Dad Gets the Royal Treatment

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


I had been 18 only a few months when my dad and mom divorced. I chose to stay with dad. I must admit I had a crush on him and had seen him naked a few times. I had a friend Greg who was 19 and he had a friend Scott who was 18. Greg had given me a bj before and he had told me about older married men he had blown. I told that would be hot for him to do to Richard. We set up a night and I asked dad if it was ok if I had friends over. Scott said not to worry he had a way to make sure things would happen.

Richard was 44 yo, 6’1 210 with sandy brown hair. I had seen him naked before and knew he was uncut and had big balls. When he got home that night, he had dinner and a beer. He got up and went to the bathroom to shower. Greg, Scott and I laid on the floor outside the bathroom watching underneath. First his t-shirt hit the floor, then one sock and another. Then his jeans fell to his ankles and he stepped out of them. We lay there waiting and then his white fruit of the loom briefs were around his ankles stepping out of them and kicking them to the side we knew he stood naked on the other side.

Instantly Greg casino siteleri and Scott began to plan how the evening would go. Soon dad came out of the bathroom in his white briefs and blue gym shorts. He laid down in his recliner. Greg went to him and started a conversation which turned to him being lonely with a woman around. After some small talk between he, Greg and Scott, dad got up and went to the bedroom. The three of us went to my room to pass the time.

After about an hour, the three of us headed to his bedroom. I stopped outside the door, Greg and Scott continued in leaving the door cracked. He was lying on the bed sprawled out in white briefs. Scott and Greg approached the bed.

Greg laid on one side of him and Scott on the other. They each began to rub his chest, stomach, tweak his nipples. Dad woke up and asked what they were doing. Greg replied they were there to help him from their earlier conversation. Greg told him not to worry I was asleep and that he had helped other married guys discretely. Dad was a little uncertain but each one grabbed a leg around the thigh and spread his legs apart running their hand from lower inner thigh up to the leg band of his briefs. Scott told canlı casino him to just close his eyes and relax. Greg ran his hand across the briefs where his balls were and Scott where his cock was. Scott slid a finger in the fly to rub and Greg in the leg band to run the balls. Meanwhile I stood at the door watching.

Greg stuck his finger in the waistband of the left side, Scott in the right and they slid his briefs down to his knees. Now he was on his back, each of them on either side and his goods exposed. Greg began to caress and cup the thinly hairy, egg-sized balls. Scott took the flaccid penis in his hand and began to stroke it, pulling down the foreskin and running the finger around the head. Richard let out a low moan.

Gaining momentum and being more aggressive, Greg and Scott got upon their knees and Greg leaned over and began to lick the balls, swirling his tongue around them and finally taking one in his mouth to suck on. Scott grabbed Richard’s underwear which were at his knees and pulled them off throwing them across the room. He then hovered over his cock, pulled the foreskin completely back and wrapped his lips around the head. Richard let out a wince. However, his cock kaçak casino began to stiffen some with this attention. Greg ran his tongue down under the balls and made his way through the hair to the top of his hole. Greg stood up, pulled him to the edge of the bed and began to tongue his hole while Scott continued bent over his cock working on it. There were winces and small moans.

Scott told them to switch positions and took out some baby oil. Scott then slide his jeans and underwear down to his ankles. He poured baby oil between Richards crack and on his own cock. He took Richards ankles and held them in each hand. Greg continued to suck on Richards still growing and thickening cock. Slowly making his way to the hole, Scott began to rub his cock head around the wet hole. Richard asked what he was doing and Scott told him to relax and enjoy the feeling.

After playing for a while, he began to push into the virgin married daddy hole.

Greg continued sucking. Scott began to stroke his own cock. He worked it up until he was ready to come, then he gently stuck the head only of his cock inside the hole and blasted his load just inside. Greg continued to suck and as the cock began to erupt in Greg’s mouth.

Scott pulled up his jeans, retrieved Richards undies and he and Greg slide them back on him. They both told him not to worry no one would ever know. Greg, Scott and I returned to my room where they said to me it was my turn now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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