Cream Filled: Happy Birthday Baby

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This is the fourth story of the Cream Filled series. I am again very grateful to Kumani for editing these stories.

One of the things that I have really come to appreciate about what Stephanie and I have together is our ability to communicate with one another. We tell each other everything, well almost everything and we have developed the confidence to convey our wants, needs and feelings with clarity. Right since we first started dating about two years ago, we’ve been open and honest about both the good and the bad that has happened between us and I’m convinced it has really helped us grow closer together.

We’ve even developed our non-verbal skills, our empathy and sensitivity to each other’s needs to the point where we can read each other’s moods and body language and always just seem to know when a simple touch of the hand is better than a word, or when the right thing instead is to keep some distance. We sense when to be close enough to reassure the other we are there for them if needed or when to give space when one of us just needs to be alone for a while.

Of course the key is putting these communication skills into practice. For example, we know we love each other but we recognize at times we both still need to tell each other. A hug and a kiss is great but it’s a basic human need to hear special words too. There are some things that just need to be said aloud. But while I’m good at reading Stephanie and getting better every day at it, I do miss a signal or two from time to time.

Such as the importance of my preference in birthday presents.

For the past few weeks Stephanie had been asking me what I wanted for my birthday without getting much in the way of a firm reply from me. With each attempt her questioning became a bit more urgent as the day was fast approaching and evidently she felt that I still hadn’t offered her any acceptable suggestions. She knows my likes and dislikes and has always done really well with the gifts she’s given me in the past without getting my input beforehand but this year for some reason it’s been different.

It’s not that I’ve been trying to be evasive, I just really couldn’t think of anything for her to buy me but you see Stephanie’s into birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s and the like. She takes gift giving very seriously and puts a lot of thought into each one. She says it’s because a gift is a tangible way of expressing how she feels about the recipient. The cost of the gift itself isn’t important, she says, what matters to her most is that it is the right gift for that person.

So each time she asked me what I wanted I answered truthfully, that her love is my most treasured gift and since she expresses that love to me clearly every day in so many ways, nothing else was necessary. Stephanie would turn away with a shake of her head and I’d think no more of it figuring that as in the past she’d just go and pick something out on her own. Instead she cornered me in the kitchen of the donut shop one morning to better communicate her feelings on the matter.

“Look, Asshole,” she warned me with fury burning deep in her brown eyes as she jabbed a finger into my chest for added emphasis. “I’ve been saving my fucking tips for a month to get you a great birthday present and I’ve been asking you the whole fucking time what to get. Now it’s just three damn days to your birthday, so you better tell me right now what you fucking want.”

“Steph, I’m not trying to be difficult but there really isn’t anything that I want or I would have told you already,” I answered somewhat flustered but making a quick suggestion. “Why don’t you just buy me a card if you really feel a need to get me something?”

“Why don’t I just break up with you?” she responded, leaning toward me enough so I could feel the burn of her anger on my face. “I can always go back to my vibrator and then I wouldn’t have to bother with your birthday at all!”

“Stephanie, you are all that I want,” I reassured her as I took her by the shoulders and looked deeply and sincerely into her beguilingly beautiful dark eyes.

There really wasn’t anything else I wanted all that much. Well, almost anything.

“You already have me,” she answered, her tone noticeably softened. “All of me.”

“Well, that’s not exactly true, Steph” I said, my gaze wandering exaggeratedly down her lithe body as I leaned slightly to one side as if to check out her ass.

She flicked my hands away from her shoulders with disgust and stepped back.

“Do you see a diamond?” she asked impatiently, raising her left hand in front of my face and waggling the fingers.

Ah, yes. The infamous No Diamond, No Anal rule.

Stephanie turned and stormed off and out of the kitchen, the double doors swinging and rattling excitedly in her wake. Its best to leave her alone for a bit I thought, as I turned back to my work table. Within a few moments I heard the doors swing open again but didn’t bother to look up. Those doors swing open and closed all day long.

An instant later something thudded against my ist esc head.

A donut slid down the side of my face and bounced off my shoulder before hitting the floor as I stood there stunned. Reaching my hand up to comfort my stinging cheek, I felt globs of sticky sweetness covering the smarting skin.

“What the FUCK?”

