Constant State of Arousal Ch. 03

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When Robyn awoke, she was a little disoriented. It took her a minute to realize that she was at Sir’s house, on the floor at His feet. She felt a contented smile form on her lips, as she knew that this was where she belonged. Then the memories of last night came flooding back, and an even bigger smile surfaced. This was going to be an interesting weekend, with the introduction of Miss Staci happening last night.

Robyn got up, went to the kitchen, and figured she would make breakfast, so that it would be ready when they woke up. She made sure that everything was perfect. The eggs were done exactly to Sir’s liking, bacon crisp, toast, and fruit on the side. She poured juice into glasses and set everything on a tray. Just as she finished, she heard movement from the bedroom, and hurried in there with the tray. Sir and Miss Staci were just sitting up in bed, and Robyn set the tray down between them. She then went to the end of the bed and kneeled, facing them.

“I thought maybe you would be hungry, so I made breakfast. I hope it is to your liking.”

Robyn saw a smile cross both of their faces, and knew that she had pleased them.

“Precious pet, you never cease to amaze me. Yes, indeed I’m very hungry, and we will need energy for what is planned for you today.”

Robyn got excited just hearing those words from Sir. She knelt quietly while they ate, and listened to their appreciation of the meal they were eating. Robyn knew that she was beaming with pride, but couldn’t help it.

“Pet, we are going to establish some guidelines and rules today. Go take your shower while we finish up here, then clean the kitchen while we shower. Meet us back in here then, in the position you are in now. Understood?”

Robyn nodded her acknowledgement, thanked them, and hurried to do as she was told. She made sure that her body was still smooth, and again rubbed scented lotion all over. It seemed her pussy was very sensitive, as when she was washing, she felt a bolt of electricity running through her body. When she was done with her shower, she went and cleaned up the breakfast dishes, then went back to the bedroom to await them. She knelt on the floor, in the middle of the room, offering herself to them when they emerged from the shower.

Sir was the first out of the bathroom; He crouched down, and dropped a kiss to her forehead. She smiled at Him, and He started talking to her.

“Pet, today is going to be the start of a whole new relationship for all of us. Miss Staci will be joining us each time we play, and you are to treat her with the same respect that you give to me. You are my precious pet, but you will also be her slut. She will address you this way, and you are to obey. I will be here the whole time, and you know your safe words, if something is not feeling right to you. I will not be upset if you choose to use them at anytime. This is going to take some getting used to for all of us, but I think we are all in agreement that it will be a great experience. Do you have any questions before we continue? Are you prepared to serve us both, in whatever means we ask of you? Speak now, or you will not get another chance for a while. Afterward, we will talk, and you will be able to voice any concerns that you may have. You may speak now.”

Robyn listened carefully to His words, and understood what He was asking of her. She was to give herself to both of them completely, to trust that He knew exactly what He was doing. There really wasn’t a decision to be made, as she loved Sir with all her heart and would do anything He asked.

“Yes Sir, I understand what you are asking of me, and I am willing and eager to serve you both.”

Just then, Miss Staci came out of the bathroom, her body still glistening from the water of the shower. Robyn knelt there; her eyes transfixed on her body, wanting to touch her, but remembering her manners, she wouldn’t do so, unless told.

“Pet, go and wish Miss Staci a good morning. It seems like she may need some help in drying off also.”

Robyn crawled over to where Miss Staci was standing, looked up at her with questioning eyes, and when she got the nod from her, Robyn pulled herself up off the floor to stand before Miss Staci. Robyn used her lips to kiss the droplets off Miss Staci’s face, before traveling down toward Miss Staci’s breasts. Robyn let her tongue snake out from between her lips, to slowly lick the streams of wetness from the outside of Miss Staci’s breasts. When they were both dry, she covered Miss Staci’s nipples with her lips, one at a time and sucked the moisture away. By this time, Miss Staci’s breathing was becoming erratic, and Robyn knew to continue. She followed down her stomach, to retrieve some drops from her navel, then doing the same all the way down her legs.

