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I’m the lead architect for a big development in an industrial park outside of town, and We’ve been working on this project for some time. Last Monday I drove up to the site early to check some changes to the blueprints. When I got there, I had to take a leak, but the main toilet wasn’t operational yet, I didn’t know where they had one that worked, and the foreman wasn’t around. A young carpenter arrived so explained myself, and asked him, “where’s the john, I need to use it.”

The kid said, “I’ll have to show you. -The boss doesn’t like suits wandering around unattended. You’re early anyway, he ain’t here yet”

“Well,” I replied, -“You’re early too, how come?”

“Aw, I’m always early, and he laughed. “I usually get here early enough to jack off a couple times. I’m always horny in the morning and the old lady isn’t. Screwin’ her in the a.m. is like fuckin’ a corpse -no thanks. This morning I just got pissed with her and came on down to work. Mostly I beat off before I leave home and if nobody’s here when I get here I’ll whack it again.

“Yeah, I remember when I was your age I was jacking off three, four times a day,” I tell him.

“Me too, he says, “But what the hell -I gotta give it a rest now and then and come to work, but man, Freddy’s ready, any old time.” He’s walking ahead of me, his tool bag clanking low on his narrow hips. He’s got short curly blond hair and the usual gold earring in his ear. His shirt’s off and his back and shoulders are covered in fine blond hairs picked up in the morning sun. Muscular bugger, too, -tanned, and with broad shoulders-

“Nice,” I’m thinking, “nice.”

We get to the can, and he says, “There it is, the door won’t shut, but at least it flushes. I could use a piss, too,” he adds, “But after you, boss.” He’s still motormouthing away about his unco-operative old lady, as I go in and take my leak – I give it a shake and start to wash my hands -he moves in and starts to piss -a strong loud stream. All of a sudden he’s not talking anymore. I finish and look over -he’s wearing a funny smile and says,

“You ever see a guy could piss through a hard-on?” And he waggles his big semihard cut tool at me. “Too bad a guy can’t just make a living with this, -I’d do alright, alright. I been walkin’ around with Casibom a hardon half my life.”

For once, I have nothing smart to say. I just stare at it stupidly. I wonder -If I take this kid on -can I trust him to keep his mouth shut about it? I do nothing, and he’s not leaving, just stroking his cock in a preoccupied way.

“Whatta ya think? Ya like it?” he says.

“Yeah, I like it okay,” I mutter…. Finally I can’t stand it any longer and reach out and take it in my hand.

His smile broadens and his cock stiffens from semi-hard to bone rigid. I start to bend over, but he says, “None a that shit -I don’t go for that crap. -You wanna get fucked, I’ll screw yer ass good.”


“How long do you think we have?” I ask.

“Maybe a half hour” he replies. “C’mon lets get with it” he says. “Drop your drawers and I’ll give you a ride you won’t be forgettin’ any time soon!”

I do as he says and reach for him -expecting maybe a hug or a… preliminary … something… “Nah, he says “-just face the sink and brace yourself, bud. I’ll fuck ya but don”t get any ideas about ME being queer.

“Oh oh” I think nervously. I hear him drop his belt and tool bag on the floor and pull open his jeans. I’ve only seen his dick through the denim so far, and now, -too late, I’m having second thoughts . He spits on his hand and his cock. He puts his big hands on my shoulders and I can feel his prick sliding up the crack of my ass. He finds the hole and says,

“Get ready, man -I’m comin’ in!’ -And WHAM!

The pain is sharp and incredibly intense- I’m seeing stars and It feels like I’m being stabbed with a red-hot poker. “Go SLOW! – for Christ’s sake -just take it easy for a minute,” I gasp.

“After I’m all the way in, man,” he mutters, and continues his steady push.

I can hardly breathe from the pain -much as I want it, I don’t think I can take this. “Breathe deep,” they say. -I do, and maybe it helps. -maybe – -I don’t know. He slides his hands down to my hips and pulling my ass toward him starts a steady rhythm. By now I’ve bent over the sink to get a better angle, crossed my arms and put my head down. “Aah, yeah!” he says, “That’s good!- just hold that pose, buddyboy.” After a minute or two, the pain begins to lessen Casibom Giriş and I start to feel a little numbness that I hope will lead to better things. I can feel his hot breath on my neck and I shiver a bit as he picks up speed.

