Curious Roommates Ch. 01

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The shitty apartment that I had lived in during the previous eight months had finally taken its toll on me. As much as I hated looking for new housing, I knew I had to get out of my cramped, musty apartment. I knew I wouldn’t find a place to live for as cheap as what I was paying, but I also I knew I could cut back on my budget to afford a nicer room farther away from my job.

College students, like myself, overrun the city I live in. There are a lot of houses, especially near the universities, that are devoted to students. These houses are not usually kept up to high living standards – they were messy and completely worn down – but they are cheap.

One of the first ads that I looked at didn’t have a picture, but seemed to fit what I was looking for. It was a private bedroom in the basement of a house. The price was in my budget and it had a washer and dryer. I contacted the guy who posted the ad and set up a time to meet up and look at the place.

A few days later I headed to the house. I pulled up to the house and my potential roommate came out to greet me. He had a friendly, calm aura about him and shook my hand with a firm grip and a smile. He was a good-looking guy, standing at about 6’2, three inches shorter than me. He was fit and had a lean, toned physique. His short light brown hair peaked out of a baseball cap and he wore a t-shirt and jeans.

“Welcome to the house! My name’s Alex. Good to meet you,” he said.

He seemed kind and laidback and sent out good vibes. I introduced myself and we chatted for a minute about work and school. It turns out we were both taking the upcoming semester off of school, working to save money for the following school year.

“What brings you down here?” Alex asked, knowing that I was moving from a city 45 minutes away.

“I lived here for a few years, but moved to the city about 8 months ago. I don’t like the city as much as I thought I would and haven’t met very many people there. I’m somewhat of an introvert. I have some really good friends down here and I wanted to be closer to them again,” I explained. “That, and the apartment I’m living in now is a total shithole,” I added.

Alex laughed. “I’m a little bit of a recluse myself. I devote all of my social time to my girlfriend,” he said.

The house was just what I wanted and I decided to move in. The house was shared between three of us: Alex and I, who lived in the basement; and the landlord, who lived upstairs.

After getting all of my things settled and arranged, I found that I liked the house even more than I expected. Alex had a friendly schnauzer, which made me feel escort osmanbey at home, since I grew up with dogs. His girlfriend, Jessie, was nice and he was clean and friendly, so we eventually got to know one another well and began hanging out and chatting when we were both home.

A few weeks passed by and Alex and I continued to find common interests. We started hiking, biking and climbing with his girlfriend and some of my friends on a regular basis, and we would make dinner together a few times a week. We quickly became good friends and felt very comfortable around one another.

As we got to know each other better, I explained the reason for moving to the city months before. My girlfriend of a year and a half cheated on me with one of our mutual friends. I expressed how hard it was to be in the same town as them and how it was the motivating factor for moving away. They had gotten engaged a month ago and she followed him to grad school in Arizona, so I felt okay moving back.

Alex explained that he had gone through a similar experience. He had gotten married about two years ago to his high school girlfriend. After a year and a half of marriage he found out that his wife was cheating on him and they got a divorce.

As the semester went on, our friends became engrossed in school and didn’t have as much time to hang out. Although we both worked, out schedules weren’t regular and we rarely worked 40 hours a week. The two of us would hang out during the week and we would hang out with our friends and Alex’s girlfriend on the weekends.

The weather got colder and we began hanging out indoors. I would work on art projects while Alex played the guitar or worked on sewing projects, like wallets and ties, which he sold online.

One day we were both in my room working on projects and Alex began asking me about how I handled being single.

“I’ve always dated someone. I dated my ex-wife for four years before we got married, and after we got divorced I met Jessie and started dating her pretty quick,” Alex explained, “How do you like being single?”

“Well, I have been single for most of my life. Rachel was my first serious girlfriend,” I replied. “Being with someone is great, but there are also perks to being single for long periods of time.”

“Like what?” questioned Alex

“Well right now it’s great for me to be completely independent and find out what I really want to do with my life, without pressures from a significant other,” I said. “But I do miss the sex.”

“So do I,” said Alex.

“You and Jessie don’t sleep together?” I asked.

“No, escort güngören Jessie was raised in a very religious home. She wants to wait until marriage to lose her virginity,” he replied, “I respect her decision and I actually quite admire her for having that kind of self-discipline, but it is hard for me, having been sexually active for so long before dating her.”

