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Karlene always worked late, except on Fridays. Fridays she left at noon and headed to a special location in the city. Today was Wednesday, and it was after six pm. Through her office window she could see the increased rush-hour traffic moving through the city, but she focused on her view of the river and the mountains beyond. She had a corner office in the investment firm. She was an executive and enjoyed the perk; however, usually she had her back to the view and her thoughts focused on the numerous spreadsheets that filled her day.

It had been a long day. She could see by her workload that she still had two hours of work ahead of her. She groaned inwardly and closed the spreadsheet she had just validated and opened a briefing note in her Inbox. The document opened, and she started reading. In a moment, she frowned. She scrolled to the bottom and read who had written the paper. She didn’t recognise the name. She opened the company global access list and found the woman: Beatrice O’Connor. She was new and a recent hire as a result of a hiring crusade she had launched two months ago.

She logged in and accessed the personnel files and found Beatrice. In moments she was looking at a beautiful woman, aged twenty-seven. She had been head-hunted from the competition. She was highly educated with a true business sense. Perfect for what Karlene’s firm had been looking for. She was single, never married, no children, and worked long hours.

Karlene sat back staring at the image of Beatrice’s face. She looked Irish, with red hair and freckles. She was smiling in the picture, with bright red lipstick and shining white perfect teeth. She looked familiar to Karlene, but she couldn’t place her. It was her smile that looked familiar. She had seen it somewhere before. She tapped her teeth with a nail and closed the application.

She read the briefing note. Beatrice was suggesting a change in direction for the company’s top investment line. She identified a niche that hadn’t been exploited and provided details on how to break in, saturate and dominate, and expand profits by a sizeable margin. Karlene was intrigued.

She opened an email and sent a quick query to Beatrice and asked her to stop by to discuss her recommendations in the morning. She hit send and opened another spreadsheet.

Minutes later she heard a soft tap at her door. She looked up first at the clock on her wall. It read six forty-five. Normally there isn’t anyone left in the office at this hour, certainly not on her floor at the top.

“Enter,” she called out.

The door swung open and Karlene was surprised to see Beatrice standing there with a thick file folder in her hand. “Miss Carlisle? I just got your email. I’m available now if you like?”

Karlene looked Beatrice up and down. She was her height, at five foot nine, and dressed in the latest woman’s business fashion, with a stylish blouse and no-nonsense business pants, navy-blue, pleated, and pin-striped. She dressed, Karlene was pleased to see, like her. Except her breasts were considerably larger and her waist surprisingly thinner above a lovely shaped pair of hips. Her red hair was pulled back in a pony-tail. Wisps of loose hair floated around her head.

“Of course!” Karlene responded. “Come in. I just finished your report. I’m interested in pursuing some of your lines of thought. Get a better understanding of the background and reference material.”

“Terrific!” enthused Beatrice and her smile appeared. Karlene caught her breath as a sense of deja-vu hit her. The smile was so familiar to her.

Karlene rose from her desk and walked around to shake the woman’s hand. She took it gently and shook like professional business women do: a light squeeze and a single shake. Karlene was surprised to feel just how warm her hand was. She smiled at her and ask her to sit in front of her desk.

Karlene sat down and opened the briefing note. She swung her monitor around and got down to business. Beatrice was clearly ready and soon they were engaged and pouring through the reference material she had brought.

When Karlene looked next at the clock it read eight-thirty. “Oh dear,” she said. “I’m sorry, Beatrice. It’s well after eight. I’ve kept you too long.”

“Its fine, Karlene,” she said with a smile. Karlene had insisted she call her by her first name. “I’ve nothing better to do and frankly I’m pleased to be able to discuss this so quickly. In my last company, I would have waited months for any kind of reply.”

Karlene sat back and regarded the woman. She had long ago noticed the light scent of her perfume. It was pleasant and it brightened her office. It added to her sense of deja-vu. She would have to ask her what it was. Karlene was suddenly more interested in the woman in front of her. “Is that why we were so successful head hunting you?”

Karlene was surprised to see Beatrice’s cheeks flush a little red. Beatrice shook her head. “Well, no, actually. It was a chance to work with you. The one and only Karlene Carlisle. You’re famous, casino siteleri you know.”

