Corrupting Amber Ch. 10

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The rest of the day at the hotel went by quickly as Amber and I spent our time fucking almost continuously, overcome with excitement about the direction our lives had taken. The final week of school had begun now and with most of the finals out of the way it was basically a week where everyone spent their time talking about what they’d be doing after graduation night and watching movies in class. I didn’t have any academic woes to consider, but I did have other things that I desperately wanted to accomplish before the year ended and we all went our separate ways. Namely, I had to secure a connect for a much more serious category of illegal substances.

I had gotten to school early that Monday morning hoping to see my friend in a shitty Toyota in hopes he’d have advice or a direct link to someone who could help me but he wasn’t around. Being a stoner and a drug dealer, it was highly likely he was going to be skipping a lot of the remaining school days. Worse still was the fact his phone seemed to be disconnected so calling him was out too. I had decided to go to his house after school, hoping that I remembered where it was after all these years and that he still lived there.

Amber and I didn’t have the same lunch period but because it was our last week the teachers were letting the seniors out early and stay late to be able to enjoy a double-lunch. This meant that we could meet up and have lunch together and I could tell her my plans. I hadn’t seen Amber since I dropped her off at home late Sunday night. She reeked of alcohol and cigarettes and weed and staggered her way through her door that night, so I hoped she had been able to avoid her parents on her way to her room.

I was sitting in my car in the parking lot waiting for Amber to meet me and out of the corner of my eye I caught the sight of a gorgeous girl with long black hair, heavy eyeliner, bright pink lipstick and a nosering walking towards me. It was Amber! She had on a tight black skirt that was hiked up to just beyond her ass cheeks and a pink tube top with a bare midriff. Her lower back tattoo was definitely visible to anyone with that.

Perhaps most incredible was the fact that she was smoking. Openly. In the parking lot in front of everyone at school. She confidently strode towards my car, making sure to swing her little ass from side to side seductively while taking a monstrous drag off her Newport and exhaling nonchalantly from her nostrils. Smoke billowed in the air around her, surrounding her with a cloud of smoke as if she were a bad girl superhero.

She reached my open window and took two final strong drags on her cigarette before leaning down and kissing me deeply, forcing her dirty, ash flavored tongue into my mouth as well as basking my face with her strong, full-flavored mentholated smoke. I could also detect hints of both a strong liquor and marijuana on her breath and tongue as we continued kissing each other hungrily. Finally, somewhat out of breath, we pulled away and gazed into each others eyes.

“Hi baby,” Amber greeted me sweetly, her eyes twinkling like an angel despite her every attempt to embrace her bad girl image.

She walked around the car and got into the passenger seat, immediately digging into her purse and grabbing her pack of Newports. She shook one out expertly and placed it between her glistening, glossy neon pink lips and fired up the yellow Bic I had bought her. She brought the flame to just beyond the tip of the cigarette and applied a healthy amount of suction, taksim esc needing only two powerful puffs before it was fully lit. She tossed the lighter back in her purse while dragging multiple times on the cork-filtered Newport 100 and exhaling through her nostrils, all hands-free.

Finally after bathing her lungs in strong, full-flavored menthol smoke she collapsed her cheeks in a drag that could only be described as ‘ravenous’ for a solid 3 seconds. Finally she removed the cigarette from her lips and quickly snapped the monstrous ball of smoke down into her already nicotine saturated body, performing a natural snap-inhale with absolute perfection. She inhaled for another solid three seconds before holding the smoke hostage inside of her for several more still. Finally, with a look of pure satisfaction Amber pursed her perfectly painted pink lips and exhaled an almost endless stream of smoke into my car, making sure to look right at me as she did it.

“You like?” She asked coyly, referring to her absolute defiance in the face of completely flipping her reputation on it’s ass.

“Babe.. you are the sexiest woman on the planet right now,” I confessed, quite honestly, and then getting somewhat concerned about what her smoking in public could mean.

