Corey and Noah Pt. 02 Ch. 06

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Chapter 6

Seeing Ben at school the next day wasn’t fun. My friends and I would usually hang out in the morning before school started but as I rolled out of bed the day after Ben found my magazine and forced me to suck him off, I knew that I could barely stomach the idea. Regardless, I made my way to school very slowly. My backpack felt like it weighed a ton, and my clothes felt constricting. My mind didn’t seem to be working properly all morning. My head was cloudy and filled with varies images of all the crazy stuff that had happened over the past few months: Corey showing up at my house for my birthday and us comparing dick sizes in the bushes; finding Corey knocked out in his backyard next to an old sprinkler; Corey skinny dipping in the moonlight at a secluded beach. These memories came and went and left a dent the size of a bowling ball in my chest.

I first saw Ben towards the end of first period. I had missed most of the lesson but I ignored the irritated science teacher, Mr Burnley and made my way to the back of the room where Nathan, Jarrod, Nick and Ben all sat. Nick was the only one who had his book open as I approached. They all stared as I threw myself into the seat furthest from Ben.

‘Nice of you to join us.’ Nick said, slapping me on the knee.

I grimaced and watched Mr Burnley write notes on Newtons Third Law. I couldn’t have paid attention even if I tried. I could feel Ben’s eyes on me the whole time and was grateful when the bell finally rang. The class jumped up and fumbled to put their books and pencil cases away. I picked my bag up and followed the boys across to our usual seats by the science blocks for the fifteen minute recess.

‘So how did this big boy go swimming yesterday?’ Nathan asked, gesturing towards Jarrod who fell into his seat and reached immediately for his cigarettes.

Nick laughed and said, ‘It was a sight to see. He couldn’t even make it the length of the pool.’ I looked at Nick questioningly and he explained, ‘I told Jarrod that he should join the swim team so he came along last night. It didn’t go all that well but.’

‘Yeah well,’ said Jarrod after a drag of his smoke, ‘they shouldn’t make pools that big anyway.’

Everyone laughed and Nick asked, ‘So what did you get up to Noah?’

‘He got wet too yesterday, didn’t you?’ Ben said, half-smiling at me. I started at him, my voice stuck in my throat and face reddening, ‘We went to the beach I mean.’ Ben said in response to everyone’s quizzical looks.

‘Oh good, for a moment I there I thought you were going to tell everyone I had a pussy.’ I said, still glaring at Ben.

The guys all sniggered except Ben who kept his eyes on me and said, ‘Nah, you just are one.’

Luckily the bell rang at that moment because I was just about ready to throw a punch there and then. Nick and I were in a higher maths class than the rest of the group so we said goodbye to the guys as we passed the toilets. I wondered if Ben, Nathan and Jarrod would even make it to maths class as they headed off in the other direction. As we moved with the crowd of students, Nick asked what I was up to next Monday night.

‘I don’t know.’ I said, ‘Why, what are you doing?’

‘You need to come swimming with me Monday morning.’ Nick said, ‘Jarrod’s fucking useless but I think you’d like it!’

‘Oh right, well I don’t know really man.’

‘Common,’ Nick said, slapping me on the back, ‘We need to hang out more! Come to see the new Alien movie with me Monday night too, just us. I can’t stand some of the guys since that party ay.’

Nick eyed off a couple of girls that just passed us as I tried to think of an excuse not to go. In truth I was planning on seeing Corey on Monday night. In the shower yesterday, when I was trying to wash off the feeling of complete shame, I decided that I would try and see Corey at his new place. I needed to see him, I couldn’t deny that. Everything that had happened since I arrived at this school involved Corey. I don’t know what I would say when I did, but I knew that I needed to talk to him.

‘Bro, common don’t leave me at the movies alone!’ Nick said, slapping me again, this time in the stomach.

I winced and gave a forced laugh before giving in, ‘Sure man, sounds good.’

I sighed as we came to a halt outside the maths classroom. Mr Whitlam wasn’t there yet so we got our books and pens out and waited. Watching Little Lachlan coming round the bend up ahead, I had a sudden thought.

‘I’ll be back in a sec,’ I said, walking briskly towards Lachlan before he reached the rest of the class, ‘What’s up Little Lachlan?’

Little Lachlan looked as if he was about to ignore me and keep walking but thought better of it. He stopped and said, ‘Hey.’

‘Where are the Doggy’s playing this weekend?’

‘At Newcastle Oval. Why, are you coming to watch us get thrashed?’ Little Lachlan asked.