I look up at the mirror over the sink. Somehow through the pounding jackhammering of his muscular ass some weird part of my brain is taking a detached account of the picture in the mirror. I see myself, a tanned, trim, 48 year old professional, slacks around his ankles, Arrow shirt hitched up over his shoulders, being vigorously pronged by a younger man bent on extracting the maximum pleasure out of the most violent friction humanly possible. I find this incredibly, unbelievably, hot.

We’re both covered in a sheen of sexsweat and moving hard against one another. I’m matching him thrust for thrust in reverse and the slamming splat of wet skin on skin fills the small room -and paired with that is an overpowering steamy sexstink and I’m drinking it in like high-priced booze -almost literally -the sweat pouring off my brow is a constant drip through my moustache.

Without a word he pulls his prick out -spins me around to face him -and- lifting me by my armpits drops me back on his dick -barely missing a stroke. Sliding his arms through mine, he wraps one around the small of my back and the other under my shoulder and shoves me up against the wall. Planting his feet back for better traction, he grunts “Gimme your legs!” In a second my heels are digging into his ass as it pistons back and forth like a demented powertool and any conception of dignity is long gone -all I want in the world is for this to turn into a perpetual FUCK spinning off through time forever.


He leans back to watch his dick slamming in and out of my hole -he has me stretched out almost flat -just my shoulders touching the wall. With my legs up I see what he’s seeing & I look down and my cock is swaying in counterpoint to his violent thrusting -my heavy cock is hot my balls are hot and my asshole is hot! hot! hot! He shakes his head to get rid of the sweat and it sprays all over me and half the wall.

Everytime I figure this can’t go on he changes gear and cranks it up or down to a new level -and I can’t think -I can’t think -I Casibom Güncel Giriş can’t concentrate -where I am or what the hell I’m doing in this toilet with a kid fucking carpenter I never laid eyes on before -it’s all just a blur of punctuated sensation -punctuated by his steady grunting and the thunk of my shoulder blades on the wall behind me and all I know for sure is I don’t want it ever to stop – JESUS! -WHERE is all this coming from? -it’s like he’s creating new sex every few minutes -little changes I swear I never experienced before -like he’s making up a whole new program from scratch and it’s all new -new to me -maybe new to the world. He’s machinefucking away with vigorous muscular intent and I’m doing my level best to stay with him when suddenly he looks up from under sweat dripping eyebrows and he smiles this crooked little smile and seeing it I think holy christ I’m gonna faint. But …….I don’t ..and his crooked little smile turns into a broad sweaty grin and he grunts,

“I can keep this up all day, guy, but they’re gonna be showin’ up soon” ya better tell me when ya’ve had enough!”

“Ah, shut up and keep fucking,” I gasp. “Just don’t stop -don’t for christsake stop! Just as I’m about to expire one way or another in the heat of the moment, he yells,

“oh man I’m gettin’ there!, I’m gettin’ there! -get ready” and he hitches up my legs and that little change of angle hits me exactly right and I can feel the come boiling out of my balls too! He leans forward, our foreheads touching and with an exultant shout, “I’m coming! -I’m coming!!!!,” he escalates his thundering attack and carries me along on his piledriving orgasm! In the middle of his second massive grunting push I spray my load all over his chest, some of it flying clear over his shoulder. He pulls me up tight to his chest and I can hear our hearts pounding and he rests his head on my shoulder as his thrusting ass gradually slows I feel his throbbing prick emptying his boiling jizz into my burning hole.

I collapse on the toilet gasping… -I’m exhausted, dizzy and can barely stand up.

Standing over me, panting, the sweat coursing down his torso and legs, he looks down and sniggers- “Ya better pull yourself together, Mr. Architect, ya look like ya been in a fuckin’ accident! Har! ya get it? -a fuckin’ accident!! Dammit this is the perfect fuck and I’ll probably never get near him again, -and I don’t even know his name. But by the time I have my pants done up, I realize of course, that that is exactly what makes it perfect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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