Curious Virgins

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Kevin was attending his first semester of college. He was always looking at girls wherever and whenever he saw them. He had a lot on his mind and a lot of it was his curiosity about sex and how it really really felt to experience it. When he looked at girls he looked at their lips, their eyes, and of course their breasts and their curves. He could paint a vivid lustful picture of love making with whoever he wished.

But there was one girl who, when Kevin noticed her, would put butterflies in his stomach: Haley. She was attending her first semester as well. Kevin and Haley were both young, the youngest out of every other student around them. They were fresh out of high school.

Haley took a job at the college working part time at the front desk. Kevin passed through here all the time. One day, him and Haley made eye contact…Kevin locked with her pearl blue eyes behind her blocky glasses that sat upon her soft pale face. Her hair was dyed red and black and usually in a ponytail. Her teeth were kind of big, so her lips didnt really shut all the way, but it was cute and it fit her perfectly. That might be what Kevin liked most about her. She was slim and the same height as Kevin, about 5’11. When they locked eyes, Kevin had a wave crashing inside his stomach, and Haley gave a little smile that Kevin shot back at her. He would think about that moment many times on his walk home.

He moved along and on his way back to the dorms he stopped at the grocery store. When he left, he ran right into Haley who had just got off her job and was now on her way to the dorms too.

They had small talk and it was a little awkward at first. When they got into the elevator in their dorm, Kevins plans would change.

“Hey you understand the homework for our last class?” Haley asked.

“Yea I’ve got the concept down pretty well, why? Do you need some help?”

“Yea if you wouldn’t mind…I’ve been struggling a little bit in there recently, but not if your busy…”

“No, no I’m not busy.” Kevin had all the time in the world for socializing throughout these dull days of his.

They went to Haley’s room and her roommate had not come home yet. It was just the two of them.

Haley got out her book and flipped to the most recent chapter and page where they left off. They sat down on the couch and she began asking questions. Kevin was happy to answer them. He Ataşehir Escort felt smart for understanding something so well and being able to help others. He watched her hand when she wrote with her pencil, noticing her pretty nail polish and soft skin.

Soon they began chatting and getting off track and pausing on the work for a moment. Haley was playing with her pencil, flipping it up and down with the tip landing on the paper and then the eraser and over and over.

Suddenly, her hand slipped and her pencil fell on the floor by her feet.

“Oh, I’ll get that” Kevin said; but when they both reached for the pencil, his hand touched hers, and they both turned their heads to each others and stared straight into the young adolescent eyes only but a couple inches apart from one another. They stayed like this for a second while Kevin then started eyeing her pink lips and her teeth in between them. Haley was curious about experiencing sex. She had always wanted it. She watched it online and she imagined and fantasized about scenarios turning wild and hot.

He leaned in just a little closer and locked his lips with hers. She felt warm, and comfortable. Being nervous, she responded gently. He let go since he couldn’t hold on forever, and he wanted to know how she felt about his amateur kiss.

“…um..I didn’t …” Kevin started but stopped when he looked at her innocent eyes and he knew she was as new to this as he was.

“It’s okay…” she reassured him.

They both leaned back into the couch and continued kissing. Haley’s curiosity bloomed even more as they began making out. He felt her hand reach for his pants, and unzip them.

Both of them a little nervous, had no problem with taking things farther.

She felt his bulge with her fingers and palm.

“Can I …see it?” she said softly.

“oh, yea, sure.”

He pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles.

“Aww haha” she giggled.

“What?” he asked.

Kevins penis was only a little over 3 1/2″ when he was hard.

“It’s cute!” she was flattered.

“Cute? What do you mean – is it little?”

“Yeah but don’t worry, it’s okay because my boobs are little.”

“Oh..Can I see them then?”

Haley grinned while she removed her flanal shirt and bra. She sat up straight to let him have a good look with his eyes.

They were petite and Kadıköy Escort firm and her nipples were hard and pointy.

“I’ll let you touch them if you let me touch your dick.”

“Ok, that’s fair.”

