Connie’s Mom

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Ron was the president of his fraternity, and he was dating the hottest girl on campus.

Connie was Asian-American, a petite woman with awesome features. She had a very curvaceous body, small boobs and was very fit from walking all over campus and her yoga classes. Ron loved her short dark hair, and dark eyes and sweet smile.

They were dating for a year now, and Connie asked Ron if she would like to meet her mom. He hesitated at first, but after a sensual kiss from Connie, all he could say was yes.

She told him to pick her up tonight at 5:30 pm, as her mom wanted them to talk first, then have dinner.

Dinner with parents was no big deal to Ron, even meeting his girlfriends’ parents wasn’t that difficult in the past, but Ron had a different feeling about meeting Connie’s mom. He really loved her and felt he needed to make an excellent impression on her mom.

He picked his girlfriend up, and as they were walking to his car, she complimented him on his shirt, a blue button down, and a pair of dark tight jeans, and black shoes.

Ron also complimented how hot Connie looked in her spaghetti strap black dress and black sandals.

As they drove, Connie started to fill-in her boyfriend of what he could expect.

“My mom is very friendly, and very outgoing, I just want you to know that I have told her about you and she really requested to see you, so I am so happy this is happening, as with past boyfriends, she didn’t want to have anything to do with them.”

“How many past boyfriends, Connie?” Ron said with a chuckle.

“I was just saying that to make you feel better, honey. Not any recently, just a few in high school.”

“No problem. I am looking forward to meeting your mom,” Ron said, as Connie squeezed his right forearm.

It took a good 20 minutes to get there, and Ron drove his car into a well-to-do neighborhood, and Connie directed him to the biggest house on the block. Ron’s eyes got big as he pulled into the driveway, parking behind a black BMW.

Ron got out and then opened Connie’s door and helped her out, and they walked up to the front door, with Connie bursa eskort bayan using her key to let them enter. She yelled out, “Mom, we’re here!”

Connie’s mom appeared soon after, and Ron did a double-take. She looked like she could have been Connie’s twin sister, only about 20 years older.

“Hello, you must be Ron. Wow, you were right darling, he is a hot gentleman,” she said.

“Mom,” Connie said.

“Sorry darling, and I’m sorry if I offended you, Ron. My name is Tina. I’m so glad you could make it.”

Ron had trouble talking as Tina was super-hot, a real double for Connie, with a little larger bust, wearing the same type of black dress, and really hot black sandal stilettos.

Connie said she had to pee and left Ron with her mom, who cuddled up next to him and walked him to the living room.

“So, Ron, you are a tall guy, I like that in men,” Tina whispered in his ear.

“I’m sure you think I may look like Connie’s sister, don’t you?” “Yes,” Ron said with a little hesitation.

“When she told me you were coming over I got all excited, and later tonight I hope to show you,” she said just as they sat down on a sofa and right before Connie arrived.

“I guess mom has given you the third degree already,” Connie said to Ron as she sat next to him, putting him in the middle of both women, and with Tina stroking Ron’s wrist with her fingers.

He didn’t know which way to turn as both women were talking, and it seemed Tina approved of her daughter’s boyfriend, and when Connie got up to get them some drinks, she whispered in his ear, “So Ron, have you been sexually active with my daughter?”

Ron stiffened as she continued, “Don’t worry baby, she has told me everything.”

Connie returned with three iced teas, and Ron nearly gulped his down.

“So, my sweetie, my mom wanted to know if you might want to have her join us tonight…for a special dinner,” Connie said with a laugh.

“Yeah, I would like that,” Ron said with a sense of relief.

They moved their conversation to the dining room, where Connie helped her mom with dinner and bursa merkez escort putting it on the table. They told Ron to sit at the head of the table with each woman sitting on each side.

Soon as they started eating, Tina put her hand on Ron’s thigh and started slowly rubbing, and then looked directly at Ron, at the same time Connie was doing the same thing to his other thigh.

Ron didn’t know what to do, but he continued to talk with both and eat the beef stir-fry.

Once the table was cleared, Tina brought out small pieces of cake and offered Ron some wine, which he accepted.

Then the conversation switched.

“Remember when I told you I didn’t bring a lot of boyfriends back here,” Connie said to Ron. He nodded yes.

“Well, its because my mom always hit on my boyfriends, didn’t you, mom?”

“Why yes, darling, I couldn’t help myself, but none were as handsome as this man,” she said, twirling Ron’s hair with her hand.

“So, Ron, I hope you find this encouraging, as I brought you here to share you with my mom,” Connie said.

Ron looked at Connie, and then looked at her mom, and, and he said that would be nice.

Tina got up and asked Ron to stand, and she kissed him, and then she let Ron kiss her daughter.

They walked to her bedroom, and once there both Tina and Connie removed their dressed to reveal both weren’t wearing underwear.

Ron couldn’t believe what was happening. His hot girlfriend he had seen nude many times, her beautiful breasts and dark areoles and nipples, awesome hips and a bald pussy. Her mom was the same with larger boobs. They pulled him closer and started kissing and hugging him and removing his shirt, pants and boxer shorts.

Connie got on her knees and started sucking Ron’s cock, while Tina kissed Ron and placed his hands on her breasts as she pulled him in closer.

Ron got as hard as he ever was, and soon Connie got up, positioned him to lie down on the bed, and her mom got on the bed, too, her mouth watering from seeing Ron, then Connie pushed her so she fell on top of him. Tina bursa sınırsız escort bayan guided Ron’s hard cock into her pussy and started rocking up and down on him, as Connie got on the bed and straddled Ron’s head and she rubbed her pussy on his mouth and he started eating her out. Ron was holding onto Tina’s ass and found it as soft and great as Connie’s ass.

Mom and daughter were smiling and kissing occasionally as they were satisfying and being satisfied by their new prey.

Ron was eager and got Connie starting with her soft sweet moans, which both he and Tina knew to mean she was soon to cum. She did, with a little of her orgasm leaking out onto Ron’s face. She got up and kissed Ron and kept kissing him as her mom kept riding him, and riding him, and eventually he came very hard, bucking Tina up and down for a minute.

Tina got off of Ron and laid on the bed while her daughter started licking her pussy to extract all of Ron’s cum.

Ron laid there kissing Tina, who was stroking his cum-lubed cock until it got hard again. When Connie was finished, she looked up and saw Ron was hard. She got on top of him and started rocking back and forth as her mom had. Tina then got on top of Ron’s face and he started eating her pussy, which he recalled was so like Connie’s.

Ron was close to cuming, but couldn’t talk with Tina on top of him, so he tapped Connie on her ass a few times and she got understood and she hopped off and started stroking him until he shot off onto Connie’s face and breasts. While Tina was still sitting on Ron, getting close to her own orgasm, she leaned forward to lick his cum off her daughter.

Tina squirted all over Ron and when she got up, Connie lurched forward and started licking her moms cum off Ron’s face.

This love-making continued for another hour until Ron was unable to cum anymore.

He kept kissing the women and eating their pussies and kissing and sucking their breasts for another 30 minutes.

They all got into a large bath, where Tina and Connie washed Ron thoroughly, and then as he watched, they washed each other.

By this time, it was near morning, and all three went out to a nearby Starbucks for coffee.

They sat in a far table to talk about what happened. Tina and Connie both giggled in a way Ron loved hearing Connie giggle.

Ron just sat there and smiled and wondered when Connie would invite him over to her mom’s for dinner again.

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