Curse of the Rusalka

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Amber had soft blond hair and gorgeous emerald eyes that everyone just loved and at 5’7” she was thin and slight with firm C cup breasts. Mostly Amber liked to tease men and could almost always wrap men around her fingers. She liked nothing better than to leave men hard and wanting but with nothing. Teasing men to distraction was a favorite for Amber. College break was here and she and her friends were going to a gorgeous lake. Her friends were renting a cabin in the woods and had bought a trip to Ukraine.

The cabin was out far in the woods with a gorgeous view of the mountains and not so much as a peep of anyone in the area but some locals. Amber woke up bright and early before her friends Chloe, Josh, or Derrick and went down to the lake to watch the sunrise over the lake.

When she got to the beautiful lake she flopped down on a green and white striped towel on the sands of the lake to watch the sun begin its ascent. Stripping off her clothes she lay on the beach in full view of several fishermen but they knew full well her tight young body was off limits. Josh had told one that if he looked at her he would cut a hole in the boat he fished from. Amber had laughed at that and thought that it was fun to torment the local men. Let them suffer wanting her she thought. The full moon was still high in the sky and its milky glow cast an odd glow over the lake. On the towel Amber felt something under her legs. Pulling the towel up Amber saw a piece of wood and digging in the sand she realized it was an old wooden box ornately carved but not locked.

The letters on the box were in Old Church Slavonic and Amber although she recognized the lettering couldn’t read the words but one word was clear Viy. So, she opened the box to find an old parchment and a beautiful ring. The ring was golden with what looked like gold filigree and a beautiful opal sitting in the middle. The back of the ring had the word Viy on it but Amber didn’t care the ring was beautiful and hey yeah finder’s keepers.

Slipping the ring on a tiny bit of the ring scrapped Amber’s finger and then seemed to slide over the blood on her finger. Trying to take the ring off Amber realized it was stuck but who wouldn’t want a gorgeous ring to wear, right? Going back to the cabin Amber slipped into bed and fell asleep. Her friends and her had a great day BBQing at the lake and chilling out. Josh and Derrick got very drunk and Derrick went out and peed on a small shrine he’d found in the woods in a very deserted church. They laughed and laughed but Chloe had said a few things were off about that church. Not that Amber cared and the creepy unburied coffin at the front of the church was probably empty. Stomping back to the cabin the girls heated up the hamburgers and chicken wings.

That night came quickly and a hush fell over the cabin as a huge thunderstorm hit and seemed to shake the cabin. Then as all of them sat around a fire and tried to calm themselves about having no electricity a knock came at the door.

Derrick opened the door and there stood a short man with a bulbous nose and hateful looking black eyes. His clothes were traditional and he wore a black cape that should have looked ludicrous but somehow looked terrifying. He pointed straight at Amber and demanded she come with him out into the storm.

“No way” Amber said feeling chilled to the bone with fear.

The man opened his mouth and there were sharp fangs in his mouth and his eyes took on an eerie graveyard glow.

“You wear my ring and I tell you what you may do. You may return my ring to me provided it has not stung your blood. If it has you are mine and you will never take it off. Second you may sacrifice two men’s souls to me at my altar. Third you may convince your friend to go for you. Fourth you may chop off your finger to give to me. In any case decide.”

Turning bursa escort Amber looked at Chloe and the two guys to help her. Chloe shivered delicately and said “I’m sorry Amber but no.”

Both guys said no they wouldn’t save her and then Derrick said he’d cut her finger off if that was her choice.

“NO!” screamed Amber in disgust and she tried to run past the creepy man only to find him wrapping her in his abnormally long arms. Then in a flash they were gone and they were out in the middle of the lake.

The small man smiled an evil fanged smile and he said to her “Now let’s dispense with formalities off your clothes go” and he waved a hand and her clothes were gone.

Opening a metal chained cuff attached to the rock he placed the cuff around her ankle.

“Now you will sing and lure men to you. They will fuck and play with you and you must keep them with you until I come to steal their souls. You are not human anymore but a rusalka. When you gain fifty souls for me you may return to the human world looking as you do now but time may have passed. Men will notice you and you will be their plaything until I have collected what you owe me for wearing my ring. Now time to work.”