She must have noticed the look on my face because her face softened and she looked at me quizzically while in the midst of another gigantic cheek hollowing drag. She snapped another ball of smoke down her throat and blew her thick exhale directly into my face.

“What’s wrong?” She queried, with smoke still pouring out of her mouth and nose, making her words visible as well as audible.

“Nothing, really. Just a tad concerned that one of the kids or teachers will let your parents know that you’ve started smoking,” I replied, somewhat embarrassed by my worrying.

Amber smiled and took another drag, exhaling while she spoke.

“I don’t think we have to worry about that Matt. I told them already,” She beamed.

My eyebrows raised and I looked at her a little too incredulously, to which Amber immediately interpreted as me needing an explanation. Which I did.

“Well, I actually just lit up in front of my mom this morning. I needed a cigarette and I didn’t want to wait until I got here so.. fuck it. I just fired up,” She explained simply.

“And? What did she say?” I asked, dying to know her reaction.

“She was blown away,” Amber paused briefly to laugh and take another drag off her already nearly spent Newport.

“But basically she was worried. I just told her I needed a stress reliever due to all the finals and college applications and smoking really helped. There wasn’t much she could do about it, I’m 18,” Amber concluded triumphantly.

“Wow.. that’s.. wow,” I mused to myself in amazement.

While I considered this new development Amber was lighting another cigarette with the butt of her last one and I couldn’t help but grin at her happily. She noticed and smiled back, blowing another stream of smoke into my face.

“So you’re really picking up the pace smoking wise now, huh?” I asked, actually pretty impressed that she was able to chain through 3 strong Newport 100’s back to back to back.

“I’ve decided I want to be a chain smoker. It’s the dirtiest, nastiest type of smoker and I want to pollute this healthy little 18-year-old body as quickly as I can. I’m so tired of being wholesome and clean and bright. I want to be used up and trashy,” She proclaimed, kağıthane esc taking successive monstrous drags off her cigarette while trapping the smoke deep in her lungs for several seconds and exhaling another thick plume of smoke into my car. Actually, it was getting pretty hard to see, or breathe and my eyes were burning a bit. Knowing my little chimney of a girlfriend was responsible for it caused my already growing cock to surge in my jeans.

Amber seemed to have the mind of a fortune teller because she looked down at the bulge in my pants right away, taking another drag and exhaling smoke right onto my crotch.

“You noticed, huh?” I joked, and shifted in my seat.

She didn’t answer and instead placed the cigarette between her lips and dangled it while reaching to unbutton my jeans. I thought about protesting, being that it was the parking lot of school and people were everywhere, but decided to just give in. This was what it was like to be with a real bad girl, why fight it? This is what I wanted. I sunk back into my seat and allowed Amber to unzip me and reach into my boxers to free my raging erection. As soon as she had it out she took another drag off her cigarette and inhaled deeply.

She glanced at me once more with a devious grin before lowering her head down and taking my throbbing prick into her soft, warm and marvelously moist mouth. I looked down to see smoke pouring out of her nostrils around my cock and bathing my balls while I felt her tongue swirl around the base of my shaft. She sucked vigorously, every now and again coming up and taking multiple drags off her cigarette before descending back down and engulfing my cock in her smokey mouth. Being my very first smokey blow-job, I was nearing climax uncharacteristically fast. Amber must have noticed because she picked up the pace, bobbing her head rapidly and applying a level of suction around my prick that I had never felt before.

I grunted a warning that I was about to cum and Amber removed my cock from her mouth and started jerking me off with a torrid pace while taking multiple drags off her Newport. Right before I was about to explode she clamped her lips around the head of my cock and jerked me off into her mouth while smoke blasted from her nostrils in two thick streams. I felt my body tremble as I pumped her mouth full of my thick cum, enjoying the sight of the smoke continuing to flow from her nose while I did. After I’d stopped ejaculating Amber raised her face level with mine and opened her mouth wide, looking into my eyes with a wicked glint. I saw her mouth, filled to the brim with my glistening, milky jizz, drowning her tongue and teeth in my seed.

