Crossing the Line Ch. 02

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Dennis my eighteen year old son came walking into my office a couple of moments later asking what I had called him for this time. I was sure he was expecting me to tell him off for something or ask him to do something for me which in a way I had been thinking just that. I asked him to sit on the other chair in the room just inside the door and he did so. I was really nervous and I hadn’t even done anything yet. I knew he read a lot of sex stories on his computer and also visited quite a few sites on it to but what I asked myself now was would he really want to do something with his mom? Maybe I would see if he would lick my fingers. I mean if he wasn’t interested in that then he probably wouldn’t want anything beyond that.

I said what the hell to myself and I dipped my fingers back in my wet pussy while my back and my chair were still facing away from him. I was sure he could smell my wet pussy from where he sat. Doing this was exciting and not only was I so nervous about maybe getting caught by my daughter or my ex but also it being so very wrong and he may even be disgusted with me and tell someone about what I wanted him to do then I would be in very serious trouble.

I told myself it was now or never and asked him to come around my chair and check something out. He cocked his head to the side wondering what it was I was talking about with him being a little slow istanbul escort on the uptake but he came around to see for him-self. I don’t think he quite knew what he was supposed to do. He froze for a moment then slowly looked up to my face. Well he was a little curious at least and hadn’t run away screaming. I nervously stuck my fingers under his nose and watched his nostrils sniff my fingers. Again he looked up at my face and this time his eyes were as wide as saucers as he realised what he was sniffing. Then he sniffed them again his nose getting closer to my wet fingers this time and I saw and actually felt him sniff them this time and as he sniffed his tongue snaked out and he licked my fingers.

I watched as his tongue went back in his mouth and I knew he was enjoying tasting me. He took a second, third and fourth helping from my fingers and I guess he liked my taste as he was now grinning from ear to ear. I dipped my hand under my t-shirt and into my wet pussy a few more times and again he would lick my juices off my fingers. OK, where was this going I hear you ask? Doing this was exciting but I knew the next step was to see if he wanted to lick directly from the source, my pussy. The only thing I was nervous about at this point was getting caught. I knew that was unlikely with only the two of us in the house but I got up and check all the doors to make sure they şişli escort were locked.

When I sat back down in my big office chair I pulled up the t-shirt I was wearing. I was naked from the waist down now. I sat at the edge of the chair so that my pussy was easy to get to. He stood there with his tongue hanging out and with a very big bulge in his pants as he looked at my bare pussy for the first time. I leaned back in the chair positioning my open and exposed pussy very close to the edge of my chair. I was breathing hard and shaking a little waiting to see what he would do. He sniffed the air smelling my arousal and now had a lustful look in his eyes as his cock tried to rip threw his shorts.

This was new for him and he hesitated. Then frozen I watched as he got down on his knees and his tongue came out again and he licked me from asshole to clit. OMG it felt so good. I leaned back and closed my eyes hoping he would keep going and that’s just what he did. Once he found the source it was like he couldn’t get enough. His tongue was now lapping at me now using very long stokes which no man had ever done before and it didn’t take long for me to shuddered with another orgasm.

The more fluid I produced the more he continued to lick my pussy. I felt another orgasm wash over me and I jerked a little as my clit was super sensitive now almost too sensitive to touch. mecidiyeköy escort The way I was leaning back in my chair his face was visible between my two large breasts. My nipples needed attention while my pussy recovered enough for him to do that to me again. I knew if my breasts were leaking milk he would be licking them all day. Maybe one day if he gave me a baby he would get to try that to. My nipples were rock hard and very long now with the thought of my son actually feeding from my boobs. I reached down and got some of my pussy juice and rubbed it on my nipples which he then licked and sucked on repeatedly from one to the other. His tongue was sending shock waves through me.

I pulled Dennis up by the ears and as we kissed long, deep and passionately I felt something against my thigh. Something that was hard and pointy was poking me mainly on my inner thigh but once or twice on my pussy lips too. I scooted in my chair a little to try to get my nipple in his mouth again hoping he might even nibble on it. I guess that little shift of position was enough to cause what happened next. I felt the hot hard pokey thing hit right in the opening of my pussy which was spread eagled in the chair and very wet.

As soon as it did my son scooted forward and thrust his hips. Right then about five inches of his cock went inside my pussy. Immediately he started thrusting trying to get more in. I was in a state of shock. Time froze for a moment for me. I had not made the decision to have sexual intercourse with my son just yet but it was happening right now. Did I want this? Was I ready? Did I need to think about this?

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