Cure for My Ass Addiction Ch. 07

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How life changes in a few months eh! 

From being a horny young adult who jerked off reading about anal sex, now suddenly I was experiencing it first hand with my beautiful girlfriend almost weekly. To make it even better, more often than not her gorgeous Indian roommate joined us in the bedroom helping with the lubing, either by using her mouth on my cock and/or spitting in to my girlfriends arsehole. Then she would guide my cock into that tight puckerhole so I could bugger Maria to my heart’s content. 

As I said, how life changes in a few months eh! 

My relationship with Priya did not move beyond oral sex, and since the fateful weekend where Maria confronted me, I made sure if I played around with Priya it was with the blessing from Maria. Most of the time we both made sure she was in the flat if we fooled around.

I was actually completely content with just spreading Priya’s legs and licking her tight virgin pussy before turning her over and rimming her tight arsehole as she screamed her orgasm. 

Did I want to shove my cock in her tight holes? Obviously! But I was also enjoying this weird relationship! 

However, not surprisingly, that all soon changed.

Since we’ve started exploring our sexuality and helping each other fulfil our fantasies, we had started watching porn together to get more ideas on what else could turn us on. The initial embarrassment of watching very fit people fuck was soon replaced by extreme arousal and wanting to replicate what was going on the screen in real life. 

Each of us took turns choosing a video and depending on how much it aroused us we’d soon start messing around. So much so we had learnt it was easier to just get naked before we chose the clips just to make things easier. Most of the time the girls and I would always choose a threesome clip because it just made sense with our current situation. 

On this warm day, as usual I had pornhub opened on my desktop and as it was my turn to choose the first clip, I chose an amateur video of a homemade threesome. On the screen the guy was on his back as one of the girls sat on his face while the other one grabbed his impressive cock and sat on it. Ignoring the fake moans the pornstars were making, I remarked how cool it’ll be if they could mash their tits together and possibly kiss. Almost on cue the actresses Tekirdağ Escort did exactly what I wished.

“Ooh you sure you weren’t the director of this clip?” teased Priya as she looked at the screen and then grinned as she saw my cock rise to its full mast. 

“Well, what do you think ladies, we ready to copy this scene?” I asked them both eagerly as I absentmindedly gave my cock a few tugs.

“It’s nothing special but I guess there is no harm in starting like this, eh?” Maria pointed out in a bored manner. As I admired the sexy body of my naked girlfriend, I couldn’t believe how much she had changed in a few months. Long gone were the miss goody two shoes and has been replaced by someone who’s very proud of her sexuality! 

I grabbed the pillow and popped it on the back of my head as I laid on my back on the big bed. Priya hopped up and brought her gorgeous brown arse on to my face and sat down facing my legs. 

Just before her arse covered my face I watched as Maria spread her slender legs and grab my painfully erect cock in her small hands.

I groaned in to Priya’s twat as I felt my girlfriend’s tight front hole engulf my cock. With practiced ease Maria slowly hopped a few times before I felt her take my entire cock inside her. 

The room fell in to a comfortable silence as Maria quietly enjoyed the sensation of being stuffed while Priya was riding her own pleasure waves as my nose was deeply wedged in to her arse crack and my lips firmly latched on on her pussy. 

“Oh fuck ya,” Priya’s loud groan broke the silence finally, as I spread her cute cheeks and gave her virgin cunt a deep lick. I also moaned in to her pussy as I felt Maria starting to move herself on my cock.

The moans and groans started getting louder as we all raced to our first orgasm. 

I simply could not get enough of Priya’s pungent pheromones as I had her arse cheeks as wide as possible and kept on sniffing her arsehole as my tongue continued to assault her dripping pussy. 

Maria was going hard on my cock as I heard the rhythmic slap of her thighs on my legs as she increased her tempo. Just as I felt her movement quicken Priya leaned in and grabbed Maria’s erect nipple with her sexy lips and started sucking on it.

“Oh fuck,” cried Maria and grabbed on to Priya’s head as this Tekirdağ Escort Bayan new sensation disrupted the tempo of her fucking. It also gave me an opportunity to get better access to Priya’s arsehole as I spread her cheeks and stuck my tongue in to her tight puckerhole.