After she was satisfied that I’d seen what she was dealing with she closed her mouth and swallowed, her gulp audible as my enormous load worked it’s way down her throat and into her stomach. She swallowed a few more times for good measure before washing the rest down with a triple-pump from her Newport, now nothing more than a filter. While exhaling another massive cloud of smoke from her mouth and nose Amber proceeded to light another cigarette, not even missing a beat. I took the opportunity to zip myself back up and glance around to see if there were any bystanders that got a free show. Kids were walking to and from their cars but I didn’t see any lurkers that seemed to be staring in my direction and I was half-relieved and half-disappointed.

The strong smell of a freshly lit Newport 100 roused me from my thoughts çapa esc and back into my present surroundings. I looked over to see Amber taking a double-pump that would impress the Marlboro man and remembered that I had something to share with her.

“Ok babe… so that was amazing,” I sighed, utterly content at that moment.

“It kinda was wasn’t it?” She joked, enjoying the power she had as the newly formed ‘bad’ version of herself.

“Yeah.. it really was. But it almost made me forget to tell you some potentially bad news,” I braced her for the possibility that the advancement of her corruption would be delayed.

“Oh?” She uttered softly, a now ever-present puff of smoke accompanying her speech.

“Yeah, well.. my friend who has been hooking us up with weed has gone AWOL and I don’t know who else to ask for.. stronger stuff,” I stumbled around the exact terms to set up another surprise.

“So what’s the plan?” She asked, knowing full-well that my determination would yield some sort of back-up plan.

“I’m going to head over to his house after school and see if he is there. Hopefully he’s just skipping and can hook me up or point me in the right direction of someone who can,” I explained, admiring the way Amber continued taking drag after drag without hesitation so naturally now.

“Ok, good. I want to come,” She said sternly.

“Oh. Um.. ok. Yeah I don’t see why not. I was hoping to maybe surprise you but there’s only so many things that I could really get, I guess you probably know the direction this is going,” I thought to myself out loud.

She nodded silently, finishing her fourth successive Newport with a triple pump and reaching for a fifth with smoke still billowing out of her nostrils in twin-streams thick enough to suffocate a small animal.

“Does smoking like that make you sick at all?” I asked, more curious than concerned.

“Well.. honestly.. yeah,” She confessed, taking a moment to light her fifth cigarette in under an hour.

“It makes me feel nauseous and light-headed, and gives me the shakes a bit,” She explained while holding out her hand and revealing that it was shaking lightly as if she were very cold.

“But I’m getting used to it. I’m putting my body through hell and depriving it of oxygen and filling it with more nicotine than it has ever had. But this is what I want and I don’t want to slowly increase my intake over the course of weeks or months. I’m impatient. Plus, the head rushes feel good and thinking about the damage I’m doing to my lungs and body turn me on. I even went to the bathroom this morning and smoked a cigarette in the stall and it turned me on so much that I masturbated right there. A little nausea and shaking is hardly anything compared to how good it feels to be so fucking dirty,” Amber described, all the while taking powerful drags off her Newport, as if reinforcing her point.

I processed her words, mentally envisioning her in the stall that morning smoking and masturbating and felt my cock again start to stir. Again Amber seemed to be a mind reader and looked down at my crotch, noticing a slight bulge begin to form.

“Already?” She teased wickedly, smoke punctuating her speech and only adding to the discomfort growing in my pants.

“Afraid so.. you just.. turn me on so much. I don’t think I can really help it,” I confessed.

“Well we have a few more minutes before class, we can be a bit late can’t we?” Amber tempted, suddenly becoming the bad influence on me.

“What do you have in mind?” I asked.

“Men’s bathroom. The outdoor one next to the tennis courts,” She instructed with surprising confidence.

I smiled at her continued deviance and rolled up the window.

“Let’s go.”

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