Thank You.

One more note:

This installment of the story was started, deleted and then re-written because of a recent experience with watching my girl cuckold me. This chapter is mostly based on what happened however I still changed some of the details.

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed the experience.


I woke up very early. It was Sunday morning and there was a dim grey pre dawn light filling my bedroom. As I lay there allowing my eyes to adjust to the dimness, I realized I was alone. I reached over to Laura’s side of the bed but she was not there. Listening carefully I heard a faint sound coming from the living room.

I got up and silently crept down the hall toward the living room. I could hear a soft moaning sound as I moved closer. At the end hall I peered around the corner and saw Laura lying on the sofa with her legs spread wide open. I could hear the faint hum of her vibrator as she slowly slid it in and out of her pussy.

I watched intently for several minutes as her body shuddered through several small orgasms. I smiled and thought to myself, “yes I picked the perfect woman for me.”

Laura pulled the vibrator out and turned it off but remained on the couch. I turned and silently made my way back to bed and waited for her return. When she slipped back into bed next to me I put my arms around her and pulled her close.

“Where did you go sweetheart?”

“I couldn’t sleep,” she whispered.

I reached down to her pussy and felt how wet it was. I easily slipped one finger into her and got a positive reaction from her.

“That feels good,” she purred.

“Wow you’re really wet down there. What have you been doing?” I asked playfully.

Laura hesitated a moment before speaking, “I was out on the sofa using my vibrator. I just needed to relieve some tension I guess.”

“We all need that sometimes,” I told her, “but you could have done that in bed her. I wouldn’t mind. I might even have helped or at least I’d enjoy watching.”

“I wanted to do it in private so I could have some time to do some thinking.”

I kissed her on her cheek, “I understand sweetheart. No problem.”

Laura kissed me then said, “I’m a little bit scared,” she said.

“Of what?” I asked.

“I’m not sure. A lot of things I guess. I just want this relationship we have to last.

Sometimes I’m afraid you might get bored with me or I might do something that makes you not want me anymore. This cuckold thing scares me a little bit.”

I lay there for a few moments thinking about what she just said, “I think I understand your concerns but let me bounce a few things off you and you can tell me if I’m right or not.”

“Ok,” she replied.

“You have things that you need in our relationship. You want to love me and to be loved by me.”

I felt her body shudder slightly. “Do you love me?” I asked.

“Yes, I love you so much it hurts,” she replied almost pleading.

“And do you know that I love you?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

I could see tears running from her eyes.

“I want you to understand that I have the very same needs as you. I want a loving and secure relationship with you and I want it to never stop. But There are other things that I need from our relationship.

You already know I want you to cuckold me. It’s not something I want everyday but it’s definitely something that I would need sometimes. The type of cuckold relationship we have will be something we can work out together. It must be something that will make us both happy. The bottom line is that I want us both to be happy.”

Laura wiped her tears back, “I want us both to be happy too, it’s just that… What if something goes wrong?”

“Things will go wrong. That happens with every relationship, but our love for each other will be the glue that keeps us together. We love each other and we need each other. That’s what will hold us together.”

“But something could happen to make you not want me anymore.”

“What could happen?”

She paused a long moment before she answered, “you really Eskort liked it when I fucked mr big. He sent me an e mail telling me he wants to do it again.”

“I don’t understand why that’s a problem.”

“You liked it so much when he fucked me the last time that you’ll probably want me to do it again.”

“I’m still not seeing the problem. Didn’t you enjoy fucking him?”

“Yes, I liked it a lot and if you told me you wanted me to do it again I couldn’t say no to you.

But if I keep fucking him my pussy will get stretched out and I’m afraid it won’t go back the way it was before. Then you won’t want me anymore.”

Suddenly I understood what had her so worried. I reached down and slid a finger into her pussy then kissed her softly, “I never intended for you to fuck mr big more than once. I only wanted you to do it for the novelty of his huge cock. I don’t want your pussy all stretched out either but if it happens it will be my fault and not yours because I asked you to do this. If you do get stretched I’ll just have to please you with my mouth.”

