Dad, Always and Forever Ch. 01

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This is a story of real love, not just raw sex.


When I was a junior in high school, my parents divorced. My dad is a great person, hard working, and a real nice looking man. My mom, well she is a… slut … she will sleep with anyone who buys her a drink. Not really for the booze, she just never says no and doesn’t feel any guilt about her transgressions. She is attractive and still can attract nearly any man in the bar.

After the divorce I was to stay with mom, with dad having any visitation he wanted. Living with mom was hell. She worked as a legal secretary nine to five and had her special bar stool at her favorite bar every night after work and most weekends. She was among her friends, drinkers, smokers, and bull-shitters, who told the same old stories over and over. She brought home strangers and, or one of her “friends” many nights. We had a decent two- bedroom apartment with typical thin walls, so the same banging and huffing was apparent every time she came back with a guy. It got old very fast. She told me it was her home and I was just a kid so live with it and shut up.

Dad is commercial airline pilot and makes good money, some of which was paid every month as child support but it was more like support for the bar owner.

Dad is a hunk, he was 20 when I was born. Mom got pregnant and dad did the honorable thing by marrying her, and, yet I never felt he didn’t love me, regardless of the reason for the marriage. I think dad did try to tolerate mom’s trashy behavior for my sake, but the final straw was an incident that happened at one of my high school basketball games, (I play a good game of hoops). She came to the game late and sat by him to cheer for me. She was flat out drunk, loud, crude, and I was so embarrassed, I finally left the game crying. During the divorce I stayed with dad, but the judge was one of those who believed a child needed to be with the mother. Big mistake. I stayed about six months in the apartment with mom, but really was at dad’s more than mom’s. As part of the divorce, dad kept the house, a modest comfortable ranch not far from my school so I was able to walk home to dad’s place every weekday. I was feeling I had to make up for mom’s problems. I worked hard to keep the house clean and show dad how much I loved him.

Before I proceed, let me give you a brief physical description of myself. I am about 5’5″ 125 pounds, long dark hair, and —I think — a nice chest, and a firm butt, at least that’s what the guys say. Dad calls me a beauty, but he is prejudiced, although the hormone driven guys at school seem to agree.

Now like I said, dad is a hunk, about 6′ tall 200lbs. He is very attractive and keeps himself fit. The garage at the house has a lot of exercise equipment and because he works out several times a week, has these terrific pecs and hard flat stomach. Many of my girl friends have expressed an interest in him that is not fatherly. He is also quite well endowed, and I love to watch him when we both are using the equipment. I try to attract his attention and make him realize how mature I am, but he seems to still view me only as his daughter. Some how I plan to change that, since time is my friend.

One morning when I was sitting at the kitchen table having a bowl of cold cereal one of mom’s visitors came from her bedroom tucking in his shirt.

This greasy haired salesman stopped and leered at me saying “Wow, you’re a looker, I could like it here if your anything like your mom.”

I glared at him, stopped chewing, poked my index finger down my throat and gagged throwing up the mouthful of half chewed cereal onto the table. He grimaced and fled on down the hall and out the front door. What a sleaze.

During the summer I told dad how bad the arrangement was with mom and that I wanted to stay full time at his house. He said if mom agreed he would love to have me stay with him. Mom never even tried to disagree, bursa otele gelen eskort she just shrugged and said “whatever”. With that, I moved in the next day and took my place as the female member of the house. I had hot flashes thinking what I wanted to do with my dad.

Oh, by the way, I am now 18 and with a little research found out that I am past the age of consent in this state. Cool information.

Dad seemed defeated after his failure at marriage and appeared to have lost interest in other women. I viewed this an opening for my undivided attention. Just a few days after moving in full time and him coming home late at night after a 3 day flight plan, I made my first move. I stayed awake to greet him with a light supper and a big smile.

I gave him a warm hug, wearing an oversized night shirt, no bra. He was receptive and returned the hug with real fatherly love. After the meal, I moved around behind him and massaged his neck and shoulders. He sighed and said how great it felt, too bad mom never tried to be so nice. I said how tight his muscles felt and if he would get ready for bed I would love to continue the massage on his back. I led him to his king -sized bed and folded back the comforter. I said for him to get loose clothing or pj bottoms on and I would be back.

“Would you like a drink?” hope, hope, to which he replied a bourbon and water sounded great. I probably put extra alcohol and very little water in the glass, but I won’t tell if you don’t.

