Cousin Sheri: She Slipped

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I have not seen my cousin Sheri in years. She lives in another state too far away to see her more then every so often, mostly funerals and special family picnics. When my mother told me that Sheri was coming to our family picnic last week, I was shocked. The last time I saw her was at a family funeral 6 years ago. Well that is another story, to be told at another time.

My mother, my aunt Kay, my cousin Kathleen and I were going to breakfast the morning Sheri came back to our area. As we arrived at my favorite restaurant, I was surprised to see my cousin Sheri with our aunt Kay. Sheri smiled a heart-warming smile at me and we hugged.

Let me describe Sheri. She is a few inches shorter then I am (I am 6 foot tall). She has long black hair. She has big beautiful breasts, at least a C or D cup, no lie. She is very striking and turns heads everywhere she goes. She is so feminine and wears a perfume that drives me wild. If she were not my cousin, I would marry her in a heartbeat.

My mom aunt and cousin Kathleen all climbed the stairs to the restaurant. I felt like a very luck man as Sheri turned from me and followed them up the stairs. I went last so I could admire the nicely round behinds of all these beautiful women. Sheri slipped on a step and I caught her in my arms.

“Oh.” Sheri said in surprise.

My arms wrapped around her, holding her soft body in my hands. We smiled at each other as her arm slowly disengaged from behind my neck. I slowly released her.

“Thanks.” She said smiling seductively.

I felt my heart skip a beat.

Breakfast was uneventful except for catching up on each other’s lives. I found out Sheri was getting a divorce. I felt sorry for her because what man would let a fine catch like Sheri get away? I would have done everything in my power to keep her, if I was her husband.

Throughout breakfast, I found myself constantly looking up at Sheri. Every time I did, she returned my stare with a smile. Nobody else seemed to notice or if they did, they did not mention it.

My cousin Kathleen asked where Sheri was going to spend the night. I guess everyone, including me, assumed she would be spending the night at her mom’s house, right next door to my aunt Kay’s (aunt Kay has a twin and they live in a big house that is converted into a townhouse). “I don’t really know where I am going to spend the night. Does anyone have a room to spare?” Sheri asked, half serious, half kidding.

“You could spend the night at my house. After all I have 2 spare rooms that barely get used.” I said.

“That sounds good to me. Thanks Mike.” Sheri said smiling.

Kathleen looked back and forth at us for a moment. She seemed to understand the sexual tension that was going on between us. My aunt Kay smiled but ate her breakfast. She must have known about Sheri and me. After all, it is not as if I have not had sex with either Kathleen or aunt Kay in the past. They know me pretty well, maybe too well.

After breakfast, everyone stood on the parking lot, talking, making plans on what to do with the rest of the Saturday. Sheri had come with my cousin Kathleen who was ready to go shopping with my mom & aunt.

“So, Sheri do you want to go with me or Mike?” Kathleen asked.

I looked at Sheri for an answer.

“Could you take me to my mom’s house to grab some clothes and stuff?” She asked looking in my direction.

“Sure no problem.” I said smiling.

Kathleen looked at us both. It was hard to tell but maybe there was a hint of jealousy. Kathleen has been single for a while and it has been a month since the last time we had sex. She was busy being a nurse and all.

“Ok, I’ll see you two later.” Kathleen said and hugged me then hugged Sheri.

Everyone got into their cars and went their separate ways.

I used my remote key and unlocked my car. Sheri got in the passenger side and I got in the driver side. We smiled and looked at each other for a moment in silence. I put the key in the ignition and started the car. I turned the air conditioner on high and waited a moment for it to kick in before pulling out of the parking lot. The tension in the car was so thick it was stifling.

I took some back roads to my aunt görükle escort bayan Mandy’s house.

“I’m sorry to hear about the divorce it must be pretty hard.” I said, grasping for conversation and saying the first thing that came to my mind.

“It’s ok. We tried couples therapy and everything but nothing seemed to work.” Sheri said.

“I hope you don’t mind me asking but what happened between you two? You seemed pretty happy the last time I saw you but that was what 6 or 7 years ago?” I said.

“Yeah it was a long time ago. Ummmm, I don’t know. Our relationship lacked passion. I guess to be honest I realized I wasn’t in love with him. You know how mom is religious and stuff. She pretty much pushed me into this marriage and at the time I felt like if I didn’t go through with the marriage that I might end up old and alone.” Sheri said.

I nodded my head as I drove the car through the series of curves and turns in the country road. The day was peaceful, sunny. I felt happy for some reason even though I felt sad for Sheri.

“Love sure isn’t an easy thing.” I said.

“You got that right.” Sheri said.

She turned her head and watched the creak on her side of the road that ran parallel to the road. She sighed.

I reached my right arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer to me. I kept my arm around her shoulder. She patted my arm.

“Thanks.” Sheri said and buried her head in my chest.

