Convenient Arrangement Ch. 04

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Author’s Notes

Before reading this story please be aware that that some people would label this work as obscene and pornographic in nature. It contains several themes including transgendered, homosexual and lesbian issues in addition to graphic sexual descriptions.

To make the action flow more freely and the stories light-hearted, I have taken a socially naïve approach and have not included the usual protections that intelligent people would choose such as condoms, birth control and out safeguards against sexually transmitted diseases. Such risky behavior as those exhibited by the characters of this story should not be followed.

If any of these topics make you uncomfortable please look elsewhere.

If this sounds like a story you might find interesting, enjoy.


I was two minutes early according to my clock as I swung to a stop near my ‘Masters’ house. His car was parked in the drive along with another vehicle I didn’t recognize.


I paused where I sat, checking the block and waiting for an older couple to pass by on the sidewalk before I fumbled with the door handle, stepped out in the new shoes and then walked quickly, trying to appear casual in my uniform, as I strolled up to the door. I rang the bell, hearing music playing inside, and waited nervously on the step. A moment later a young woman answered the door and without surprise at my presence or appearance, pushed open the screen door and ushered me inside with a smile.

“Must be the new assistant.” She said as I stepped past her into the small foyer. “John’s in the kitchen.”

I nodded, voice caught in my throat.

“Jasmine! Glad you could make it. And you look great!” he complimented.

I took the glass of wine he offered and took a few heavy sips, trying to calm my nerves.

“Go ahead and make yourself at home. I’ve laid out everything here in the kitchen so use your imagination and make it presentable. I’ll be in the living room with my guest.”

He walked out while I stood there in confusion, the counter strewn with various items of meat, cheeses, fruit and other types of snack foods. But there was far too much for the two of them to consume and I was going to question John about it when I heard the doorbell ring. Moments later there was the exchange of words mixed with laughter. My eyes were probably as wide as his, when one of the newly arrived walked into the kitchen and caught sight of me in the kitchen while he dropped the six pack of Corona’s in the fridge.

He nodded an acknowledgement in my direction while his eyes took me in from head to toe. Smiling, he walked back out but his words didn’t give away a hint that I was here. I tried to listen in on the conversation but it didn’t have anything to do with me as far as I could tell as I continued to assemble the items into something to be consumed.

A moment later, John’s voice called out to me.

“Hey Jasmine. We need two red wines in here please and I’ll take another Bud.”

Taking a deep breath and a steadying Maltepe Escort gulp of red wine myself, I found two glasses and poured them. Grabbing and opening a bottle of Bud, I took the three and walked into the living room, holding a half dozen people now.

“Ah. Excellent!” John passed around the drinks to the requestors before the beer, obviously for himself as he passed me the empty.

“Everyone. This is Jasmine. She’s here today to help me out so if you need anything, just let her know what you need. And I do mean anything.” He said with a wide grin. I could see a mix of emotions on the guest’s faces, either amusement, interest or lust. No one seemed to be put off by the comment, I noted.

“And Jasmine?” he said to me. “You don’t need to know anyone’s name. Just use Ma’am or Sir when spoken to and do as you’re told. Thank you. Please finish up with the food and we’ll call if we need anything.”

“Yes Sir.” I said, walking back into the kitchen, my chin held up with what little dignity I could muster. Maybe a professional attitude would help take the edge off.

“She’s adorable!” I heard one of John’s guest exclaim after I left the room. The other mix of comments were undecipherable as I switched gears and went back to work.

Over the next forty-five minutes, another dozen guests filed in and were given the same greetings as the first arrivals. I had been paraded in and out with various chores, shuttling food and drinks to the front room just as kick-off on today’s football game got underway.

After all the guests had met me, had a drink in their hand and the game was a distraction, I found that my own stress level had dropped considerably. Maybe the second glass of wine I had hastily consumed had helped take the edge off my discomfort.

I continued my duties obediently and without issue as half time hit and the assorted guests rotated through the two bathrooms and spread out around the house trying to stretch their limbs. Several stepped into the kitchen to pick at the food items and happily, three of the women stepped in and asked for more wine that I attentively filled. Standing there, they continued their conversations, occasionally engaging me in their conversations.

But as the minutes passed, they slowly began to reassemble in the living room as half time progressed.

This wasn’t so bad, I admitted to myself. My new shoes weren’t the most comfortable and in feminine mode as I were, still had a dislike for doing dishes.

“Hey Jasmine. I need your assistance please.” One of the guests named Mike called out to me. I noticed the sound level from the living room had dropped. Obediently, I walked to down the hall and into the room, standing there. Despite the game getting ready to start and several people watching it, nearly all were watching me and were acting strangely.

“Yes Sir?” I asked, spotting Mike standing up in front of the couch.

“I need some help over here.” He said, grinning as though he had just thought of was incredibly Kartal Escort funny.