When I returned he had pj bottoms on and was stretched out lying on his stomach in the middle of the bed. He turned and took the drink, took a couple of sips while we chatted about his day and then I pushed him back flat on the bed. He returned to his stomach and as he was in the middle of the bed I had to straddle him to rub his shoulders.

My breast ached and I was afraid my crotch was soaked as I thought about what I really wanted. I am a virgin and the most desirable male in the world was a few inches away from my pussy. Wow,_how do I handle this? Dad seemed unaware of my desire. My mind was racing. How do I get him aroused with out seeming totally wanton?

I started by rubbing his back, then lower back and then slowly worked toward his firm butt. For the time being, I skipped his butt and started on his muscular thighs, which I had to pull slightly apart and then even more apart, as I kneaded the muscles and worked in toward his inner thighs. Dad’s breathing changed slightly and he squirmed a little as I got close to the important area. Not to push things I started telling him how great a dad he was and how much I loved him.

I said I wanted to be the important woman in his life and take care of him in ways mom had failed. I gently slipped and brushed his balls, then sat down firmly on his calves, with my now very wet crotch– which will become apparent to him very soon. I did not remove my hand from his beautiful sac as I slowly slid my hand underneath and ever so lightly stroked his increasingly interested cock. My God how it suddenly came to life. Dad was now sweating and his face deeply flushed. He groaned and had to readjust to allow for the increased size of his member.

I sensed that Dad was wavering on his predicament. Should he try to recover his righteousness, or allow our mutual lust to kindle. I pushed for the latter, I wanted him so badly, he was fighting for salvation and I fought to push him over the edge. Dad turned and sat up, reached out and gripped my face with two hands.

I was on my knees and had tears sliding down my cheeks, I said, “Please kiss me. I mean a real kiss”.

Dad’s big hands were so soft on my cheeks as he pulled me to him. He brushed my lips and then hesitated a few centimeters away. I decided to take matters in my own hands. I dipped my head forward and crushed his luscious lips, forcing my tongue into bursa eve gelen escort bayan his mouth. This was not a father daughter kiss. I wanted him completely. I was pushing my own dad backward onto the bed, never breaking our heated kiss.

Dad finally held me away a bit and stared into my eyes. I never wavered, as he asked “Do you know what this could lead to?” I told him I would love him forever and would probably die if he didn’t want me the way I wanted him. He looked down at my firm tits and rock hard nipples, then I knew I had him. I renewed the kiss and touched his gigantic cock, wrapping my hand firmly around his girth. He pushed his hands slowly up under my night shirt and lifted it over my head. He kissed, then lightly lipped my sensitive nipples as I groaned and wiggled my crotch on his thighs.

I sat upright and then stood on the bed directly at his eye level as I slipped off my soaking wet panties. I stood quietly and he stared at my most precious virgin muff of down.

I sensed a tender loving emotion from him as both as a dad and an imminent lover.

Dad inched forward and kissed my downy fur, then with so much tenderness, placed a single finger on my slit. He was so gentle I quivered and when he slid the finger into me a little more, I moaned almost animal like. His eyes were moist with love and lust. Dad pulled me to him and licked my cunt to sample my juices, then he more eagerly sucked and tongued me while inching my legs apart. I held his head with both hands and pulled him deeper into me. It was heaven, my legs were shaking, getting weaker as I was realizing my greatest dreams come true. I was the one who had to change positions when I felt I could no longer stand. I pulled away and knelt in front of him working my hands around his engorged cock. He stifled a moan as I slid off his pj bottoms.

I pushed him back onto the pillows and kissed my way to the throbbing pole, which I continued to hold firmly, subconsciously not want it to ever get away. When I finally took the tip in my mouth he shuddered obviously giving his approval. This was my learning experience and it had to be perfect. I hungrily swallowed all that would fit in my mouth and then lightly chewed at the fleshy pole. I licked and nibbled up and down that gorgeous phallus, then started sucking it in and out like a piston in a motor.

Try as I could, there was no way I to get it all in my tight little mouth, but it didn’t seem to bother dad as he lay there as if he was in heaven. I looked up at him as I swallowed his cock and noticed his eyes focused on my mouth around the cock that had once spewed the sperm that formed my life into the womb of that woman we both did not want as any further part of our life.

Dad said in a guttural tone, gasping, “Baby, you need to pull away. I can’t control what will happen if you continue.”

