Connecting With Mother Ch. 06

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Amateur Teen

The idea of Gillian being in London for a weekend without the children appealed to me, particularly the notion of taking her to the club.

We managed to park our children with their aunt for the weekend. I decided as this was a new departure for Mum that it should be a short weekend, from Saturday afternoon till Sunday evening. Mum had not gone all tight and jealous and I put this down to my new relationship with her. I knew implicitly there was a risk but decided to live with it. I was to meet Gillian at the station and we would make the short journey to Mum’s flat before she arrived.

However the evening before Gillian’s arrival she phoned me on my mobile whilst I was at work and suggested going to the club before we went home. I also knew that Mum would be working Saturday afternoon anyway so we wouldn’t see her till nearly 7pm.

Being at work I couldn’t explore Gillian’s suggestion as I would wish and promised to phone her later that night. But she was obviously high with excitement.

That night Mum had been out visiting friends so I had the flat undisturbed. I rang Gillian.

“Sorry I couldn’t talk earlier from the office, but you sounded in one good mood Gillian.”

“Ian I was and am. But I have started to get cold feet about tomorrow. It’s probably just anxiety and uncertainty about what might happen.”

“Gillian we won’t do anything you don’t wish. I will be right next to you all the time. We can leave anytime. I have never known anyone coerced into anything. They are all deeply respectful of couples there and realise they are entirely in our hands as far as anything happening is concerned.”

“Then what shall I wear Ian?”

“Would you like to feel free as well as accessible?”

“I see Ian it’s really up to me. Ok so how about heels, stockings, garters, short skirt, bra and blouse?”

“Sounds wonderful. Would you like to wear a bra Gillian?”

“They aren’t as firm as they used to be Ian. But your right, if the bra is in the way it’ll just come off and then my tits are going to droop slightly anyway.”

“They’ll love them I assure you and they are so responsive too.”

“God Ian I wish I was there now.”

“It does close at 10pm Gillian. Only once did I go there after 10. 00 and that was because the woman of a couple was shy and her partner asked the manager if they could go in after closing time. He agreed and we rustled up a few regulars and waited in the next door pub.”

“Was it good Ian? I mean worth waiting for?”

“Definitely.” I hesitated to tell Gillian that this was the couple who got to know one of my acquaintances well and instead of going to the club she preferred to go to his flat with usually about ten other men to have sex at his place.

“Ian lets save ourselves till tomorrow then. You have reassured me completely. I just feel lovely and horny now and want to stay that way. Oh and how is Jean toward my being there overnight with you both?”

“It’s a new step Gillian without the children being around so we will have to see. I hope it will be fine.”

I met Gillian at the station. Mum had been fine when I saw off to work in the morning, so all augured well for the weekend.

Gillian looked ravishing in the outfit she described and carried a light raincoat along with her overnight bag as we rushed to each other. She regaled me with what happened on the train on the way as the man opposite her in the carriage realised she was braless and proceeded to ogle them all the way to town.

I had agreed we would meet Mum at her local after her work. I told her Gillian was arriving later than she actually did so we had cover.

“I need a stiff drink Ian right now, for some dutch courage.” In the station hotel we had our drinks, hers a malt whisky and mine real ale. She told me how she had smiled at the voyeur near the terminus and he had pressed a card into her hand as they rose to go. This was a step forward. She would never have told me in the past about such an experience. Indeed she would probably have missed it in the past too. She showed me the card. He lived in Brighton our home town. Another thought occurred to me for the future maybe.

“I’m as ready as I’ll ever be Ian. Take me to the place of lust. I have such fantasies about it you just wouldn’t know.”

“We walked in the afternoon sunshine for awhile until she asked how far we would be walking.”

“We should get a taxi I think. It’s about a mile.”

“Not in these heels Ian.” She was right. Hailing a taxi we got him to stop round the corner from the club so as not to draw attention.

Entering the club from the street I was greeted by the manager Brian.

“Ian my boy how are you? Well I can see,” looking Gillian over but, as ever, discrete about my previous visits.

There was no one else in the small foyer where he took the cash and usually had acquaintances like me idling around passing the time of day.

“Quiet today Brian?”

