Cross Country Bus Trip Pt. 03

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I awoke to Kyle climbing on top of me. He was still nude and so was I. Immediately upon waking up, I could feel how sore my ass was. My boy had fucked me last night good and I could feel it. He was stroking both of our dicks in unison and really thrusting his body into it.

“No sense in wasting morning wood, right?”

I couldn’t disagree. I layed there enjoying the view as he ground his cock into mine. He slapped them together and he swung them into one another. It looked like a fight between a breadstick and a can of soda. He suddenly stopped the thrusting and several drops of cum oozed out of his prick on onto mine. He lathered my cock with his cum and began a double fist assault on daddy’s boner. The noises alone was enough to make a guy blow his load. The slurping and sliding sounds were intoxicating and soon enough, semen dribbled out of me and onto my stomach. Kyle wasted no time tonguing up my goo. What a way to start the morning.

It struck me that we had a bus to catch and I checked the time. I was relieved to see it was only 6:30am. We still had two hours before our bus left. We got showered. In the shower, I gave Kyle his first experience fucking my thoughts. I loved the feeling of his smooth cock thrusting between my legs. I was growing fond of his dickhead sliding into and under my ball sack when he spilled a load into my ass crack. We cleaned up, packed our things and headed out. We found a Denny’s and had a wonderful breakfast.

As we waited for our food, the discussion ranged from amusement parks to cooking to music. Music was one area where our tastes varied. Greatly. But overall, it was more of the same pleasant conversation that we had shared the entire trip. My boy picked up the tab, as I had paid for the room last night. We arrived at the bus station with nearly thirty minutes to spare.

While we sat in the terminal waiting to load the bus, I noticed that Kyle seemed lost in thought.

“You okay?”

“Not really. I just realized that this is going to end. The trip is going really fast and tomorrow, I’ll have to say goodbye to you. And it hurts. A lot!”

“We’ll keep in touch and we can still get together from time to time for a little fun.”

“Yeah, I suppose” He faked a smile and acted as though he was over it. I could tell differently. Truth be told, I had thought about it. As silly as it sounds, the idea of saying goodbye to him killed me. I know it sounds crazy, but I really had fallen in love with him in less than 48 hours.

“Hey! Let’s make the best of it. We still have a whole day and night together. Who knows what kinda trouble we can get into.” I said with a smile.

He smiled back and genuinely seemed to be feeling better about the situation. Our bus was now loading. As we boarded and waited for departure, I realized how exhausted I was and how spent my nuts were. I had had more sex in the last forty eight hours than I had in the last month. My ass was sore and my balls were completely drained, yet I wanted nothing more than to be with Kyle. I wanted to do so much with him and to him for that matter.

As we traveled further and further from Denver, the conversation was mostly theme park related as we brainstormed a bucket list of parks to visit and rides to ride.

“We should plan on it”, Kyle proclaimed.

“Yeah, I’d be okay with that. Once we both get settled and we’re making money, we’ll do it. We’ll take a week and head to Ohio and Indiana. Holiday World, Cedar Point, Kings Island. We’d have a blast.”

“I’m sure we’d both have more than just a single blast” he joked.

He was right once again. The parks would be fun but I knew my favorite ride of the trip would be him.

In Wheatland, WY, the bus stopped long enough for us to eat lunch. We chose Subway to go and returned to the bus. Both of us were still pretty full from breakfast, so Subway was convenient to have to snack on. The bus carried less than fifteen people and we realized the surprisingly high level of privacy given in the very last row of the bus. Because of the bathroom, we had three seats to ourselves. We were quite comfortable with our makeshift traveling couch. He spoke of his time working aboard the cruise ship. What a unique yet monotonous schedule and regimen that seemed.

“Tell me about your brother’s restaurant.”, Kyle inquired.

“It’s called Suntina’s. That was my mother’s name. When my brother opened it, he did just pastas mostly. Then he added pizzas. Then calzones, flatbreads and some other things. But the pizzas are the bread and butter of the business. Brent wants to expand and needs somebody he casino oyna can trust there to run things while he grows the business. So the timing couldn’t have been better.”

