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The sizzling sounds and smoky scent of bacon filled the kitchen as I leaned over the stove to flip over golden brown pancakes.

“Mmm, something smells good,” Derek, my husband of 10 years, said as he wrapped his arms around my waist and planted a light kiss on my neck.

“Just wanted the boy to have one last nice breakfast before he’s subjected to dining hall crap for the next nine months,” I replied.

“Speaking of Patrick, shouldn’t he be up by now?”

I blushed slightly as realization dawned in his grey eyes.

“You kept him up late again, didn’t you.”

“More like I kept him up late,” Patrick said with a laugh as bounded into the kitchen and snatched a piece of bacon from the paper towel lined platter. “You know I needed one last taste of daddy’s dick before I leave.”

Derek gave a knowing laugh and gathered together a makeshift breakfast sandwich of bacon, eggs and two pancakes. “Wish I could see you off, but duty calls! Good luck, Patrick.”

With a scoop of his satchel over his scrub-clad shoulder, my husband tousled the boy’s dark hair and sped out the door.

As I plated eggs, bacon and pancakes I took in the sight of this young man I’d come to think of as “my” boy. His dark hair and thick brows sat above his expressive brown eyes and a smirk of satisfaction played over his thick lips. He was gorgeous – tall and thick, shoulders stretching the blue button-down shirt I’d gotten him for his trek to university.

The steam from the fresh pancakes rose in front of him as he said “thanks, daddy” with a wink.

Fuck, I was gonna miss this.

“You’re welcome, boy.”

His eyes widened slightly as he knew what was coming. I knew calling him boy would get him hard and even though I knew I couldn’t get off again after the marathon fuck we’d had the night before, he was young and came at the drop of a hat.

“Better eat your breakfast, it not really the most important meal of the day but I’d hate to waste all that bacon.”

“But daddy…”

“No buts, well… except your fine ass.”

With a wink, I ducked under the kitchen table. I was awfully big to do it, but I wanted to give my boy one more thrill.

“Eat your pancakes,” I commanded as I unzipped his jeans.


I inhaled the faint hint of cum and musk from the night before even his shower hadn’t washed away.

His cock was so thick, a thatch of dark hair at the base that continued down his meaty thighs.

Admiring it for a moment, I cupped his balls and slid the his hard tool into my mouth and enjoyed the delicate flavor of his precum.

I felt the table shift as he gripped the sides of the tabletop. I bobbed up and down, flooded with the memories 4 k porno of the first time I’d gotten the pleasure of tasting him.

Like most great sex in our modern world, it started with an online message. I couldn’t believe this sexy 18-year-old was messaging me. I was almost old enough to be his father. After a full day of hot and heavy sexting Patrick finally got up the nerve to ask me to meet at a secluded picnic table in the middle of nowhere.

The ground was wet and the air was humid but the heat between us was more palpable than any weather phenomenon. In a frenzy, he ripped off his own shirt to reveal his soft, hairy belly and chest. I was mesmerized and immediately began to suckle at the small pink nipples. His hand groped at my own body, grabbing at my rapidly hardening erection.

He pulled off my shirt and nuzzled his handsome face against my own hairy chest. I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a warm hug before dropping to my knees.

I pulled his half erect cock free from its fortress of buttons and fabric, gripping my prize until it reached full hardness.

“Suck it, daddy. Please”

Mmm, yes boy.

I snapped out of my memories, realizing my boy was echoing the moment he first called me daddy. His cock pressed against the back of my throat as I slurped it. My nose buried in his pubes as I took the full length, his girth stretching my lips. Inside my mouth, my tongue lapped against his warm hardness. Tentatively I flicked a finger against his taint before pressing into the crack.

“Fuck, daddy,” he gasped.

With a pop, I pulled my mouth from his girthy cock.

“Eat your breakfast, boy.”

The linoleum under my knees was slick with sweat as I continued to use my hands and mouth to tease Patrick to the moment we both craved. With a grunt he poured his sticky load onto my waiting tongue and I swallowed his boy cream for what I feared would be the last time.

Melancholy thoughts assailed me as I crawled out from under the table and washed away the salty flavor with some OJ.

I knew he wasn’t “my” boy – he was his own person. Free to fly away, free to make his own decisions, free to have sex with anyone who would have him – or abstain.

Which was why it was so delicious the nights he pulled me from my bed or joined my husband and I in ours. The mornings spent spooning and then forking, the afternoons when I would catch him smoking pot and he’d just laugh and tell me to punish him. Because he wanted to, wasn’t obligated or forced. Because he enjoyed daddy as much as daddy enjoyed him.

That first night, when he called me “daddy” causing my heart and my cock to simultaneously swell to full erection, we’d 7 dak porno just fooled around like I’d done with guys many times before.