“That’s cool of you to respect her,” I said, “I guess you and I are in the same boat then.”

“Yeah, except you’re not making out daily with someone you’re extremely attracted to, having to stop things just as they start getting good,” Alex argued.

“I guess I didn’t think about that,” I realized. “You must have some serious sexual frustration on your hands.”

“Tell me about it,” he replied.

I knew I had to jerk off a few times a week to stay sane and I wondered how it would be if I was dating someone that I couldn’t have sex with. I would probably be beating off all the time if that were the case.

“Whoa, I have to jerk off every now and then to keep from going crazy, but you must wank off every chance you get.” I remarked.

“Just about. I usually have at it about twice a day,” he responded. “It’s worse if I’ve been alone with Jessie. Porn definitely comes in handy these days.”

Alex and I spent so much time together in that basement and I didn’t ever notice him beating off. I didn’t normally ask my friends how often they jacked off and I didn’t realize it was possible to be so consistently horny to jerk off multiple times a day for an extended period of time. For how often he jerked off, he did a good job of being discrete about it.

A few days passed and I forgot about Alex’ constant need for relief of sexual tension until he came in late that Saturday night after having been out with Jessie most of the day. His hair was a bit messy and I imagined things had gotten heated in the car before he came home.

“You look a little hot and bothered there,” I pointed out. “How was your day?”

“He he, yeah, Jessie knows how to just barely cross the line before putting a hault to it,” he answered. “Other than that today was good. Just a normal day out with the girlfriend. What are you watching?”

The lights were on and I was on the couch watching ‘Shortbus’, an explicit indie film that happened to have real sex in it, one of the only mainstream movies to show penetration and cumshots.

I was relaxed and in for the night, sporting running shorts and a t-shirt, the type of outfit that I normally wear to bed when I plan on working out the next morning. I turned to see that the escort çapa film had cut to a very graphic orgy scene, which probably looked like some kind of indie artsy porn to him. It was no different than a tasteful porn flick.

“Oh.. uh.. it’s called ‘Shortbus’,” I stammered and then defended myself, “It’s not porn. It’s an indie film. A very explicit indie film.”

“Oh yeah, I’ve heard of it,” he said “Is it any good?”

“Yeah, it’s okay,” I replied. “It’s mainly about this woman, who can’t orgasm, on her quest to find the big O”

Alex sat down and started watching the movie with me. I noticed Alex shifting around in his seat during some of the sex scenes and I figured that it was because he was getting a hard on, being completely revved up from his night out with Jessie.

After a while there was a gay three-way with blowjobs and rimming. I felt a little embarrassed to be seeing an explicit gay sex scene with my close friend, but luckily it didn’t last for long. I noticed that Alex reacted the same to this sex scene as he did to the other hetero scenes.

“He must have a LOT of sexual energy built up,” I thought.

After the movie was over, Alex said, “that movie isn’t too far off from the porn I like to watch.”

“What, like artsy amateur stuff?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said. I’ve never been a fan of the hardcore, ‘suck my cock, you bitch’ shit. I like seeing normal people having normal, hot sex.”

For once someone felt the same way I did about porn. This wasn’t overly surprising to me, since we shared a lot of the same views about equality with gender, race and sexual orientation. We both had a fairly liberal worldview and were disgusted by distasteful discrimination. It would make sense that neither of us would get off watching porn where women were dominated by growling men, treating them like sluts, choking them with their dicks, then cumming unrealistically huge loads all over their faces.

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing,” I replied. “I mean, that’s not why I was watching it, but I agree. I like watching normal sex between normal people. I’ve just been so turned off by the crazy things I’ve seen online that I haven’t looked hard enough to find much porn that I like to watch. When I do watch porn I usually go with homemade videos that couples make.”

“Well I can recommend you a ton of stuff,” Alex replied. “Have you ever seen 9 songs?”

“Never heard of it. Is it a porno?” I asked.

“It’s not, but it might as well be. It’s a mainstream movie with real sex like ‘Shortbus’, but more of it,” he said “I think you’ll like it. I’ll go get my computer and set it up right now.”

I was surprised by his eagerness to share with me his stash of erotica. I had never been this open with any of my other guy friends and certainly hadn’t watched porn with them. I began to feel nervous, but didn’t know why.

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