Miss Staci was shivering and Robyn didn’t know if it was from being chilled, or very hot, but she motioned Miss Staci to lie back on the chaise with her legs wide open. Robyn istanbul escort slowly moved her tongue up the insides of her thighs, and let out a hot breath directly on Miss Staci’s pussy. Miss Staci let out a moan, and Robyn smiled in satisfaction. While holding her open mouth over Miss Staci’s clit, Robyn allowed her tongue to travel downward, to catch any water that was still clinging to Miss Staci’s hot body. She made a cupping form with her tongue, and eased it between Miss Staci’s crack, slowly licking her asshole. Miss Staci started bucking against Robyn’s mouth and Robyn sped up her licks. Obviously, Miss Staci enjoyed having her asshole played with, and Robyn was determined to please her. Robyn took her hands and spread her cheeks even further apart, to give her better access to her tight little hole. Robyn made her tongue firm, and stuck it just inside Miss Staci’s hole. This drove Miss Staci wild, and Robyn started thrusting her tongue further inside. Miss Staci was meeting her thrust for thrust, and Robyn kept it up. Robyn exchanged her tongue for fingers, and moved up to lick just inside Miss Staci’s pussy lips. She was so wet, and tasted so sweet. Robyn found a renewed vigor after tasting her sweetness. Her tongue darted in and out of Miss Staci’s leaking pussy, as her fingers fucked her asshole. Miss Staci was getting close, Robyn could tell, so she increased the intensity of her tonguing.

“Make me cum, slut. NOW” Miss Staci told Robyn.

Robyn took her tongue out of Miss Staci’s hot pussy, and replaced it with her thumb; Her digits filling both holes. Robyn moved her lips up to Miss Staci’s clit, and sucked on it hard, causing Miss Staci’s body to go into contractions from a very intense orgasm. Robyn stayed with it, sucking hard on her clit, until she felt Miss Staci’s aftershocks taking over her body. Robyn laid a light kiss on Miss Staci’s clit, as she pulled her fingers out of Miss Staci’s ass and pussy. Robyn looked into Miss Staci’s face, grinning from ear to ear, and slowly licked all of the juices off her fingers.

Robyn looked over at Sir sitting there, His expression one of lust, pride, and love. His hand was slowly stroking His cock, obviously enjoying what He just witnessed. Robyn crawled over to Him, her eyes holding His, questioning. With a nod from Him, her mouth took over for His hand, slowly sucking up and down His hard shaft. When she would get up to the tip, she would hold it between her lips, gently sucking the precum that was exiting from His hole. She took His balls into her hand, rubbing them, feeling the heaviness, knowing that they were filled with cum and waiting to explode. Her other hand was wrapped around His prick, slowly stroking in time with her mouth. Her tongue would dart out to lick along the underside of His cock, knowing He was sensitive there. She sped up the movements of her hand and mouth, wanting to make Him feel good, when she heard Him growl.

“That’s enough pet, I don’t want to cum right now. There will be time enough for that later. Miss Staci seems to have recuperated, and you know what I want to see.”

Robyn crawled over to the toy bag, and brought out what He was expecting, a 12” long double dildo. She put it in her mouth to carry over to where Miss Staci lay on the couch; Robyn put one end in her mouth, getting it nice and wet, before inserting it into Miss Staci’s pussy. Slowly she fucked her with it, before taking it out and licking that end once again. She loved the way Miss Staci tasted, and didn’t want to miss a drop. She then reinserted the phallus into Miss Staci’s slippery hole, and put the other end in her mouth, treating it as it was a cock she was sucking on, sliding her mouth up and down on it, getting close enough to Miss Staci’s pussy that she could smell her sweet pot. Once the rubber cock was wet, Robyn moved above it, to straddle it and take it into her own pussy. She let out a contented sigh as she felt it slip into her own wetness. Robyn moved closer, and further down on the fake prick, until her clit was almost touching Miss Staci’s hard nub. Miss Staci leaned up on the couch, so that they were eye-to-eye, nipple-to-nipple, and they started to move together in a very slow rhythm.

“Look at my two girls pleasuring each other, riding that cock nice and slow” said Sir. “Don’t forget that there are other pleasure spots to explore while you are in that position. I want both of you to look at me while you fuck that fake prick, and while I stroke the real thing.”

Both Miss Staci and Robyn turned their gazes toward the magnificent man that sat there, watching every move they made. Robyn reached up and took one of Miss Staci’s nipples between her thumb and finger, and gently rolled it, slowly applying more and more pressure, making Miss Staci start to move faster on the dick that joined them together. Robyn stopped moving, and leaned over to take that hard nipple into her mouth, running her tongue around the areola, before escort bayan sucking on the hard peak. She leaned back after a few moments, needing to ride that cock harder, as her pussy was demanding attention. Miss Staci reached one of her hands between Robyn’s open legs and used one of her fingers to play with Robyn’s hard clit. Robyn didn’t know how much of this she could take, and gave Sir a pleading stare.

