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I was on my way back from a long business trip. I had in my baggage two pairs of pantyhose. One pair was very thin skin tone sheer to waist pantyhose. The other pair was black control top pantyhose. These were slightly opaquer but still very sheer.

The great thing about them was that they were very tight. I knew it very well because I tried to wear them. In fact, I liked most having another pair underneath. And those silky ones fit perfectly.

It was a wonderful feeling to have two layers of pantyhose on. I bought these at the local convenience store. They seemed quite cheap when I was buying them but I was very surprised how durable they turned out to be. I constantly kept putting them on, even slept in them.

So, at the airport my baggage happened to be selected for inspection. I felt slightly uneasy. And not because I could potentially miss my flight but because this officer was a sexy 30-ish looking woman.

She was dressed in a uniform covering most of her body. I felt she was going to discover my cargo and ask me about it. Or yet she might not ask anything and only think how kinky I am.

When she was escorting me to a private room, my mind was racing about possible humiliation I am going to experience. But oddly enough I kept asking myself whether she wore pantyhose herself. It would be sexy as hell for her to have nylons on.

After short walk, we finally got into the room.

She spoke first, “Can I see your passport, please?”

“Of course, you can. Here it is.”

She looked briefly on it not paying much attention to formalities. I wondered whether she liked my photo because she stared at my passport more than adequate. And of course, I wondered whether she was wearing pantyhose.

She quickly however gave me back my documents and started opening my baggage, after however putting latex gloves on.

I thought, “Why does she need those gloves? Is she going to stick a finger up my ass or what?”

On the other hand, finger up the ass is not necessarily a bad thing. But all I wanted really was to avoid embarrassment and get on the plane.

She informed me she just needed to look through my stuff and that it wouldn’t take long. It was just a routine inspection.

I thought, “Great, now she is going to find pantyhose in my suitcase.”

And she did. And what was most unexpected, she got interested in them. She extended her arm holding black pair and asked.

“What do you need them for?”

Perhaps I should have said it’s none of your business, but I felt compelled to make up some story. I didn’t want her to get wrong idea.

I said they were my wife’s. We share the same suitcase so it must’ve been the last time she was using it and forgot to take her nylons back.

“Is that so?” she asked.

And she raised the hand holding pantyhose and brought them closer to her nose. She smelled them gently, then untangled them and took more analytical whiff.

“It wasn’t a woman who was wearing them. I am a woman and I know very well how pantyhose smell because I wear them every day,” she said.

I didn’t know what to say. I was blushing.

Finally, I uttered, “Nooooo… Yeaaaa… OK, I wore them, but I have varicose veins and I wear them for support.”

“Those too?” she picked the silky thin pair.

“OK, I like to wear them sometimes. Especially I like the feeling of compression on my legs,” I reluctantly answered.

“Do you masturbate in them? And you better not lie to me,” she continued.

“Well… No… I mean, I used to but I don’t anymore. It seemed slightly odd. And although it was perhaps a little arousing putting them on, then having them on and stroking my wiener, I realised it was a bit silly at the same time. So now I only wanted to feel the nylons tightening my skin.”

“I believe you. I like the sensation of nylon on my body too. In fact, I am wearing a bodystocking today. Here, have a look.”

She started slowly taking her blouse off. When she began unbuttoning and uncovering her chest I noticed black fabric aligned against her skin. She wasn’t kidding.

It started to appear she really was wearing bodystocking. She finally took off her blouse and there was no mistake. What I saw was an upper part of her body covered in silky black nylon, stretched over her tummy, her back, her breast. The silky material ran through long sleeves and up to rolled down turtle neck.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked.

I wide opened my eyes and nodded decisively.

“Very much,” I added and smiled.

“Do you want to see the rest?” she asked.

“I can’t say, I don’t.”

“OK, here it is.”

She took her boots off first, revealing she also head socks on.

“That’s to protect the nylons from being damaged. You know, this is after all very delicate material,” she smiled at me.

“Oh yes, I know. You have to be careful handling it. You can easily ruin it. But these here in my luggage are extremely durable. They nicely surprised me.”

“Have I surprised you too?” she giggled.

