Cum Lover and Steve Pt. 06

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At the appointed time, Steve and I jumped in the car with just our running shorts. As soon as we got in we pulled them off. We decided, if it felt appropriate, we would give them a show of our self sucking prowess.

Steve, “You think they will show?.”

Me, “Can’t be sure of Tim, but 110% sure Sarah will be there. She was so excited, she told me she was rubbing her love button as we spoke.”

As we drove up to the spot there was Tim’s car with both of them present. They got out and came over to our open passenger side window. Sarah leaned in to say hi and spying our semi-erect cocks, she said: “whoa, you are already testing my ability to control myself”. Sarah was wearing a loose fitting sun dress and Tim baggy shorts and a tee shirt. I guess they were ready for some naked adventure. It seemed Sarah, as if we weren’t, couldn’t wait and pulled the dress over her head. I turned around to say something, but was speechless when observing a perfect set of pert tits of just the right size. The ride was mostly uneventful. Almost the only talking, was Sarah jabbering away in a panting voice.

When we arrived the parking lot was empty and I pulled to the far end to park. I announced that we should take what clothing we had with us just in case we needed it. Ready or not here we go. We all got out and walked into the park, me holding Steve’s hand with Sarah and Tim behind. Sarah was cooing over Steve’s butt, saying things like: “Your ass is so lovely, I would like to kiss it all over.” We went past some picnic tables and a little further in came to a table partially concealed by some bushes.

I said to Steve, “should we?”

And he answers: Ankara bayan escort “yeah!, it feels right.”

So we put our plan into action. I told Sarah we wanted to give her a show that would knock her socks off (if she had any). Steve climbed on the table – with his long dick and superior flexibility he could do it without assistance. I lay on the ground it front of the table and propped my feet under the bench. I said now. Steve probably swallowed about six to eight inches and I was able to deep throat my cock with the aid of the bench.

Sarah, “Oh my lordy, I never imagined this was possible.” She was rubbing her cunt. She turned to Tim, who had now ditched his shirt and shorts and was fondling his cock, exclaimed: “This is the greatest show on earth, I am more in love with these guys than ever. If only you could do that, I would be enthralled to endlessly watch.”

We didn’t want to cum so early in this escapade, so we got up with our dicks at full attention. As we did, we heard talking, giggling and laughing coming from the entrance to the park. In a few moments the

voices came nearer and as there was a slight breeze blowing towards us could smell the powerful aroma of grass. No wonder they were giggling.

I pushed a little of a bush aside and could see two young guys and a girl strolling toward us, passing a doobie back and forth and carrying a blanket and a picnic basket. As they were young and carefree and probably quite high, I reasoned that they wouldn’t be shocked on seeing us. In any case, besides the immense turn on of just walking around in my birthday suit, being seen intensified the thrill. They got closer and it became Escort bayan Ankara apparent that they would pass by not more than ten or fifteen feet away. Tim grabbed his shorts and pulled them on, however, Sarah stood next to us breathing in the glory of her nakedness.

They came in view and one of the guys turned to look and shouted: “Guys, look at this. This is too cool.”

Steve and I said, ” good morning”

Sarah proclaimed: “It is too beautiful of a day to encumber our bodies with clothes.”

The girl said they were going up there, pointing to a grassy area quite a ways up the hill to the right, and

blow some more pot, drink some wine and eat. Hope to see you around. Have a great day.

After they began walking up hill Sarah jumped in: “She said to me that she wanted Tim to suck my cock. It had made me wet just thinking of watching him sucking a dick and swallowing the cum. Steve, is it okay.” When he said yes. she continued: “Tim, I know you want it and you know I will be ecstatic watching.”

I leaned against the table and Tim took me in his mouth. Obviously his first cock, he was not too good. But he got better as he sucked it in and out. After a bit, I said Tim, I’m going to cum. Sarah, breathing hard said take it all and save some for me. I pulled Tim towards me and fucked his mouth, dropping my huge load. When Tim got up, Sarah planted her lips on his and sucked some of the cum out of his mouth.

Tim, “What a turn on, I love the feel of the cock head in my mouth and the taste of cum. I guess being bi is okay as long as Sarah approves.”

Sarah then said: “I not only approve I want to see it again.”

Bayan escort Ankara With that we gathered our clothes, for what they were, and headed up the hill towards another grassy area on the other side of the canyon, about a hundred yards from the revelers. As we pass they wave and let out a couple of cheers.

When we get there, I sink to my knees and wrap my lips around Steve’s engorged cock head and roll it around in my mouth. Meanwhile, Tim is sucking Sarah’s pussy. Looking across the way the threesome is standing to get a good look.

Steve pulls his prick from my mouth saying he doesn’t want to come yet. By this time Sarah has had a monumental orgasm. With wild lust in her eyes, she says to Steve, I would love to feel that majestic cock in my pussy. Steve replies, “Since I can tell that my lover is enamored of your nice round tits, gorgeous ass and shaved pussy, he won’t mind.” He lays down and tells her to climb on.

As she lowers her cunt onto his cock, Steve says, “this is my first pussy.”

As she envelops his dick to the hilt, she coos, ” I am filled up by my first black cock and it is a virgin one. How fantastic is that.” She rides him as if on a bucking bronco and fairly quickly has a shuddering orgasm. Sarah gets off and I take her place. Steve’s cock is wet with pussy juice and I slide it up my ass with ease. We ride for an extensive time, while all the time I am jerking off. Steve begins to ram his prick as far up as it will go and pumps a load deep in my colon. At the same time Sarah was riding Tim and had another cataclysmic orgasm.

We all then lay down to catch our breath. There were shouts coming from across the way: “Bravo, wow, sensational, a great show.” We then headed down the hill. When the picnic tables came in view we saw some elderly people there and reluctantly put on the little clothes we had and went to the car. Another wild and sexy adventure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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