The doors swung open again and I looked over in time to see Stephanie stride out of the kitchen. A moment later she was poking her head through the service window.

“You’re lucky it was only cream filled, you asshole. The next one is going to be jelly,” she threatened and started to withdraw her head from the portal before stopping. “And that’s a promise.”

“Crazy bitch,” I muttered as I hurried through the kitchen to the employee restroom to inspect the damage.

Stephanie’s temper was a donut shop legend and I was well aware of it even before we started dating. Truthfully that fiery spirit is one of the things that really turned me on about her. Now I’m no masochist but I’ve found that some contentiousness, maybe more so than variety, is truly the spice of life because regardless of how pissed she gets at me, once Stephanie gets around to forgiving me, if she forgives me, I can always look forward to a reconciliation at least equal in passion to her anger.

Once in the bathroom, I turned the side of my face to the mirror. Cream filling and confectioner’s sugar not only covered my cheek but were splattered all in my hair on that side of my head. Fortunately, none had gotten in my eyes but I was definitely going to need a shower to clean the sticky mess entirely off of me.

And Stephanie was definitely going to need some payback.

Of course I would have to apologize first.

Yes, that’s right. Despite the fact that I was the one that got hit, once my initial anger and surprise subsided, I quickly realized I was going to have to get Stephanie to forgive me. If I did so before her conscience kicked in, which it inevitably would, she would feel all the more guilty about clobbering me and less likely to anticipate the retribution that I would have in store for her.

Looking in the mirror and seeing the splatters of cream all through my brown hair gave me an idea.

Once back at my work table I noticed Stephanie with seeming urgency stride in and out of the kitchen several times. She was trying to discretely determine if I was all right so she could resume her righteous fury. While she didn’t come over to me, I think by the third trip she was satisfied that there was no permanent damage. Waiting until she was busy cleaning off some tables, I walked out into the front part of the shop to talk to her. She stopped her cleaning and looked at me expectantly with arms crossed.

“Stephanie, I’m really sorry,” I began with my hands raised some and palms open in the universal gesture of concession. “I know you have been trying to get me something special for my birthday and I shouldn’t have treated it so lightly. I know this means a lot to you and I was a jerk about it and again, I’m sorry. So please, don’t break up with me, okay?”

Stephanie maintained her petulant silence a long moment, then uncrossed her arms and gently touched my face.

“Are you all right?” she asked with a guilty wince.

“I’m fine. No harm done.”

“I’m really sorry, Jason. I shouldn’t have thrown a donut at you. It’s just that this is your twenty-first birthday. It’s a really big one and I really want to do something special for you.”

“I know and like I said, I had it coming. Besides I have to admit that was a hell of a throw. You must have been thirty feet away and you hit me square on.”

“Anger helps me focus,” she explained.

Then she leaned toward me and kissed me softly on the offended cheek.

“I guess I’m going to have to make that up to you later,” she said with a coy smile.

“That’d be nice,” I agreed. “But about that birthday present, how about a magazine subscription? It’s not glamorous I admit but you know how much I like to read and keep up on current events. You could get me a subscription to a news weekly.”

“Yes! You are kind of boring that way,” Stephanie’s face instantly brightened at the suggestion. “It actually would be the perfect gift for you.”

“Thanks, on both points.”

Stephanie happily kissed me again, this time on the lips.

“You’re right though, it’s not very romantic. So I’ll tell you what, I am going to take you out to a nice dinner too,” she continued, now thoroughly pleased. “You just name it. Steak, seafood, anything you want.”

“You really mean that?” I asked and repeated the last item in her list of options. “Anything I want?”

“Of course I do. Anything you want.”

Anything I want. Now that is truly a perfect gift.

Nodding my head in affirmation, I turned and went back into the kitchen, working potential scenarios out in my mind as I resumed my duties.

After work, Stephanie took my hands in hers and gave them a squeeze as she questioned me.

“So fatih esc what did you decide about your birthday dinner?”

Stephanie’s eyes were bright with excitement. She loved planning things.

“How about a surprise?”

“Sure,” she readily agreed. “I love surprises.”

“I know you do.”

And believe me, you’re going to get one, I thought, inwardly gleeful at the notion I’d just deceived her completely.

“Should we invite anyone along? How about Terri and her boyfriend?” she asked.