I heard her crying into my chest and my heart broke for her. If the road was any bigger or had any room to pull over, I would have done so at that moment. We were close to her mom’s house though so I kept us going.

I patted her head and said, “It will be alright. You are a very beautiful woman. Any man would be crazy to let you get away!”

Sheri brought her head back from my chest and smiled up at me with tears still in her eyes.

We arrived at her mom’s house and I parked the car beside the house. Sheri got out and came back a few minutes later with a couple of suitcases. I popped the trunk from inside the car and got out to help.

“Wow that was quick!” I commented.

“I wasn’t really planning to stay with mom and dad. I had enough years of living with them. I just need to be myself. You know how religious they can be. I love them and all but, I need my freedom. I cannot stand being under their rules every time I come back here. That is why I don’t visit as often as I would like to.” Sheri says.

“I can understand that.” I reply.

Sheri got back in the car. I paused for a moment after closing the trunk to enjoy the view of her backside. I can never resist a woman in tight jeans. I take a deep breath, as I know how tense the ride home will be. Sheri unbuttons her blouse and I stare in shock. I see her tank top underneath and realize she is not wearing a bra.

“Sorry I am just too damn hot.” She says fanning herself.

“Oh, sorry let me turn the air up.” I say and reach over and turn the air conditioning up all the way.

I brush her breast accidentally as I reach to adjust the air. Sheri gasps. I notice her nipple hardens. She looks down and notices as well. I feel like apologizing but find it too awkward to do.

I get an erection after staring at her hard nipple for a minute. I lick my lips and drive away from my aunt’s house. The next ten minutes we drive in silence. The tension is thick again. I catch Sheri out of the corner of my eyes glancing at my crotch. It takes all my willpower not to smile or laugh.

Unexpectedly Sheri asks “So how is your love life these days?”

I mumble to myself for a moment before answering “What love life?”

“Aren’t you engaged?” She asks.

“Yeah, but our sex life has dropped off to almost nothing. Our timing is usually bad. Either she is in the mood or I am not or vice versa. It’s beginning to feel more like a deep friendship then love.” I say.

“I can understand that. It is like the situation with my husband. I guess it just goes to show that love is hard to define.” Sheri says.

I nod my head in agreement.

“Also hard to find.” I say.

We look at each other in silence. The tension thickens.

We arrive at my altıparmak eskort house and I carry in the suitcases for her and put them in the spare bedroom. Sheri follows me up the stairs. I stand in the doorway and feel her presence behind me. If possible the tension between us hits new heights making us both breathe hard. I turn around and we face each other. I take a deep breath.

“Do you want to go swimming?” I ask.

She laughs then says, “Oh shit. I didn’t bring a swimsuit!”

“Well that’s ok. The house is pretty private and it is not like you have anything I haven’t seen before.” I say teasing her.

I reach out and tickle her a little causing her to laugh.

“I think you just want to see me naked!” She accuses me half kidding half seriously.

“Maybe, maybe not.” I say mysteriously.

“Actually I wouldn’t mind taking a nap. Maybe I will do the pool and stuff later. I did not get much sleep the past week or so. The divorce is wearing me down.” Sheri says.

I nod my head. I notice how tired she looks.

“Ok, would you like any sandwiches for supper or pizza or something?” I ask.

“Whatever you decide is cool with me. Oh and thanks a lot for letting me stay here.” She says cheering up and giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“No problem. Get some sleep.” I say smiling and I pat her on the butt as she turns to take her tank top off.

She looks back at me seductively and I close the door as she raises her tank top. I get a glimpse of her beautiful breasts despite her back being to me. The door shuts completely. My heart beats fast.

Later in the day….

The sun begins to go down. I already ate my sandwich by the time Sheri comes downstairs. She is now wearing shorts and her tank top. She yawns and stretches. I admire the view of her breasts straining against her thin tank top.

“God, I am starving!” She says.

I point to her sandwich on the table as I get up and pour myself a glass of soda. She eats her cold sandwich in record time and downs a glass of soda.

She looks out the window toward the pool longingly.

“I guess it is getting too late to go in the pool.” She said sounding disappointed.

“Not really. I find that when the sun starts to go down is the perfect time to go in. Less bugs, don’t have to put suntan lotion on.” I say.

“Yeah, I guess you got a good point there.” She says sighing.

“Well I am going to go for a swim and then relax in the hot tub. Feel free to join me anytime you want to.” I say as I stand up, grab a towel, and go out on the deck leading to the pool.

I pretended that I didn’t notice Sheri’s expression on her face. I didn’t really give her any alternatives as far as what she can wear in the pool or hot tub. In fact, I didn’t really have any alternatives for her. I don’t make it a habit of having spare women’s swimsuits lying around the house. I was smiling inside wondering if she would be brave enough to come in the pool naked.