I stepped around the corner of the couch into the room and walked over to him. He reached down, snatched several snack bowls from the coffee table and haphazardly passed them to companions seated to either side.

“Come on over here and have a seat.”

He motioned to the coffee table amid a chorus of groans, moans, cackles and cat calls.

“C’mon. Snap to it.” John said anything we wanted and I need a blowjob before I pop. My girlfriend just isn’t keeping up with my needs.” He said with a laugh. One of the women that looked pissed, got to her feet in a huff and walked out of the room.

I stepped carefully amid the sea of feet arranged around the table and did as I was told, my frilly skirt rising up as I settled on the hard, wood surface. No one else left the room, but several people were either too shy to watch directly or were so die-hard when it came to the football game it drew their attention away from us as I reached up and undid Mike’s belt and the latch at the top of his pants. His buddy seated next to him was liking the free show as I slowly and methodically pulled first the jeans and then the boxer shorts down around his ankles.

“Hey ladies, check it out!” He called out, pulling his shirt up to reveal the erect member sitting right in front of my face. His girlfriend returned to her seat, a fresh beer in hand, and an indifferent air about her as she watched the game and ignored us.

Giving up on the inevitable, I reached up with my hands and wrapped one hand, with painted nails around his cock and slid the other under his balls, rubbing gently as I leaned in the few inches it took to bring my mouth up to his dick. I opened wide and took him in, pushing and pulling my body back and forth, the feeling of his cock’s head sliding up to my lips before retreating back towards my throat.

“Got a real keeper here John.” He moaned. “Came right over when I asked and went at it without hesitation.”

He was panting now when he finished talking and I heard John mumble something unintelligible as the roar of the crowd on TV came to life.

I closed my eyes and continued at it with a mechanical, rhythmic motion, feeling both of his hands on the back of my head helping me go deeper as he rocked on his feet, hips thrusting forward. It didn’t take long before I could feel his body tense, preceding the inevitable ejaculation that shot down my throat.

Without hesitation, he ignored me after pulling out and fixed up his clothes, sitting down and getting back into watching the game without missing a beat. He looked relaxed for the first time that day.

I sat there for a few seconds, amazed that no one was looking my direction. The game was back on and for the most part I had been forgotten. I rose up, wiped the thin thread of cum from my lower lip and attempted to return to the kitchen.

“I need a refill please.” The young lady said, finally pulling her eyes from the Kurtköy Escort TV and staring up and mine. She didn’t look pissed, angry or miffed at what had just transpired between her boyfriend and me. I couldn’t figure out what to say so I nodded and took the glass from her hand, taking it into the kitchen with me. I returned the drink and continued on with my duties for another hour, my service I’m proudly to say was excellent. Just when the game went into overtime and I was beginning to feel like a normal servant I heard my name called.

A commercial was on and another of the men from the couch was on his feet and half dressed, standing there stroking himself. I sighed internally and steeled myself against yet another blowjob. I sat down in front of him and began to reach up when he leaned back and shot me a dirty look.

“Hands off Bitch! Just sit there and open up.” He said in disgust, continuing to stroke himself in front of me, the lube on the table at my hip. “Don’t want some dudes mouth on my rod!”

I did as commanded and sat there, silently seething inside. I seriously doubted in my mind that anyone in the room, after interacting with them for hours, believed I was anything but a man in women’s clothing but to have him state it out loud suddenly made it clear that they all knew and above all else I was feeling silly just sitting there now, doing as commanded. It didn’t take long for this guy to get where he was going and I could tell from sounds he was making that he was getting close. My face was pointed up towards his in preparation for what I knew was probably coming.

“Alright Sweetheart.” He said panting. “Lean forward and open wide for Daddy!”

I followed through and tilted my head back further to receive the hot stream as it shot out in spurts, half coating my tongue and the other half streaked across my lips and face.

It didn’t take long.

He cleaned himself up with the napkin in his hand and went back to snacking. Apparently I had again been dismissed so I stepped to the bathroom to freshen up. The haunting eyes staring back at me, makeup looking a bit than rough, were a mix of emotion. I didn’t bother delaying the inevitable and went back out to the kitchen and began cleaning up the sizable stack of items to clean.

With the game over, the purpose of the party complete, the group mingled around for a half hour, popping into the kitchen to give themselves something to do. For me, I just kept at, cleaning, storing and drying. Without a way of just sitting around eating and not conversing, the majority of the party, the men, must have felt awkward because they continued to wander aimlessly.

When the host returned to the room his guest began to excuse themselves and departed until the two of us were alone.

“Not bad Jasmine. Impressive how you handled yourself. Real cool.”

I was anything but cool as the flush of emotions raced through me.

“Thank you Master.” I replied, keeping my gaze on the remaining dirty dishes in hand.

From my peripheral vision I could see him nod nonchalantly as though pondering something.

“Great job. When you’re done cleaning up you can go.”

He took he scotch on the rocks into the next room and flipped on an old movie as I finished up before leaving for the night.

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