Laura smiled, “if that happens you’ll be spending a lot of time with your tongue in my pussy.”

“I’ll be happy to do it too. Hell it’ll probably turn me on. Every time I see your stretched out pussy it’ll remind me of how it got that way and I’ll want to lick it more.”

Laura wrapped a leg over me and pulled her body against mine, “I think it’ll make you cry because I won’t be able to feel you inside me anymore,” she said teasingly, “you’d be begging me all the time for hand jobs.”

“I wouldn’t cry but you’re right about the hand jobs.”

Laura pulled away from me and lay on her back with her legs spread, “why don’t you show me what you would do if you couldn’t fuck me anymore. Pretend my pussy is all stretched out from fucking a lot of big cocks,” she said grinning.

This was the first time we had done any role playing so I was getting very excited about the concept, “ok sweetheart you want me to eat you?” I said playing along.

“Yes baby lick my pussy please, I need it!”

I positioned myself between her legs and started licking her pussy.

“Oh God yes! That feels so good. I really need this now that my pussy is so big that I can’t feel you inside of me anymore. Yes baby keep licking my hole!”

“I can try fucking you with my dick can’t I?”

“Oh poor baby. You can try if you want but I won’t feel anything.”

As I listened to her words my head began to spin and I licked her pussy with greater intensity.

Laura put her hands on the back of my head and pushed my face into her sopping wet pussy, “eat it baby and think about all those men with their big cocks who fucked this pussy and how they stretched it out so I can’t feel you anymore. Think about how they all pumped their thick and sticky cum into me.

That’s a good boy, lick it all clean,” she said teasingly.

I licked her with great enthusiasm. I felt a rush of excitement as I pushed my tongue into her and lapped up her juices. Laura raised up her hips and screamed as an orgasm struck her with more intensity than I’d ever witnessed in any woman.

“Oh God baby don’t stop!” Her pussy juices were flowing like a faucet. I kept licking but I was struggling to keep up. Laura’s hips started bucking but I grabbed her by the hips and held her so I could keep my tongue at the right place.

After a few minutes of this I couldn’t take it anymore, so I raised myself up and pushed my cock into her pussy all the way to the hilt. We were both being swept up in a sexual frenzy as I viciously pounded my my cock in and out of her.

An hour later we were still on the bed. The covers had all been pushed off onto the floor and we both lay there exhausted and basking in the warm afterglow of our very intense lovemaking.

“We’re both going to need a shower and the sheets will need washing,” she said.

I can cook us up some breakfast,” I offered.

“God, I think we woke the neighbors,” she said almost laughing.

I looked at her and grinned, “I think we woke the whole neighborhood,” I exclaimed, “you kept screaming every time you climaxed. “

“I guess my getting stretched out wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all,” she teased.

“Hey, let’s not rush into anything just yet. I still want to spend a lot of quality time with that sweet little pussy of yours,” I replied with a smile.

Laura reached down and touched her clit, “Baby you’ve been holding out on me. I never knew you had such a talented tongue.”

“Thank you, I’d love to take all the credit but in all fairness you already had a nice warmup session with your vibrator this morning.”

I started to get up but Laura placed her hand on my arm, “wait! ” she looked at me with pleading eyes, “I never knew it could be like this. It’s so amazing. I just wanted to say that I had my doubts about this cuckold type relationship. I didn’t know if it could work between us but now I’m a lot more confident that it can.”

A few days later I was returning home from the gym and found Laura sitting at the kitchen table wearing only an oversized T-shirt. I could hear her vibrator humming softly as she slid it in and out of her deliciously wet pussy.

I recognized the vibrator she was using, she called it “blue boy.” I presumed she named it that because it was blue. It was one of her favorites she liked to use a couple of times a week.

Since Laura moved in with me I have discovered that she has an almost endless appetite for sex. This was in spite of the fact that we already have sex several times a week.

“Wow, you are a sight. Sweetheart you’re what every man dreams of coming home to.”