The conversation died as we both drifted off to sleep. I awoke to my boy’s mouth around my erect manhood. He laid on his stomach across the seats as he bobbed his head up and down my shaft. I placed my hand on his head and thrust my hips upward to bury myself as far down his throat as possible. In what seemed like a minute, I was giving baby boy what he wanted and he wasted no time eating daddy’s seed.

We had a layover in Billings, MT from 7:45pm-1:45am. As soon as we arrived, Kyle insisted in finding a room to rent. If he was going to get tonight’s room, then I’d buy the cab to get to there and dinner. The only hotel available was a cheap fleabag motel. The upside was they rented by the hour so our 1:00am departure time wasn’t a big deal.

We checked in and neither of us undressed. We both climbed on to the bed and into each others arms. Maybe it was exhaustion from the trip. Maybe it was the fact that my boy and I would be saying goodbye in twelve short hours. Maybe it was the fact that in the last sixty hours, we had both ejaculated eight times. We turned the TV on and sat there in silence watching some prime time crime show.

After a few minutes, he raised his head to mine and we kissed briefly. I could tell he was going to say something.

“I have to tell you something and I don’t want you to think I’m crazy.”

“Never would I think that” I was scared of what was going to come out of his mouth next.

“Bruce, I’m in love with you. I know that’s crazy considering we only just met two days ago. But I’m honestly in love with you. I’m in love with your sense of humor. I’m in love with the fact that we make eachother laugh. I love that we share the same interests. Not to mention that you’ve made me cum harder in two days than my boyfriend of three years did. My heart is breaking right now because I know this is ending and I don’t want it to.” I could see tears forming as his lip quivered. “But I know it has to.” He cried hard and I held him close, wiping his tears with my shirt.

“When Brian and I broke up four days ago, I was devastated I expected to basically cry this entire trip because without him, my life was nothing. With you, I feel like it could be more than it ever would have been with him. A part of me wants to run so far away from you because I know it’s going to hurt, but another part of me, a bigger part of me wants to be as close to you as possible for as long as possible.”

I was stunned. Kyle had stated his feelings for me and his feelings for this situation. I was honored he felt he could be honest with me. More than that, I felt the exact same way he did. I began to speak. “Kyle, I feel nearly the exact same way. The biggest difference is it sounds like you have accepted the fact that our time is ending soon and I’m still in denial. I have the same feelings for you too, my boy. Should we never see eachother again, know I’ll never forget you or the way I feel about you.”

We kissed. Our tongues met passionately and we held each other closely. I lied back in bed and his body came with me. He was on top of me and I could feel his tears on my cheek. He kissed my neck as I sat up allowing him to take my shirt off. I took his off as well and he motioned for me to lay back. His lips traveled farther south, stopping to visit both of my nipples. My boy swirled his tongue over daddy’s nipples and sucked them slowly. He continued down my body and clipped his thumbs into the waist band of my sweat pants. I raised my ass of the bed so he could remove my pants and boxers. His mouth landed near my belly bottom and his tongue circled it as his hand grabbed my penis. My hardening organ was his mouth’s next destination. He ran his tongue inside my foreskin and cupped my balls with his other hand. Soon, my foreskin was retracted as he sucked my mushroom head into his mouth. Each time he’d release my helmet from his suction, a loud “POP” would sound. It felt wonderful. He was wonderful. This was wonderful.

He stopped long enough to shed his own bottoms. Now, me and my boy were both nude. He positioned his crotch over my face and I began to feast on Kyle’s long skinny rod. Soon his mouth had moved to my scrotum. I began kissing his nearly fully erect member and taking just his head into my mouth. My lover took one of my nuts into his mouth, then the other. Finally, he welcomed both into his mouth as he worked a hand up and down my short thick member. As he did, his dick laid rock hard canlı casino across my neck as I returned the favor and sucked his tightening sack into my mouth.