Karlene blinked. She had no idea what Beatrice was talking about and said so. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Beatrice seemed to flush a little more. She touched her cheek for a moment and let out a little laugh. “You’re a bit of a legend in business circles. You rose so quickly to your position in one of the top companies in the city and state. But you don’t have the rep that successful women seem to gather round them. The tough, be a bitch or die, mentality. You’ve stayed true to female values. Supported other women. Fought for equal pay. I admire you. So do most women in the city.”

Karlene stared at Beatrice. She knew a brown-noser when she met one, but Beatrice was not one of them. She spoke without hesitation and seemed a little embarrassed by her words. “I had no idea. Honestly, I fought for myself, not for others. But if anyone benefitted then I am glad. It’s hard to sit at the top of a male-dominated world. I find it best to remain true to myself and prove my worth. I’ve also benefitted from some amazing men, who didn’t care I had a pair of tits.”

Beatrice eyed Karlene’s top for a moment and Karlene felt a little thrill. “It has benefitted us. But to answer your question, when your HR reached out to me, I admit to jumping on the chance to work with you. That I’m sitting here in your office discussing my paper, has made it all worth it.”

Karlene rose and smiled sincerely. “It’s a terrific paper. But it’s late. Ask my secretary to book an hour with me tomorrow. We’ll write up a strategy and start working on a presentation for the board. They meet next week. I can get this tabled.”

Beatrice rose with a fluid grace that Karlene envied. She was pushing closer to forty now and missed her youthful days. Karlene found herself catching a look at Beatrice’s lovely bum as she walked to the door. When she stopped, Karlene almost walked into her, startling Beatrice.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” said Beatrice and held a hand up to her neck. “I didn’t hear you walking me to your door!” She laughed a lovely tinkling laugh and Karlene had another moment of deja-vu.

Karlene looked into Beatrice’s eyes. They were green and touched with flecks of brown. Her perfume was stronger now that they stood only a foot apart. “Your perfume smells so familiar to me,” she said. “What brand is it?”

“Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium. My ex-girlfriend gave it to me,” explained Beatrice.


Beatrice laughed again. “Yes. I’m a lesbian, Karlene. Does that shock you?”

Karlene hesitated. Men found it easier to accept women if they didn’t swing for the other side. It caused Karlene to hide that most secret aspect of herself. It was only on Friday’s that she explored that side, but she could never admit to being a lesbian herself. She would be judged harshly. She shook her head when she realised she was taking too long to respond. She smiled at Beatrice. “No, dear. Not at all. It’s a beautiful fragrance. I’ll have to pick some up.”

Beatrice nodded, said good night and left the office. Karlene closed her door and went back to her desk. She saved her work and shut down her computer. She had an hour commute home and she was already tired. She grabbed her handbag, sniffed the air and smiled at the fragrance, and turned off her office lights and went home.

* * *

The next day, Karlene met with Beatrice. With the help of her secretary they outlined a presentation, assigned tasks to her team, identified areas that needed more detail and then called it a day. Karlene noticed Beatrice wearing the same perfume and thought perhaps it was a little stronger.

The office continued their work. Karlene met with CEO and quickly outlined the new proposal and had it tabled for board meeting on Tuesday. He looked genuinely pleased and was interested in their new hire, Beatrice. He praised Karlene for hiring her and dismissed her.

Back in her office Karlene tackled more paperwork. Investment firms work from data and she was one of the best at deciphering it and putting together action plans. The firm flourished under her attention and she knew she was indispensable.

Today being Thursday, Karlene grew a little excited about thoughts of tomorrow. Friday she left at lunch and went to her special place. It gave her the sanity she needed to work the hours she did. She felt her face flush a little and she squirmed in her seat a little.

She heard a soft knock on her door. It was six forty-five. “Enter,” she said.

The door opened and Beatrice looked in. “Hi Karlene, sorry to interrupt. I was wondering how it went with the CEO today.”

Karlene stood up. “I’m sorry, Beatrice. I should have told you. Come in, come in, sit down. It went very well.”

Beatrice’s face lit up and she sat down. “I’m so glad!”

“The CEO was very pleased with your work and research. We present to the board on Tuesday. We’re up first. The CEO is certain it will consume canlı casino the meeting. It’s ground-breaking. He’s asked about you.”