Laura smiled coyly, “give you any ideas?” she asked.

I kneeled in front of her and opened her legs a little more. She started to pull her vibrator out but I told her to keep using it on her pussy.

She smiled wickedly then grabbed my hair and pulled my head down to her crotch, “Lick it real good for me baby.”

She pumped her vibrator in and out of her wet pussy as I lived and sucked on her clit.

“Oh yes baby! Keep doing that!” she shouted.

She quickly climaxed with a powerful orgasm, “Oh yes! Give it to me!”

I sucked harder on her clit and brought her to another climax that shook her whole body. After a few minutes I looked up at her and smiled, “did you enjoy that?” I asked teasingly.

“Damn that was good,” she panted. I saw her look down at me for a moment then she pushed my face down to her crotch again, “who told you that you could stop?” she said with a hint of cruelty in her voice.

I began licking her clit again but she stopped me, “not there, lick my hole.”

I was a little bit confused but I worked my tongue down to her opening. I could feel Blue Boy sliding in and out of her.

“That’s it, lick all of it. Lick Blue Boy too. Pretend it’s a man fucking me and you’re licking both of us.”

Her words made my head spin. My body was trembling with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do what she was asking of me. Even though my conscious mind knew that we were just engaging in fantasy role play, she had just taken me to a line that I wasn’t sure I wanted to cross. At the same time my cock was so hard it felt like it would explode.

I decided to go ahead and do as she asked, after all it was just a vibrator. It wasn’t real . My mind drifted as I was licking her clit. I began imagining that I was licking her pussy while another man was fucking her and much to my surprise I quickly began to enjoy our little fantasy. Laura enjoyed it as well. Her response was so quick that it left me with no doubts that she was really beginning to embrace the cuckold lifestyle.

“Yes baby that feels so good. Keep doing that, and when he’s done you can lick all of his cum out of me.” Laura leaned back in the chair and let her head tilt back, “Oh God I’m cumming!” she screamed.

When I heard her say those words my cock erupted in my pants. I couldn’t believe it. I had never cum like that before. I hadn’t even touched myself. I was amazed because I had just experienced my first hands free orgasm.

When we finished and I stood up Laura saw the wet spot on my pants.

“Oh goodness did I cause that baby?” she said teasing, “I must have hit on just the right theme for you,” she said, with a very amused look on her face.

I thought about it for a moment, wondering if she was right. “Is that what made me cum in my pants?” I wondered to myself.

Laura smiled at me, “I’m glad it was good for you because it was very good for me. I think you’re turning me into some kind of nympho because for the past few weeks the only thing I can think of is sex.”

“Maybe you’re not getting enough,” I suggested jokingly.

Later that night we were laying in bed. Laura’s hand was slowly stroking my cock while we kissed.

When our lips parted she said to me, “baby I’m so horny I could ride you all night.”

“I wish I could go that long.” As the words left my mouth an idea popped into my head.

“Do you really think you could fuck that much in one night?” I asked.

She looked at me with a curious expression, “what do you mean baby?”

“Do you really think you could fuck the whole night?”

She thought for a moment, “I’m pretty sure I could.”

“If I could arrange for a few guys to fuck you all on the same night do you think you could handle it?”

Laura laughed for a moment, “I don’t know, let my ask my pussy,” she spread her legs wide open and looked down to her crotch, “pussy do you think you can handle that?” she looked at me and grinned, “pussy said hell yes she could do it.”

I reached down and softly patted her pussy, “I always knew you could. I never lost faith in you.”

“You really want me to do it?” she asked.

“The idea came to me just now but if you want to try it we could put an ad in Craig’s List for men and then choose several to come over and fuck you all night long.”

Laura looked alarmed, “you would have them all here?”

“We can get a room at a hotel and do it there. That would keep us somewhat anonymous. What do you think? Want to give it a try?”