Kyle’s lips had now traveled to my anus. He licked both cheeks and his tongue danced across and into my anus. My boy was tongue fucking me and I loved it. Suddenly, he jumped out of bed and grabbed his bottle of lube from the bathroom. He squirted some onto my glistening dick and positioned himself away from me. He slowly lowered himself onto my wide cock. With my fat cock head nearly fully in, I noticed my boy had developed a tremble. I rubbed his back as he let more of his weight settle on top of me.

“You’re so thick, daddy. I’ve never had anybody near as thick. Ouch. It hurts.”

Knowing I was making Kyle hurt gave me mixed emotions. I felt bad but at the same time it was an incredible turn on. My hands were on his hips as nearly all of me was now buried into his tight asshole. He leaned forward and his behind raised a little allowing him to release an inch or so. He quickly readjusted and sank back on to me.

My view was spectacular. His ass was magnificent and it was only made better by my cock buried deep inside of him. Slowly but surely, he accepted my girth. He moved cautiously up and down my dick at first. I grabbed at his beautiful bubble butt as he worked my cock in and out of him. I could feel his scrotum bumping against mine and could tell he was stroking his member to the rhythm of our love making. He fell back onto me and I tenderly kissed his neck. As he slid his body up and down against me, I relieved him of his duties and took over stroking his dick for him. My other hand ran fingertips over his mid body.

Kyle fell off of me and he laid flat on his stomach. I pushed his legs together and straddled him. I slapped his ass with my beefy member before spreading his cheeks wide. As I lowered my meaty tool into his anal caverns, he gasped and laid his head on the bed. I clutched his ass while I drove my unit as deep as I could into him. He forced me off and rolled over. I had only exited him seconds before I was reentering his man pussy from this new position. I thrust into him with vigor and he wrapped his legs around my back to assist my efforts. He licked my chin and sucked at my tongue while I hammered him like the little cum slut he was. Soon I felt my balls tighten.

Without a word spoken, I pulled out and lied next to him. In just a few seconds, his mouth was feasting on my rod and I was taking his scrotum into my mouth. Kyle had sucked daddy’s entire cock into his mouth and I feed him the load of seed he had worked so hard to rid me of. As my juice spewed down into his waiting mouth and down his throat, I took his glorious length into my mouth and sucked him to completion. In no time, I was tasting his semen as it cascaded onto my tongue and teeth and slid down my throat.

We readjust and kissed, allowing us to taste one another. Instantly a wave a goosebumps came over me as we swapped semen and spit. My boy crawled next to me and we laid in silence for nearly twenty minutes before he got up to shower.

When he was done, I took a shower myself. I came out of the bathroom to find my boy already in bed. I decided to join him and prepared to have my last sleep next to him. I slid my nude body into bed so as not to wake him. I was unaware that he was awake as he rolled over and slid under the covers.

Truth be told, I was ready for sleep and wasn’t sure I could handle more sex tonight. He sucked my thick appendage back to life before coming back up and backing his on onto me. We fell asleep with my cock buried firmly inside of him.

I had set my alarm for 1:00am. It woke us both up. My flaccid dick was still inside of his dried and tightened hole. I used caution as I pulled out slowly. We packed our things up and I called a cab that would take us to the bus station. At 1:45am, we left Billings and were Missoula bound at last. In just six hours, Kyle would be home and I’d be devastated. We fell asleep as the bus traveled Westbound on I-90.

I awoke nearly three hours later as the bus exited the interstate. We were in Butte. We had a twenty minute stop here. I snuck out of my seat and made my way across the street to the McDonalds. I ordered an assortment of sandwiches, a couple parfaits and some hash brown patties. I also picked up a coffee and a juice for both of us. Walking back towards the bus, I wrestled with the fact that Kyle and I had only known each other for less than seventy two hours. I was nearly sick thinking about him and I having to say goodbye in a few kaçak casino short hours.