Beatrice looked pleased. “That was certainly fast!”

“Well, it’s good work, Beatrice. You should be proud.”

Beatrice just beamed and said nothing more.

“How was your day?” asked Karlene to break the silence.

“Terrific. My staff is very attentive. They’re following my new directions without hitch. I’m really pleased, to be honest. My last staff required far too much supervision. Here? Barely any and I’m finding all sorts of time to examine other possible gains.”

“Glad to hear it. We’re very selective here about who we hire. Our reputation generally attracts the best in the field. But I’m glad your staff is working out so well. The fellow you replaced was a bit of an ass, to be honest.”

“So my staff have said.”

They smiled at each other for a moment. Karlene glanced at the clock and Beatrice caught it.

“I should go. Thanks for the update.”

“I should have told you. I was so caught up with other things. Not an excuse though, just an apology.”

“Please, don’t apologise to me. Perhaps we can work on the presentation again tomorrow morning?”

Karlene nodded. “We can. I leave at lunch every Friday, though, so we will need to wrap up by eleven.”

Beatrice had an odd look on her face for a moment and then smiled. “Of course. Night.”

Karlene walked her to her office door, said goodnight, and went back to her desk.

* * *

Karlene was finding that she enjoyed working closely with Beatrice. They would often laugh at the same joke or comment. They worked well together and efficiently. The hovering staff were often left behind as Karlene and Beatrice quickly worked their way through a problem to the right conclusion.

Karlene was becoming acutely aware of where Beatrice was in relation to her. Beatrice would often claim a position next to her and jockey people away, like a lioness claiming her turf. Karlene noticed every time she touched her or bumped into her. She found it exhilarating. Her perfume was now her favourite and she loved how it scented her office.

Karlene kept a close eye on the clock. If she left at eleven she would be at her special place at noon. This would assure her favourite seat and that was important to her. She noticed Beatrice looking at the clock almost as frequently.

When eleven rolled round, Karlene ordered everyone out. Beatrice seemed relieved. In short order, everything was packed up, they agreed to meet Monday morning to put the final touches on the presentation, and her office cleared out. Beatrice hovered for just a moment, then apologised and left in a hurry.

Karlene sighed in relief, grabbed her handbag, and bolted for the underground parking. In moments, she pulled out in traffic and headed west.

An hour later, Karlene parked outside a series of businesses in the industrial park. She parked in a discrete location and popped her trunk. She pulled out her bag, threw it over a shoulder and headed to the side of the building in front of her.

She stopped at the non-descript door and pushed the intercom button. She heard it buzz and then heard static for a moment before a female voice spoke to her.


“Stonewall,” replied Karlene. In a moment, the door buzzed and she heard the electronic lock disengage. She pulled open the door and entered the dimly lit entranceway. To her right she could see Darcy, with her bright orange hair, working inside the wicket and smiled at her. “Hi Darcy!”

“Hi Magnolia!” answered Darcy.

Karlene smiled at her pseudonym. A lover had suggested it to her in college and she stuck with it. She continued down the corridor and entered the change room. She quickly pulled off her work clothes, hung them in her locker. She removed her bra, rubbed her girls to get the blood flowing back, and shucked her panties. She blushed when she removed her panties and felt the slight dampness.

She pulled her leathers out of her bag, were they were carefully folded. She adored her leathers. They were custom made, a one-piece body suit, and so familiar to her they were like a second skin. She wiggled her ass into the pants and slipped her arms in and pulled the top up over her breasts. She only had A cups and the top hugged her chest tightly making her nipple piercings visible against the leather.

She was happy and excited. She lived for Fridays. It completed her and grounded her.

Quickly she stuffed her bra and panties into her bag and pushed the bag into her locker. She closed the locker door and smiled at her name on the little tally plate at the top. She was a regular here and had even invested in the club. She knew the owners and that was all. Anonymity was the law here. Access was restricted and you only got in if you knew someone.

Grinning, Karlene slipped on her cat-woman mask on and peered out through the eye-slits. “Purr-fect,” she growled. She knew it was cliché, but kaçak casino cat-woman was kind of her thing. Her whole black leather outfit highlighted her curves and gave her a feline look. She had removed the tail years ago. It far too often got in the way of other pursuits.