A week later our Craig’s List ad had yielded more than thirty responses. We first eliminated the replies that had no photo included because we specifically asked for a photo in our ad. Next we eliminated the immature or one line replies. In our ad we had asked for men with a minimum cock length of seven inches so this narrowed the group down to just two men. I felt a bit disappointed but told myself that this was only our first attempt at something like this.

We got a room for a night at a hotel that was about fifteen miles from where we lived. We had the two men scheduled three hours apart so we wouldn’t be rushed and so Laura could recover and freshen up between men.

When we checked into our room I felt a rush of excitement. I felt so full of energy That I paced back and forth while Laura changed into her “slut clothes”.

“What’s the matter baby. You look nervous.”

“Just anxious I guess. I’ve never done this before. I mean, I watched you go out on a date before but I’ve never watched you while you were having sex with another man,” I replied.

“Relax baby I’ll do all the work. All you have to do is watch while me and our guests have a good time,” she said. She grinned at me and added, “and then clean me up after,” She quickly added.

We arraigned to meet the first man at six that evening and the second at nine. We would meet them in a bar that was next to the hotel.

“Baby come here,” she motioned for me to sit on the bed next to her. When I sat down she slid off the bed and got on her knees in front of me, “ok let’s have it. Whip it out baby. I can’t have you being so nervous around these guys. You’ll scare them off.”

I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. It was already hard, in fact it had been hard since we arrived at our hotel room.

Laura grabbed hold of it and began pleasuring me with her mouth. She had an excellent method for making me cum with her mouth. She would stroke the bottom half of my shaft with her hand while she pumped the top half in and out of her mouth.

In a very short time she made my cock explode in her mouth. She swallowed it all down and licked me clean before she raised her head up to me and kissed me.

“Feel better?” she asked.

I laid back on the bed and let out a deep breath, “that was so good. I feel much better,” I said.

“Good, now let’s get going,” she said.

We walked into the bar and picked out a table that was away from the busiest part of the bar.

We sipped our drinks as I kept nervously checking my watch.

“Is this your first time?” Laura joked.

I didn’t immediately get the joke, “is this yours?” I asked.

Laura leaned in close to me. Her low cut blouse proudly displayed her beautifully full breasts, “it’s not the first time I’ve been in a bar to meet a man,” she replied, “don’t worry so much, I’ll be the perfect hostess tonight. I’ll make you proud of me.”

A motion caught my eye. I looked up to see a man walking towards us. I recognized him from his photo, he was the first man that I was going to watch my girlfriend have sex with.

“Hello I’m Rob,” he said with a smile.

I watched him as his eyes looked at Laura’s face, then down to her tits, “Wow Gwen, you’re a very sexy woman.”

Laura and I had previously agreed that she should use a fake name to preserve a little bit of anonymity. In our Craig’s List ad we said we were a married couple named Brad and Gwen.

She chose the name Gwen and decided that Gwen could be her alter ego that she would use for nights like tonight.

Rob sat down on the other side of Laura and took another look at her, “you look great in your photo but your photo still doesn’t do you justice. You look even better in person.”

Laura blushed slightly, “thank you,” she said.

Rob looked at me, “so you like to watch, well that’s ok with me. I don’t mind at all.” Under his confident exterior I could tell he was a little nervous.

“You said in your reply that you’ve had some experience with this,” I said.

“Yes, mostly with just the wife alone but a few times with the husband watching. I enjoy pleasuring married women. I guess you can say that’s my fetish,” he replied with a grin.

We finished our drinks and then the three of us went to our room. Rob showed a bit of nervousness at first but quickly relaxed when Laura slipped out of her dress to reveal her fully naked body.

She had decided not to wear any undergarments in case one of the men wanted to sample her pussy in the bar.

She boldly walked up to Rob and kissed him, “if you want to fuck me you’ll need to take your clothes off,” she said with a mischievous grin.

I was a little bit amused at how fast Rob scrambled to get his clothes off. Once he was undressed Laura looked him over. He was a tall and solidly built man with a bigger than average cock. It had a moderately thick shaft, but what really impressed me was that the head of his cock was unusually large. It had at least twice as much girth as the shaft.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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