Ignoring him, I simply smiled and sucked harder as if to indicate to him I wanted him to lose control. He surprised me when he unexpectedly blew his wad as if he really couldn’t hold back anymore. The proof was the amount and velocity of his cum that he shot deeply into my throat. I could not swallow fast enough to get it all, so some of his nectar trickled down my chin onto his belly.

After a multitude of come shots he weakened and just pulsed with diminishing efforts. The taste was exciting and definitely something I would love to have more often.

There were still some small puddles of come on his tight belly, so I licked up a good sized one and grinned at dad saying ” That could have been one of my brothers or sisters I just swallowed.” We both broke out laughing as I slid and rubbed my breast around on the rest of the come on his belly.

Dad looked at me for the first time as a woman, then he said “Love is a two way street”. He placed me on my back in the center of the bed and knelt between bayan eskort bursa my open legs. He kissed me all over and the heat of the touch sent me spiraling. He licked at my slit and lightly probed with a finger, finding my clit, flicking it softly. My hips bucked up off the bed violently as if I received an electric shock. Never had I dreamed such a touch could be so amazing. His tongue went into my pussy and his finger roamed my pussy lips, I could feel pressure building and pulsating.

I wanted him to dive clear in to my cavernous, moist hole. More, more I thought. Finally dad gave me what I so craved. My very first climax hit so hard I screamed and grabbed his head. It seemed I held him in place over my throbbing cunt for an eternity as I rode the crest of waves of my shattering climax.. Finally subsiding, I panted and with wide-open eyes looked at him in amazement. What a fool my mom was to ever lose this man. I would keep him with me forever.

As we lay there both quite spent I told him of how I plotted to do this and would not have let him escape. I explained that he should never feel guilty because of my intent. I went on to say we were to be man and women in every extent. It was him, and only him I loved as a man. I wanted him to desire me as much as I did him.

Dad asked me if I was a virgin and I replied “yes, I wanted you to be my first and maybe only lover.” Dad said “in that case we could continue because you are the most desirable woman I have ever seen, or tasted”.

I noticed his member was back alive and it’s intent was obvious. Dad leaned over me and slowly rubbed that beautiful head of his cock on my pussy. I was eager, to say the least, to feel him penetrate, deep, deep into my hot slit. He slid inside an inch, it was so intense and hot. I wanted it all. Now. Dad eased into me until he felt the barrier, my last virgin moment. He pushed slowly, I felt a slight tear, not really any pain, just a parting of that little girl becoming a woman. I pushed up and he slid a little deeper, the feeling of that large rod filling me was beyond any thing I dreamed of.

It was huge, hard, hot, and every vein was noticeable as it slid through my tight channel. I admit I was thinking the first time would hurt, but that didn’t happen, the good feeling was intense, overwhelming. I wanted it last forever, but that pulsing, contraction feeling zipped to life and after only a few minutes I was in orgasm heaven. In fact it was so hard I cried real tears. Dad started to pull out fearing he was hurting me, but I clung so tightly he was trapped inside of me.

I whispered “Don’t move. Stay, stay there forever.”

I felt him relax as he understood. We lay for a long while wrapped together. I whispered over and over “I love you with all my heart, I love you.” My dad cried softly and kept squeezing me. When he started lightly brushing my breast with his lips, I thought, I want this, I want to be with him here in OUR bed.

I told you my dad was a real man, and in only a couple of minutes he was fully erect again, I may have helped, as I grabbed his cock hard and jerked it to full attention. I wanted him to think I was aggressive and would demand a lot of his affection for a long time. I knew he wanted back inside, deep inside so he could come where it would feel the best. I think he wanted that only half as bad as I did. I wanted to make him mine, all mine. He slowly stroked into me full length, only changing rhythms occasionally, pausing, hurrying, and sometime pounding hard into my receiving cunt. It was sensuous and it lasted, and lasted; and finally; unbelievably I started to come again, a little bit more controlled, but strong, demanding.

I kissed his ear and said “Come in me, now, hard, now.”

It worked, he gasped and unloaded powerful spurts of come that triggered my controlled coming. It then skyrocketed into intense blasts, sweat poured over my quivering body. Spent at last, we held each other all night. The next morning we woke up, and started making love again in our king–sized bed.

I am my dad’s woman in every way. We love every time we touch, and I intend to keep him so satisfied he will never want anyone else. He is the greatest. Our life together will go on and we probably will have more stories to tell you.

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