I couldn’t say beşevler escort anything else because in front of me there was this sexy creature. She was quite tall, around 174 cm (5.7 ft.), had long dark hair tied up in a high pony-tail, no fringe. She had a very pretty face. It was one of those nice, friendly faces. She was wearing black panties over her bodystocking.

“That flattens my tummy and rises my butt.”

“You don’t need that, you look great”

“That’s because I’m wearing these panties. I don’t work out as much as I would like to, so I don’t look like I used to back in my 20′. I am an average woman.”

“You must have stood too close to that X-ray machine. What are you talking about? You’re sexy as hot damn.”

“Do you really think so? I guess I want to have a little more self-confidence with the lingerie I am wearing.”

“That only highlights your natural beauty.”

And she was beautiful. She had nice, shapely legs. Not too skinny, not too fat. Very firm, round breasts. Size B or like I like to call it – the sporty size. She was smiling. She was also wearing glasses which I must admit made her look very professional.

There she was, standing in front of me. Voluptuous woman wearing black one-piece pantyhose. This suit looked incredible. The only one thing left to my imagination was whether there was no crotch. I couldn’t tell because she had full briefs on. I must say despite what people might think, that is sexy. This spandex material pressing against a crotch.

“You must be thinking whether these are crotchless,” she asked.

“You must be reading my mind, because this is exactly what I’m thinking about,” I replied.

“It is pretty obvious. I see how you’re looking at me, and I admit it turns me on,” she said. “Come closer, I want you to feel my stockings.”

I approached her slowly. I extended my arm and placed my palm against her back. I slid it up and down, left and right. Then I began massaging her ass. The sensation was incredible. My hand was sliding over that diaphanous second skin.

Occasionally I would try and pinch up a fragment but it was quite difficult to do as this nylon layer was so tight close to her body. It seemed momentarily that it was stretched to the limit and it was even going to burst.

My dick couldn’t really overlook what was going on. My eyes and my hands were feeding it with images and sensation of nylon, sheer bodystocking. All those impulses were mixing in my brain, which was also occupied trying to conclude if there was in fact opening in her bodystocking.

My hands were now moving over her breast, massaging them through a thin layer of nylon. I needed to find out what the situation was underneath her panties.

She must’ve sensed my intentions. She grabbed my hand, and started guiding it towards her crotch. I had my suspicions what I might find down there.

When my hand finally reached the inside, I said, “I knew it. You are a naughty girl. There is a hole down there in your nylons.”

“And there should. How do you think I go to the toilet? I would have to undress the whole thing to pee. This way I can only slide my panties down.

“Besides, it also allows for a quick access to my pussy. And now you can feel it. Can you feel my pussy? Is it getting wet?”

Her little cave was in fact becoming wet. I slid my finger inside her pussy. There was this odd feeling probing her pussy. There could be no mistake.

She had another pair of pantyhose underneath.

Our lips approached and we connected our tongues exchanging our precious bodily fluids.

She was a very good kisser. Her tongue was making just the right movements with her teeth biting on me gently.

I went down on her sliding my tongue over her chest and belly. I started relieving her of her panties.

There was indeed another layer of pantyhose under her bodystocking. These were ultra-thin seamless beige pantyhose.

You could barely see them, such were they sheer. It was almost as there was just a mist. They must have been very stretchy as well, because my finger was able to go inside her with no resistance. I was so turned on by this situation.

“What was that about being able to go the toilet and all?” I asked.

“I was just teasing you. It makes using the toilet a bit more problematic. But you must admit it’s naughty as hell. Besides, it really feels good to touch my pantyhose, so I enjoy my toilet brakes very much.

“I get a chance to adjust my nylons. At the end, I use my wet hands to stretch them all over my legs and butt. They feel so nice clinging tightly to my body.”

“It is very naughty. I think this is the naughtiest thing I’ve seen.” I replied.

“I want you to eat my pussy through my pantyhose,” she demanded.

Without much of hesitation I was caressing her mound. It was clean shaven. There wasn’t a single hair to be found. In fact, I thought she must have waxed recently.

The sexy fabric was pressing against her moist lips. I used my two fingers to try and part her beylikdüzü escort lips. The nylons were very stretchy.

I was able to expose her clit. Although it was still covered in a silky material. Licking it was like tasting heavenly potion.