“Don’t you dare cum, pet. You will take as much as I allow you to have, and will not cum, do you understand me?”

Robyn nodded her head in understanding, although her eyes were filling with tears because she didn’t want to cum, and disappoint Him. Miss Staci started playing with her clit harder, and Robyn didn’t know if she could handle it. Her mind started racing to find something to concentrate on, other than what her body was feeling. It was impossible. Miss Staci’s finger was massaging in just the right place, driving Robyn crazy. She knew by the satisfied look on Sir’s face that He knew exactly what her body was going through, but wouldn’t stop it. He loved seeing her right on the verge, knowing that she would not go over, and upset Him. That’s how much control He had over her, He could control her body, without even a word.

Robyn and Miss Staci rode the cock hard, never once glancing at each other, only looking at Him. Robyn decided to use her thumb to play with Miss Staci, and bring her to the brink also. Robyn’s thumb found Miss Staci’s swollen clit, and at first made light circles around it, teasing. Slowly, the circles got smaller, yet harder. Miss Staci was moaning right along with Robyn now, both of them grunting as they pierced their pussies on the hard cock between them. They both knew it wouldn’t be long before they exploded.

“Miss Staci, are you willing to allow this slut to cum with you? That’s the only way she will get to cum today, is at the same time as you. It is your decision.”

Miss Staci grunted her acknowledgement, and to Robyn it was music.

“Yes Daddy, I want this slut to cum with me, and I want her to cum hard. She’d better squirt for us, or there will be no more orgasms for her for awhile.” Miss Staci’s voice sounded animalistic and seemed like it came from another room as Robyn was so focused on her body.

“You both know what else I want to see, before you cum. I want to see your lips pressed together in a kiss showing how hot you are for each other right now.”

They broke their gazes from Sir, and looked into each other’s eyes for the first time, since sharing this intimate play. They slowed their movements, and leaned into each other, their tongues poking out from between their lips, and lightly touching each other. They seemed to be playing shy with each other, barely touching the tips of their tongues to each other, when Robyn opened her mouth, and sucked Miss Staci’s tongue inside. Their lips mashed together, as they exchanged control of the kiss. All of their pent up sexual frustration showed in that kiss. Their mouths twisting against each other, as if they were dying of thirst, and could only drink from each other. Miss Staci forced Robyn onto her back, without breaking the hold on her mouth, and started to fuck her with the dildo that still lie inside them both. Robyn was out of her mind with need, and lightly nipped on Miss Staci’s bottom lip.

Miss Staci hoarsely whispered to Robyn, “Cum with me now slut, I want to feel our pussies slamming together as we explode. Remember, I want you to squirt your juices all over me. NOW!!!!!!”

Robyn let out a guttural sound, and did exactly as she was told, her pussy spasming with one of the hardest orgasms that she had in a long time. Her juices spraying all over Miss Staci’s pussy, causing Miss Staci to go off also.

When their bodies started to calm down, Miss Staci lay on top of Robyn, holding her close. Their hearts were beating as one, pounding against each other’s chests. Robyn could feel Miss Staci’s hard nipples pressing into her own, and it was heaven. Miss Staci leaned up, and lightly kissed Robyn on the lips. Miss Staci moved to get off Robyn, and Robyn felt coldness wash over her, without the warm body on top of her. Miss Staci leaned back on the couch once more, and motioned Robyn to start the cleanup. Robyn took her time, slowly licking her own cum juices from Miss Staci’s pussy, and didn’t come up for air until Miss Staci was totally clean. She then moved up to Miss Staci’s face, and kissed her wholly on the mouth, letting Miss Staci taste Robyn’s juices from her mouth.

Robyn looked at Sir, and asked if she may go and clean up a bit. The look that she got from Him told her that she shouldn’t ask such a thing.

“No pet, you are our slut, and you will remain how you are, covered in your own juices until we say so. Now, I do believe that you two owe me, for letting you cum together. My cock needs to be worshipped by my two girls, my baby girl, and my precious Maltepe escort pet. Come over here and thank me properly.”