“Mfff,” it was Priya’s turn to moan with a mouthful of Maria’s tit as she reached behind and grabbed hold of the back of my head and pushed it forcefully in to her arse. 

Getting the message, I spread her arsecheeks as much as I could and started fucking her tight back hole with my wet tongue. Her virgin arsehole was so used to my tongue she quickly relaxed and half my tongue slid easily inside her tight anus. The sensation of Maria’s tight pussy on my cock and my tongue in Priya’s arsehole was proving to be too much as I felt my impeding orgasm. 

I’m sure Maria felt my cock swell inside her as she quickly hopped off it and covered my exposed cock with her sweet mouth. 

“Oh shit,” I screamed in to Priya’s arse as I erupted in my girlfriend’s talented mouth. Fair play to her, like a professional cocksucker she just hoovered all the sperm from my spurting cock with ease. 

As I came down from my highs, I was slightly disappointed that Maria did not reach her orgasm but determined to at least make priya cum I renewed my assault on her pussy and arse again. 

As I moved my tongue from her tight back hole to her pussy I felt Maria grab Priya’s face and kiss her. The noisy sucking noise confirmed my suspicion that my cum was getting snowballed between the two girls. 

I reached over and located Priya’s clit and started fiddling it as I continued the oral assault on her backdoor.

“Fuck yes” Priya screamed and nearly broke my neck as she pushed her arse back on to my face as hard as possible as a powerful orgasm took over her body. 

I continued my assault on her arsehole but relaxed my fingers on her sensitive clit as I felt Priya gently push herself away from me. 

As she moved aside and struggled to get her breath back in to control, I grabbed Maria and pulled her towards me.

I held her on top of me and kissed her sweet lips as I felt my Loins stir again.

I could taste a bit of myself on her which just sped the process of my cock getting back to its full mast.

“You Escort Tekirdağ taste and smell like arse” she playfully complained between our snogs as she tasted Priya on my lips. 

“Mmm and I bet you love it,” I whispered back as I continued my assault on her lips as my now fully erect cock desperately searched for a hole to fill. 

Suddenly I felt Priya’s hands on my cock as she guided me back in to Maria’s tight slit. 

“Ummmm,” we both moaned as my cock found the mark and I buried myself inside Maria. 

As I started to move my hips, I realised Priya’s fingers were on Maria’s tight back door.

“Oh fuck, I feel full,” Maria groaned as her roommate’s expert fingers pushed through the sphincter muscle and explored her bowels.

With both holes now filled Maria was lost to the world as she started moving her hips faster and approached her first orgasm.

I held her hips for support and started to match her pace as our fucking increased in its tempo.

I felt Maria’s pussy tighten further as I realised that Priya had added another finger inside Maria’s tight back passage.

“Oh yes!!!!,” Maria screeched as that set her off and I felt my cock get flooded by her cum. 

On cue, Priya popped her fingers out and pulled my cock out of Maria’s pussy and shoved it in to her arse.

“No wait, I’m too sensitive,” Maria pleaded in vain as my painfully erect cock quickly replaced Priya’s fingers.

Now it was my turn to moan as I enjoyed the tightness and the warmth of Maria’s bowels as I increased my pace.

Maria’s groans quickly changed to light whimper as my cock started to piston in and out of her back door as I quickly raced to my second orgasm of the day.

Priya not wanting to be left alone grabbed hold of my arse and pressed a finger on my anus.

“Fuck Priya, that feels good,” I groaned as the finger on my rectum and the tightness of Maria’s arse was taking me to a new level.

Just as I was enjoying this sensation, the naughty Indian minx shoved her middle finger into my anus and massaged my prostate.

“Oh, Fucking hell!!!”.

That set me off quickly as I yelled loudly and emptied my balls in to Maria’s warm arse.

“You are going to kill me guys,” Maria whispered loudly as I continued leisurely buggering her arsehole until my cock finally popped out of her thoroughly fucked backdoor and the deposited cum started to seep out. 

“Mmmm but won’t that be a nice way to go,” I heard Priya whisper back as she moved down to inspect her roommate’s gaping derriere, as sleep took over me and I gently closed my eyes with a satisfied smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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