Sheri is one of my braver cousins, but even so, it takes a lot of guts to be outside in the nude. Anyone can see you. Anything can happen.

I took off my shirt and lay my towel down on the picnic table on the deck. I noticed Sheri watching me from the dining room window but acted as if I didn’t see her. I crack my neck and dive in the pool. I enjoy a long, leisurely, swim around the pool. My disappointment grows with each passing minute. I was hoping that Sheri would join me.

The sun was completely gone now and I start feeling a chill as the temperature of the pool drops. I decide to get out of the pool and go soak in the hot tub. I notice Sheri watching me as I get out of the pool. Our eyes lock for a moment. She looks away and walks away from the dining room.

I climb the step to the hot tub and lower myself in. I turn the jets up, layback, and relax. I close my eyes and lean back enjoying the nice massaging feeling of the water pounding on my back. A few minutes later, I hear someone clear their throat. I open my eyes and see Sheri standing in front of the hot tub in her tank top and a pair of white panties.

“If I have to come in there naked you have to be naked too.” nilüfer escort She said firmly.

“No problem. It’s not anything you haven’t seen before” I said and stand up and drop my swimming trunks. I throw them outside the hot tub and they land next to my towel.

I notice Sheri eyeing my naked body but don’t say a word.

“Your turn.” I say as I sit back in the water.

She turns around with her back to me and lifts up her tank top. Her smooth back is revealed to me and I get a glimpse of her beautiful tits from the side. She turns around and faces me. Her arms cover her tits from my view. We are both silent at this point and very tense. She watches me watch her as she bends down and lowers her white silk panties to the floor of the deck. I see her nicely trim dark bush between her legs. My penis thinks for itself as it starts growing and getting harder by the minute.

Sheri climbs the step to the hot tub.

“Be careful. It’s slippery.” I warn her.

I start easing my way towards her to assist her because I was afraid she might fall. I have done this several times myself so I wanted to make sure she did not get hurt. I watch as she swings a leg over into the warm water. My eyes are immediately drawn to the nice lips between her legs. I watch the triangle of pubic hair above her pussylips. I feel like I am in a trance. She swings her other leg over into the hot tub. I give her my hand as she tries to walk towards a corner. As she nears me, she slips. My free hand grabs for her around her waist.

“Oh!” She moans as she falls straight into my lap.

We are still holding hands and my right hand is around her waist. We both sit still for a moment. My erect penis searches for the open area of her very beautiful pussy. We both know the situation. We both look into each other’s eyes. Not a word spoken between us as the tension mounts. She leans into me and her tits rub against my chest. I can feel her nipples become hard. We kiss. We kiss very passionately.

“Oh yes! I need this!” She says as our kiss ends.

I can feel her hand reach down and wrap around my hard cock. She pulls it closer to her and rubs it up and down against her pussylips.

“I need this!” She says desperately as she looks into my eyes.

She shoves my hard cock into her pussy without warning. We both gasp in pleasure. She feels so tight. We fit together so perfect. She sits all the way down on my cock and continuously moans. My hands go around her waist and lift her up and closer to me. I slam her back down on my cock.

“Oh YES!” She says.

I lift her up and slam her down again on my cock. I fuck her hard and slow. Her tits shake with each thrust. I lean down, take her nice fat nipple in my mouth, and suck on it. She throws her head back and moans.

“Oh YES FUCK ME!” She screams.

I pick up the pace. The tension between us is mounting as I thrust in and out of her. I can feel her pussy squeezing my cock. She wants this. She wants this as bad as I do, maybe even more. My hands roam around to her ass and I squeeze each cheek with my hands. We begin to get into a nice fast rhythm. Her moans drive me wild.

I kiss her and suck on her tongue as she rides me and I pull her up and down on my cock. My hands enjoying the nice smoothness of her asscheeks as my cock goes in and out of her pussy. Her tits bounce against my chest.

“Oh fuck me baby! FUCK ME!” She screams.

I fuck her harder and faster. We both know we are both going to cum soon.

“Cum in my pussy!” She moans.

“Oh yeah!” I moan.

“I want to feel your cum inside me. I want to feel that hot cum. Fill me up!” She moans as she leans her head back and starts cumming.

I can feel the heat in her pussy grow as her hot liquid soaks my cock. It drives me wild and I can feel my cock start to spasm. I thrust deep into her and thrust my tongue into her mouth as I start cumming inside of her.

She continues to sit on my cock. Not moving her body at all. I can feel an occasional spasm from her pussy. My cock does not soften at all. We sit there like that for a while. No words need to be said between us. She leans into me and rests her head against my chest. We kiss.

After a long time of silence, she finally says, “What should we do now?” in a seductive voice.

Still inside of her, I thrust myself deep.

“I think we are doing it already.” I say.

She leans into me and we kiss and continue making love passionately.

The End…………..for now.

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