“About usual Ian probably half full, the usual crowd at the back enjoying themselves.” This a reference to the gay community who frequented Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort the club despite the hetero films.

“Go on down Ian that’s fine.”

Typical Brian, not charging me for entry. Of course women go in free anyway. We made our way down to the basement corridor. Off each side were the cinemas. As I was in front I quickly scanned each room and chose the slightly larger room as some of the seats at the front were empty. I motioned Gillian to follow me to stand in the aisle alongside the rows of seats. There were about 8 rows and the same number of seats in each with standing room at the back where gays tended to congregate to mingle with each other. We stood in the aisle to appraise the situation. All eyes were on Gillian. Brian had kindly put her coat and overnight bag in a safe place so we were unencumbered. She had not worn her bra so her breasts were nicely pressed against her white silk blouse that was buttoned to her neck. The light from the screen reflected on her blouse. I was standing at an angle to her that enabled me to observe the audience as well as her blouse at the front. The screen had an immediate effect upon Gillian. Her nipples were stiff against her blouse. Guys sitting were giving her the view treatment. A middle aged man standing in front of her had his stiff prick on view. He turned at right angles to her, slowly stroking it hoping she would take over for him. But she ignored it, do doubt wanting to keep her options open. I put a protective arm around her in case she was getting cold feet. Her arm over mine, pressing against mine told me she was easing into it. She quietly whispered to me,

“Ian this place is out of this world. I wouldn’t have dreamed a place like this could exist. I like it. It’s so dirty.”

“Would you like to sit down yet Gillian?”

“In a minute or so.”

She then turned back to look at the screen. The man in front was now visibly wanking taking in the sight of her nipples. She just gave him a direct smile. That did it. He shot his load in front of him, fortunately into space between him and the seats. He had the good sense not to unload over Gillian. When he had sated himself he turned to Gillian and just mouthed,

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, my pleasure.”

He raised his zipper and withdrew smiling.

“I would like to sit down now Ian, where do you suggest?”

“The front row, to give us space and to move easily if necessary.” That was the old hand speaking from the past.

In the middle of the front row there were about four seats vacant. I led Gillian and we took up the middle two with her on my right. The vacant seats immediately became occupied as well as those in the next row behind us. Gillian settled in with her head in my shoulder as I cuddled my arm around her. We watched the film for awhile, it must have seemed ages to the regulars, but they were very patient waiting for cues from us. The film had an incest theme with brother and sister getting off. This bemused Gillian who dug me in the ribs when the sister sucks him off in the kitchen echoing her recent experience. This was followed by the Mother eyeing her son in the bathroom masturbating to thoughts of his Mother in bed playing with herself. Gillian came in then with,

“Well Ian I hadn’t thought of that one.” She left it and I didn’t comment.

It was horny stuff and one of the club’s better films. All round us the regulars were checking us and Gillian out for signs of activity. Gillian became totally absorbed when the Mother and son were fucking. Almost involuntarily Gillian passed her hand over her blouse slowly stroking her breasts and centring on her nipples. She used her other hand to unbutton her blouse from the neck. She slipped her playing hand inside and ran her fingers across her breasts. I gave her shoulders an endorsing squeeze and she leaned up and kissed me. Gillian then surprised me.

“Ian take your hand from round my shoulder.” I did just that. She then let her hands fall to her lap and sat there watching the film as the son began to rim his Mother’s rectum. She squeezed my hand then let go. I wondered what that message was about.

From behind a hand began to stroke her neck, very softly slowly moving forward. Simultaneously the guy on her right, about our age, was just beginning to stroke her leg near her knee. She just let it all happen with no intervention on her part. She wore a loose skirt (good forethought). He began to circle her knee. As he did this the hand was moving down her chest to open her blouse, carefully opening the blouse further to reveal her right breast. It suddenly popped into view, nipple and all. She looked ravishing and gave me a swift glance and smile seeking reassurance from me I thought. I returned her smile but didn’t intervene. The man behind cupped her breast very gently savouring the privilege. Beside her his hand began to push her skirt up a little more swiftly having observed the action above. She opened her legs a little. Real encouragement. His hand revealed her whiteness above her stocking. He ran his hand round her thigh feeling its wonderful smooth softness.