She moaned and pressed my head stronger against her crotch. My tongue went crazy over her. I could taste her juice being filtered through her pantyhose.

I could also smell her. It was a very feminine scent. A pinch of musky odour was also detectable. But it only enhanced the overall perception.

I kept working my tongue inside her pussy. The nylons were so wet. My extensive salivation with connection to her juice made the whole fabric super wet and sticky.

You could pinch it and lift it away from her labia and you would see strands of her pudding forming bridges. My cock was super hard. This was so sexy.

Without saying a word, she sat on a desk, grabbed my dick, and started working the way in.

“Whoa,” I said, “Let’s get a condom first.”

I must admit I am not a big fan of condoms but in the whole craziness of this situation I still managed to keep the last bits of reason.

“You don’t need a condom. My pantyhose are going to be a condom. They are magical. You know yourself how they go inside me, when you stuck your finger in me.

“Didn’t that feel good? They will wrap your cock and introduce it to me. Besides I won’t get pregnant now and I am a clean girl. And you look clean to me too.”

“That is very convincing,” I decided to let it go.

I released my cock from my trousers. It was ready for action. I pressed it against her nylons and it started burying slowly inside her.

The feeling was amazing. A stretchy fabric of her pantyhose inside her pussy wrapped around my dick. It was so arousing.

I kept pounding, going slightly faster. She was moaning quietly.

“Grab my tits,” she said.

Her round breast fit perfectly in my hands. Caressing her boobs through nylons and fucking her through nylons was overwhelming.

I thought that if I keep going like this I’m going cum soon. I’m going to make a mess inside her pussy. My spunk is going to mix with her juice soiling the already stained pantyhose. Thinking about it was making me even hornier and more aroused.

She must’ve sensed I was about to explode because suddenly she pushed me away.

“Not yet,” she protested, “I want to try your pantyhose on. Can I?”

I was dazed. I couldn’t really formulate a sentence because I was mesmerised by her wet pantyhosed pussy.

“Like what you see? Hmmm… I bet you’re going to like this as well,” she said.

She started taking off her bodystocking. First, one sleeve off. Then the second. Slowly taking it down exposing her boobs. Then taking it off below the waistline and finally two legs off simultaneously.

Now I could fully inspect her second pair of pantyhose.

They were totally seamless. There was completely not a single sign of any seam. They were perfectly matched to her skin tone. Even looking at her only in her pantyhose and nothing more you would still keep asking yourself whether she was wearing or not.

Literally, the only giveaway was an elastic band wrapped underneath her breast. It was narrow though. At moments, it looked like a tan line from which curtains of diaphanous material was spreading down her legs, nicely rounded at her toes.

I could now take a closer look at her feet. Her nails were painted red and nicely clipped. Her feet were somewhat medium size. Maybe slightly smaller. They had ideal curvature. They were very sexy.

I gently bit her big toe and started moving my hands up and down her leg feeling the nylons all the way.

“OK,” she said, “I want to try your support pantyhose,” she smiled.

“I want them tight around my body. I want to feel them pressing on my skin. I’m sure you will like that, won’t you?” she continued.

“This must be the back,” she said looking at bands of darker reinforced fabric running up the sides.

She slid on carefully one hand inside the hem of pantyhose rolling it up making sure it is going to be straight.

“A lot of women don’t wear pantyhose properly and then they complain these make them uncomfortable. You need to make sure the hem goes straight up. But you already know that, right?” she gave me a sultry look.

“I do, yes,” I answered.

“I know you do, you’re so kinky. Would you like to put the other pair on yourself?” she asked.

“Not really. I think it would ruin my mood. It’s more about necessity. Now that I am standing here next to you dressing up in a second layer of pantyhose, I think I don’t need anything more,” I replied.

Her second pantyhose was all the way up, completely covering the other pair. She used her latex gloves to slide her hands up her legs, stretching the fabric to the limit.

Latex sliding against nylon was a perfect solution to make sure the pantyhose were properly worn. It avoided areas of pantyhose bunching bilecik escort up or having uneven shade.

“I need to make sure these fit perfectly,” she said.

She was so efficient in it, that the pantyhose went over her boobs, flattening them to her chest. This was one sexy hell of a view. She started caressing her boobs. Her hands going up and down her body, touching her crotch. She turned and she bent exposing her sexy pantyhose cladded ass.