But something was different. We kept talking, mostly about sex but also about life, anxiety and ABBA songs. It didn’t take long for me to become protective, angry when his classmates teased him and concerned with his getting enough sleep and finishing his homework.

It took awhile, but he finally trusted me enough to come to my house instead of secret meetings at the hidden picnic table. He laid his head on my chest while we watched tv and after running my fingers through his thick brown hair and down his back for what seemed like hours, I led him to the bed.

He kissed me. Surprise hit me like a shockwave. We’d shared our darkest secrets through the magic of the internet but never this intimate moment.

His full lips were soft and gave way when I gently probed them with my tongue. He pushed back with his own, our tongues intertwined until we couldn’t resist anymore. We tore each other’s clothes off, shirts and pants and boxer briefs hastily discarded as we attacked each other’s bodies with hands and mouths.

I gripped my boy’s gloriously furry ass as we ground our hips together. Patrick moaned against my mouth as his thick tool hardened against my own.

“Daddy, I need it.”

“It’s all yours, boy.”

I laid back, my rock hard cock pointing to the ceiling before my boy’s mouth surrounded it.

“You’re daddy’s cocksucking boy, aren’t you?” I murmured as his tongue wrapped around my daddy dick.

“Mmm, daddy” came his garbled reply as his lips and tongue work their magic.

“Daddy, I need it. I need it inside me.”

I couldn’t help but grin. I had waited until he was ready and finally I would make him a man.

I laid him gently on the bed, his legs in the air as I knelt beside and buried my face in his asscrack. The pungent smell of sweat, old jizz and the earthier scent of ass made my heart beat faster. Finally, the experience I’d only dreamt of – my tongue in the deepest crevices of this sexy young stud. I could feel him clawing at the bedsheets, hear his small gasps as I tongued his tight hole. I gripped each cheek as I ate his ass until his gasps became pleas for my hard daddy dick.

Rising to my full height, I slipped a wet finger into the tight hole. He winced, the pressure more than he was ready for.

“I’ll take it slow,” I whispered as I worked his hole until it relaxed. I slipped a second finger in and waited until his eyes stopped bulging before pulling in and out.

At last, he was ready. Well, as ready as one can be when one’s anal cherry is popped.

“You alman porno ready boy?” I growled, my voice thick with desire.

“Yes, daddy, just go slow.”

A half inch at a time, I slowly entered his virgin ass. He pulled away once, but we persisted. The tight muscles threatened to bring me to orgasm within seconds but I maintained a slow speed until they relaxed and I could begin to thrust.

Each thrust I picked up the pace, my hard erection prodding his prostate and increasing the volume of his moans. I held his hips as I pounded away, he gripped my wrists as if to keep me from stopping.

“Daddy, play with my dick. Please make me cum.”

I couldn’t resist the pleading in his voice. What kind of daddy would I be if I didn’t take care of his throbbing need?

Matching the pace of my thrusts, I began to stroke his thick boy cock. The tensing of his asshole let me know he was getting close and I waited until his cum erupted all over my hands and his belly before allowing myself to fully embrace my own rising orgasm.

I pulled out enough to use his salty load to further lubricate his hole. I pounded his cum deep inside him before adding my own seed.

As the pulsating waves of pleasure subsided, I lay on his sweaty body, panting.

“Thank you, boy.”

“Thank you, daddy.”

“I said, thank you,” Patrick repeated as once more I was pulled from erotic memory.

I handed him his last bag of clothing and he placed it in the trunk of the beat-up Jeep we’d gotten him for his 19th birthday.

“Wait, one more thing!” I shouted as I ran back into the house.

I re-emerged with a long tube. “This almost didn’t arrive in time. It’s for your dorm room.”

Patrick pushed a roll of glossy paper out of the tube and unrolled it carefully.

“I saw you favorite it on Etsy and I know how much you love the Titanic…”

His eyes widened as his saw the vintage-style travel poster of the ill-fated ocean liner.

“Thank you. Tell Derek thank you, too. I love it!”

He grabbed me in a great big bear hug and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t want it to ever end. When I finally released him from my grip, I saw a little tear in the corner of his eye.

“I really can’t thank you enough. When things got so bad with my folks, I didn’t think I’d ever feel like I had a family. I really thought you were only letting me crash in your guest room so you’d have access to easy sex. But, I don’t know, you just…”

“It just what a daddy does. Take care of his boy, financially, mentally, spiritually and yes, sexually. I only did what I’d have wanted someone to do for me if I was in the same boat.”

“Well, I’m glad my boat didn’t break in pieces like the Titanic did. Did you know there are two different theories as to how the…”

“You’ve told me once, you told me a thousand times. Take your poster and your sweet ass and go get a college education and maybe some college boy dick. You know I would if I could!”

“Oh, daddy!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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