“Ian I want you to be the first down there.”

“Fine Gillian I will.”

Gillian took her hand to his on her upper thigh and gently put it on his own lap. His prick was fully erect. She slid her hand round it. Whilst stroking it she gazed expectantly at me. I took the cue.

I got down on my knees in front of her and opened her thighs, lifting her skirt to her waist. She had no panties on. Her fully haired cunt was exposed to the light coming from the film as well as her beautifully stockinged legs and thighs. All around were focused on her body, whilst two were engaged in leaning forward caressing each breast from either side.

Meanwhile another man, again about out age, moved into my seat. Gillian now had two pricks to play with. She also slipped down the seat a little to give me better access.

I moved forward toward her lips and opened her up with both hands. She was very wet. I exposed her cunt to the audience and stroked her clit with my finger. Her head went back into the seat in response to my caressing her core. One of the men who had been playing with her breasts stood up and offered his exposed hardon to her cheek. She didn’t know quite what to do, but hesitated. I think she was seeking something else just then and I was going to be it. She still held the cocks and others played and suckled her nipples.

I moved forward. Her cunt was glistening. I stroked my tongue across her labia on both sides, piercing her vagina as I crossed from one to the other. I moved to her clit and surrounded it with my sliding tongue. I knew her well and recognised she was in her very own reverie as I increased the pace around her clit.

I noticed her thighs were now fully stretched out in front as men stood on all sides around us wanting to be in on the action.

Moving my hand up between her thighs I pushed up to her buttocks and pushed my finger amid them. I found my destination, her hole that I had recently penetrated for the first time. She gasped at that contact but made no move to stop me. I pushed in. This just excited her further. She was on her way now and nothing would stop her achieving her end.

With no notice she started her orgasm, slow at first but building to a crescendo I had never heard before in the club, not even with Mum. She just screamed her cum as if we were on our own. It was wonderful to be at the centre of that cum.

We were a newly bound couple who had found each other after years of circumnavigating each other.

I stayed at her clit until she had come down from her mesmeric place. She wanted a cuddle to complete her spell. The guy who had taken my place got up politely but I sensed less than willingly as he had been wanked by Gillian just a few moments before. She tucked into me and held me tight.

“Ian that was just incredible. I love you you bastard, love you.”

Slowly we re-entered the world of the club, but we hadn’t really left it. It was the backlog to our ecstatic closeness.

Gillian came round and regarded her audience. Cocks were aplenty and most stiff and expectant. We had a quick exchange then,

“Ok fellas, no blow jobs, condoms only if you want a fuck but you can come over my tits.” I was amazed at her self-assurance. No one offered any condoms.

Gillian took pricks as they were offered and wanked them over her tits. Soon her tits were soaking in cum as about five men offered themselves to her. Some others wanted to do it themselves and spread their cum to her thighs and stockings.

An air of calm surrounded us as most had satisfied their spunky needs.

Quietly to me, Gillian announced she needed to clean up. I asked a punter I vaguely knew if he would go to Brian and get the key to the ladies loo. He returned and we got up. Whilst we were waiting a very young man came towards her in all her dripping state and added his cum to the small pool on her tits. He was in complete rapture. Nothing had matched this experience in all his short life. She gave him a smile. I’m sure he blushed, but he was already escaping up the aisle and away.

We took the key and locked ourselves in to take time to clean up. Before she washed her chest she demanded another kiss. I managed to tongue before crushing my shirt on the spunk that had settled on her breast. I asked if she wanted to go back for more.

“Ian that was more than enough for one day. Anyway we have the evening with Jean to look forward to.” What the hell did she mean by that?

“Anyway Ian what about you? I’ve been well looked after but you?”

Gillian it was marvellously satisfying sharing that with you. I feel completely different about you.”

We emerged from the ladies loo into the corridor where some of the members had congregated. There were new hopeful faces too. We assured them we would be down again. When. No when. Just some time.

Upstairs Brian greeted us with, “My darlings you were very popular. Madam if I may say so, you were a ball.”

We collected our things and made our goodbyes to some of the enthusiasts from downstairs.

As we left I made sure we weren’t followed.

We agreed I would phone Mum on my mobile and suggest her local as it was already 6pm and she would be there soon.