Terri has been Stephanie’s best friend for years. Blonde haired, blue-eyed, soft spoken and unfailingly sweet, she is almost the Anti-Stephanie.

“No, if you don’t mind,” I answered pulling her close to me and wrapping my arms around her, “I’d like to have you all to myself.

Stephanie hugged me about the shoulders and rubbed the tip of her nose against mine.

“That sounds perfect to me,” she agreed.

The next couple of days were unremarkable and on the morning of my birthday I groggily leaned over to my nightstand and turned off the alarm that I was once more unable to ignore. Dutifully I arose and showered, shaved and readied myself for work. The notion struck me that despite having at last reached the age of twenty-one, it really was just another day.

As usual, I arrived at work before Stephanie and after starting some coffee brewing, began prepping for the day ahead.

“Happy birthday!” Athena called out as she and Nick made their way to the office.

“Thanks,” I replied.

Since Stephanie frequently had classes after work, she usually drove her own car and pretty much showed up whenever she pleased but always before things got busy. It was at least an hour after her parents had shown up that Stephanie burst into the kitchen.

“There he is!” she announced brightly. “All grown up and officially a man.”

Stephanie’s arrival as always warmed me like a sunrise and her enthusiasm brought a smile to my face. She came to me and hugged me tightly, smelling and feeling as wonderful as ever. Her ebony hair was pulled tightly back in a pony tail and her deep brown eyes glittered with joy. Pressing my lips to the exotically olive toned softness of her neck I breathed deeply of her alluring, freshly bathed, early morning scent.

While I would have been content to let my senses stay lost in her for hours, she pried me from her neck and kissed me.

“Well, you already know what you’re getting from me,” she said, taking a step back and holding my hands in hers.

Yes, but you don’t know what you’re getting from me I thought, my birthday providing cover for the exultant grin I wore.

“Yes,” I replied enthusiastically “and I know I’m really going to enjoy it.”

“Still, it’s only a magazine subscription but tonight comes the real treat. I am taking you out for a romantic dinner,” she reminded me then paused and gave me a theatrical wink. “Then after that, who knows?”

Who knows indeed?

“That sounds great,” I said.

“Oh and you should wear something nice.”

“How nice?”

“Hmmm, a blazer and slacks, maybe a tie.”

“Slacks and a tie I can probably manage but I don’t think my old blazer fits anymore.”

“Not to worry,” she gushed and patted my chest excitedly. “Wait here!”

She turned and hurried out of the kitchen and came back in a few minutes with some department store gift boxes.

“Go on, open them,” she urged.

The first one, the smallest, was obviously shoes. When I opened the lid I was greeted with the new leather smell of dress shoes.

“Wow!” was all I could say.

“Open them all!”

The next box held a shirt and tie, the next a pair of slacks and the last a dark blue blazer.

“My god, Stephanie, you shouldn’t have. These must have cost a lot of money.”

Nick and Athena chose that moment to pass by on their way to the front of the shop.

“What cost a lot of money?” Nick asked, his face quickly assuming a look of concern. “What’s all this?”

“Today is Jason’s twenty-first birthday,” Stephanie explained.

“We know,” Nick answered, “but what’s all this?”


“Are you kidding me?” Nick asked excitedly but Athena pulled him away before he could launch into a tirade.

“It’s Stephanie’s money,” I heard her tell him. “It’s not like you had to pay for it.”

“Actually he did pay for most of it,” Stephanie admitted when they were out of earshot. “But don’t worry I’ll pay him back before he gets the bill.”

“Jeez Stephanie I mean this is great and all but–“

“No buts, Jason,” she said taking my face in her hands and kissing me tenderly. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”

I’ll remind you later that you said that.

“I’d give you the world if I could,” she continued.

“I know you would,” I agreed and wrapped her tightly in my arms, all the while thinking the world would be nice but I’d rather have her ass.

That evening I dressed in the new clothes Stephanie had bought me. Looking ataköy esc in the mirror as I hoisted the knot of the tie up to the collar button of the shirt, I had to admit that I looked pretty good. She definitely has an eye for these things.