‘No, you guys are so good -‘ I stared before being cut off.

‘Yeah but we lost one of our best wingers.’ He said a little darkly.

Of course he was talking about me. I never thought that I was a really good player but I have heard that the Belmont Bulldogs had been on a losing streak since Sakarya Escort I unceremoniously left the team.

‘Yeah, sorry about that man. Is Corey still playing?’

‘Yeah he is. Why?’ Lachlan said.

‘Just wondering.’ I shrugged.

Mr Whitlam arrived at that point and ushered us into the classroom. Little Lachlan walked off and I came face to face with Brittney in the doorway. I smiled a little and she raised her eyebrows before following her friends into the room, giggling. Dropping my gaze to the carpet, I decided that I’d go and catch Corey on Saturday instead of Monday. Sooner rather than later sounded good anyway. Taking my seat next to Nick at the back of the room, I began rummaging through my pencil case.

‘You all good bro?’ Nick asked, opening his book to a blank page.

I glanced over at Brittney who was throwing me funny looks and Little Lachlan who was sitting with his mate, Tom. Tom, who was also on the footy team, was death staring me. I stared back for a while before Lachlan threw a crumpled up piece of paper which hit me in the side of the head.

‘Yeah, never better.’ I responded as Little Lachlan and Tom laughed hysterically.


Saturday brought with it gloomy clouds which almost guaranteed a fair amount of rain, perhaps even a storm that afternoon. I woke early that morning, staring up at the ceiling of my increasingly familiar bedroom. The house was quiet. Blake had brought back another girl from the club last night. I heard them having sex but I didn’t wank to them this time, I was too tired from work. Kane too had stayed up late, as he did most nights. I could only assume that both my housemates were still sound asleep.

I yawned and stretched, pushing the blanket down a bit. I felt my hard dick from underneath and rested my hand there for a moment, considering jerking off. I gave my foreskin a couple of tugs and pulled my hand away again to place it behind my head. I couldn’t be bothered this morning either and judging by the clock on my bedside table, I only had a bit over an hour to get up and make my way down to the footy fields.

I had considered stopping footy now that Noah wasn’t my friend anymore. He was the reason I joined the team after all. However, the coach kept telling me that I had natural talent and I was an asset to the team so I decided that it wasn’t the worst way to spend a weekend. Besides, it probably ensured that my flat stomach remained as such.

I glanced down one more time before jumping up quickly and heading to the shower. I was naked and my dick was still pretty hard but I knew everyone was still asleep. Not that it was a big deal really. I had seen Blake naked on more than one occasion in my short time at the house. And just last Friday, Kane’s dick was rubbing against my arsehole. I chuckled a bit at this thought before turning the shower on and jumping in.

The day after Kane and I mucked around in the bath, I was worried that it might be awkward. I awoke so nervous and anticipated a Kane who was either dismissive or even hostile, like how Noah reacted after we kissed back in April. However, Kane was as cool as a cucumber when he finally woke up around one in the afternoon, although admittedly hungover. He gave me a small wink while making melted cheese toast and made enough for myself and Blake. Standing in the shower a week later, I wondered if something like that would happen again.

My thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell ringing. I swore before turning the taps off and drying myself the best I could within the time frame of ten to fifteen seconds. The doorbell rung again as I hurried down the hall in nothing but a towel. I stopped at the doorway, very aware of the fact that I was naked and dripping onto the carpet. Hoping that there wasn’t an old lady asking for charity or here to discuss my pathways into heaven, I pulled the door open.

Reece smiled at me as he opened the fly-screen and said, ‘It’s about time, I’m freezing.’

‘Well why didn’t you wear a jacket you idiot?’ I said, letting Reece slip past me and closing the door.

The door had barely clicked shut before he took me aback with a kiss.

‘What are you doing?’ I hissed, pushing him away and scanning the room. Of course everyone was still asleep though.

Reece laughed and said, ‘I’m kissing my boyfriend.’

My heart sank a little and I guess my smile must have flickered because he lost some of his bravado. Recovering quickly, I said, ‘Don’t talk to me when I’m standing in the hallway wearing nothing but a towel. I’m cold too you know.’

‘Yes sir.’ Reece said, his smile returning as he followed me down the hall and into the bathroom.

‘Lock the door, I need to finish showering.’ I said.

Reece did so and I turned the taps back on before hopping under the steaming water. Reece was watching me, his head tilted slightly to the left. I smirked at him standing there in his jeans and t-shirt looking very attractive without much effort at all. I envied that.