The pantyhose was holding firm. But she also had a firm bum to begin with. The overall effect was hypnotising.

“We don’t need these now,” she took off her latex gloves.

She reached down between her legs, still bent she was rubbing her pussy from below. She grabbed my hands and started sliding them against her nylon encased body.

“Do you like it? Is this what you like doing when you put pantyhose on?” she asked.

“I prefer you to wear them much more,” I replied.

“I see. This is however something I think you won’t resist,” she continued her sexy talk.

She took the other pair I had in my suitcase and wrapped it around my now semi-flaccid penis.

“We need to do something about your cock. I prefer when it is hard and standing up,” she uttered.

She started fondling my penis through silky nylon. That sensation was amazing and it brought the expected result quickly.

My cock started pulsating again and she moved to phase two.

She wrapped her lips around my nyloned cock and started sliding them up and down the shaft. Her warm lips were bringing energy and my little friend was feeding on it.

Finally, it reached its maximum potential. She was working her tongue around my cock like crazy, sucking it off hard. She took the pantyhose off my cock and now was sucking on my bare dick.

She must have been not swallowing saliva because there was so much wetness on my cock. Strands of saliva were dripping down when she momentarily released my dick. Not for long though. She was back at it five seconds later.

It was almost as if she was hungry and she wanted to eat my whole penis. Her hands tickling my balls just added to the already very arousing sensation. She was sucking my dick. Dressed in pantyhose. Horny as hell.

“I want you to fuck me in pantyhose,” she demanded decisively.

She stopped and reached inside a drawer of a desk and took out a pair of scissors. She made a clean straight cut down the cotton panel. Two sides of the fabric gave way immediately parting aside. The inner layer was now exposed through this iris-like entry.

“The door is open. Stick your cock inside me,” she said.

I was happy to oblige. My penis was ready for spelunking. Constant supply of her love juice paved the way in. I could only gaze in amazement when my penis disappearing inside her pantyhose, inside her.

“Those black pantyhose are so tight,” she moaned, “Take me from behind.”

She turned and stuck out her inviting ass. I quickly located the entry and thrusted in my swollen cock. It was such an amazing feeling. I was in heaven. It felt so good.

Then she asked me to sit on a chair. She mounted me like a horse. And a stallion I was. Holding my hands against her breast she was jumping on my stiff cock.

She let her hair down taking off elastic band holding her ponytail. She also took her glasses off. She must’ve been ready for some serious action.

I grabbed the other nylons and surprisingly slid them over her head tugging them down.

“Kinky,” she commented.

She was evidently turned on by this. Her face was distorted in a sexy way. She put her tongue out teasing me more through her nylon face. Then she pressed her hips firmly on my laps.

I was very deep inside her. She started kissing me with her stocking still over her head. Then she lifted it a bit exposing her lips and continued working her tongue in my mouth.

She stretched the pantyhose over our both heads keeping us connected, supported by pantyhose. She took it off then and used it to tie my hands behind the chair.

“You are under arrest,” she smiled.

“What for?” I asked.

“For being a such perverted pantyhose freak. But I can’t blame you. Having those pantyhose on, turns me on tremendously.”

While she intensified her hip thrusts I felt something changed inside her pussy. I looked down and noticed that the layer of pantyhose was no more inside her pussy. Instead it was outside perfectly holding my dick tightly.

“You popped my cherry, naughty boy. Here let me see it,” she said curiously.

I withdrew and she examined her crotch.

“Oh… This hole is tiny. I’m glad those nylons are stretchy. You can glide in your cock and it will be sealed with my nylons. But let me take these off first,” she said.

She untied my hands and took the black compressing hose off. She bent over with one of her leg resting on the desk.

“Take me now hard,” she demanded.

I aimed my throbbing cock at her little opening and put it right in. Just as she wanted. The tension was unbearable.

Fucking this sexy girl in her seamless pantyhose was beyond recognition. I could feel inside of her pussy exposed to my hard dick. The view of her shapely, nylon clad legs was stoking fire inside me.

“Faster,” she demanded, “Harder. I want to feel you inside my pantyhosed pussy. That’s right. Doesn’t that feel good?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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