Dad Was Away

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I get that My mother was 17 when she had me she and my father had to get married.

She was a very sexy woman with large breasts and great legs. She always wore high heels and nylons. I was married at 20. My wife was 19.

My father was overseas for 2+ months so my wife and I had her come over for dinner. She didn’t like to drive so I went to her up. When I got there she was dressed up in her robe. She said that she was going to get dressed. So I was going to wait for her in the kitchen. She then called me to give her a hand, I then went into her changing room and asked what she needed. She asked me what I thought of her outfit. I sent mom you still have your robe on. So she took her robe off and all she had on was a very sheer corset I was shocked. I was going to leave but she asked me to wait and keep her company.

She then proceeded to put on her stockings, they were seemed with a fashioned foot reinforcement. I know I should have left but I had to watch her finish. I was wrong but I couldn’t avoid getting an erection.

She then put on her garter belt and heels. I called my wife and told her that I need be a little late because mom now ready. Mom and I sat down and just talked. I couldn’t help but keep hearing and her legs and chest.

She kept crossing and bursa otele gelen escort uncrossing her legs, which made her dress ride up which was already pretty short. She noticed that I was staring at her legs.

She then asked if I liked looking at what she had on, I quickly replied that I did and that she looked great..

She then took off her shoes and asked me to rub her feet because they were a little sore in her shoes, I did rub her feet and I was getting ahardon .

She noticed that I had a erection and asked if I was all right. I told her that I was but a little embarrassed, she said not to worry she understood what was happening. She asked if I wanted to keep rubbing her feet or stop. She said okay and thanked me. The more I rubbed her feet the harder I became. She put one foot on my crotch and asked if I wanted to see anything else.

I told her that it is wrong but I would love to, she then took off her dress and stood there in her underwear, I almost came in my pants. She asked me to drop my pants and my shorts which I did quickly. She then proceeded to give mea handjob, she felt that I was going tocum soon,so she to use her feet on me. It didn’t take me very long and I came all over her feet. We then both bursa eve gelen eskort got dressed and went to my house for dinner. When we get there my wife asked what took so long, we both said that we had problems with moms door. My wife didn’t think anything about it but she then told me that my mother was dressed a little trampy. I agreed but said that it wasn’t a big deal. We all had dinner and a lot of wine so we weren’t feeling any pain. Everybody was getting very loose–lipped. Even my wife was commenting on how sexy my mother looked, and she just said thank you.

I then asked my mother if she wanted to go home and my wife said we were all a little too drunk for that to work. My mother then stated that she didn’t have anything to wear to spend the night, my wife replied that she could borrow a nightgown from her. Then my mother agreed and we all started cleaning up. When we were done we watched some TV and drank more. So now we are all pretty hammered and not worrying what we are saying. My wife then went upstairs to get changed for bed and asked for me to give her a hand. I went upstairs and he asked what she needed. She then told me to check out that my mother had her skirt riding:up and you could see that she was wearing stockings.

We bayan escort bursa then came back down stairs and we said across from mom and my wifekept motioning to me that I should look forward, which I did very intently. Mom then seemed to pass out on our couch and my wife kept saying that she had on stockings and garter belt. So my wife and me to help put moms feet on the couch and take off her shoes which I did. She noticed that these two will taking moms shoes off and that I was enjoying it too much. We then turned off the lights and went to bed. Later on I came back down to see if mom was okay. Though she was all right I scattered feeling moms tits and legs feet. Mama woke up and noticed what I was doing. I apologized in she said it was okay. She then proceeded to take off her skirt and asked me to screw her. I said that he would be Too Dangerous, and she told me my wife is sleeping and we will be quite. I guess I was a little too loud and I wake came downstairs. She saw what I was doing and started yelling at us both. I pulled out and my wife saw that I wasnot going limp, I did not cover up and nor did mom.. My mother moved her feet into my lap and I want was shocked because she can see that I was getting harder. She didn’t say anything so my mom started rubbing me with her foot. My wife didn’t say anything so mom just continued rubbing it. I was getting very close to cumming. She then climbed on top of me and started to screw me. It didn’t take very long and I started letting my load loose.

I will write some more shortly.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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