‘So are you ready for today?’ Reece asked after a good thirty seconds of silently watching me lather up my dick with soap.

‘Not really,’ I Adapazarı Escort answered, aware that my cock was now rock hard. I wasn’t really aware of it until now but last time I had seen Reece, he was inside me, ‘I don’t really wanna go.’

‘You’ll have fun.’ He said, walking towards the shower and sitting on the edge of the tub, ‘Everyone gets nervous before a game.’

‘I’m not nervous.’ I said, washing the soap off my dick before moving to my arse, ‘We’re probably not going to advance much further this season so there’s no point even hoping for it.’

‘Maybe I can help you relax.’ Reece said.

He was inches from my dick at that point. I only said, ‘I told you, I’m not nervous,’ before he placed his lips around my knob.

I froze as Reece started to move his head backwards and forwards. His tongue danced across my knob each time he went, and his big hands cupped my balls, gently toughing them. I exhaled as his other hand reached around for my arse and began pushing my hips forward so that my cock would thrust deeper into his throat.

It felt incredible. My whole body tinged as I began to fuck Reece’s face harder. I couldn’t believe he was taking my cock as well as he did. I probably would have thrown up by now if it were me. I was thrusting hard and my cock was going almost balls deep. I could tell that he was really into it. Reece was stroking his dick through his jeans and it wasn’t long before they were unzipped and pulled down around his knees.

For a few minutes, I thrusted my hard cock into Reece’s throat and for a few minutes, he wanked slowly, dripping a small amount of precum on the cold tiles. I was starting to get closer, I could feel it. Reece’s tongue was sending me into shudders every few seconds and I could feel my knees getting weak.

Then, before I could climax, before I shot my load down Reece’s throat, a knock came on the door. We both jumped out of our skins as Blake’s voice carried into the bathroom, ‘Hurry up, I need to piss.’

‘Go pee out back or something!’ I yelled back angrily.

‘I’m not an animal!’

‘Yes you are, dog!’ I shouted back.

I heard Blake laugh. He didn’t answer again however so I assume that he took my advice. It didn’t matter though; the moment was over. I turned the shower off and, cock still hard as, headed to my bedroom with Reece at my tail. His jeans were off again before I even closed the door and my hand fell around his warm shaft.

Tugging it gently, I said, ‘I want this inside me so much. I’ve got to get ready for the game but.’

Reece moaned a little and thrust his dick back and forth in my hand for a moment, ‘Are you sure?’

‘Yeah, I need to get ready, I’m sorry Reecy.’ I smirked and bent down to run my tongue along his dick, from the balls to the tip of his knob. I rested my lips there for a second before saying, ‘I promise.’

‘Fuck you’re a tease Corey.’ Reece said, shivering slightly as I moved around the room looking my undies and socks.


The local oval was packed with people by the time I got there. I was immediately glad of my decision to skate down. Dad had offered to drive me. He didn’t mind watching the games sometimes yet if he’d come then he would have been complaining about how hard it was to find a park, and how expensive the beer was at the canteen. Plus, it would have meant spending the entire day with him, which I wasn’t prepared for. I just wanted to be alone, now more than ever. So, pulling a hoody on, I skated into the cool April air without seeing his parents, without having breakfast even. There was something pleasant about gliding down the street, feeling the cool May air on my face and legs as I went.

Kids were running around the field like mad and parents were sitting back, enjoying the brief respite that a Saturday morning like this provided. I remember my parents letting me run around with Nick and Jarrod for hours when I was younger, playing on the playground and getting ice-blocks from the canteen. Things seemed a lot simpler back then.

By the time I showed up, the junior games were ending however and the seniors were jumping onto the field. I recognised the blue and silver jersey of the Belmont Bulldogs and saw Little Lachlan streaking towards the try line as I approached the fence. He got thrown to the ground before he could make it however, much to the displeasure of the family and friends surrounding the field.

I did miss playing footy I suppose. I thought about joining one of the other teams after everything blew up between Corey and I but it was already too late to register. I’d just have to wait until next year. At this rate though, maybe I’d move to Perth or something before that happened. Just as I thought this, I noticed Nathan and Ben approaching. Swearing to myself, I momentarily considered the possibility of either Canada or England instead.

‘Hey, have you guys already played?’ I asked, glancing at their Belmont attire. ‘I thought you were on this team Nathan?’

‘Nah they moved me down a division, I’m on Ben’s team now. The coach wants the team to try for state and apparently my attack isn’t good enough.’