She exited the change room and made her way into the amphitheatre. The main part of the club was a cabaret style room. A small stage filled the back wall. On one side was a full length bar with a female bartender wearing what looked like black lace lingerie. A couple of waitresses, dressed in Playboy bunny costumes waited for the patrons to arrive. The bartender saw Karlene enter and started fixing her drink.

The waitresses waved to her as she settled down in the back right corner. It was dark in the corner and Karlene’s favourite spot. She could observe the entire room and positioned a little higher up she could watch the stage unimpeded. It also allowed her to have discrete little rendezvous with some of the more eager and excited patrons. The club called the area Magnolia’s Court.

No sooner had she sat then her favourite drink, a Clover Club, was deposited in front of her. A small tray of delicate sandwiches and fresh fruit was placed next to it. The waitress leaned in and Karlene gave her a quick kiss on the lips. She tasted of cherry lip gloss.

“Hi Magnolia!” chirped the waitress. She placed a small clipboard on the table. It had Magnolia written on the top. It was her tab for the establishment. She signed her name and added a generous tip for the waitress.

“Hi Betty, how was your week?”

Betty frowned. “Not so great. I was overlooked for promotion again.”

Magnolia frowned. “I see. Let me look into it again.”

Betty kissed her again, squealing into her mouth. “You’re the best, Magnolia! I love you!”

Magnolia ran her hand over Betty’s round bottom. “Anytime, sweety. Are Pretty and Pink on tonight?”

“Yup, at eight. The place will be packed tonight. Anything I can get you?” Betty leaned in and placed her right breast closer to Karlene’s face.

Karlene traced the material of her top around the flesh of her ample breast. “Not tonight honey. Another time?”

Betty looked disappointed. “You always say that!”

“Don’t stop trying!”

Betty laughed and waved goodbye. She spotted the first guests to arrive and intercepted them. Karlene heard her taking their order. They were two regular patrons, married and happy. They had met here at the club and rarely missed a Friday. The women didn’t dress up to hide themselves. They were openly gay and proud. Karlene envied them. She longed to remove the mask, but knew it would be potential career suicide.

Over the next hour the place filled. Women of all ages and backgrounds flowed in. Laughter filled the room and drinks started to flow. People recognised others and caught up from the previous week. Many stopped by to chat with Karlene and she smiled and air-kissed most of them. A few kissed her deeply and Karlene felt happy and beamed. She was well known as Magnolia. She had helped many of the women here in small ways. Her influence in the city was massive. Her help never revealed who she truly was, only that she got results. Karlene was fiercely protective of the women here. She knew their struggle, made all the more difficult because they were gay.

Karlene considered many of them so much stronger than she. While she worked from the sidelines, they attacked from the front. She told them so, and they disagreed with her. She did what she could.

Karlene brightened when she saw Angel arrive. Angel was dressed in her usual white body suit, with a black leather collar around her neck. Angel’s body strained the limits of the tight body suit. Her dark nipples on her large breasts were hard already and almost visible through the material. She wore white sheer tights that rose to a noticeable camel toe. She looked like a porn-star because she was a porn-star.

The collar said ‘Magnolia’ on it.

Angel looked right at her table and Karlene felt her heart lurch when her face lit up with the smile she loved so much. Karlene could hear Angel squeal and then she was moving toward her table. People smiled and let her pass. Angel was Magnolia’s current favourite pet and everyone knew it.

Angel landed on Karlene’s lap and threw her arms around her and kissed her deeply. Karlene groaned around the tongue hungrily dancing around in her mouth. She sucked on it and savoured Angel’s mouth. She always tasted of sweet peppermints. Karlene had bought some for her house to remind her. Karlene heard Angel’s drink being placed on the table and continued to kiss her.

Angel filled a happy place in her heart. She was such a girly-girl. Giggly, bouncy, soft in all the right places, and so full of energy. Everything Karlene needed to end her week. Fridays was all about this. Surrounding herself with love, fun and excitement. Her lonely days were washed away, and when she left the club, early on Saturday mornings, it was with renewed energy in her step.

Karlene reached up and clipped her leash to Angel’s collar. Angel growled into her mouth and then broke the kiss. “I missed you Magnolia. The week was so long without you!”

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