When I arrived at her house, the sun had just set and the air was beginning to take on the crispness of another fall evening. The white painted brick exterior didn’t seem nearly as imposing as it had two years earlier when I’d picked Stephanie up for our first date. Someone had been raking recently as the familiar smells of autumn: dirt, grass and dry leaves still hung over the walkway to the house.

Athena answered the doorbell and led me into the kitchen where she and Nick had been eating their dinner.

“Birthday Boy, have a seat,” Nick suggested without much enthusiasm. “Stephanie’s still getting ready and there’s no telling how long that is going to take.”

“Have some wine” Athena offered as she pushed a short cocktail type glass in my direction. Though they had wine glasses, they seldom used them. Nick poured some of the Retsina for me.

“To the birthday boy,” he said as he raised his glass. Athena echoed his words.

They smiled and sipped their wine but there was still a chill in Nick’s eyes as he scanned my new clothing suspiciously. Things had been strained between us since Stephanie and I first started dating.

“Hey! No drinking without me,” Stephanie scolded as she strode into the kitchen.

She was wearing a dark blue dress that fit snugly to every luscious curve between her neck and knees. The spiked heels of her shoes, high and thin, made a noise against the tiled floor as she walked like a hand tapping for attention on a window pane. They drew my gaze downward and showcased the graceful muscles of her toned legs. She’d also looped a strand of pearls about her neck and twirled them absently with a finger where they fell gleaming white between the tawny rise of her breasts, in stark contrast to her skin, her low cut blue dress, ebony hair and brows.

“My, don’t you clean up nicely?” she complimented, obviously satisfied with her purchases for me.

“I’d say the same about you but you always look beautiful.”

Stephanie bent forward and kissed me. The pearls rattled gently as the silken softness of her hair brushed my cheek. She smelled fantastic and I couldn’t resist reaching my arm about the backs of her hosiery clad legs and giving one of them a quick and discrete squeeze just above the bend of her knee.

“Are those my pearls?” Athena asked.

“Yes, can I borrow them?”

“It looks like you already have,” her mother noted coolly. “Just take care of them, they were a gift from your father you know.”

“Of course,” Stephanie assured Athena, rolling her eyes as she moved away from me to get a glass from a cabinet then helped herself to a healthy pour of wine.

“Happy birthday!” Stephanie wished me spiritedly and tapped her glass against mine then raised it to her lips, draining it then commenting. “Hmm, that’s not bad.”

“No it really isn’t” I lied.

She tipped her head at my still half full glass.

“It’s an acquired taste I guess.”

“No, it’s just that I’m savoring it. I like to take my time and enjoy things.”

Stephanie gave me an indulgent smile then turned away once more and began to open cabinets and check shelves.

“Where’s that bottle of brandy you guys always pull out on special occasions?” she asked over her shoulder.

“It’s in the one over the refrigerator,” her mother replied.

“I’m pretty sure it’s an old Greek custom to have a shot on your twenty-first birthday,” Stephanie stated.

“No, not really,” her dad interjected.

“Well then it’s an American one. Who’s going to join us? Mom? Dad?”

“OK,” Athena answered for them both, “but just one and you shouldn’t be drinking on an empty stomach. It’ll go right to your head.”

“You shouldn’t be drinking at all. You’re not twenty-one,” her dad reminded her.

“Jason and I are going out to dinner so my stomach won’t be empty for long and I promise not to let anyone know how you failed me in your parental duties, no matter what they do to me.”

Stephanie returned to the table with four shot glasses and filled each with brandy.

“Here’s to Jason,” she said raising her glass. “Twenty-one and many, many more.”

“Hronia polla,” Nick and Athena added.

We gulped the shots and my throat suddenly felt like it was on fire. Unfortunately, the only thing I had to try and put it out with was the wine for which I hadn’t acquired a taste yet. I wrinkled up my nose and took a swallow anyway.

Athena got up and came back with an envelope that obviously contained a card. “This is from Nick and me.”

It was a pleasant if politely impersonal card with a twenty dollar bill in it.

“Thank you both for thinking of me. That was very nice of you.”

“Are you going to finish that?” Stephanie asked and grabbed my glass of wine and drank the rest of it down before I could answer.

“You go right ahead,” I replied as she put the empty glass back in front of me.

Stephanie poured us both some more wine but her parents declined.

“We’re going out,” Athena explained.

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