We arrived to some quizzical looks at me from the regulars who had only seen me with Mum, though they did not know of our relationship. I got a pint for me and a double whisky for Gillian.

Mum rang back to say she would be a little delayed.

Gillian looked ravishing after her experience and wanted to replay it verbally again with me. We kissed between shared pleasures of the club. She also adored the film and what she saw of it. Then,

“So what’s with Jean Ian?”

“What do you mean Gillian?

Before I could answer she entered the pub, paused to look round, saw us and came over. Gillian got up to greet her. She was unusually warm toward Jean. I was pleased. Mum was taking off her coat and I asked what she wanted to drink. She looked at Gillian’s and said the same.

I had a long wait at the bar as I observed them talking animatedly next to each other. I decided to order more for all of us and took a tray of drinks back to our seats. I sat opposite them even though Jean offered to move. I was happy they were apparently getting on so well.

I noticed Jean was well groomed. I think her delay was her going home first to brighten up. She certainly was, dressed in summer cotton with a nice neck line revealing ample cleavage and a hem line to her pink dress that came to her knee, just.

They both looked utterly delectable. Gillian will have noticed the change in Mum from the last time they were together. Gillian’s mind must have been doing overtime wondering about the change in Jean’s demeanour and physical appearance. I sat there looking up both their thighs at their stocking tops. This was heaven here now.

They suddenly turned to me.

“Someone seems to have a good view Jean, don’t you think?”

“You’re dead right Gillian as she smiled at her and me.”

Jean then changed the subject. “So what have you two been up this afternoon? You’d be under the table by now on those drinks if you’d been here.”

I looked at Gillian.

“We’ve had fun Jean, real fun.”

“Can I be let in on it then?”

“You say Ian.” Perfectly shat on. How to respond to that I wondered.

“Well Mum, we’ve been to the club.” That stalled both of them.

“To be frank Ian, I did wonder, given how ravishing your wife is looking. I wouldn’t have thought you’d been shopping at John Lewis (a department store).” Jean then scanned Gillian’s braless blouse and smiled at her and me.

“How do you know about the club Jean?” Another googly from Gillian. Mum looked to me to respond. In micro seconds I had to decide to be devious or direct with dangers in both directions. I fudged it.

“She just knows I go there.”

“Dare I ask how?” either shitting or teasing me like hell. However I felt Gillian had control of herself and the situation.

“Ian to be fair I did see you going in there from the bus and asked you later where you were going.” Mum was giving me an out. But Gillian pursued. I had paused.

“Well Ian how’d you deal with that then?” She was being at her piteous.

“I told her about it Gillian.” As they say in tennis 30:15.

Gillian looked at Jean then. Jean just gave a beatific smile and looked at me. 30:30. I was flummoxed. Deuce.

I could only respond with, “I think we should go home.” They both agreed as we all knew we had reached an impasse.

We changed the subject and finished our drinks, left the pub and I hailed the usual taxi that got us home within five minutes. Gillian remarked how lovely the flat looked and I showed her to my room and she dropped her belongings there. She didn’t look at me and I was worried.

We returned to the living room and Jean opened a bottle of wine in the kitchen and brought three glasses with her.

Gillian broke the ice.

“Jean, Ian and I have had a breakthrough in our lives and we’re ever grateful to each other cos I think we have saved our marriage which is very important to me. I also feel a very different atmosphere between you and I Jean which can only be better than in the past, which was just painful. Need I go further? I think someone else should pick up the baton.”

“Gillian I feel much better with you too. I can only think that it is because I no longer resent you. Actually I think you’re a very spunky woman and I really like you now.” She paused. It was now up to me to spill the reality.

“Where shall I start? I have always been driven by one thing despite a very full life in all regards. I am simply driven by my desires and I can’t seem to stop them. Yes Mum knows about the club. She did see me going in there from the bus. And yes I did tell her about it and she was very curious and yes she’s been there too. And yes they did enjoy her as did she. Why did she want to go there? Cos she wanted me to take her there. Well and here it comes. Yes we are having sex together and yes it is good. And yes my life with you Gillian has completely changed and its bloody marvellous now and I don’t want anything or anyone else in my life.”

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