He carefully grabbed them with both of his hands, and rubbed his palms slowly up and down against her nipples.

Haley closed her eyes for a moment when she felt the new sensation arise in her breasts. She let a pleasurable breath out between her lips without having to open them.

Kevin was harder than ever before in his life. His curiosity of feeling and playing with a womans breasts had been happily fulfilled.

Haley opened her eyes and smiled at him. She approached his dick with her hand and wrapped her thumb and 3 fingers around it. She made a slow stroke upward that to her felt smooth. The head was a new texture she had never touched before. To Kevin, this felt new as well. Her hands were soft and gentle and he loved it. He looked at her hand touching him and then looked at her face. She turned her head sideways a little and bit her bottom lip as she was figuring out how to jack him off. It didn’t take long before she was stroking him steadily and soaking her panties with her moist vagina.

Haley’s curiosity became fulfilled but also grew further as she went on. Without asking, she eagerly bent over and put her face in his lap, inserting all 3 1/2″ into her warm, wet mouth. She used the hand she was stroking him with to cup his little balls and he shuddered.

His jaw dropped when he felt her tongue sliding across his shaft, and let out a short moan when he felt her lips recede on the tip of his head.

“How did that feel?” she turned and asked.

“I’ve never felt that good before in my life!”

Haley smiled. She got up and off of the couch and stood in front of him.

“You know what feels even better?” She unbuttoned her pants and quickly slid both her khakis and pink panties off at once. She was completely nude, young, and pure virgin.

Kevin’s face was in awe as she scooted him into a better position. She got on top of him and put her hands on his shoulders.

Slowly, she aimed and lowered her tight virgin pussy onto his wet little dick. Her juicy lips wrapped around his shaft, snug and warm. As she continued leading him inside her, a gasp tookover her breath and her body.

“Ohhhh…my God” Ümraniye Escort she moaned.

Kevin’s breath was taken away from him at this moment. With his dick completely inside her, as far as it could go, they were joined together. The bottom side of her pussy was so warm and wet laying perfectly on his balls.

She looked up at him now that she didn’t have to concentrate on getting him inside her. Her pearl blue eyes had wonderous eyebrows and eyelids above them, almost as if she was in love.

Kevin stared into them, his mouth open, he went in to kiss her and she clinged her lips to his and they instantly began making out.

Haley lifted her ass up and arched her back as she began slowly moving up and down on him. The incredible volume of both of their moans were hidden inside each others mouths while kissing. She began shifting up and down quicker, and the silence was breached by breathtaking moans when they moved their lips off of each other.

Kevin’s toes curled while Haley gripped his shoulders tighter. Kevin was more monotone in his voice while lost in a completely different realm he never could have imagined in his regular day-to-day sex dreaming.

The couch was squeaking to a steady beat and Kevin slid his palms up her stomach and latched them onto her breasts. Her nipples poked his palms and he pushed on them and rubbed them.

“Uhha..” She sped up the pace even more.

The pleasure was addictive at this point.

“Ohh my God…” she took in big amounts of air into her lungs.

“..Ohh my God!” she squealed in a higher pitch.

His dick was throbbing in her, both of them breathing heavier and louder with each thrust. Kevin began to groan, he was going to cum in just a matter of seconds.

Haley pushed harder, she liked being in control of it all.

“Yea…yess..YES!!..” her voice got higher and higher. Then she froze, with her mouth wide open, her forehead resting on his, and a rush of ecstasy poured over her like fresh water.


Her pussy vibrated and her muscles clenched Kevin’s dick. He released quick pumps of hot cum inside her as she drooled hot moisture from the walls of her pussy and out onto his dick and balls. He squirmed at the height of his orgasm, pushing every last drop out of him inside her.

“…Ohhhuh!!” she caught her breath on the come down from her most amazing orgasm she had experienced yet.

“OH my God!”

She rested her head for a moment on his chest, his cock still in her. He wrapped his arms around her pale body, and they fell asleep in each others arms, now experienced and no longer virgins.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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