Crazy Night With Dad

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Gang Band

I was so excited and naïve, all of 19 and my dad was fucking me so beautifully that soon I could begin to feel those sensations building up inside me. Some women have trouble achieving orgasm, they have to strain, really concentrate to bring themselves over the edge. I normally was only able to do that with my own fingers or from being orally stimulated. Never just from having a cock inside me. But luckily that night I never had such problems. Orgasms have come to me as naturally as breathing, right from the time I had my first one, but I was wondering what the experience of having one with a penis would feel like, I’d heard so much about what it would be like. And now here I was straddling my own father and his beautiful long, hard cock.

For a few minutes I had been on the brink but had held myself back. Now I was ready to go over the top. So I closed my eyes and concentrated on the exquisite feelings brought on by my father’s subtle upward thrusts. I pictured bursa escort that long beautiful cock of his completely filling my vaginal canal, pushing back the walls with his thrusts, the tip of his cock slamming against my womb as I rode him. The image of all that was so wonderfully intimate, and yet so obscenely twisted, knowing that it was not the tip of any old penis pressing against my cervix, but my own father’s!

When I’m right on the brink of my pleasure spasm, as I was now, I like to have my partner stop moving. That’s when I just want his whole thing inside me as I make all the moves. So that’s what I did, sinking my cunt over the full length of dad’s cock, pressing down so he was buried inside me, filling my cunt to the hilt.

“I’m close, dad, I’m almost there…” I gasped, pressing down on it hard, twisting my pelvis to massage my twat with dad’s cock, just the way I always thought it should be.

“Any second, dad, any second…” I panted, bursa escort bayan beads of sweat pouring off my forehead. I looked down at dad who was staring up at me intently, knowing I was about to explode. His own daughter was about to climax, impaled on his big cock!

In the first wave of alcohol fueled lust I came furiously. The orgasm was so intense that combined with the inebriation I wasn’t sure where I was. Dad was straining, pulling me by the hips with his hands down hard into his body as he released. I’ve never felt ‘hot cum splashing’ inside, but I did feel a tide of warmth and wetness surge from me, coating both our bodies. Dad’s cum brought a secondary after- shock raging through me and we squirmed against each other, groin-to-groin. Then came the next wave washing over me and I felt my dad’s come pouring into me. I was feeling delirious and stated to shake. I planted myself firmly down on my dad’s groin and paused, which seemed to make escort bursa me feel the pulsations of his rock hard cock spewing every last bit into me. Slowly I lifted myself off my dad and lay beside him, immediately taking hold of his cock, as hard as ever and now slick and wet from my cunt and his come. I held it in my hand, my head settled on his chest, as it slowly softened, marveling at how beautiful it all was. We both drifted off probably within minutes, partly from the nights drink and partly from the lust.

I could barely remember how I ended up on top of him, on his couch, late on a cold, rainy Saturday night.

Next I remembered waking up, my dad stirring in his bedroom. I was sore and had come encrusted in my bush and on my fatigued thighs. I smelled of sex. I decided I should put my shirt and sweat pants on all the while wondering what had come over me. Sheepishly I went to the kitchen for coffee to help wash the hangover away. I wasn’t sure how to proceed so I figured the best move would be to act like nothing was up. We both awkwardly went about the morning as if it was after any other night I crashed at dads. But from that moment on we were eternally bonded, without words.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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