‘Wankers.’ Serdivan Escort I said without really meaning it.

‘But they still let fuckwits like that Dennis guy and Corey on the team!’ Ben said, spitting on the ground.

‘Cock-suckers.’ Nathan said simply.

I decided not to say anything and watched the rest of the game with my two mates. Though by this point, I probably wouldn’t consider them mates at all. This fact was becoming more and more apparent. As I stood there listening to their bullshit, I found myself wanted to be anywhere else in the world. Preferably with Nick, or Corey…

Speaking of the devil, Corey came within inches of the fence, chasing a big bloke with the ball. He looked as good as ever, even with the sweat running down his face and the dirt stains on his knees. I smirked, thinking about the first time Corey had been covered in mud at footy training a few months ago. He was so grossed out by it, and he couldn’t believe the mud would actually get inside his underwear. I just laughed and told him to make sure he cleaned his bum crack thoroughly.

The whistle sounded almost fifteen minutes later and I knew that that was my chance. Leaving Nathan and Ben discussing how shit the Aussie cricket team was going this year, I headed toward the change sheds, a few metres behind the rest of the Belmont team. Corey was towards the front of the throng and stopped to have a drink from a water bottle the coach had just handed him. This was it alright, I just had to tap him on the shoulder and say “hello” and tell him that I was sorry and that’d be the end of it all!

Just before I reached Corey however, a muscly figure appeared from the canteen area and hugged Corey from behind. Corey pushed him off but was smiling none the less as he sprayed Reece with some water from his water bottle.

‘Fuck me.’ I muttered, turning away and heading back around the field.

Why was that Reece guy always around these days? He just suddenly seemed to be everywhere at school and at the party. I’d never even heard of him before I saw his mouth around Corey’s dick through the bedroom window after I missed footy training that time. I crinkled my nose and exhaled angrily. I really needed to see Corey but I didn’t want to have Reece there, I just wanted to be with him for the whole afternoon. That’s how it use to be anyway when we’d go up to Nelson Bay or to the little private stretch of beach Corey introduced me to.

I walked as far away from the changing sheds as possible, hoping that Corey didn’t spot the back of my head as I moved away. Nathan and Ben were gone which filled me with a great deal of relief. So, free to do as I pleased, I walked to the edge of the pitch, threw my skateboard down and sat against a large tree, still fuming.

I stayed there well into the afternoon. Once the eighteen and nineteen year olds had played, there were a few adult games. Belmont’s men’s team went down spectacularly to Newcastle, much to the dismay of the people sticking around for the match. By around two o’clock, the families and most other people had left the field, off having lunch and enjoying the weekend. Still, I sat against the tree, feeling the sun move across my skin until I was shrouded in shade. Not remotely angry anymore, simply feeling numb and empty, I eventually grabbed my board, stood up and walked a few metres before stopping dead.

There they were again! Corey and Reece were wandering from the direction of town. Corey had since changed his shirt and cleaned himself up yet he was still wearing his footy shorts. He was slinging a backpack over his shoulder and holding a McDonalds cup in hand. Reece, sporting jeans and his own drink, was almost strutting, throwing at least three or four sideways glances at Corey just in the time I spent watching them.

Almost glaringly, I watched the two disappear behind the change sheds and out of sight. I considered following them for a second before shaking my head. I had to snap out of it and realise that talking to Corey wasn’t going to solve anything. In fact, I just need to get him out of my head. Besides, the air was getting colder and I was shivering slightly in my shorts. So, I headed back around the oval, towards the road that would lead up the hill to my place.

When I passed by the change sheds however, I heard a giggle I knew all too well. Glancing around, I didn’t see Corey anywhere but I did notice that the change room doors were ajar. I stood where I was for almost a full minute, torn between moving on home and heading into the sheds. Why would I want to follow them in? Why would I care what they were doing?

But I must have cared because my feet were strolling towards the brick building. At the door, I paused to put down my skateboard and remove my shoes. I’d be quieter in my socks. After doing so, I side stepped into the sheds. The open room was blocked from view by a concrete wall. I stopped and listened, still not sure if I wanted to go any further. A rustling sound was coming from further in though I couldn’t make out what was happening. I heard a whisper and then a tapping noise. Moving even slower, I crept up to the edge of the cold concrete wall and peered around it. Corey and Reece had their back to me which was perhaps lucky. I would have been easily spotted in the large open room and my paralysis at that moment would have surely let to me getting caught. I couldn’t move a muscle, I couldn’t take my eyes away from what I was seeing.

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