That first night Amber sat in the cold crying and didn’t sing a note and the second night she noticed a large boat full of rowdy sailors. Softly she began to sing and a green light glowed around her. A man noticed her and he had black hair and black eyes. Jumping into the water he swam out to her rock and painfully grabbed her nipples while trying to kiss her. Pushing back Amber fell on her back with him on top of her. Struggling to push him off her, he slapped her and fished his dick out with his left hand. Holding his dick, he began trying to get between her legs and Amber could not run or get away because she was chained to the rock. So, she slapped him and began to scream and swing wildly. In a sudden flash the evil little man appeared and with a sword sliced down the man from the boat.

“Now dearie it appears you aren’t cooperating but I have a soul from you being my lure so here is what we will do. I will chain your legs wide open and your hands will be locked behind your back. You shouldn’t begrudge doomed men a few hours of heaven between your legs. Now if I come back and find you have been so begrudging, we will have to find a fitting punishment.”

With that the evil little man locked poor Ambers legs open and her hands were tied behind her back to a log that he made appear over her head. With her legs open he leered at her and then vanished. A small boat with a thirty-year-old man sailed by and Amber sang out softly to him. Looking at her exposed breasts and open legs he quickly came over to Amber. Taking out his penis he looked at Amber and began rubbing himself. Laying between her legs he tried to come close to her and Amber began to cry for him to stop. Now the fisherman was no rapist so he did stop and look at Amber nervously and began to back away not seeing the evil little man behind him. The sword sliced down into him taking his soul cleanly from his body. Amber unable to move started to scream. The little man glowered at her and waved his hands making the man’s hard body vanish from where it fell on top of her.

“You seem squeamish and despite my patience I am tired of you not cooperating.”

Amber began to tremble as he put a large gnarled hand with long curled black claws on her perfect breasts. Stroking her he smiled to himself and with his other hand he fished in his own woolen drawstring pants a deformed looking thing that Amber was horrified to see. It was thin but had ugly looking bubbles of flesh growing out of the sides and at the crown it was thicker and wider in circumference. Near the root of his deformed penis were small thorns.

“Now malatya escort let’s discuss this problem shall we.” Said the evil looking demon for Amber knew he was no human.

Tears formed in Amber’s eyes and she begged “I’ll do anything but please don’t put that thing in me. Anything.”

“Oh, you will do anything anyways and yes I plan to put this inside you or you may decide you enjoy whoring yourself to all the men you can lure to help me catch souls.”

“But I’m a virgin and not a whore.” Wailed Amber in distress.

“Oh well that changes Everything” smirked the creepy little man as he stroked his length and touched each of the bubbles so that they too seemed to grow.

“Now this is the 21st century and me being a modern being here is the deal you shall have. You may whore yourself to lure men for me until you reach the agreed upon number. You will have sex with each and everyone of them you lure and I will not take their souls until you do. I will however keep the images of you having sex and cuming to entertain myself. At which point you will be free to go and resume being human but once a year you will have sex with me or who I chose if you choose to be my whore. Or I may use your image to lure men and you will sell your body and soul to me. Should you do so I will marry you and you will be my toy. Now do decide.”

Trembling Amber looked down and began to cry. What a horrible choice and the ugly man and his deformed penis terrified her.

Amber looked up and said softly “I’ll be your whore.”

With that said the demon of a man cackled and vanished leaving Amber to sit with her body restrained.

The next man to come was a fat old fisher in his fifties that sailed his boat up to the rock and he took one look at Amber and smiled. He had not been with a woman in months. The village whore didn’t count. He got his thick penis out and began to touch Amber in her virgin vagina and then laid down on top of her rubbing into her then he easily broke her hymen and filled her with his fat smelly cock while resting his heavy sack between her legs. As he came all over her, he pulled out leaving his seed to dry on her petal soft thighs. Amber closed her eyes when the evil little man came to collect his soul.

After that first time Amber began to lure more men to her and when she finally took her 50th man between her legs the demon of a man appeared with a smile on his black lips. The man on top of her rubbed and pinched her bottom and the evil little man stood silently watching looking down at them as he rubbed inside her.

“Time to pay for taking my whore.” Said the demon as he sliced the soul from his body.