I climbed on board and made my way to the back row of the nearly empty bus where my boy and I had camped out. He was awake and greeted me with a half hearted smile. I sat down next to him and could make out the vivid out line of his monstrous morning wood in the early day light.

“Hi, mister.” I said with a smile as I grabbed his wood through his sweat pants. I looked at him to see him staring back with loving eyes. We met with a kiss as I unzipped his pants and released his hardening cock from the confines of clothing. I couldn’t get enough of him. Now more than a my other time on our trip, I wanted to make him feel good. Leave him with a smile so to speak.

His manhood sprung out like a baby’s arm. I leaned over and kissed him as I began sliding my hand up and down his shaft. He moaned as our lips remained locked. I was stroking him feverishly and lowered my head down and took his helmet into my mouth. My tongue swirled around the head as my fist tightened it’s rocketing grip on his shaft. I felt him raise out of the seat ever so slightly and knew my boy was close. I reached into the McDonald’s bag and retrieved a sausage biscuit sandwich. I masturbated him with one hand and clumsily unwrapped the sandwich with the other. I felt him tense up and knew he was on the brink of eruption. I opened the sandwich and pointed his rod directly into it. My boy was pretty drained from our trip but he mustered a healthy dose of his special sauce out and onto the still warm sausage patty.

I closed the sandwich and took a bite. The married taste of his sweet semen and the oily sausage were like heaven. I groaned as I offered him a bite. Our eyes locked, and he took a bite my little special snack. He smiled as he enjoyed the treat. Then he reached for my crotch. He uncovered my cock and began returning the favor. A few minutes of pleasure passed, when he retracted my foreskin revealing a drop of precum on the tip. He reached for a hash brown patty and swooped up my fluid as though it was a dipping sauce. He took a bite and smiled. He then reached down and licked up the few salt grains. Between the sandpaper texture of the hashbrown and his youthful tongue against my cock head, it wouldn’t be long before I too was spewing my load. He grabbed a parfait and continued his five fingered pumping along my short thick rod. In seconds, I was dribbling daddy’s cum into the yogurt mixture. With a spoon, he mixed my juices and gobbled down the entire portion, my jizz and all.

We finished breakfast and I curled into him as he leaned against the bus window. In just over an hour, he’d be back in his hometown.

“You have to be excited to be back home.” I figured.

“Yes and no. It’s pretty boring here and my ex is here. Plus, I just want to be with you.”

I wanted to comfort him but I didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t logical for us to change our plans to be together. We had only known each other for three days. People would think we were crazy. In what seemed like minutes the bus exited into Missoula.

Suddenly Kyle pulled my face to his and we kissed deeply. Knowing this was our last kiss made the events of the entire trip rush over me. The first time I saw his cock, Frotting in the camper, the laughing about riding roller coasters, the showers, the cooking methods we exchanged, the companionship. We kissed for nearly a minute when he pulled away. We were entering the bus stop parking lot.

“My mother is picking me up and I can’t have her see us kissing.”

I understood what he meant. It would have been kind of weird. Especially considering she didn’t know he had broken up with his boyfriend, yet.

“Missoula, Montana” the bus driver announced. I slid out of my seat to allow him to exit. Kyle reluctantly got up and gathered his things. We hugged and I kissed him on the cheek. As he made his way down the aisle of the bus, he turned around to look at me at least four times. He retrieved his luggage from underneath the bus and made his way towards his mother’s SUV. She greeted him with a hug as he kissed her cheek. If she only knew where that mouth had been. I waited for the SUV to pull away before stepping out to have a cigarette.

I still had three hours before I was in Spokane. I spent most of it in tears. The bus felt so empty without him next to me. I was in love with this man and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. There were so many places and things I wanted to see. I wanted to see and do them all with him. Already I felt so alone with out him next to me. How could I be so upset over somebody who I didn’t know existed three days ago? What was wrong with me? I didn’t know why or how I could feel the way I did. All I knew is that this trip had been awesome. Just me and my boy.

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