Miss Staci walked over to Him, as Robyn crawled, both of them kneeling before Him. Miss Staci taking His cock in her mouth, Robyn moving her head down to suck His balls into her mouth. They were so big, so hard that she had a hard time fitting them into her mouth, but she kept at it, until she had one of them filling the place that Miss Staci had kissed so fiercely just moments before. Robyn looked up, and saw Miss Staci working Sir’s cock in and out of her mouth like there was no tomorrow. Robyn lovingly sucked the sack that held the precious seed that they both loved so much. Robyn could feel the cum boiling in His nuts, and knew that He would be filling Miss Staci’s mouth very soon. She could hear His grunts, felt His hips moving to fuck her mouth. Miss Staci was moaning too, and she could only imagine what that felt like on Sir’s cock. It would be vibrating it, causing Him more pleasure.

All too soon, she felt His hips jump, and His balls emptying themselves of His seed. Miss Staci continued to moan, as her mouth filled with His cum. When He was done emptying His sac, Miss Staci leaned away from His beautiful cock and moved over to Robyn, leaning in, and sharing what was left in her mouth. Their tongues danced together again, exchanging the sweetness of His cum, until every drop was gone from their mouths.

“Thank you Miss Staci, for sharing Sir’s precious cum with me. I feel truly honored that you allowed me to taste Him.” Robyn looked at Miss Staci with gratitude.

Sir motioned them both to their feet, pointing for Robyn to get on the bed on her hands and knees. She felt a blindfold being placed over her eyes, before the room went black. This was a different sensation, as Sir usually wanted her to keep her eyes open, and on Him.

“You may be wondering why you are blindfolded, pet. We are going to give you what we know you’ve been craving all day long. You love to have a nice, warm ass, don’t you? You love to have your pussy leaking from the excitement of being spanked, isn’t that true? Well, you are going to get your share from us right now. Miss Staci is dying to make your ass a glowing red.”

Robyn got excited, thinking about her body craving the pain. Yes, Sir knew her too well, knew what she wanted, needed, craved. She felt hands underneath her, and felt clips being attached to her hard nipples. She let out a small moan, as a bolt of excitement raced to her clit.

“There will be no noise coming from you, slut. I don’t want to hear any whimpering, no screams. If you continue to make noise, we will be forced to gag you. The only time that we want to hear from you is if you need to give your safe word. You do remember your safe word, don’t you?” This came from Miss Staci, and Robyn nodded her head yes.

She felt Miss Staci move away from her, then felt hands below her again, pulling on the clips. Robyn bit her lip to keep from making noise. She felt the first smack from the flogger, and it felt good. She wanted more. She didn’t have to wait for long, as the next few swats came faster, and harder. There was a pause, but still the clips were being pulled, causing Robyn’s clit to harden even more. The next sensation she felt was something very soft being dragged across her ass cheeks, tickling her, and making her squirm. All of a sudden, there was a loud crack, and Robyn could feel her eyes bulging against the blindfold. She took a sharp intake of breath, and let it out slowly. She knew that feeling well. It was the homemade paddle being used, then the softness caressing her skin again. Then another whack, making her ass cheeks burn, followed by a wet coldness, ice. It was very erotic to have her sight taken away, not knowing what would be coming next. The next thing she felt was a sharp, stinging pain. She knew this to be Sir’s belt. She could feel the stripes, as they were being painted across her back end. She counted them to herself; one, two, three…… God, but she loved the feeling!! She continued counting until she reached fifteen. By this time, she was sure her ass was a fire engine red.

The thing she wasn’t counting on, was the thing that was used next, the cane. The strokes from it cut into her, and she could feel the welts as they raised her skin, there were about five or ten of them, Robyn lost count. Again, ice was applied to her heated skin, the wetness from it melting, running along Robyn’s ass crack, into her pussy, and mixing with her own juices as it ran down her thighs.

The clips were left alone, Robyn’s ass was numb from the ice, and she took a calming breath. Her pussy was burning as much as she was sure her ass would be soon. She felt hands pulling her legs further apart, then felt a hand smacking at her pussy lips, causing her to leak her juices even more. Robyn then felt more hands rubbing her ass cheeks before they started spanking her hard. The feelings combined were too much for Robyn, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to hold back this time.

“Please Sir and Miss Staci, may your pet and slut cum, please???” Robyn didn’t even recognize her own voice. It sounded so wanton, so crazed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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