“So many men you have lured to their doom with your sweet little body and shapely tits. Now you will be free to go and I will return you to the cabin with nobody aware of more than a few passing hours. Before I do though let me tell you most of those you lured loved your breasts. So, let’s pierce them so you ache and I will put these nice jewels in them so your hot little body burns with lust until I come for you in a year or give your body to others. Sharp black claws flashed and Amber was in agonizing pain as her beautiful perfect plump nipples were pierced. The black onyx jewels he put through her nipples hurt and he flicked them with his long black snakelike tongue to activate the jewels ability to make her lust.

In a flash of his cape they were back at the cabin and Amber felt a burning lust between her legs. She tried to hide it by touching herself in her room. When she got home, she bought a dildo to assuage herself but nothing helped she couldn’t cum and the aching emptiness only got worse. Nobody from the college would date her when word got out that after being with her nobody could maintain an erection either. çanakkale escort

Every time Amber went out to pick up a man somehow the men would play with her breasts and then be unable to get an erection after touching her jeweled breasts. Amber however would be nearly desperate for sex when the jewels in her nipples were touched and her pussy would be sopping wet.

One dark night after walking home the evil little man appeared and smiled.

“What’s the matter love? Oh, you want to be fucked hmm?” he asked as he licked his lips and smiled so his sharp fangs showed.

“Yes, I do” Amber whined miserable as her pussy leaked and ached for a man and not just her dildo which didn’t come close to helping.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked as he smiled and looked at his gnarled hand with sharp black claws.


“Oh, you need to describe what you want in detail.” He said with a terrible smile.

“I want you to fuck me and make me cum.” Amber begged as she felt his finger rub one jeweled nipple and her tight sheath heat as if on fire. She desperately needed to cum so much.

“On your knees and beg for me to put my penis in you” He said with a vicious smile.

“Please I need to feel you between my legs fucking my pussy.” Amber begged on her knees as she cried for her long denied release.

“More than anything you want me to fuck you? You will be my slave if I let you cum?” the demon asked slyly.

“Yes, yes I will.” Amber cried as she frantically tried to touch her clit.

“Lay down on your bed then.” He said as he unbuckled his pants and began to draw his deformed meat from his pants. Laying down Amber watched him touch the bubbles of flesh growing out of his penis and the tiny thorns around the base. Amber willingly laid down and let him feed his deformed meat between her legs at the cusp of her dripping cunt. Shoving into her she was thrilled to feel his thick hardness and the bubbles hit her G spot and seemed to pop leaving a warmth that sensitized her flesh. Even having the thorns at the base of his meat slide into her tender moist flesh did not lessen the relief of finally being able to cum and orgasm. Her poor clit had tiny poke marks from the thorns at the base of his penis. Amber rubbed and mewled for him to fuck her hard and he did. When he finished Amber on her hands and knees crawled to him and begged for more.

“Oh, I said I would fuck you once a year and I have but you need to be fucked, more don’t you?” he asked softly with an evil smile on his thick black lips.

“Yes, I need to be touched and fucked so much.” Amber begged as she tried to touch herself but found she couldn’t because it wasn’t enough to push her into cuming.

“You poor thing. Well I’m a compassionate creature so I will take care of you and you will serve me again as my slave. Yes, and you will cum for me when you finish all your work, agreed?”

“Please yes I can’t cum and I want to and my pussy burns to be filled and I want to be touched so much.” Amber begged and sobbed.

“Granted I will help you my poor little slave you liked being my whore and you miss being rubbed and fucked several times a day? Your soft little cunt weeps for a big hard penis and yet nothing but being my slave will satisfy you? I would not leave you in distress at not being able to serve me. So, you freely choose to lay on my rock and let as many men fuck and play with you as you can lure, so I may take their souls? You want that I will fuck you daily as your reward for being one of my rusalka whores?”

“Yes, I want that. All of that” Amber begged.

Pulling her close he kissed her fully on the mouth and rubbed her bejeweled nipples while she moaned. Then with a wave of his arm his black cloak enveloped them both.

And with that they were back on the rock in the middle of the lake and Amber, lay naked and willingly spreading her legs to any that wanted her, she began a soft song to lure men to her. The only one to ease the terrible dripping ache between her legs was the evil little man with the black eyes and the even blacker heart. He ruled the depths and lands there, king of the gnomes, Viy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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